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ShieldHero-     27d ago

Hollowed Soul


Full Name: Hollow

Species: Human [Werewolf]

Sex: Male

Class: Barbarian Lycan

Home: Barovia


BackStory: An outsider even within his own people. Born… Or was it bred? He didn’t know. He just knows that his gift for lycanthropy hadn’t been given. He had never once been bitten. A creature of the night. One for the dark lord to simply control. Hollow wasn’t interested in that though. He didn’t want to be controlled. He didn’t want to kill or bring people here.


He was tired of watching the other werewolves do as they wished. It was slowly grating on his nerves. He was losing his composure. What ended everything for him was when they started taking children. Pitting them against one another to earn their gift.


Ah yes… Lycanthropy was a gift, but to bestow it on children… To make them fight one another for it… No, that wasn’t right. He had stood up against it and he paid a price for it. He fought against Kiril and of course lost. He wasn’t killed. He wasn’t sure why he was left alive, but it was no longer much of a life. Dealing with people has gotten harder. He was left with a scar on his face. A Glasgow smile… That’s what it was called. One of his eyes was taken and there is a scar on his hand as well.


Now he seeks revenge against Kiril in hopes to straighten the pack out. A new leader is needed…


He hopes to defeat Strahd as well since he has a lot of the werewolves under his thumb.


DM Notes:

Kiril had spared him, he had seen a strength to rebel a power to overcome. A chance his people can become greater and perhaps.. Free. He needs to sharpen the blessed Garou. 

However if he cannot defeat Kiril and reclaim the pack… To purify the weak and lead them. He will accept his fate under Strahd.

Little does Hollow know is that when defeated his wounds were tended by Sigmund and Astrid and his memory modified by the village elder.

His blood is unique… His parents had helped the Forest Fane become.. “Loose.” And though they were vanquished for it. Lily and Theodre. The Forest Fane had blessed him… With the power of the Fanes to challenge the false lord of the land.


Barbarians and the village

The Fanes

The werewolves

Monster hunter Rickten will not trust so easily.

Kavani's Blood spear. (Will change shape)


The lost druids and barbarians

The lost fanes

The werewolves.

The Yester Hill's people. 


Relic: Wolfs Tooth

—The Wolf
's Tooth

A player seeking healing begins the campaign with a wolf's
tooth coated with clear resin and mounted on a leather cord.
The tooth seems to lengthen and sharpen on nights of the full
moon, and calms its wearer's dreams when worn at night.


Unbeknownst to the player, the tooth once belonged to a
wolfir—a werewolf that served the fey goddess known as the
Huntress before her gift of lycanthropy was twisted into a
curse. The Huntress's holy place, the Forest Fane, dwells
amidst the woodlands of Barovia, silently waiting to be
restored. When it senses the presence of Death House, the
tooth lengthens, glowing with silver moonlight, and tugs its
cord in the direction of the house.
The player who possesses the wolf's tooth should have
strong, vivid reasons to believe that the tooth is the key to
curing a particular wound, malady, or curse that ails them.
Developments. If the player shows the wolf's tooth to
Kavan in Act III, Arc K: The Missing Gem or to Elder
Burebis in Act V, Arc W: The Ladies of the Fanes, the tooth
is recognized as an artifact and symbol of the Huntress.
When the player first approaches the circle of stones at the
Forest Fane in Act V, Arc W: The Ladies of the Fanes, the
tooth lengthens and glows with moonlight as it did upon
sensing Death House.

Lovely Soul


Full Name: Liana SummerStar [Lia or Ana]

Species: Dhampir

Sex: Female

Class: Druid Circle of Wildfire

Home: Barovia

Wildfire Spirit: Wolf-like spirit made of blue, black, and redish orange flames. 

Wildfire Spirit’s Name: Cerberus




“I’m so in love with you and yet…”


She has always been a dhampir. She doesn’t remember being anything more or anything less. Maybe at one point she had been a dusk elf, but that time was long gone now wasn’t it? She was of no use to her people this way, so she had traveled the land. A lady of the night as many would know her. Beautiful clothing and beautiful meetings. A price for a brief night of love…


“All that I see, Inside your eyes upon me.”


Maybe it was fate that brought her upon the lord of the land. Then again he knew all of the beauties here didn’t he? A single night or maybe it was more. She wasn’t sure but she was enamored or… Maybe it was something more than that. He had other wives… A husband too… A freedom for love. One that she knew all too well. Yet… Something about this burned a deep jealousy inside of her… At some point she was forgotten… Maybe due to the fact that she wasn’t who he was looking for. She had caught wind of him looking for someone though and… Out of curiosity she went to see whom this vampire had chosen above her and above his wives.


“Are other people I’d rather see dead.”

It was frustrating. Why was she so special? Just who was she? She found only jealousy brewing, but for now… She would bide her time. Maybe she was overthinking things.


“Look at me, look at only me I beg.”


She knew better than to harm this woman… So maybe… Maybe she could do something else to get the affection she was after… 


DM Notes:

She hasn't slept with him yet, they were flirting and Ireena caught his attention. 

Gertruda is not a fan of being taken as a wife and Strahd finds her difficulty less.. Fun and more annoying. He will gladly trade Gertuda back for Liana. A pretty new entertaining face, her flirting and mix of challenge is fun to him. 

Of course he will make his first romantic gesture to Ireena before the Tser pool. As well as a letter of condolence. The night of the Tser pool he will talk to Liana. He will offer her to his wife and to come to Ravenloft with him.

However he may come up with the idea for to convince Ireena to join the happy little entourage.

 Luck will see her desire… As full and the strongest he has ever seen. He will attempt to use this, offer her deals in which maybe.. By the end Strahd can be her own.


If her jealously can overshadow his.. Her hunger and ambition she will try to make her the new darklord with Strahd as her consort. Since he is trying to break out of the mist anyway, and he can continue his loop chasing Ireena (He won't share the loop aspect of course. As her loop will be chasing him doing this. Though he will indeed belong to her. Him and all his wealth.)

Anaystrasa may try to work with her at times and even Escher as well.

Kasimir has not given up on her like most her people have. Her mother was a good friend of his and he wants to help her see the light. He has seen his sister fallen prey to the devil's charms.. He wishes not to see another do the same in his people. He wants to save her.. At any cost even making a deal. (He plans to make two deals at the temple one for his sister and one for her.)

He may share his intentions (If discovered he's lying about only one deal) Only as.. He wishes to save someone precious to him.. A second person aside from his sister.




Dusk Elves/Kasimir

The Wives

Relic: Electrum Coin

Volenta (Maybe Ludmilla depending on choices)

Anna and Escher if not careful.

Many Vampire Spawn

Rahadin (Will remember Patrina and feel that his own people are too lowly to share a bed with his brother. A great detest for Dusk Elves runs deep into him.)

—The Electrum Coin
A player seeking wealth begins the campaign with an old,
chipped electrum coin stamped with the profiled visage of a
proud, yet cold-looking nobleman. When seen in a certain
light, the nobleman's expression seems to change from a
firm, aristocratic sneer to a feral, monstrous snarl.
Unbeknownst to the player, the visage stamped upon the
electrum coin is the face of Strahd von Zarovich, the undead
ruler of Barovia. The coin was minted long ago, but spirited
away from Strahd's treasuries by a thief shortly before
Barovia was lost to the mists. When it senses the presence of
Death House, the coin lands on its edge, then begins rolling
across the ground toward the house until it reaches the base
of its steps.
The player who possesses the electrum coin should have
strong, vivid reasons to believe that the coin first came from a
wondrous vault of treasure—a conqueror's hoard—and that,
one day, it will lead them to claim riches beyond imagining.
Developments. Any Barovian immediately recognizes the
visage stamped upon the coin as Strahd's. If the player shares
the coin's story with one of the Vistani of Madam Eva's camp
in Act I, Arc C: Into the Valley, Sir Godfrey Gwilym in Act
IV, Arc O: The Beacon of Argynvostholt, or Kasimir Velikov
in Act V, Arc U: The Amber Temple, they can learn of
Strahd's vast hoard of treasure, collected in his days as a
conqueror and hidden away in Castle Ravenloft.
When the player first approaches Strahd's treasury, the
coin lands on its edge and rolls as far as it can toward the
treasury's entrance, in the same way that it did upon sensing
Death House.



Of the Astral Sea

Written for Curse of Strahd


Full Name: Valen Ruakirthol [ThunderStar]

Species: Astral Elf

Sex: Male

Class: Artificer Battle Smith

Home: Astral Sea


“Love’s a high, Sober up you’ll throw it all away.”


BackStory: A man known for his intelligence. He has been to many places, but the one place he loves to stay is the Astral Sea. He lives in a small community of elves. He mostly stays to himself. He has a small tower and studies the arcane. He is no wizard, but he is still able to manage the weave in his own way. He could create things. Lovely things. His most prized possession is a mechanical Kirin. He uses this creature as a Steel Defender. It looks very real as he went through a lot to make it. This creature does everything he asks of it. His spell casting comes from a small wyvern machine that is wrapped around his wrist and hidden under his sleeve. When he heals he uses a star-like machine broach on his clothing. He closes himself off from people not really letting anyone get close. A human had been what broke that solitude though.


 A man by the name of Mordenkainen. A powerful wizard. He had hoped to study under him, but had been unable to ask. Unable to do anything other than listen to what he had to say. The time he stayed felt very short, but it was enough for Valen to attach himself to him. Maybe it was simply because he wasn’t attached to anyone else and never attached himself to anyone else. After the famed wizard had left Valen settled into reading everything he could find on him. Any tales he could find. Anything the man wrote. Then he started asking where the man could be going. He was told of one place. Barovia. A place he had read about before, but had little interest in… Until now.


“I’ve laid to waste all those feelings just to stay safe.”


Obsessing over someone takes a lot out of someone though… He had started neglecting everything he had been doing. He decided it would be best to just stop. To leave it all be. Dismissing feelings was hard though. Trying to focus on work got hard. For him… It felt like very little time, but time had passed in other planes of course. It has been a year… Maybe more and the normal people he usually communicates with haven’t heard from Mordenkainen. In that long they had said nothing to him about it. Realizing the stupidity of his choices of trying to close himself off he quickly headed out to the last place Mordenkainen had been seen. He would find out why they hadn’t heard from the powerful mage in so long.


This mists that supposedly would lead him into Barovia. A land he had only read about briefly. He would travel these mists to find out what happened to the man whom he had distracted him from his work.


Project Kirin


A lovely creature that Valen created in his tower. It looks real and unless one were to take a closer look or see it in battle… Some would make the mistake that it was real. Kirin is neither male nor female. It seems to follow whatever Valen tells it to do. It also watches out for him. It seems to like to tell him when he is wrong. It is very opinionated when it comes to Valen.


It will only share its own opinion though. Any of Valen’s secrets are safe within this creature. It will never share those. It is only loyal to Valen. It doesn’t seem to have loyalty to anyone else. It is a majestic being though. It seems to know it is based on something majestic as well. It acts like it is a refined being, but it is known to get frustrated at times.


Kirin can be used like a phone. Mostly to send messages back and forth to people. It doesn’t seem Valen actually carries a phone. Kirin is able to relay these messages to Valen through a special screen that can appear in Valen’s hand. It seems this is for privacy. So his messages aren’t read aloud to anyone.


DM Notes: 

Mordenkainen may make an appearance earlier as the mad mage. They will hear of him frying the fish with lightning and the like. He may get to know Valen at the lake.. While he is insane a brief visit before running off.

His own shard will shine when he see's Jack perhaps making them more heated and rivals. Luck will also push for Valen to become a grand arch mage and offer ways to speak with Mordenkainen in short bits as a deal. He seeks to replace exantder as the Amber Temple's guardian lich with Valen's great mind. The amber and the powers that be see him as a possible lord competing with Liana. 

Victor will find his apprenticeship under Mordenkainen most exquisite as the books are how he was self taught. He will ask him many questions and perhaps grow an attachment and he will want to meet Mordenkainen as well and even want to help restore him as well as Stella.




Luck and the Dark powers as well as the Amber Temple itself.

Jack and his deal of the hell hound as well. 


Luck (In a way though complicated and can be subject to change.)

Ludmilla will want his shard and have her own to match. 

The creatures of the Amber temple and the whispering ones.

Jack Archer (At first due to his shard and maybe stay that way depending)

Baba Lyasa


Relic: Amber Shard

Knowledge—The Amber Shard
A player seeking knowledge begins the campaign with the
amber shard, a small chunk of amber resin mounted on a

chain-link cord. The shard is inset with complex, three-
dimensional arcane runes. When viewed under the detect

magic spell, it exudes a strong aura of abjuration magic.
Unbeknownst to the player, the amber shard was formerly
a part of a dark vestige's amber sarcophagus in the Amber
Temple in Barovia. When it senses the presence of Death
House, it glows with amber light and tugs its cord in the
direction of the house.
The player who possesses the amber shard should have
strong, vivid reasons to want to unlock its secrets and the
magic that it possesses.
Developments. In Act I, Arc A: Escape From Death
House, the player recognizes Elisabeth Durst's amber shard
as similar in appearance to their own. In Act II, Arc G: The
Strazni Siblings, the player recognizes Izek Strazni's amber
shard in a similar way. In Act V, Arc U, Elder Burebis of
Soldav can recognize the amber shard as a shard of evil
taken from the Amber Temple, and the player can recognize
the amber shards kept by the shoosuva and bodaks as
resembling their own.
If the player character is reduced to 0 hit points in Barovia
while in possession of their amber shard, it behaves as
described in Appendix B: The Amber Shards, offering the
player an opportunity to forge a pact with a vestige of the
Amber Temple that fits the player character's personality,
flaws, and temptations. Upon entering the Amber Temple, the
player's amber shard glows and tugs in the same way that it
did upon sensing Death House, guiding the player toward a
suitable amber sarcophagus.

Stage One
In this stage, the player is a mere possessor of the amber
shard, likely unaware of the true power it offers.
The first time that the player is reduced to 0 hit points and
knocked unconscious while possessing the shard, a dark
silhouette appears to them in a vision and offers to help them
escape the specter of death and return to the fight. The
silhouette names no price, and remains silent unless the
player accepts their offer.
If the player accepts, they regain all of their hit points. The
player then proceeds to Stage Two of the shard's corruption.
If they decline, the vestige does not appear to them again
unless the player falls unconscious in a particularly dire
Stage Two
In this stage, the player is aware of the shard's unnatural
power, but unable to contact the vestige for further aid.
The first time that the player is reduced to half of their
maximum hit points or fewer while in combat, the silhouette's
voice speaks to them in their mind. The vestige offers to grant
the player the power to strike down their foes.
If the player accepts, they gain a number of temporary hit
points equal to twice their proficiency bonus at the start of
each of their turns for 1 minute. During that time, the player
can also cast a particular spell once as a bonus action
without expending a spell slot and without components, as
given in the Amber Corruption section below. Upon granting
these boons, the vestige's voice invites the player to commune
with its shard if they wish to obtain the power they seek. The
player then proceeds to Stage Three of the shard's
If the player declines the voice's offer, the vestige does not
contact them again unless the player is reduce to half of their
maximum hit points or fewer while in combat with an enemy
that they particularly loathe.
Stage Three
In this stage, the player has tasted of the shard's eldritch
power and wishes to pursue it further.
The player can successfully commune with the vestige by
meditating for 1 minute while focusing their thoughts on the
shard. The vestige's voice then speaks to them in their mind,
offering them a permanent boon as a gift, and as a taste of
the full power that they can obtain should they travel to the
vestige's home in the Amber Temple.



Full Name: Ivan Florian

True Name: Hades the Necrotic Hound Lord

Species: Dhampir

Sex: Male

Class: Warlock pact of the Undead

Home: Barovia




Green Amber Vestige


Only vague memories came across his mind when he first awoke in front of that amber sarcophagus. Green amber was slowly leaking away. He wasn’t supposed to be out here. No he belonged in that amber didn’t he? He had laid his hand on it but got nothing from it sadly.


Freedom… But why? He didn’t understand. He wasn’t as important as the other vestiges. Though he didn’t remember too much about his deals or anything. He leaves the Amber Temple behind taking a look at the world around him.


Freedom. He wanted more freedom than this valley. He wanted out into the world. So wielding only a fraction of his power he decided he would search for a way to end the lord of the land's life. At least for him to be able to leave. He could care less about what happened next.


He is a creature searching to regain whatever power he lost. His focus is a crystal skull. He carries a green chain made of amber. One of his arms is bound completely in red like belts.





Full Name: Lunaria StarHeart [Luna] [Aria]

Species: Elf

Sex: Female

Class: Blood Hunter order of the Ghostslayer

Home: Barovia


BackStory: She grew up as a vistani. Traveling around with them. She had been taken a long time ago when she was young. Well more adopted. Dying on the ground. The vistani had taken pity on her and had healed her.


Outside of Barovia she learned of orders that could use their own blood to become powerful. She was willing to risk her life to gain power. She joined an order. The order of the Ghostslayer. One effective at killing the undead. With this new found power she returned with the Vistani to Barovia. She planned to destroy the lord and kill the man who had destroyed her people.


Becoming a blood hunter had taken much from her. She no longer could have children. 

Ireena Kolyana

Relic: Sunrise Medallion

Faith—The Sunrise Medallion
A player seeking faith begins the campaign with the sunrise
medallion, a bronze disc engraved with the image of a rising
sun. The disc glitters like gold when exposed to the light of
the sunrise, and a Good-aligned creature that touches it feels
a fleeting sense of reverence, righteousness, and peace.
Unbeknownst to the player, the medallion once belonged to
Sergei von Zarovich, the brother of Strahd von Zarovich and
an acolyte of the Church of the Morninglord who was once
expected to become its Most High Priest. When it senses the
presence of Death House, the medallion shines with a warm,
golden glow, the rays of sunlight emanating from the
engraved sun pointing in the direction of the house.
The player who possesses the sunrise medallion should
have strong, vivid reasons to believe that it will strengthen or
guide them in faith, and that certain signs of the divine will
lead them to those in need of salvation and deliverance.
Developments. When the player first approaches St.
Andral's Church in Act II, Arc D: St. Andral's Feast, the
sunrise medallion glows and shines in the direction of the
church's doors. If the player shows the sunrise medallion to
Father Donavich or Lucian, they recognize it as a symbol of
the Church of the Morninglord and grow warmer and
friendlier toward that player.


Priest: Andrew/Ismark and a noble stature so the nobility of Vallaki and Krezek.

A connection to the spirit Sergei. (Can be spirited away. When she hits the pool the party will have a vision. An inner child of herself.. Will ask if they want her to go.. Or to stay.)




Siegfried Drogomir

Doru's place (Reloaded)

Relic: Angels Feather (Protects him from becoming a full vampire.)

DM Notes


The Abbot (The feather)

The spawn.. And perhaps to an extent the wives.


Andrew Veiss

Escher (Complicated)

Van Rickten (Protege)

Esmerlda (Will see him as a fellow student.)

The hags will have his father dreaming poorly and taunting him in his dreams.

Escher (Once he realizes he was betrayed.. Escher was his first love/crush and now he helps a monster.)

Leo Dillsnya trying to kill his teachers son. 

Belfry (Who tries to learn how Siegfriend is a free spawn and wants to become a lord himself. Willing to use even his feather.)


Redemption—The Angel's Feather
A player seeking redemption begins the campaign with the
angel's feather, a large, snow-white feather. When viewed
beneath the light of the morning sun, the feather's barbs
glimmer like gold.
Unbeknownst to the player, the angel's feather formerly
belonged to Lumiel, a deva that serves the god Lathander,
who is known to his followers as the Morninglord. Lumiel is
the true name of the Abbot, who dwells in the Abbey of Saint
Markovia in Barovia. When it senses the presence of Death
House, the feather is swept away by an unseen wind, its barbs
glimmering with golden light, before eventually landing on
the house's threshold.
The player who possesses the angel's feather should have
strong, vivid reasons to believe that the feather will one day
lead them to penance for the sins that they have committed.
Developments. When the players first arrive at the Abbey
in Act IV, Arc N: The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind or Act IV,
Arc Q: A Bride for Strahd, the angel's feather glimmers and
is swept away in the same way that it did upon sensing Death
House, guiding the player toward the Abbot. The Abbot
recognizes the feather as his own, but dismisses its




Broken Doll


Full Name: Jinx


ShieldHero-     35d ago

Session Prep

Trip to Tser pool

4 Encounters

Encounter 1


This happens before River Ilvis 

Will run into two dusk elves in search of a little Vistana girl. Arabelle, will look at Lia with interest.

One Dusk Elf Varan Duskshire

And the other Elf Hadan Lyre (Vaan for short)

Varan knows or has stumbled upon Kasimir's book. Knows that he wishes to help her. He himself has not given up on her.

Vaan see's her as an abomination and may even tell her to stay away and not come back.

Two separate insight checks

DC 10

Vaan: Detest and hatred

DC 15: Fear and some remorse

DC 20: Regret that she is lost.. Self loathing and wishes to see her no more.


DC: 10

Curious and hopes she is okay

DC 15: He appears to have a secret.. Something he knows of her as he avoids eye contact. One he cant share in front of Vaan.

DC 20: Desire.. A forbidden lust that goes against his elven blood.. A weakness to her piercing Dhampir gaze. She is an elf.. But something more too.

Encounter 2


This happens right before the River.

Aldor is communing with a dead spirit, ravaged by Scarecrows (DC 15 investigation to find straw.. Feathers of Raven's and stuffing for a scarecrow.) 

He is failing greatly and claims to be a great wizard under Mordenkainen! (DC 12 insight to see he is lying. Valen gets to roll with advantage.)

Once caught he may challenge Valen to a duel for his own honor! (Apperentice wizard statblock.) And will be with the refugee's later.

As Valen investigates the bodies his shard glows… He see's a woman of great arcane power.. And great age staring back at him with long impossible arms.

Story Break Encounter

This happens AT the River.

Alec and Anton will be hiding (DC 16 perception but they can be smelled before they call out by Hollow.)

They are looking for the Lanstens while they state they have not found Gerturda or any signs of her quite yet.

Siegfriend/Doru remembers there is a weapons cache around here.. For an emergency of his teacher. Alek and Anton set off and he points out where it is. (DC 13 perception check but not asked for one to see for the zombies encounter.)

Encounter 3

1D6 Direwolves (Plus 50% more rounding up.) Have come to kidnap Ireena (Only up ahead to the crossroads) 

When or if Strahd is approached about this will state.. The wolves were too rough. (They will not put people in death rolls and will only grapple and headbutt the party. No injuries as well.) 

They will look at Liana curiously however but will not try to take her.

Story Encounter

At the River Ilvis Crossroads Strahds Arrival from the updated Reloaded will take place as he apologizes for his wolves before and offers Ireena his apology letter. 

Dearest Ireena, 


It is with the deepest grief that I learn of the death of your kind and noble Father; and, especially, that it is affecting your young heart beyond all sensation. In this sad world of ours, sorrow eventually comes to all; and, to the young, it comes with the bitterest agony, because it so often takes them unaware. Your elders, no doubt, have learned to ever expect it. 


I am anxious to afford some alleviation of your present distress. Perfect relief is not possible, except with time. You surely realize now that you will never smile again, is not this so? And yet it is a mistake. You are sure to be happy again. To know this, which is certainly true, will make you some less miserable now. I have had experience enough to know what I say; and you need only believe it to feel your heart warm once again. The memory of your dear Father, instead of an agony, will yet be a sad sweet feeling in your heart, of a purer and holier sort than you have ever known before. 


Please present my kind regards to your afflicted brother. 


Your lord, master, and love,

Strahd von Zarovich

To Liana

He will bow and kiss Liana's hand and tell her that the day here is reserved for the mourning (In deference to Ireena) That he wishes to speak to her with matters of most import at a later time. (That night at the Tser camp.)

Rahadin will be staring intently at Liana with a cold and piercing gaze

He will also engage with the others a bit.

Doru's transformation will make him grow curious.

To Doru

“What we think is eternal.. A prison is not always so yes? We create our own fate.. And I will follow in that suit little Doru. Oh.. And Escher sends his regards.”

Escher is in the coach but does not come out. This will leave Doru rather shaken. 

To Hollow

“Cute little pup, shall I scratch behind you're ears? Kiril has left you a bit.. Manged but if you ever needed a grooming come to Ravenloft.. We could fix you right up little one.”

To Valen

You're air.. It reminds me of a wizard.. one who has gone rather insane I'm afraid. However I'm sure you're of proper wit and mind yes? 

To Ismark

“Ahh the one who incited the rebellion? How to punish you? Shall I let the others decide? Of you're punishment?”

(If they are rude during Ismark's trial he may charm Ismark to hand his weapons over. As a proper leader must earn the right before he can be called a proper warrior. A lesson Kolyan had taught them once before.)

Any rudeness will lead to domination's and charms in this encounter. As well as his wolves snarling (He will tell them to be calm. Rahadin may even subject them to his choir. Strahd himself will not attack and will “Defend” them from Rahadin and the wolves.

Strahd will also commend Valen for his work at death house but will ask.
“What of Walter? And do you believe Gustav truly gone?”
Elizabeth he will state was a true servant of his and her murder may need to be answered. But he won't push hard here like he had with Ismark. Saying “From one of the arcane to another.”
He will show his wizarding prowess, he will even take an interest and talk of the arcane and show great knowledge of his craft.

“It must be boring.. And lonely that no one here knows yes? Volenta herself is an artificer.”

He may gift him a bag of holding for the fine conversation. 

Story Encounter the Strix

Muriel who feels bad for Ismark, the crow who lead them will come flying in hurt. (Strix encounter)

Encounter 4

It will begin to grow later and at night they are attacked by zombies. (Strahd Zombies.) 1D8 (50 Percent more rounded up and no more than 9)

They all speak his name and try to drag him off. (To be tortued and tramutized for his transgressions. If taken Luck may offer a deal to bring him and a second deal to fix his mind as it will fracture.)

“Why did you… rally us? For what.. A life..? Such as THIS?!”

If they appear to need help Muriel will come to help them! (Even bring Ismark a sword if stolen by Strahd.)

Arriving at the Tser Camp


The reading

The game of stories.

Doru's Lament:
He will head away from the festivity as he ponders and thinks about Escher and his friend. The warm humans playing… and learning of Eschers fate.. As a spawn. (In the morning he will be better but any comfort will bring him even closer to the party. No comfort will cause a slight drift that can build later.)

Luck's Entrance:
Coming in with a flash and many deals.

Will take a large interest in Liana/Valen

Strahd's Meeting:

Luck will summon Liana to Strahd in the Svalich.

“Remember our deal for bringing her without causing a ruckus.”

“I remember mad hatter.”

Strahd was willing to make a deal as a gesture he finds her attractive and entertaining even more beautiful and energetic than Anastrasya. He also is trying to gain her trust.

She can push what the deal was but he will only say after she agree's to help him with Ireena (And a night of passion) Per the agreement he can take her to Ravenloft for the night.

(Into the Kings Bed Chamber)

And a chance to explore Ravenloft even

His deal was that Luck may talk to Ludmilla and view her Amber Stone and even make one pact with his wife. One that is a secret.

Though this sounds alarming he has done this many times.. And sometmes the pact is foolish it's make Strahd paranoid and grow curious. The fact Ludmilla cannot share it.

This had been done only for him to discover once.. A hundred years later that Volenta had traded spoons with Luck. Volenta had sobbed as he believed for 100 years that she was going to betray him.. Over a spoon.

Luck has a rather sick sense of humor.


Unknown to Strahd however.. This deal is vastly different than before and the pranks before were only to let his guard down.

Trip to Vallaki

Arrival in Vallaki

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6 of Coins—Beggar

A wounded elf has what you seek. He will part with the treasure to see his dark dreams fulfilled.


7 of Glyphs—Charlatan

I see a lonely mill on a precipice. The treasure lies within.

The treasure lies in the attic of Old Bonegrinder (chapter 6, area O4).


1 of Glyphs—Monk

The treasure you seek is hidden behind the sun, in the house of a saint.

The treasure lies in the main hall of the Abbey of Saint Markovia (chapter 8, area S13).


Seer (Jack of Clubs)

Look for a dusk elf living among the Vistani. He has suffered a great loss and is haunted by dark dreams. Help him, and he will help you in return.

This card refers to Kasimir Velikov (see chapter 5, area N9a). The dusk elf accompanies the characters to Castle Ravenloft only after they lead him to the Amber Temple and help him find the means to resurrect his dead sister, Patrina Velikovna.


Innocent (Queen of Hearts)

He dwells with the one whose blood sealed his doom, a brother of light snuffed out too soon.

Strahd faces the characters in Sergei’s tomb (area K85).



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Das Fo Ratu

A duel for supremacy for werewolves

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6 Days to the "wedding" (7 At first)

Day 2 Night resting at cart with Ez

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Vallaki Political Circle




Fiona (Nikolai/Karl)












(Arturi and Rickten are secretive)


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Time Till Wedding

3rd Day


Abbots Resolve below. 

As well as heading to Baba Lyaga for a deal, one that helps Dmitri find his son but they can try to use.. Other means as well. (Mordenkainen for example will be able to Scry)

Sergei will repair the sword and bond with the blade. 

Abbot will gift a stone that greater restoration OR raise dead 3 times. 

Mount Baratok/Mad Mage

Ludmilla may ambush the party with a fireball. 
A familar voice cries out… “Counter spell!” 

Aldor.. Learning 3rd level magic. He will however hide immediately afraid he too.. Wanted to find his idol.. Mordenkainen.

In the snowy mountain's of Baratok is Mordenkainen his mind twisted and lost as the mad mage. The long lost teacher of Valen.

Here however Ludmilla has began to track him down. She knows he understands the Mountain Fane and she wishes to use that power for herself. Escher follows along, hoping to be free as he tells her (And Lia) he wishes to be human once more.

In reality he wishes to become the next vampire lord. Ludmilla herself desires the same thing.

Volenta is loyal to Lia and so is Anastrasya. (Ana cares deeply for Escher however.)

Sasha can be brought along but disagree's with the wives and wishes to free Barovia but under Lia and Ludmilla's command.


Mordenkainen knows that the Mountain Fane brings great power and knowledge to Strahd. He also knows of Ormir and can warn the party without the fanes destruction.  

He knows Ormir knows how to restore the fanes and that the mountain fane is at Yester Hill. He also knows that Ludmilla had tried to take his book and staff.. He warns them of a great ambition.

He knows Luna.. of her order, the order of Ghost Slayer “Sanctus Venator” and that Ludmilla had stolen some of that blood before. (Traded it with Luck the blood is needed for the "Vessal of Vampyre but they don't know that.)

Ludmilla will demand to know what he knows, as well as his staff and books location and will take him by force if needed. (Wives may die here. If Lia falls but isn't destroyed entirely can be revived. If completely destroyed Rahadin will make a deal to look undead to revive her. May make a show of him cutting her finger off and keeping it as her body regens being a spawn. He needs a piece of her to revive.)

Mordenkainen will aid the assault of the Yester Hill. (At a side battle.) In the meantime he will go ahead and try to slow it down. He does offer to teleport them somewhere (With complications) for aiding.

Wizards of the Wine

Here leading an assault on the Winery are Druids and Barbarians.

Do look at reloaded 1.0 as well

Lead by Sasha (By force)

Counter attack to the Martikov's

(Any surviving unique Spawn if none add 2 spawn)

Sasha Initiative: 10

Spawn Initiative (If the 2)


Needle: Initiative 17

4 Groups of 5 



2 groups of 5


Initiative: 21

5 groups of 5

1 Shambling Mound


4 Druids


2 Berserkers


Escher's undead being taken care of by Luvash/Rickten/Roger/Arturi. (Fighting Escher as well)

12 Wights

24 Zombies.

Yester Hill

Look at book and reloaded 1.0

Mountain Fane (Need to head to Yaedrag or Snowfell to learn of the ritual to restore the fane here.)

Luna extra hook perhaps.

Clash with Strahd, and battle of Winter Splinter. 

Run reloaded 1.0 and have them meet Kavan and perhaps replace raven spy maybe. 

Have Strahd destroy the amulet… Reluctantly to release enough suffering and desire lost. Creating the control Amulet and will realize even if they free the fanes.. The power merged with these powerful souls can be used at the ritual at ravenloft. (Ensuring a grand final battle later on.)


Add story hook here.

Look at reloaded 1.0 as well


Escher will have come.. Making a deal with Luck he will warn them his command has become even stronger. 

Escher will have Studded Leather. A 9th level bard caster and a veritable army. (only for this one fight and could be his last stand.)

10 Spawn

10 Wights

(Sasha if she escaped before if not Anastrasay)


Look at book and reloaded 1.0

Ireena climax

Swamp Fane

Werewolf Den

Look at reloaded 1.0 and book

Hollow Showdown

Hollow Climax

Kiril is Loup Garou

Why Kiril sparred Hollow of course and wanting him.. To free the werewolves.

Amber Temple

Ivan Climax

Valen Climax

Rahadin/Ludmilla encounter (Sasha if not captured or dead) a major move on all the wives perhaps.

Tslonka Pass/Snowfell/Yaedrag

Maybe Luna hook/climax

(Could tie Eva to Luna)

Mountain Fane knowledge and learning rituals. 


Party Climax/epilogue 

(Heist of the dragon skull perhaps.)

Character Arcs



Meeting with Mordenkainen will be… Intense. Though he was harsh and cold he carries a journal on his person.

“Day 1 as my assistant, passing notes and learning well, mastering the basics of spell casting exerting his knowledge upon the weave. Much more preferable to Aldor the village ”magician" clown more like.

Day 2-24 seems to be meandering data and the like.

Day 25: “He is able to.. Heal? Odd use of the arcane and his tinkering as well, though as I have visited other planes before this new form of magic intrigues me. His growth of magic is slow and he uses time to practice his martial prowess. He is working more on cogs and gears rather than books. What is this… Kirin he is building? Is there a point?”


Day 85: "It's been some time but mastery over magic.. Even from an old elf and my guidance can take time. He has learned the fundamentals of infusions.. Laying blue prints of possible future ones when his magic grows strong enough. To enchance and change physical properties? Odd… He is working and learning all the time. He has ignored any other students he reminds me of myself when I was younger. A prodigy… I wonder if.. Kirin may make the boy a bit less lonely. Bah, perhaps I am growing soft in my old age I must not waste the boys talent on frivolous thoughts.


Day 137: I found a letter.. Crumpled in his bin, thank you? Whom was it for? Many students of mine are gone off to new adventures and he has never bonded with any of them. Sometimes I forget.. Just how old he is.. A timeless child of curiosity and wonder. His fundamentals are growing more so yet and so is his prowess with the blade. He's content in a tower.. And yet so much martial training. He must have greater aspirations.. He must plan on leaving one day as well…

Day 189: He did it… He finally created Kirin he is the last student left here and he spends much of his time at the tower. I have to remind him to eat and drink rather often. I have told him of my recent escapades of stopping a dangerous lich and with a group of adventurers an attempted rise of Tiamat.

Day 210: I met a man.. By the name of Jaydar Sunstar a hell rider, a tortured soul and he claims to come from a land.. Where his people suffer. There was.. a glint of compassion in Valen's eyes when I told him of this valley. I had not mentioned Jaydar… Also I have reason to believe a vampire has come through that mist somehow.. And attacked Eturiel.. How did Thavius defend it all those years ago? I will discover what lies but first… That valley is in need of help. It doesn't need a hero.. It needs a professional. Still… How will Valen be without me? He hasn't even given Kirin a spark.. A gender.. Hardly a name. Will he truly be okay? How to say goodbye? The journey is too dangerous.


Day 300: Aldor came by again today, great, you'd think he'd learn he hasn't the talent for magic. Valen's ability to step through stars.. It cannot even be counter spelled it is… Memorizing. His gaze had looked of those stars, shining bright and true. Does this land have those stars? A land of gray and no light.. Are there boys like him? Who wonder of magic? Of bigger things? Lost alone? With nothing but strange objects as company? Perhaps… I cannot say goodbye.. I know not how. Still thank you.. For keeping me company.

Day 365: It's been a whole year.. Yet it's felt like countless. I had left but a week to do my yearly restock and it felt like ages alone.. Have I grown used to you're company? I pray you have forgotten of Barovia and the stories I had weaved child.. I planned on leaving a letter.. You deserve that my starry eyed pupil and yet.. I cannot you may only follow. Grow.. Live you're life and I know you'll help others and do big things. I am sorry.. You will never see this but.. thank you truly."


The journals last page seems to be wrought with old splotches of liquid and moisture.


The dark powers want to replace Exethander with him as the guardian of the Amber but perhaps see the potential for greater.. As a lord. Gathering all the ambers they will tempt him even further.




Find Mordenkainen

Collect Ambers to free luck. 

Discover the secret of the ambers. 



Goals: Defeat Strahd (Will work more)

Arabelle will be fleeing here, being chased by Escher and many undead. 

Arabelle will tie herself to Luna/Hollow and Luvash wounded won't be far behind. Rickten/Roger/Arturi will be here as well.

Here leading an assault on the Winery are Druids and Barbarians.

Escher may taunt her of the whole Siegfried escapade 


The ambers/Vestiges.

Goals: Finding Belfry's pact

Restore powers

Learn of his brothers mark and his own. 

Recollect memories. 


Kiril's showdown

Uniting the Wolves

The Fanes

(Owes Luck a favor to help create Vampyre Vessal. Forest Fane power. Doesn't know it's using the power for that.)


Berez will have her past lives pass through her and she will become whole at one point.


Pretty much over except for his religious journey perhaps and wishes to save others. May grow closer to Lumiel/The abbot and may have the Abbot perish. (May become a student to the Abbot and ask Valen advice on how it was.. For him and Mordenkainen as there are a lot of similarities in a way.)


Party Goals/Questions

Mountain Fane and Forest fane


Finding Dmitri's son. 

Defeat Strahd

Who is Lucks Father.

Ivan's origin.


Abbots Resolve

Dinner with Strahd when he visits.

Esmelerda will have her magic circle. (Strahd will have Rahadin and will invite Lia but she does not have to come.)

He will have the rest of the unique spawn waiting.

Dwarven Ranger

Human Fighter

Dragonborn Monk 

Elven Wizard (2nd level magic allowed so 3rd level caster)

Human Paladin (Greatsword)

Gnome Bard (Dissonant Whispers and 3rd level caster)


If party is present, Strahd will mention the forest fane. Belfry's betrayal and ask the Abbot for the sun sword once more. The Abbot.. Lumiel will tell him that the sword has been destroyed once he had found it. Strahd will roll insight and so will Rahadin. (Abbot can now fix Ireena's symbol and so can Siegfried.)

The Abbot may however ask the party to take Riona to Vallaki so she can be safe. And do the dinner alone.

Strahd will ask them to leave the other fane's alone. (He is going to try and find out which one had cleansed it as he will need to kill them. He will assure them that everything is fine as long as the fanes are left alone but this is a lie.)

One can lie in the Abbot's stead as well. (He has a +5)

If things go sour, the Abbot will soar into Strahd tackling him into the skies. (May lead to Abbots wings torn or death.)

Rahadin will flee as he leaves the Spawn to fight (Flee's with Lia if she herself came.) 

If the party does not come and the Abbot is discovered? He will flee the scene.

Wives on the move

They will move in on Mordenkainen to further their own goals.

Ludmilla has a pact with Luck, A rune that can allow her to become a vampire against Strahd's wish at the temple. She wishes to do this, the rune is on her hand. Escher is trying to take her necklace and her rune. (Escher will kill Anastrasya and Ludmilla would.. CAREFULLY kill Rahadin.) 

Sasha may try to accept the power but will have to kill Ismark to complete it.

Ludmilla will tell Lia of her Rune that she can become a true vampire and eventually the lord.. To surpass Strahd she only ask to be a true vampire and free. (This is a lie she wishes to be the lord herself.)

Strahd's Assault

Attack on Vallaki either himself or his wives.

The Wedding

Kidnapping Ireena



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