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YavannaSumina   51d ago


“Undine says you know the place. Your people often bind familiars there, they can feel the power, even though she stayed hidden.” Sumina answered Lyrei’s inquiry a little distractedly. She was aware of [i something] happening between Lethe’s shard and the one Royland had. It had an effect on her as well. Her fingers worked over the fabric in her hand, not letting go of the skirt so she wouldn’t drop the herbs but anxious all the same to be free of the task. Her face flushed and she couldn’t help but glance back toward Royland when she had a moment and everyone probably wasn’t watching. What was he doing?


Whatever it was, she had to keep her cool and not just go up to him and… Her mind wandered very briefly after Lyrei said she’d let them go and she nodded, until she heard his voice responding to Aifah. That drew her attention and she looked at him. Immediately her face felt hot and she looked away. No, that really wasn’t helping her stay on track. She looked down at the herbs she’d gathered. Mostly for what Shadow had told her, but some could be used for dinner. That was what she needed to focus on. Cooking.


“Right. Yes.” Sumina tucked her hair behind her ear,”Undine, return. We should get started before they get back. Letting it cook longer makes the meat more tender.” Sumina stepped aside and went into the house. The herbs were laid out on the counter and Meriel slipped in. She’d been a quiet observer, but now deposited the bird in the kitchen with some measure of pride at her hunting skills and Sumina recalled her, leaving her and Royland actually alone.


Choosing several of the finer feathers, Sumina set them aside near her herbs meant for later. The ones meant for the stew were set closer to where the bird was laid out. “We should prepare the meat and get a pot of water boiling.” The others had been sent mostly to get vegetables for the stew. They had enough to get started before the vegetables arrived and didn’t need to wait. Sumina moved from her herbs to Royland. She was trying so hard to keep on task, but when she met his eyes she blushed, a clear indication on where her mind kept trying to wander. She was hopelessly transparent when it came to him, not that she was very good at deception most of the time anyway. “Which did you want to start on?”


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