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“It happened.”

“But no one saw it.”

“But it happened! I saw it!” She says as she abruptly stands up and slams her hands down on the table.

The detective just puts his hand up in a calming gesture and says, “I believe you.”

And that, that means everything.

Everything changed the night of the fire. The fire that left everyone in her family dead. Accept Akila. She was found outside of the home covered in smoke residue and bruises, barely coherent. She was eight then. Eight when she stopped talking completely. The doctors say it's traumatic mutism. She bounced around in the foster system for years. Not speaking a word and not allowing herself to get close to anyone. The people that think she killed her family that night. The worst part is… she doesn't remember what happened that night. 

She was 16 when she had a mental breakdown and was sent to a short term care facility where she shut herself away from the world completely until they sent her to a long term care facility. They left her there for a year. She started believing she did it. But a part of her knew she didn't. Right? It couldn't have been her. Then one day it all changed. The day the detective showed up. The one who said he wanted to get to the bottom of things. For real this time. No cold case. And that's when things get crazy. 

Will they find out that it was really her that did it? Or is there something else lurking in the shadows? One that is willing to kill Akila for the information in her head. The information that could expose them as the rightful killers that night? 

What I need:

A person to play the detective

Preferably someone with good grammar

No one liners

There will be darker themes in this roleplay, so just be aware of that

Doesn't have to be super long responses, but please no super short ones

Plot twists. Go crazy- add what you think will give the story spice

Pm me if you want to join



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