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ʡ l o v e l e t t e r ʢ

By Archbitchop
Backup thread

You thought you knew him, but somehow the truth ever averted your eyes. 

Your friends are all convinced… He was a good man.

Perhaps… too good.

How well did you really know ____? 

There was never even so much of a shadow about him--an ever-present halo of warmth and goodness followed him with every step, every breath. And yet, in the aftermath, you find yourself in the midst of everyone you both loved questioning every word, glance, or touch that has ever passed between you.

The truth came in a sealed white envelope; it was simple, unassuming, nothing you would have known to brace yourself for. Yet, there it was, the horrible truth staring back at you in less than two hundred words. 

This is not the man you knew. Every moment since the first has been built on a lie.

And what now? What does one do when your life has been upended?

Perhaps all it takes is the answer to a very simple, age old question:

May I come in?

Da Rules

1) Keep it light - this is meant to be fun, after all. Don't feel like you have to stress or agonise over a post; just write what comes!

2) 25+ age limit. No hard feelings against younger writers, it's just a preference. 

3) Stay in touch - if something comes up just give me a holler when you can. Don't drop real life shit to struggle over a post. I don't need the full story, and the words “something came up” or “I'm busy” are just fine with me.

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