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The Hunted


Name: Iris

Species: Shifter

Class: Barbarian Path of the Beast


BackStory: She lived in a small tribe of shifters in the jungles of Chult. They were constantly moving. The jungles just weren’t a safe place. Staying any place too long could draw unwanted attention. This could be from the undead or the yuan ti as well as dangerous dinosaurs and other unwanted attention.


Iris was one of the gifted ones of her group. She could transform into a full werewolf shape. A very wanted quality. They adored her and almost seemed to worship her for this ability. She was considered strong among their tribe. She would prove this many times over. As she was one of their strongest warriors.


People had been tracking them without any of them knowing. They had been planning an ambush for a while now. They wanted Iris and her special ability. She would make a great pet for someone. She could be sold to the highest bidder.


They planned strategically using a strong poison to put her to sleep. With their strongest warrior down it was easy for them to take her. Without her the tribe would struggle a lot more. [They could kill her tribe or they could have easily just left them after taking her.]


She can either escape somehow or someone kind bought her. Either way she wants to know what happened to her tribe.


DM Notes

Mwaxanaré and Na are her true siblings.


She was separated from them with an invasion of the Yuan Ti. Selune who guides her creatures of the moon had decided to intervine when they found the child down a river. Blessing the child with her gift of the shifter. Her royal line of blood was vunerable to magical change (How her sister became a warlock so easily.) Iris does not know she is the eldest heir of true Chultan royalty. Only receiving dreams and visions at times.

Obtao had also helped bless her as well so that Selune's light could reach Chult.


The cannibals of Dendar/Ras Sni smell the blood of Ubtao on her. And believe eating her will be worship and may grant power. Maybe they are eating a zombie and shifter and a tribe mate can come out if they are defeated.



Name: Echo

Species: Warforged

Class: Artificer Battle Smith or Cleric Domain of Life

God: Lathander


BackStory: Echo doesn’t know the reason he was created nor does he remember or know who his master was. A single memory remains in his mind and it is how he got his name. Apparently for a while he would simply repeat everything that was said to him. He can’t remember the voice of his master or what they looked like. All of that is simply a black mess. He is sure something is wrong with him. That he must be damaged in some way.



He awoke in the temple of Gond. Confused and lost. He doesn’t know if he had been stolen from his master or if he was abandoned here. With no real objective in mind he decided to start hunting down his master.


He ends up stumbling upon people that are heading out into the jungle to handle the death curse and for some reason he feels a pull to want to help them.


Maybe this has something to do with his master. A calling… Or maybe it's something inside of him that makes him react this way. Something he wants to do himself out of kindness… Not an objective but his own decision

So a few ideas for Echo

  • So this I think would be great to go with your artificer character you had an idea for. Maybe he created him and lost him / He was stolen.
  • Maybe he is hoping to watch over him without him knowing he has a master so close by.
  • His master could have been killed by someone who had wanted the warforged for themselves, but ended up being killed by Echo. Trama could be what is causing Echo to not have any memories of what happened to himself.
  • His master could have been building Echo for dark purposes but something happened and he ended up loosing Echo.
  • None of these have to be used just some random thoughts to help.



DM Notes Echo

After his master had passed away he was to be shut down by Lantan. He had been gifted something akin to a soul a piece of his masters soul. Frederic's soul but Wictor had went against the commision freeing him getting him a boat to Chult. Echo has something.. A spark that can go against Acerok who was once an old colleague of Frederic before the change.


Lantan however had changed it's mind, at least some officials had. Saying that Echo though not sentient can emulate a spark of humanity. Wictor had not known his masters old friend was Acerok convinced his old master went insane had agreed to bring light to the project.

To hone Echo to grow his combat prowess and spark to disassemble him and grow hundreds more in a event called Soul Splicing that will be used by the Soul Mongerer.

He doesn't believe him to be sentient. Not truly anyway but as he travels with Echo he may begun to wonder more and more if Echo really is an echo of a soul. An echo of his masters or Ethans soul or slowly becoming his own. 


Sakomoto and under clockwork knights and professor's are hunting for him. 





Name: Ayame Akakrui

Species: Eladrin Elf

Class: Draconic Sorcerer


BackStory: Normally she cares not for what goes on around her. She stays in The Garden and that’s her life. Watching over her flowers and making sure they are paid well and unharmed. Supposedly she cared nothing about anything else, but above The Garden was her family. She adored and cared deeply about her siblings. Would do anything for them though she never thought that she would have to prove that.


One day one of her younger brothers was brought to her. He had been killed in the jungles of Chult. Apparently he had been out with one of the guides and a group of outsiders. Rei was a soft spoken and sweet boy. She loved him dearly and if she were to pick a favored sibling it would be him, but she would have done the same had it been Kirai laying on her floor.


At his side was a sword she had never seen him carry before. Apparently he had found it out in the wilds. Knowing she didn’t have long she located someone that knew how to bring back the dead. She insisted on having him brought back no matter the price. [This price can be up to you].


Rei was brought back to life, but it seemed death wasn’t going to leave him be. It took days but something started to happen and it looked like he was starting to get sick… She knew she had to act even if that meant traveling the jungles.

DM Notes


The priest of Sune is a fraud a man that wishes to gain grand power of his own. 

With an obsession with dragon's. The dragon Tzindelor or “Tinder” in the Wyrmfire mine.

Priest name

Arnell Vorseth. He is leaning toward his Draconic blessing and is blessed by Tiamat but he has a deep respect for Bahamut as well. He wants to use the Soul Mongerer as a chance to usher in an age of dragons believing they were once at top (Is possible) Before humans and dragonborn rebelled and Pointy Hat's Dragon Forged as well.


Further Ayame DM Notes

Dragon's Blessing, a dragon keeps their word and they can promise to bless a newborn. 

Arnell was born of Tiamat blessed by his family, his mother seduced a champion of Bahamut gaining his blessing. His parents had fought to the bitter end leaving him behind and alone. Bahamut was forced to keep his word and bless him.


Volo's had slept with a woman before, Barty not knowing she was a dragon. Volo's in his many heroic acts before gained Bahamut's favor and asked that his daughter not be half dragon to lead a somewhat normal life but not disregarding his blessing she became a sorcerer instead. Draconic creatures can sense however what her soul.. Was meant to be once upon a time. Were she to embrace it however…



Name: Rei Akarui

Species: Eladrin Elf

Class: Blood Hunter Order of the Profane Soul [Warlock Hexblade]


BackStory: A young boy with an adventurous spirit. A sword of great power was supposedly out there. Getting to it was dangerous though. He had hired a guide [Your Choice] as well as a few adventurers to go with him.


When he fell in battle the people that he had gone with had at least grabbed his body and headed back to Chult. [How many died and made it back is up to you]. Rei had found that sword, but it would mean nothing to him dead.


When he opened his eyes he was looking up at his sister with the weapon at his side. She was looking distressed, but was happy to see him alive and well. Rei doesn’t really remember too much of what happened to him out in the jungle. He knows he died, but doesn’t remember how or why. He doesn’t even remember the guide that he went with or the adventurers he traveled with.


For a few days everything was fine, but then he was starting to grow ill. He was withering away. He found that when he kept the sword near him he seemed to at least be able to fight.


He tried to hide this from his sister, but she found out and was insistent on trying to save his life and he wasn’t going to let her go without him.


DM Notes


The hexblade/great sword is an artifact split from the Ring of Winter. Devoid of the ring's nature but retaining it's personality of cunning and conniving it wishes to be whole once more. Artus had split them apart to keep from the frost giants. The ring is his duty and his curse. The blade of winter will come.. And try to restore to it's former half and will use Rei to do so if needed as the two's lives have now been connected.

Furhter DM Notes

The ring is hunted by many and Rei's fate may slowly alter as it tries to offer itself to him. Or even to Kirai to make him a king (if Kirai joins the campaign.)



I am King


Name: Kirai Akarui

Species: Eladrin Elf

Class: Bard College of Swords / Draconic Sorcerer


BackStory:; Out here to help Rei out


DM Notes

Inherited powers from father hired Eku to test the new party and to bring Rei to him. Wants a detailed report of those traveling with Rei. 


May tie him to the draconic story and the sword/ring may call out to him.





Wiktor Szulski

(Pernounced Victor Swalski)

“Imagination is a weapon”

“I miss when things were.. simple once upon a time”

“Perception and perspective is all that is needed to tackle any problem my dear assistant.”

Wiktor is a professor from Lantan, they are an island with Faeruns most advanced technology and the reason for the Sending stone advancements fire arms and printing technology. However Halura accuses the Gondians of stealing their work but Wiktor like many “Professors” cares not for the political trifles.

Chult is only south of the island of Lantan and Chult had accepted Gond and even offered their warriors in times of aid. Some Lantans remain still “Stagnant old bastards” trying to reach a solution through science and magic while looking down at the world. 

Wiktor has earned the rank “Professor” and he himself was once an adventurer but perhaps he's told old to enter back into the fray? (Mid or early 40's)

Extra DM Notes

His master had created a warforged. “Echo” is what Viktor had come to call the machine, the echo of a soul. His master, Frederick Waltz had lost his son in the fighting between Lantan and Halura. His son held the rank of professor and was a top notch scholar in searching for Acerok's phylactery even before the curse.

His son Ethan Waltz was lost and the good doctor fell ill. Even creating Echo wasn't enough, his soul was formless at least.. So he thought it hadn't replicated the soul of Ethan but something was in that tin of metal. The good doctor fell to his broken heart leaving behind a broken student and a lost son.


Rogue/Artificer (Ton of skills and creations)

Will probably go Battle Smith and Inquisitive Rogue.


Mordred Chevalier


He is a paladin with no god who has worked for each church in Gond with rather low rates.




He was once a paladin of devotion under Lathander's but he had turned from that oath. Almost becoming an oath breaker he finds himself repenting. 

Gracie had gifted him enough money so that he could purchase Iris (May change this) and now he is charged defending Ayame due to the churches short comings. 


Mordred had served alongside Liara, due to his respect to Duke Ravenguard. He had grown up close friends to Wyill Ravenguard and Liara was like an aunt to him as she served him close. What the duke and his son hadn't known was Liara's heart had grown prone to ambition despite her heroic feats of the past this deal with the black heart pirates and her eye for treasure… Items and power. She had hunted for magical treasure such as the blade Rei had seen and more. Now with the death curse she must set her eyes to establish order and using the pirates is a necessary evil in her eyes.


Mordred had stood against this in his paladin life before. Some of her most loyal soldiers had turned on him before he could turn on her and learn the entire truth. He had found himself washed up in the church of Sune.

In serving Gracie she has learned Liara's true intents. Though he wishes to serve the divine and what he believes is justice… Hatred and vengeance swims in his heart. His devotion to the fist.. To the raven guards it all pales to that want of revenge. Liara had framed Mordred as a traitor despite believing him to be dead. Under the old name of “Arthur.” 


Mordred is a long lost descendant of Artus Cimber and Alisanda Rayburton eventually falling to the sub branch of Chevalier. 
This secret was lost with his father. His father had passed a long time ago though truly it was a ploy by Liara to take his rank among the Fist. (Mordred does not know this.)







ShieldHero-     48d ago

Current Travel Montage

1ST day nothing

Second day nothing except scared Nymph cast a love sick spell. DC 13 wis or con.

Third day one encounter (Than arrival)

ShieldHero-     48d ago

14 Cannibals of Ras Sni the lord of night Dendar that oppose Obtao will smell her blessing and want to eat her tribe and her as worship and perhaps power.

She can meet an old tribe mate.


ShieldHero-     47d ago

Sakomoto Encounter


Sakomoto has 2 professor's with him and each with one guard along with one Clockwork Knight. What they thought Echo was originally.


The 3 guard/cops have guard statblocks but replace the Spear with a D10 pistol. Taking the CR from 1/8 to ¼. Making them worth 50 EXP.

Each LV 5 is worth 700.

And Sakomoto himself is worth 2900

Making 3750 (Round up to) 3800. 475.


Just give each player 500 EXP for the trouble.



ShieldHero-     47d ago

Faroul: 175 gold pieces

ShieldHero-     47d ago

Are the brownish greens the 'swamps'?

Nope, those are lesser undead areas. The swamps are places like the Ildani Basin and the area just south of Kir Sabal (I think)

Are the dark brown-greens the 'wastelands'?

Those are heavy undead areas. The Wastelands are the grey areas like the Land of Ash and Smoke and the Valley of Lost Honor.

What about the tan colored spots that look like they are hilly?

They're hills and plateaus, and should probably use the Mountains random encounter table.

ShieldHero-     47d ago


Vadan Bluesong: Scout Elf

Nathaniel: Lieutenant/Captain

ShieldHero-     47d ago

Daerun Fogmeadow


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