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Erotic RP, looking for partners, among other things...

By hhraaa
Backup thread

Looking for literate and, more importantly, spiritual and anarchist partners with whom to do erotic roleplay, among other things...

Before any writing competencies, I would like to find other spiritual and self motivated, conscious and awake, defiant and courageous people who:

(a) recognize that "gov" and "auth" are emasculated terms for slavery, and reject those notions and their practice

(b) recognize that the scamdemic is exactly that; a fraud

(c) valiantly reject the face diapers, injections and all other bullshit "measures"

If you fulfill these criteria, then read on, as I'd very much be interested in roleplaying with you, and likewise potentially developing any other kind of relationship and collaboration.

Otherwise, "fuck off" and any other such phrase that would communicate the disinterest I'd have for you. Right, onto the RP details, among other things... Interested in roleplays that combine both story and smut, with good character writing and development, in both entirely original settings and in derivative ones. As for the latter, here is a list of characters and canons that I like and am willing to RP:

Teen Titans — Raven, Starfire, Blackfire, Jynx

Arcane (LoL) — Jinx

Avatar (Tlab and Korra) — Katara, Azula, Toph, Korra

World of Warcraft — mostly OCs in this setting

Potterverse — Hermione or OCs, both students, teachers and non hogwarts characters

Ranma 1/2 — Ranma

Dragon Age — OCs

Mass Effect — OCs, Liara

Spice and Wolf — Horo

Naruto — Sarada

Dragon Ball (any iteration) — OCs, Bulma, 18, Trunks

Star Wars — OCs, Ahsoka

D&D — OCs (it would likewise be cool, if we'd play BG3 together, when it comes out)

Witcher — OCs, Ciri

And likewise many others, among other things...

Pairings: FxM, FxF, MxM and any combination with hermaphrodites (no shemales, fuck lgbt zillion sexes bullshit)

Writing competencies: looking for literate people who can write at least decently well, either through email (, discord, element, status (p2p encrypted discord alternative), etc.

Here are my sites, if you want to know more about various things:

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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Father Vossler (RoK version)

Sorry we don't allow erotic RP here. It's against the rules as we have teens on here as well.

RoleplayCloud     43d ago

Correct, no erotic.


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