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By KarishinTheUnworthy
Backup thread

So, this is an undertale RP with OC's and Cannon characters if you so wish.
There can be multiple fallen humans, but thats up to you.
This is a timeline where somehow, by some way, after the barrier was broken, merged into a new form- Vitality. The human with the powers of the seven souls, yet to be unlocked.
I will allow characters that are Op, just like.. nothing stronger than Vitality, please. That would ruin the fun. Unless the character is the Bete Noire and multiple characters are as strong as or almost as strong as Vitality.

Sans - Me, unless somebody else wants it

You can make your own OC's and even be cannon characters if you so wish!

1. Abide by site rules
2. Fight in roleplay, but not out of roleplay. Take it into dms.
3. Ask me for any questions you may have.
4. Dm me with the codeword β€œVital” as the subject name if your interested when your done reading all this.
5. Please know at least a basic timeline of season 2 glitchtale
6. No straight up godmodding - if you do, either have a good reason/explanation on how you do it, (And trust me, it has to be really good), or just get kicked out if you dont edit/delete the message.
7. Please be able to write at least 500 words, 750-1000 is reccomended. I'm fine with either, but dont write over 3000 characters in a single response- That's too much as there might be others who cant read that many characters without getting frustrated trying to understand it.


Dm me before asking- give me a skelly of some sorts, i'm not gonna straight up make you recreate a character for this lmao

i just need: Name, Gender, Soul trait + abilities, Evil/Neutral/Good, and maybe you can put the role of your character- that last one doesnt matter much except to help me. If its not in the character, you can fill out the missing info in the dm.

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