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NightMare   39d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...


Once long ago there lived a fearsome fox creature known as Yukidaruma. Yukidaruma was a kitsune who had nine glorious tails. With those tails he held a great amount of power. His tails appeared white as snow until you got close. Each tip of his nine tails had in a variety in colors. Humans, demons, kitsunes and creatures alike were all scared of him, fearing his wrath. It wasn't until one full moon nine he was betrayal by someone he held dear. Sealing way most of his powers and memories separating him for all but one of his tails. Yukidaruma was greatly weakened and was left to die. Yuki didn't die, as all had hoped. He survived. 

Yuuki was struggling as most his memories were gone. He not knowing who betrayed him or where to even look for his missing tails made quite callous and bitter. It wasn't like many tried to approach him, but when they did the fox quickly scared them off. To most he appeared nothing more than a red fox, there were still few that could see the beast that walked on two legs. He almost resemble a werewolf, wearing clothing. It was clear he was a fox with his red-orange fur and black and white marking that so carefully decorated his face.

For those could see him standing on two legs. He wore a dark crimson overcoat laced with fluffy white fur around the hood, sleeve and bottom. His hand were concealed by black gloves except his black talons were exposed. His nail were long and claw like. He also wore a black jeans a boots. From a distance with his hood up he probably looked like a normal person.  When you approached his muzzle opened revealing sharp teeth. That was when most people would run for their  lives. As they didn't want to be devoured such a foul beast. You were different, you did not run from Yuuki. You kept pursuing Yuuki. 

Perhaps you just wanted to know more, or maybe you wanted to help the fox? Yuuki was hostile, stilling feeling the sting of betrayal deep in heart. When the you finally caught Yuuki and were able to speak with him. He snarled at you baring his sharp teeth. “What do you want” he said dryly as his amber eyes stare straight into yours. Watching you nervously scramble for words the fox turned from and shook his head. His pointed ears flatten against his head, as careful put his hand to his chin. He seemed to be thinking of something. “I assume you are wondering what I am doing? Why I wonder these woods alone at night? I am searching for something that once was mine… Little rabbit if you are here to stop me I will devour you whole.” he said with a low growl. “If you help me take back what once was mine… Then I will spare you…” he said as he held out his hand you. Of course it was never wise to trust a fox. 

What choice did you really have at this point? You had followed Yuuki all the way into the Blackwoods blindly. Maybe this game of cat and mouse had turned but deep down something drew to you him. From the very beginning when you first saw the red fox you knew you wanted to be near him. Now the two of you were stuck together in search of Yuuki missing eight tails. Little did either of you know. With each missing tails recovered, his memories and with his powers would return to him as well. Let just see how long you would last before getting devour by such a foul beast.


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