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We have no funding and I don't have time to moderate

I am searching for a few threads!

Nothing too complicated. Something simple. I work a lot, so I do not have a very consistent posting schedule.

A few fandoms: 

Game of Thrones. House of Dragons. Hetalia(specifically Denmark or Russia). Fallout:New Vegas. Dorohedoro. Overwatch. Attack on Titan. Naruto. Resident Evil. Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit.


Horror/Psychological. Fantasy/Medieval. Romance(will be in most any of my roleplays)

If you have any other fandoms that you like and you dont see them listed here, give me a list and i might be interested!


1. Only will write with over the age of 18, preferably 21.

2. Paragraphs, I write multiple paragraphs a post.

3. Solid characters with personalities and structure.

4. Willing to be patient, I work a lot.

5. Do not request access to this thread, it will be


Please PM me for any questions, concerns, or plotting. Do not talk to me via the chat in the thread. 

Talk to you soon!


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