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By -Pr3ss-
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In a world where magic runs wild… Different species roaming in the dark. Some stronger than others, with powers that are either their savior… or their downfall. 

Some species have been wiped out entirely… but a prophesy has been found that one particular species has yet to emerge once again. One that took all of the other species teaming up to defeat… two people will be born of this species and they will rise up from the ashes to take what's rightfully theirs. What was taken from their species so long ago… And they will stop at nothing to get revenge.

After a war that wiped out many species, it is believed by the people that only these species exist.

  • Elves (Quite a few still exist)
  • Demons (Makes up much of what mythics remain)
  • Angels (Not many of these exist)
  • Sirens (Rare, but not overly so)
  • Humans (The ruling species, but mythics are welcome)

It is known all over that many species are gone. Believed to be gone forever. The witches and warlocks, mermaids, angels, and even unicorns. All gone… Unicorns were harvested for their blood that could make any wounds disappear within seconds, and their horns were the only things that could kill the ruling species. The Witches and warlocks supported the ruling species, and were killed for it. And mermaids were killed off by the sirens after a long war. Demons killed off the angels, which was bound to happen at some point.

But what was the species that everyone feared? That was killed off and took much effort to do so? Dragons. See, most species were strictly pureblood, with hybrids being very rare, but it was common for dragons to be hybrids, and it made them stronger. They were the OP species, and ruled over the others. They were kind and calm rulers, but that didn't stop people from wanting a change, and it was change they got. 

To understand how powerful dragons truly were… you need to understand the powers of the other species first.

  • Demons: Shadow manipulation, mind control, mind reading, dream control, and teleportation
  • Angels: Flying, light manipulation, mind reading, healing, and they could tell anyone's desires.
  • Elves: Speed, strength, magic, and regeneration.
  • Sirens: Could turn into mermaids, mind control with song, and water manipulation
  • Witches and warlocks: Just magic
  • Unicorns: Could tell the future, blood heals any wounds, and were so pure of heart they could grant wishes, but very rarely.
  • Mermaids: Water manipulation, communicate with animals, and had the ability to fix anything they touched.

Now, dragons had these abilities, and more, but they weren't born with perfect control over their powers like the other species, they had to work for it. The full extent of dragons powers were unknown, but hybrids were so strong because they were born with perfect control over some of their powers. They were also unpredictable because it made gaining control of their other powers more difficult. Dragons had all of the powers of the normal species, but they also had others. They could change a persons species, take away powers, and give a person new powers. This made them great rulers, though, because if anyone was using their powers for evil, they could take away their powers, or make them into a human. It's how they kept the peace for so long. 

This prophecy, carved in stone by a unicorn before the war, sent everyone reeling. They were scared of what was to come, and as such, started taking inventory of every child's species at birth, all children had to be documented, and if they weren't great consequences would be brought upon the parents. 

But, then the dragons were born… they were siblings and they came out looking like humans, and were documented as such. Only the parents knew the true nature of the children as it came to them in a dream, and protected them as best they could, training them for what was to come. Will they take revenge? Or get captured? Is the future set in stone, or can it be changed? Will they learn to cope with these new powers? Or will everything fall into chaos? 

Okay, so for my vision for the roleplay, YC and MC will be siblings, and both the prophesized dragons. We can change things if needed, and add things if needed, so PM me if you want to join, and we can start planning.

What I need:

  • Longer replies, please
  • Good grammar
  • Plan things out with me, I want to know what you have planned for the roleplay, if you want to add things, or take things away, then we can talk about it and fit it into the roleplay. 
  • Replies might not be quick, as I have things to do
  • Pm with the word pickle if you read all of this

Yeah, that's about all. And most importantly, have fun with it. I don't want it to be boring for you.


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