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muse a and b are complete strangers but meet up when they find out their significant others are having an affair while married to a and b so they decide to steak out to catch their s/o in the act. muse a is reluctant but muse b convinces them anyway. muse a decides that they can only prepare for this by bringing a bottle of wine and drinking to help them for what they are about to witness. they do the steak out, drink while they wait and conversations become flirting and flirting becomes a kiss and suddenly they are hooking up out of spite towards the situation because why not. but.... they actually enjoy it and decide to make their hook ups casual and soon they might actually start to catch feelings??

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BooBear96Samantha Claire   44d ago

Samantha Claire

The last week had been a complete whirlwind. Her husband had been having a full fledged affair with some brunette bimbo from his office building. She'd found all sorts of emails, credit card charges for hotels, text messages, delivery receipts for flowers, which hadn't been delivered to their shared home. After doing some extensive research, the stay at home wife/photographer had found the woman's facebook account. She was married too! What the hell? She'd studied the mans facebook profile for hours now, debating on messaging the man.

Samantha Claire was a twenty five year old Photographer from Montana, she had met her now husband Chris while working as a photography assistant to one of the State Colleges. Chris had big dreams which took them to Houston, Texas. He was the lead marketing exec for the City of Houston, which Mayor dreams.  Her parents still lived in Montana on the Family Ranch, along with her brothers and sisters. She was the only one who had moved away. She tried to visit often, with and without Chris. He never really cared much for impressing her family. She could see now that he was too self involved for the family life, probably while they still hadn't had a baby in their four years of marriage now. Not that they were preventing it, it just hadn't happened. Someone above was looking out for her apparently. 

She had found an emailed copy of a dinner reservation downtown along with a luxury hotel reservation for tonight. If she was going to do this, it had to be now. 

“Hi ____. My name is Samantha Kelty. I'm married to Chris Kelty who works Downton at Charles Lending. I'm positive that your wife works with him as well. There is no easy way to say this, but my husband and your wife are engaged in an affair. I've found months worth of documents that would prove so. This is my number, please reach out. I'm planning on confronting them tonight.”

Simply_Random     43d ago

Jax was working late. His uncle is about to open a new hotel and this project was handed to him after some mishap with a previous person. He didn’t ask question. His wife of two years didn’t either. She was working late as well. Except he would get home before her or  at all.

Jackson teller is thirty years old. His wife name is Amanda Teller, twenty nine years old. They have been together for four years. Married for two or soon to be two years. They met at a restaurant. Kept bumping into each other. He wasn’t interested at first but she was always there and always starting a conversation. His family didn’t like her  they tolerated her for his sake.

He was planning a surprise anniversary dinner and trip. Granted it will also be per business trip but the hotel is brand new and they will be getting one of the suites. He messaged his wife to let her know he will be staying at the office to finish up a few things for the project that landed on his lap.

Two months ago his cousin told him how he saw Amanda with another guy. His cousin confronted them. They were just coworkers. A group of them went out for dinner. Others joined them. Yet his cousin didn’t believe it because according to her they were to lovey dovey. Jax didn’t pick up his wife. She was definitely intoxicated so he didn’t pay it any attention. She’s flirty when she’s drunk. He’ll that’s why his grandpa likes her.

After pulling an all nighter, he washed up in the private bathroom in his office. His Mac computer dinged. He checked his computer. Not only did his soup leave his body but his blood was boiling. He replied:

 ‘Mrs. Kelty don’t do anything rash. Let’s me. I would to see the evidence you gathered. Then I will do my own digging and we can discuss our next steps. Are you free for lunch? I can meet you anywhere. Whatever would make you feel safe and comfortable.’

He had to read over the random message. He made a phone call to have someone look into this Amanda Ketly and her husband. Followed by getting a PI on his own wife. With anger, he began to get get ready. He told his uncle he will be taking a personal day. Something came up which isn’t a lie. He is going to surprise his wife at work with some flowers. There’s no way his wife would cheat on him.

BooBear96Samantha Claire   43d ago

Samantha Claire

Samantha knew that Chris had been drifting apart from her for awhile now. She had only assumed it was because he was under so much pressure at work, she never would've guessed that he ha been stepping out on their marriage.

Her Mac beeped almost instantly after she had messaged the other Husband on facebook. She hated that she was blowing up another marriage, but then again, it was all her husband and his mistress' fault.

"The Moonshine Southern Table. Noon? I'll be in the back booth.."

She looked at her clock, it was going on ten in the morning and she was hardly ready to meet a stranger for lunch. She needed to look put together, maybe that would help her keep her whits about her. She didn't know much at that moment, but she knew that she would make her Husband regret ever meeting his other woman. She was going to take him for everything he had.

After replying to Jackson, she had gotten up to shower and get ready for what was sure to be a long day. It was about a thirty minute drive to the restaurant from her home, with traffic. She took her seat in the back booth and took the folder out of her purse. 

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   43d ago

Jackson Teller

The ride to Amanda’s job was about twenty minute. His heat stopped seeing her. She is at work. New clothes. There’s no way she’s cheating. He was quick to give her the dozen white roses and a Starbucks drink. She did look startled but he said he wanted to apologize for not coming home and to show her how much he loves and appreciates her. That made the other females ‘aww’ at them.
Amanda began to introduce him to her co-workers. Chris Kelty was last. Fuck. Should he believe the random number that messaged him about their spouse cheating? Jack mentioned his wedding ring. Chris was quick to say his wife’s name, Amanda. Jack clenched his jaw. Chris reminded Amanda of a meeting ending his time there. Sighing, he kisses his wife's cheek before leaving. 

"The Moonshine Southern Table. Noon? I'll be in the back booth.."

He never heard of such a place. It just made him more skeptical about this whole thing. Nevertheless, he is still went. He needs answers one way or another. He sent a message to let them know he would be late. Traffic. It was a quarter past noon by the  time he got there. He went to the back booth to see a blonde. “Amanda?” he asks approaching the booth. He looked around out of precaution. His right finger playing with his wedding band.

“For your sake, I hope you're telling the truth because if you're not I will make your life a living hell for attempting to ruin my marriage…” he blurts out folding his hands on the table.

Amanda claimed to have evidence and they were provided to him. Only a few dates stood out to him, but there was no picture proof. None that proves there’s any infidelity. just coincidence. They do work together, so having the same receipt for restaurants or hotels, it’s normal. The texts and emails could be fake.

“How can I know this is legit?” he asks finally looking into her eyes to read her 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   43d ago

Samantha Claire

"Samantha. Samantha Claire Kelty." she said softly, looking up as the man she assumed to be her Husbands Mistress' Husband.

"I can assure you, Mr. Teller that I would never ruin another persons Marriage as mine as been ruined. Nor would I ever wish what I'm currently going through upon anyone. My entire life has been turned upside down due to my Husband and your wife." she quickly explained. Laying everything out on the table.

Hotel Receipts, Phone records, Resturants. Everything that told their story. "This day? I was told that Chris was on a work trip in San Fran. I couldn't get ahold of him, so I called his assistant who told me he was vacationing with his sister in Florida, Amanda. Chris doesn't even have a sister, but he sure as hell has a mistress by that name. Your wife."

She sighed before pulling one more sealed envelope out of her bag. "I hired a private investigator when I caught wind of him potentionally having an affair. I was given these only days later." she explained. Photos of her husand and Jackson's wife holding hands, kissing and snuggling close on a beach vacation.

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   43d ago

Jackson Teller

Jack wanted to vomit. It was as if she waited to save these for last. Smart but fuck. What is he supposed to do now?

“And this isn't your work? My PI told me you were a photographer.” he is obviously in denial.  He did gather the photos and put them away. He will be taking them. “I'm sorry but I need time to wrap my head around this.” despite not ordering anything he pulled out a hundred-dollar bill to pay for whatever she ordered. She can even keep the change. He doesn't care. 

Jackson when home. Just to work from home. He had the pictures spread out on his desk. His uncle stopped by to make sure he was okay. Jack has never done what he did today which worried the older guy. Jackson needed to tell someone what happened. That person is his uncle Bently. Ben for short. His uncle told him he'll look into it as well. How he knows people. Jack told his uncle he got a PI on it.

It hasn't been a week and more shit was uncovered. Jack was thankful to have the day off. He spent three hours at the gym before going to Samamtha’s house. He already knew their spouses were at work and planning on getting a motel. 

“Are you free? I have wine and desserts in the car. We can go through with your plan. My wife mentioned a motel to your husband. I have her phone bugged…” he admits sheepishly. He did rent a truck out. He is more of a sports car kind of guy. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   43d ago

Samantha Claire

Samantha looked at Jackson. She could tell he wasn't taking this very well. "I'm a newborn, lifestyle and family photographer. I don't specialize in special editing that depicts my Husband having an affair." she said softly. "I know this is a lot.. I've already had about a week to process... I didn't find out about you until yesterday." she explained. She watched as he quickly stood up and threw a bill on the table. "Mr. Teller." she called. He was already gone. She had apologized to the waitress and left the money there for a tip.

That night she spent the night at her best friends  home, claiming she needed help with their newborn baby. It also gave her an excuse to use her work as a distraction. She didn't go home the next day until she was sure he Husband was already gone, he had another work trip tonight.

"Mr. Teller." she said once she had answered the front door. "What are you doing here?" She chuckled slightly when he mentioned wine and dessert. "And what are we going to do with both of us are too wine drunk to drive back?" she questioned. "Let me change and grab my purse... You can come in."

She quickly headed upstairs to her closet to change and do something with her hair. She couldn't believe they were going to do this, but it needed to be done so they could both hopefully get some closure and move on with their lives. "I'm ready to go. What hotel? Where?"

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   43d ago

Jackson Teller

Teller smiles. “Got it covered. I already told my driver where I'll be. He’ll check in to make sure I'm not wine-wasted as you called it.” he answers stepping inside hesitantly.  

Jackson looked around when she disappeared. Their home isn't what he expected it to be. For some reason, he assumed they would have thousands of pictures up. It's not like that at all. 

Jack pops a piece of gum in his mouth. Three bubbles later she returned. “They're leaving work early today to go to Red Roof Inn. It's a three-hour drive without traffic.” he stopped staring at a scenary picture before stuffing his hand in his pocket to start his car from where he stood. 

He scanned her and the room quickly before leaving. His wife wouldn't be happy here. She's always asking for expensive things. Chris wouldn't survive when he finds out how expensive she can be. Could this be a weird blessing in disguise? He walks out to open the door for her. Something he used to do for his wife. She ended up telling him he took too long to walk around the car to open her door so he stopped. It felt weird to be doing it again.

1.5 hours into the drive he stopped at a drive-thru to get food and something to drink. Anything that isn't wine will be fine with him. “So how long have you been married? What made you pick Chris?” he asks placing both hands on the headrest of his seat as he waits for their food. “Amanda and I are about to make two years of being married. I'm not so worried about a divorce. We signed a prenup. Is your ass covered?” he asks slowly moving up. How is there more traffic getting food than on the road? He left and got Samantha early so they can see the act from the beginning. This may set them back. Out of irritation, he began to shake his leg. The food better be worth it. Better yet the cold coffee better be worth it.

“I figured you would have kids by now. Four years in. Does he not want them?” he asks just as they got their food. He waited for her to check their order to make sure it was correct before they left. Amanda always claims to check but gets pissy when it's wrong and he refuses to go back because he would ask three times to check. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   43d ago

Samantha Claire

“You have a driver?” She questioned as she turned to lock the house behind them, watching as Jackson headed to the passenger side of the door to open. “Oh. Thank you.” Chris hadn’t done that since they had gotten engaged. It was like a lot of him changed after that point. He was a different person before they were engaged/married.

She wasn’t sure where they would be going that was three hours away from Houston, but they would soon find out. “How did you bug her phone?” Her stomach growled as if on cue when Jackson turned into some fast food joint. She was starving, having not ate breakfast. “Will you judge if I say I want two of everything?” After he ordered, she did a check of the bag that make sure everything that they had ordered was there. “You don’t have to keep paying for everything, you know. But thank you…. Dinner is on me tonight.”

One thing her Father had insisted before she Married Chris was a prenup. Her family had money, their ranch was successful. “Yes. I’m covered. But I’m taking that son of birch for everything he has.” She passed out the food after he had gotten back on the road. “It’s not for the lack of trying. I think looking back now, it was a blessing in disguise. If we had a child and I found out he was having an affair… Well. I would hate raising a baby in a broken home…. What about you and Amanda?”

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   43d ago

Jackson Teller

“No need. I did show up unannounced and had you put one clothes. I got it.” He tells her driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding on to his drink. He wasn’t really hungry. Truth be told he hasn’t been eating much. Not since Samantha reached out.

He listened to her. She didn’t sound too upset about not having kids. If anything she’s happy about it now. Divorcing with a child involved always tends to be messy. “We never spoke about a kids. I’m not sure if I want any. I’m always working and traveling for work. Plus my parents got divorced and life got crazier after that. Granted a got a way with a lot of shit and got spoiled because they kept trying to win my love and one up the other.” He grabbed some fries. Only ate a few and he was done. Fast food wasn’t his thing. Too much oil and salt.

“My family is also wealthy…  I can drive as you can see but sometimes I rather be driven so I can relax. Plus my usual driver just had a baby two months ago. I hear it’s rough the first few weeks but he apparently feels bad that I’m still paying him for a days worth of driving. His wife is willing to drive him to get me if we do get intoxicated. She never liked my wife Amanda. Sadly if his wife is right about her I owe her them a trip. A deal made when intoxicated but I’m a man of my word.” He says relaxing a bit. The traffic is ending thank god.

The ride took longer than expected. But he didn’t see either of their spouses car in the parking lot. He parks in the back, removes his seat belt and reclined his chair a bit. “My wife is smart. If she would have gone to known hotels I would have been told of her infidelity…” Perks of being related to his uncle who is the CEO of Knights company. They are known for making successful and luxury hotels. He pulls out his phone to see where his wife is at. She’s on the move, “Oh, and Amanda is under my phone plan. I can easily track her.” He adds with a shrug and her car is trackable.”

BooBear96Samantha Claire   43d ago

Samantha Claire

"I've always wanted children. I want to be a mom, but I guess things work out funny for a reason." she explained.

The ride was kind of nice... in a weird way. They were both able to keep the conversation flowing, and it was almost like no topic was off subject. There were no awkward pauses. Jackson seemed like a geniunely nice man, who just got dealt a bad card with his spouse, as did she.

"I wish I could say the same about my husband. I don't even know if he's trying to hide it anymore. I found the credit card statement on the kitchen table." The truck was parked as soon as they got to the hotel. The were in the back, so they would have a less chance of getting seen. "You didn't eat much." she stated. "Dinner is on me... Even if we have to doordash something. It's the least I can do for turning your world upside down.."

It didn't take long for her Husbands truck to come into view. Of course Amanda was sitting passenger side. "They're here." she said softly. She didn't know what to do now.

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   42d ago

Jackson Teller

This Chris guy keeps becoming a terrible human being. Why not tell your spouse you’re not happy? He never understand why people cheat. Just leave. Heal in whatever way you heal. Just don’t cheat. Leave or try to make it work.

He couldn’t comment about him not eating. He is surprised she can eat. If she wants his food she can have it. He can’t think or stomach good right now. His head is to busy trying to figure out his next step. How are they going to confront them? They need to build up more evidence, right?

Jack pulls out an unreleased professional camera. “You have more photography skills.” He says handing her the camera after taking off the cover lense. His right elbow rested on the window rest while his right was tripping the steering wheel. 
How can they look so happy? They’re married to other people. Ruining everything they know to be scandalous. He carefully moved to get plastic cups to start drinking. He wrote down the time the arrived. Let’s see how long they decide to stay. He did ask but handed her a cup. She didn’t say anything about not drinking or being a drinker. She did make him meet at a pub. Right now some wine would be good. Maybe then he’ll eat something. 
“You okay?” He asks even though she seems to be handling it better than he is. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   42d ago

Samantha Claire

It was silent for a little bit, they were both trying to process everything again probably. She had known for a week, and had went through all the emotions already. Jackson had just found out and probably needed more time to work through his thoughts. Even if there was nothing really to work through, at least not for her. Her marriage was going to end in Divorce.

She looked at the professional camera that was handed to her. It wasn’t even released yet. “How did you get your hands on this? It’s not set to be released for months.” She said, getting slightly excited. If they were doing anything else, she would be over the moon holding this camera. It was a dream.

Chris helped Amanda out of his truck, opening the door and even taking her hand. Suddenly, all the food that she had ate twisted in her stomach. Her breathe caught in her throat as she raised the camera to get some shots of the “couple.” It was disgusting. “They look so happy. Like they don’t have a single care in the world.”

After taking a sip of wine from the plastic cup, she raised the camera once again. They had gotten the room key it looked. “I’m- I’m fine. Are you okay, Jackson?” She said softly, turning to look at him.

Simply_Random     42d ago

Jackson wanted to look away. He could but it would’ve be fair to Samantha since she’s the one with the camera and seeing things better. “My uncle. He’s going to help us. Apparently Amanda may be stealing from us and that doesn’t sit right with him so anything we need I just need to ask while he does his own homework.” Money does get you everything. Just not pure unconditional happiness. It’s always something down the road.

He ignored her. He didn’t care if they looked happy. They shouldn’t look happy with someone who isn’t their spouse. Samantha doesn’t sound okay. “Same as you I guess.” He quickly replies. He was quick to finish his cup before pouring himself some more. He should have gotten two bottles of wine.

He normally doesn’t drink more than two glasses. He doesn’t like being intoxicated. He hates the feeling of feeling ill hours later. What’s the point if it makes you feel okay for a short period time to feel shitty for hours later? 
“I don’t know about you but I can’t drive… would you be okay with a hotel? I can get you your own room.”

BooBear96Samantha Claire   42d ago

Samantha Claire

So Amanda was fucking up Jacksons life in more ways than one? Honestly, she wasn't surprised. She had only spoke to Amanda a few times, at Dinner Parties and work events for Chris's firm. She seemed like the person who was only worried about what could be done for her and what would make her life better.

Samantha turned to glance at Jackson. It was obvious that he wasn't ok right now. "I'm sorry." she mumbled softly, reaching over to cup his knee. They were practically complete strangers, but here they were going through this horrible experience together. "It's not fair that their doing this to us... But we'll get them back. They'll get what karma is coming for them."

Chris and Amanda had disappered into their hotel room. Jackson looked like he was enjoying the bottle of wine, while she was still sipping on her first cup. "I can drive to the hotel."

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   42d ago

Jackson Teller

His eyes went to her hands on his knee. Instantly his thought went to wonder when was the last time Amanda and him got intimate? He takes his cup, nodding. “It’s a rental.” He says entering the address to the hotel.

It’s a family owned hotel. He can easy secure a room for them. The ride is about thirty to forty five minutes closer to home instead of further, thankfully. He secured two rooms via texts. He even informed her of such. There was a little less than half of wine left. He deicded to stop drinking. She can have the rest. They have their own desperate pitty party. They were treated as if they were royals. They each had an escort to their luxury rooms. He told her room service is on the house. To enjoy her night. They will see each other in the morning.

An hour later, he got a call saying her room was meant for someone else. He shook his head. He gather his things and told them they can use his room. He casually walked the best he could to her room. “I’m sorry but I had to give up my room… your room was actually reserved… I’ll sleep on the couch. I won’t cause any trouble…” he mumbles rubbing the back of his neck. He thanks her when she allowed him inside. He went straight to the couch, removed his shoes before taking off his shirt and using it to cover his eyes. He’s ready to pass out. To figure out how they can get revenge on their cheating spouses. The couch is comfy but he’s too tall for it. He had his legs shaped into a diamond to fit. This is going to be a long night!

BooBear96Samantha Claire   42d ago

Samantha Claire

The hotel that Jackson directed her to was like a different world. Granted, he had told her that it was one of his families hotels, so of course they would make sure Jackson got the presidential treatment, but who was she to get this?

They were escorted to the top floors, with rooms just a few doors down from one another. She knew Jackson had been drinking, so she felt slightly nervous about leaving him to fend for himself, but he was a grown man, whom she had no ties too.. So it really wasn't her place, right? Except Jackson was easy on the eyes and a true gentleman from what she had learned thus far. It seemed that he would be any woman's dream man, except for Amanda who is throwing it all away on her husband.

She opted for a bubble bath in the jazquzzi tub and a glass of wine. Staying in until the water was luke-warm and her skin was pruny. A knock interuppted her reading the book on her phone. Suprised to see Jackson when she opened the door. "The couch? But you're so tall." she said softly, watching as he made his way over to the living room area. "Jackson." She watched as he tried to get comfortable on the short couch. "You look ridiculos. We're adults. We can share the bed." she said softly. "You're going to be so sore tomorrow, I don't mind, I promise... One of us can sleep beneath the blankets."

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   41d ago

Jackson slowly nods. “You can sleep under the covers.” He mumbles. He knows almost every layout to every hotel his family owns. He knew were to go without opening his eyes. 
This time around he plopped down on his stomach but still used his shirt to cover his face. He felt his phone vibrate. He didn’t know it was his wife calling but he answered it, putting it on speaker.


“Hey Hum, where are you?”

“With my uncle. He stepped out to get dinner. I’m just resting my eyes. You okay?”

“Yea, I am. I was just wondering where you were since I haven’t heard from you all day. New project?”

“Kind of. I got tossed an unfinished project so we’re going over what was done so we know how to proceed to finish it. I’ll be home tomorrow. Need me to bring anything home?”

“No. I’m okay. We’ll talk tomorrow okay?”

“Sure thing…” he didn’t bother saying I love you before hanging up. What’s the point if she’s cheating? “Sorry…” he tells Samantha.

By morning he was better. He was up around seven. He did leave her room to go use one of the conference rooms to do some work. Breakfast was left on a trays in her suite. He didn’t return until 8:20. “Morning” he says in a whisper in case she wasn’t up. He was ready to drive back. His bed was calling him. “I was thinking we can mess with them. What if we plan a date know with our cheating spouses at the same restaurant? See their reactions. Maybe setup up a few days where we keep bumping into each other. See what it does to them.” He proposes. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   41d ago

Samantha Claire

To her surprise, she slept suprinsingly well that night. That bed was the most comfortable surface she'd ever laid on in forever.

She didn't hear Jackson leave in the morning, but she was stirring in her sleep when he came back. She sat up in bed, and smiled slighty. "Good Morning." she said. Was this awkward? She had slept next to a practical stranger, but she had never felt more at peace?

He had her attention when he began telling her about his idea to mess with them. "You want us to fake date our spouses and run into one another?" she questioned. "How would that work? Do we pretend to know another... Or do you just want me to recgonize Amanda or vise vera, you with Chris?"  It was a good idea. "We're supposed to have reservations tonight at Hillstone.. To celebrate my career. Come tonight."

They drove back to Houston in mostly silence. She was trying to process last night, she couldn't believe that Chris was with that woman in open public. Where everyone could see!

Jackson dropped her off at her house around noon, Chris was already gone to work. She had texted him to remind him of their dinner reservations and he promised that he would be home early so they could go. She turned to look at Jackson after she had gotten out of his truck. 

“See you tonight. Six o'clock.”

It was lonely at home. She cleaned, even though her home was spotless and rescheduled some photoshoots stating a family emergency. She couldn't focus on capturing other families happy moments when her one life was raveling at the scene. Chris had kept his word and was home at five. She forced small talk.

“I'm excited for dinner.” she told Chris as they drove to the resturant. “Everyone says the food is supposed to be really good.”

“I'm just excited for a date night with my beautiful wife. I've missed you. I'm sorry work has been so crazy the last few months.”

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   41d ago

Jackson Teller

“I met your husband the same day you messaged me. I can start it all.” He says grinning. This should be interesting. He likes that she is down for his stupid idea. Honestly, he knows it’s stupid and they shouldn’t do it but might as well attempt to have a little fun…assuming it will be fun.

He nods. “Hilton... Got it.” Another place he doesn’t know about but he’ll make it happen. He skipped breakfast and waited for her. Once when they were both ready to go he grabbing his jacket and led the way. 
The drive there was nothing but silent. That was fine with him. Hopefully she didn’t mind it. He’s used to driving in silence anyways. Not that he wouldn’t be okay with a conversation. “See you.” He teplied watching her leave. He waited for her to go inside before taking off. He began to make calls to rearrange his schedule and get reservations for a restaurant he never heard of. Wait, career? Wasn’t she a stay at home house wife? Jackson shakes his head. Whatever.

After getting home he called the cleaning service to come in a day early. He texted his wife telling her they are going on a date to bring her pretty ass house today. She didn’t reply for two hours. He didn’t kind. He went for a run and then got ready for the secret double date.

Aubrey came home around four. Jackson made sure they acted normal. He offered her some of his wine when she walked it. They talked about each others day. The outfit checked each other and they there go to meet up with Samantha and Chris. 
Mr. and Mrs. Krestly we’re seated  by the looks of it they were just seated for they didn’t have a menu and the complementary water. As planned and paid for, the were being seated to them. “What a small word. Look hunt, your Co-worker Christiam! And I'm going to assume your his lovely wife?”

“His name is Chris babe. I'm so sorry…” the look on his wife’s wasn't a fearful look but perhaps more of jealousy? Betraly? “Chris and Samantha… Chris told me so much about you.”

“I’m Jackson and this is Audrey, she works with your husband. I met him the other day when I went to visit my wife. Would you like to join us?”

“No baby let them enjoy their night.”

“We’ll let's see what they say. If it's a not I would understand.” Jack said keeping his face straight rubbing his stomach to keep him calm. Audrey’s eyebrows kept moving. He knows her. She's biting her tongue.  A waiter came by asking if they would like a table for four instead. Again, all paid for. Even if they don't use the table. 

Date night outfit:

BooBear96Samantha Claire   41d ago

Samantha Claire

Samantha walked into the restaurant on Chris' arm. Just looking at the two of them together, one would assume they were the most in love couple. Perfectly happy with one another... That's what it looked like from the outside at least. She felt like she was dying on the inside. They had just barely sat down when she heard someone say Christians name. Plastering a smile on her face, she turned around.  Oh! It was Chris' coworker from his office with her husband. "Chris, look."

The color all but drained from his face as Chris raised his head to see his Mistress and her Husband standing in front of his table. "Oh... No. We're actually celebrating my wife tonight. She is being Commissioned as the Photographer for the City of Houston... Another time."

"Oh no! Please, you must join us. I'd love to get to know my husbands co-workers. I've been telling Chris that we need to find another couple to hangout with! All my husband does is work, it seems like."

She moved to sit beside her husband, leaving two seats side by side open for Jackson and Audrey, who immediately took the seat in front of Chris. “Have you been here before, Audrey? One of my husbands friends recommended it to us.”

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   41d ago

Jackson Teller

Jackson wanted to gloat. He kept a neutral smile. His wife didn’t know what to express or how to express it. “We’ll congratulations. How about we order some drinks first?”

“Yes, please.” Audrey says signaling for someone to take their drink order.

Audrey went straight for the hard stuff. Jackson felt like getting something light and fruity. He’s not ashamed of it either. 
“Funny, Audrey said something similar. We just never got around to doing so. This will be easier. We can all meet at their job to go out to dinner or for lunch. I do enjoy lunch dates. Places are less crowded.”

“But you’re normally busy and you got that new project. We should also cancel our trip.”

“Nonsense. I can rearrange a few things. We just opened up a new hotel and this new project just got handed to me. Would you two be up to traveling to Hawaii? That’s this projects location. You can come and be a part of the celebration. All inclusive.”

Jackson instantly regretted it. They way they quickly glanced at one another. He swore he saw a light bulb above their heads. They spoke at the same time liking the idea. Chris been wanting to take his wife on a romantic trip. Audrey wanted to getaway and catch some tropical sun. Ugh. He wants to vomit.

His wife was always quick to change the subject. They began to talk about things are work. Practically forgetting Samantha and him were there. Until Jackson started small talking with Samantha. Her husband didn’t like it and his wife got jealous. Jackson just asked about Samantha’s job and whaat picture for her the recognition. Chris told Jackson how she doesn’t have a real job. That what she does is more of a hobby. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   41d ago

Samantha Claire

"Thank you, I'm very excited about it." She wasn't sure if they were going to pull this off or not, but she was praying she wasn't the one who ruined it.

Samantha ordered a margarita, while Chris went straight for whiskey. Looks like she would be driving home tonight… She knew how the nights went when her husband started with whiskey.  "Oh that sounds so fun! Doesn't it, honey! Jackson and I can meet y'all downtown for lunch dates." she said, grinning over at Chris who had his eyes peeled on Audrey. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head on instinct. "I would love to make friends and actually have couples to hangout with. I always try and talk Chris into inviting his friends out for dinner... But apparently most of his friends like to act like their single."

Hawaii? The four of them?

"Are you sure it wouldn't be an impossesion? Samantha has always wanted to visit Hawaii, it's on her bucket list. We just haven't made it there yet... But it would be quite fun, traveling with our new found friends, right sweeting?" Chris said.

Samantha quickly nodded. "Hawaii would be amazing." Her eyes sparkling, they would surely be able to catch them in the open on this trip.

"I was messing around after I had a family session at one of the parks close to downtown, and I happen to capture that Houston Skyline during sunset... The city wants to use it in their advertisement for tourists." she explained. "You said that project got handed to you... What exactly do you do, Jackson?"

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   41d ago

Jackson Teller

The day crisscross from each other. The guys in front of each other and the girls in front of each other. Yet Chris and Audrey were constantly glance or straight looking at them. It took everything in him not to cause a scene. 
The look on Samantha’s face when he mentioned Hawaii made her smile which made him smile. Audrey nudged his leg. He just picked up his drink to take a sip. 
“So your hobby is to take pictures of other people’s baby’s. Why not have one of your own?” Audrey asks wrapping her arm around her husbands, resting her head on arm as well. Her question made Chris choke on thin air.

“That’s personal Audrey… but I’m related to Brandon Knight. He’s labeled as the hotel guru. The previous project manager was let go… are company is very strict. We don’t normally care who you date but if you’re dating a co-worker it needs to be know and a contract needs to be signed… well he is married and was a having an affair with someone at the company. Therefore he was let go. To make matters worse we were obligated to tell his wife for she works with a hotel we occasionally construct with. We proved her with the evidence and… I’m sure you can guess the rest…” the contract he spoke of is real but the reasoning of the previous manager being let was fake. Truthfully he got drunk and got abusive. There are a few charges against him.

“What made you assume he was cheating?”

“You met Frank. He’s married to Shelia. Mika wasn’t careful and accidentally sent a frisky message and a picture from her phone with the jobs email. Because of that work emails are restricted and can only be used at work. Shameful. Shelia is fighting breast cancer. We heard she’s going to divorce him. The company will help her.” Jackson was bending the truth. She is fighting breast cancer and both Brandon and Jackson are paying for her treatment. If she decides to divorce him they may help. 
“If you ever want to get serious let me know. We can start you off doing something small.”

Audrey began to laugh. “Jackson, she’s a house wife. She’s hasn’t had a real job in years…” Jackson raised a hand to stop her.

“You were jobless when we met. You got your job because of my family… shouldn’t you be happy I’m helping your co-worker’s wife out. From what I’m getting everyone wants to be friends. Let’s help out our new friends.” His wife was always weird about helping others out. Unless it was her idea then it will be okay. Is it weird to now be noticing the bad feature from his wife? He couldn’t be more greatful that the server arrived to take their order. To be petty he ordered whatever Samantha’s ordered and said it sounded delicious.

“This isn’t our normal go-to restaurant. Why are we even here?”

“We have a client who wants to meet here. I came to test their food.” Audrey’s face went sour as she too ordered what Samantha ordered.

Jackson gave them a possible date for their trip. It is in two months. He’s planning on being out there for a week but he can have the jey ready for Samantha’s and a Chris if they wish to have a shorter stay. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   40d ago

Samantha Claire

Samantha bit the inside her cheek as she heard Amanda’s comment about not having her own children. “Well, Amanda. I’m only twenty four and I wanted to get my career started first.” She explained. “Though I understand you’re nearing twenty eight and don’t have any children either.”

She listened to Jackson explain his story intently. Audrey and Chris engaged in their own conversation. She felt Audrey’s eyes on her as he hands snaked down to Chris’ knee. “I would love to take you up on that. I’ll call your office and set up a meeting.”

Her head immediately snapped when Audrey called her a house wife. “Oh. I’m the house wife? Why don’t you ask Chris who paid for his truck? The honeymoon to Europe. Audrey, I’m a lot of things, but a house wife is not one of them. I would appreciate if you keep your comments about my self made career, to yourself…. As I said, self made career. My

Husband didn’t have to get me a job.” She turned to look at Chris.

Chris sighed slightly before looking to Audrey and giving her a cross look. Like he was trying to tell her she was crossing the line. “Samantha has done very well for herself. I couldn’t be more proud of my wife.”

She ordered the Hawaiian steak with a house salad and a baked potato. It was her favorite meal from the Houston area. “I think I can make those dates work. I’ll block off our schedules.”

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   40d ago

Jackson Teller

“No need to catch an attitude sweetie. I'm only going by what I was told by your husband.” Audrey replies gripping her whiskey glass. Jackson had to whisper in her ear to let her know she was being rude. It made Audrey excuse herself. Chris stood up when she got up to leave to use the restroom. 

“Is she okay?” Chris asks still standing.

“She is fine. She went to powder her nose.” he answers finish his drink before asking for some water. He is driving. 

When Audrey didn't return after five minutes. Chris excused himself. “Am I going to have pineapples on my steak?” he asks Sam as he leans back finishing his wife’s drink. He wasn't sure what he agreed to order. He probably won't eat much of it. He'll take it home. “Is it going anywhere as you expect it to?” he asks checking his phone and feeling it vibrate. He gets up and walks to Samantha with the company's Instagram account to ‘show’ her pictures as their spouse walks back. “They're heading back…” he whispers placing his business card in front of her with his cellphone number written on it with a blue pen. 

“What the hell is going on?” Audrey asks pulling Jackson away from Sam. 

“I was just showing her the companies page. Did you two bump into each other on your way out?” he stood in front of Audrey fixing her lipstick. “You got a little…” he says with a crooked smile. The food arrived and he didn't even want to eat. He ate the salad of course but he didn't have much of an appetite. They're really full of it to touch each other while their spouse is there. He was ready to blow up. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   38d ago

Samantha Claire

Samantha rolled her eyes when Audrey excused herself and Chris immediately stood from his seat. "Chris. She's a grown woman. She's fine."

It was silent for the first five minutes that Audrey was gone. She wasn't shocked when Chris excused himself to the restroom as well.  "He could've made that a little less obvious honestly." she told Jackson. Pineapple on his steak. Pineapples were Hawaii weren't they?! "Yes. There were be pineapple on your steak. But I promise the bourbon glaze makes it dance in your mouth, you'll love it."

The dinner was going just as she had thought it would. "I hoped that they would try and hide it a little more, but honesty its going just as I thought." She nodded and slipped the card into her purse.

The rest of the dinner was mainly silent, other than Audrey and Chris talking.

The next few days went ok. Chris was actually home for the entire weekend, as he said that he had felt bad always being going due to work... and then he dropped the ball that he was going on a four night work trip to Corpus Christi... the beach in Texas. Did he honestly think she was that dumb to believe that?

After Chris headed to work on Wednesday, she texted Jackson directly after. 

“They're headed to the beach tonight. Chris told me it was some work trip, I'm going to assume Audrey told you the same… Looks like we're headed to the beach. Already have my camera bag packed.”

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   38d ago

Jackson Teller

The week went by like usual. Only difference is that he decided to work from home. Audrey would get home okay. They would occasionally chit-chat. Nothing serious. They didn't even eat dinner together. 

He spent the last four days at home. When they didn't act remotely like a married couple. He would have tried but now anymore. Not now knowing what he does. She definitely didn't try either. He ended up going to work. He was more at ease there. When Audrey would ask about his whereabouts he would lie and say work is busy. This new project was too much. All a lie of course. It was practically done. His uncle Brandon went to see if everything went accordingly. Jackson didn't want to stay at the house.

He was lying on the couch, in his towel, when Audrry messages him. Audrey hasn't said a word hey. It may be a lady-minute thing like usual with her. He sighs. This however gave him an idea. “Another spying adventure?” he replies getting up to get ready. 

Audrey has yet to say anything to him but she was the one who booked their room. He can do one better. He can rent a boat and have it close but yet far from the beach house. The new camera he got her would definitely work to capture their spouse's affair. He will send a car to get her. Jackson would get what they needed to stay on the boat. The yacht. No crew. Just them. He did pay for it to get cleaned. Even if it is supposed to be clean. He doesn't feel like getting irritated because something wasn't cleaned properly. He waited in the parking lot as they cleaned and loaded the yacht. He waited for Samantha to join him.

“Ready?” he asks when the car stops. He began to show her the way to their yacht. The employees began to exit as they got closer. He helps her and shows her to her room before warning her the boat will take off. He didn't say he would be driving it. 

It took a half an hour to get there. Once the boat was anchored the he went to go change into swimming trunks. Might as well make the best of it and swim. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   37d ago

Samantha Claire

Another spying adventure indeed. A car? Hm. Jackson was sending a car after her. She quickly showered and did her best to look presentable, then she had to pack.  She wasn’t sure what Jackson had in store for their weekend spying on their spouses but she wanted to be prepared for anything.

The car arrived exactly when Jackson had told her it would. She was slightly nervous, getting in the backseat of a car with someone she had never met driving, but she trusted Jackson.. He was the only one she trusted at the moment.

The car stopped at a Marina. Confused, she opened the door to see Jackson waiting on her. “We’re going on a boat?” Her eyes were sparkling. “We’re going to spy on them from a boat in the water.” He really bad thought of the best possible plan. Suitcase in tow, she followed Jackson to the Yacht that he had rented. “I’ll see you when we stop.” She said, before entering her room and getting her things situated.

Once the boat stopped, she changed into a cheeky black bikini and headed to the top with her book. “Did you drive the boat here?” She questioned, looking around and seeing two houses. “I didn’t know you could maneuver a boat.” She noticed he was also in his trunks. “Looks like we had the same idea.”

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   37d ago

Jackson Teller

Jackson had a simply surprise. A floaty. I’m case she can’t swim. He carried towels, the floaty, and sunscreen. Samantha was already out wearing a tea king swimsuit. He quickly looks away.

“Why do they get to have all the fun?” He says setting everything down. He gets a rope to tie it on the lower railing and on the unicorns neck so she doesn’t drift far away. “I got my license two years ago. I don’t think Audrey even knows about it. This will be my fourth time maneuvering a boat.” It was nice to do something he worked hard for.

Jackson left her to go get some snacks and beers. There were some chips and Wendy’s family combo. His guilty pleasure is dipping the nuggets in the frosty. Sadly there’s no frosty. He’ll live though.

“The house second house is where they’re staying in. Knowing Audrey she wants to stop by the liquor store before getting there. We have an hour or so to have fun.” He says smirking as he checks her out. “Can you swim? I didn’t even ask before planning this.” It would look bad if she was to drown and have their spouse accused him of cheating. He waited for her answer. If she could swim he’ll jump in the water without her. If not he’ll help her on to the floaty and swim close by. Can’t have her accidentally falling off and he doesn’t notice because he’s pretending to be Aquaman.

BooBear96Samantha Claire   37d ago

He was right. Why did Chris and Audrey get to have all the fun? Samantha smirked as Jackson set up the floaty so they could lounge in the water. “That’s interesting. I think it would be a fun skill to learn.”

She sat on the deck with her book soaking up some sun while Jackson went to get some snacks, she hadn’t seen any sign of Audrey or Chris yet, but she did have the camera ready to go just in case.

She couldn’t stop thinking about Jackson after he had left, obviously he was handsome. She thought that the first night she had found his Facebook profile. He was a very handsome man, but after meeting with him and slowly getting to know him, he was kind and charming too. Even if he had gotten dealt a crappy hand with his marriage, he was still kind. She didn’t know how he put up with Audrey, but who was she to ask question. “Oh! You’re back.” She jumped when she heard him move on top of the deck. “I didn’t hear you.” She tried to explain. “I’m sure Chris also wanted to stop for liquor as well… at least we have the best view to find out.”

“I can swim. Quite well actually.” She explained once Jackson had gotten back. “I was on the swim team in high school.” She could tell that Jackson wanted to get in the water, but he was always trying to slyly check her out. “Get in the water. I’ll be right behind you.”

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   37d ago

Jackson Teller

Jackson cracked open a beer with his teeth. He took a big chug before diving into the water. He stayed under for over thirty seconds before resurfacing. He swam around until he saw she was ready to get in. “Let me see then ‘Little Mermaid’.” He calls out to her paddling backwards. He did his best not keep eyeing her in an inappropriate way. It was hard to do so with what she was wearing. He couldn’t remember the last time Audrey and him were intimate. Perhaps four months ago? Give or take. Fuck, why is he even thinking about it? 
“How about a friendly race? Last one to swim around the yacht and make it back cooks dinner. What do you say?” He asks smiling as he floats around. He went to put his hand on the boat. “I won’t go easy on you either. I may be rusty…” there’s a lot of things he hasn’t done in a while. Audrey would complain for a lot. She would accuse him of going swimming to check out girls their bikinis. Accuse him of going for a run or exercise to watch girls wearing tights. He’ll at one point he couldn’t even go shopping without her. Whenever she tagged along he never got what he wanted because she didn’t like it or it cost too much. He waited for her answer. He counted to three before going under. He used to be able to hold his breath for four minutes. Let’s see if he could still do it. He didn’t mind cooking. He just hates cleaning afterwards. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   37d ago

Samantha Claire

Samantha couldn’t help but grin as Jackson called her the Little Mermaid.  He didn’t know what he had coming. She won State during her Sophomore year. Her summers were spent helping her Father and Brothers on the ranch, and swimming in the pond on their ranch during her free time. Swimming used to be her life… and then she met Chris. “That sounds like a good bet.” She said, shutting her book before standing.

“I like cooking, so either way, I’m good.” She watched as Jackson went under for a few moments and then resurfaced just as she was getting ready to dive into the water. “I’m rusty too. I don’t really have a lot of free time for swimming anymore.” She explained after she had dived and resurfaced.

“You ready? On the count of three?” She questioned, after she had heard his answer, she slowly swam closer to Jackson, getting ready.

They both counted aloud together, and then they were swimming. She had forgotten how fun this was, not even swimming competitively, but just being in the water. It used to be her favorite place in the world, and she was almost sure this was the first time being in the water in over two years. Chris always wanted to go to some big city on their vacations, never the beach.

She must’ve gotten lost in her thoughts because it seemed like within seconds she was back around at the ladder of the yacht. She smiled as she turned to look at Jackson. “What’re you gonna cook me for dinner?”

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   36d ago

Jackson got distracted. One: he thought he saw a sea turtle. Two: her ass jiggled… he didn't mind losing. It meant he was behind her watching her…

He clears his throat stopping him from continuing his thoughts. He reached the yacht after her. “Not sure yet but let me know when you get hungry. I'll get out and cook.” Jackson couldn't get our the water for obvious reasons. Instead he swam away and spent another ten minutes in the water before getting out. He had to pee. Yes he could have done it in the water but the fear of something going up… Nope. Just no.

Jackson squeezes the ends of his trunks before laying down on beach chairs. He wanted to dry up before going inside. “Any activities from our cheating spouses?” he asks putting on a pair on sunglasses, rubbing his chest. “So why don't you go swimming anymore?” he asks needing a reason to look at her. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   36d ago

Samantha Claire

It felt amazing to be back in the water. She didn't realize how much she had actually missed it.

"Whenever you want to cook is fine, I'm fine to eat whenever." she explained as she climbed up on the unicorn float, positioning her sunglasses before she laid back. It was nice to finally be able to relax after the stressful few weeks they had been going through.

Samantha looked back as Jackson had gotten out of the water and sat in a chair. "I haven't seen anything yet. Do you think we could do a drive by... like closer to their house after it gets dark? The camera you bought has a night time vision setting I wouldn't mind playing around with." she explained. Why didn't she swim anymore? When she first married Chris, she wanted to be the perfect wife, so she was always making sure he had everything he needed before she even took care of herself.  "I couldn't answer that. I just needed to make sure that Chris was taken care of first.. So I guess I just lost the passion..."

She just floated around the boat for she didn't know how long… She knew this trip was about watching Chris and Audrey… but what would it hurt for them to have some fun as well.

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   36d ago

Jackson Teller

Today is a nice day to be out in the water. He picked up the camera to check on the house. Nothing. “We can.” He replies before before going to the lower deck and crouching down. “So consider this a mini spy-cation. Swim all you want…” he gave her a playful wink before getting up and heading inside. He checked the the fridge to see what was provided for them. He needs a high protein diet to keep his figure. A crispy chili beef fried rice popped into mind. She said she didn’t care what he made so he hoped she lied it. It took about 45 minutes to whip it up. He brought two plates into the earring area, “hungry?” He asks shaking a dry towel for her in case she wanted to come.

BooBear96Samantha Claire   36d ago

Samantha Claire

Samantha watched through her sunglasses as  Jackson headed inside. He was shirtless.. Heh had to have been a god in the past life, there was no other explanation as to him looking that damn good.

She was lost in her own little world floating until she heard Jackson's voice. "That looks amazing." she said as she climbed up the ladder and out of the water. He was there waiting for her with a dry towell! When was the last time her own husband did something like this? Never? Probably. And here this man was doing it for no reason.

"Oh that looks amazing. Where did you learn to cook?" she questioned, taking the towell and wrapping it around herself, shivering slightly from the wind.

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   35d ago

Jackson Teller

Jackson noticed her shivering. “Come on. Let’s eat inside. It’s warm inside since I cooked.” He brings their plates inside. He didn’t sit down until he brought everything inside and put the floaty on the boat and secured it. 
“I needed to learn how to cook so I can stop paying private chefs. Plus I’m on a high protein diet.” Jackson flexes. “It helps for when I don’t get the chance to workout. It’s hard work to maintain this body.” He grins letting out a soft chuckle. He then grabs two beers before sitting down and offering one to her. “Does Chris cook for you?” He asks slowly eating. Audrey doesn’t cook. She orders all the time. Never with her card though. It’s fairly easy to figure his wife out. It always depends on the day of the week and her mood. There’s always two options on the given day. “Warmer?” He asks still not having a full appetite. He ate about a quarter of it when he pushed the plate back and ribs host stomach. He did however finish the beer. His eyes went to Sam. It is one cute swimming wear on her. It would look better on the floor.

BooBear96Samantha Claire   35d ago

Samantha Claire

Samantha nodded quickly when he suggested that they eat inside. "Good idea." she said before following him inside. He was nice and grabbed everything himself, she sat down and tried to warm.

"I love to cook... I'm sure I could teach you a few things." she said, not thinking before she opened her mouth. A smirk slid on her face when Jackson admitted that it was hard to maintain his body. "I would say so."

She couldn't help but laugh as he asked if Chris cooked for her. "Chris can't even cook mac and cheese." she admitted. "His idea of cooking is slapping sandwich meat on a piece of bread." she explained.

Dinner was amazing. Like one of the best meals she'd ever had in awhile, home cooked anyway. "Perfect. Thank you." she said, glancing out the window. "The sun is starting to set... I didn't realize how long I stayed outside. Almost time start our spying again."

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   35d ago

Jackson Teller

Jackson laughs. “Audrey burnt water a few times. He’s more skilled than her.” He informs her laughing. He nods. It is starting to get dark. He left to go pull up the anchor. Might as well start their spying trip.

He sighs. As the anchor rolls up itself, Jackson went to his room to change. He took off his trunks to put on real clothes. He left the door cracked open in case she said something. He doesn’t want to miss it. After putting on a gym shorts and puts on some slippers and heads back out. He needed to check the anchor to make sure it was pulled all the way before going to start the boat. 
They did lose track of time. It was nice to relax for a bit. Now to go record their spouse cheating. “I’ll get as close as I can without us being too suspicious. It should be about ten to twenty minutes, okay?” It was about fifteen minutes. He didn’t get too close. He put the boat on idle. Waited to see what she would say. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   35d ago

Samantha Claire

Samantha couldnt help but laugh and nod. "I don't understand how two grown adults never learned to cook though... I mean, I  guess it's where I grew up on a ranch... but I had to make everyone's lunch and dinner a lot during the summer." She blushed when she realized she was begining to ramble. "I'm going to shut up now."

She walked down below to head to her room and change, following after Jackson. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked up, Jackson's door was open.. She had a full view of him and everything he had going on. "Oh. My. Gawd." she muttered. "I am so so sorry... I-I-I didn't see anything... I'm going to change!'"

She all but ran into her room, so frazzled that she didn't realize she didn't shut her own bedroom door.. She was still cold from the water and the temp cooling down since the sun was setting on the water. She let her hair fall down on her shoulders. “Sounds good… I-I've got the camera.” she said as she walked out onto the deck, standing beside Jackson. “I'm sorry..”

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   35d ago

Jackson Teller

Jackson had his hands on his pockets. He looks down at her. “Sorry for what?” He didn’t care if she saw him. All of him. He did notice what she was wearing. Did she like was she see? Because she was shivering and it’s only going to get colder. What she’s wearing isn’t appropriate for this type weather.

Jack decided to be daring. He stood behind her and closed her cardigan. The only thing touching her was his lower half but that wasn’t his fault. Her but curved and it just so happened to be touching him… he kept a hand gently on her stomach to make sure it stays closed. “You should have put a shirt on. It’s only going to get colder.” He practically whispers on her ear. 
His eyes snapped away from here seeing car lights pull up to the house their spouse is staying at. “Let the show begin.” He whispers again stepping back to let her do her thing. Now both his hands where in his pockets. He did go back inside to get a throw blanket. Stupid him didn’t put on a shirt. He went back to stand behind her to cover them with the blanket. This time their bodies touching since the blanket wasn’t that big. 

BooBear96Samantha Claire   35d ago

Samantha Claire

"I didn't mean to just.... see everything. The door was open and it was just kind of there... I'm sorry never the less." she explained.  She watched as his eyes took in what she was wearing. Probably not her smartest outfit choice but it was cute and really comfy.

She shivered as she felt Jackson's arms circle around her... The bottom half of his body was resting right where she needed him to be. "This cardigan is suprisingly warm." Fire racked through her veins as she felt his warm breathe at her ear, on her neck.

She snapped out of whatever trance Jackson had her in when she seen the car lights. "It's about damn time they get there." she muttered, grabbing the camera to make sure the lense was focused. She didn't understand why she kept taking photos of them together... As she knew they had enough evidence to help them both out during the divorce proceedings... If Jackson even decided on getting a dirvoce, she knew thats what she was going to do though. She was going to take that man for everything he had and then move back home.

She looked as Jackson had a blanket in his arms, and then wrapped it around the both of them. "I think we're entering a dangerous territory."

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   35d ago

Jackson Teller

Jackson had to blink a few times. Dangerous? He over stepped… “Sorry.” He steps back removing the blanket and wrap out it around her. He took a crouches down. Not wanting to leave her alone in the dark cold night. 
His nips were activating because of the cold. Some tea would be nice. He didn’t say anything, he just left to go boil some water for tea. He then runs down to his room get a sweater. After putting on a Nike sweater he went to make them tea before stepping back out.

“Ready to turn back?” Meaning to move away from the house. He’s ready to call it a night and head into his room. He felt weird for wanting to keep her warm but ended up making her uncomfortable instead. “I made tea.” He tells her walking back inside to grab his cup before heading into his room. Some Hulu and a hot shower would be a nice way to end today.

BooBear96Samantha Claire   35d ago

Samantha Claire

She almost frowned when Jackson moved away from her. "I wasn't saying it was a bad thing.. Jackson... I wasn't complaining." she said softly, continuing to take photos of Chris and Audrey.  They were once again acting like they didn't have a care in the world.  It really pissed her off that they were acting like that while still married, let Chris act like an idiot though. It was just helping her case.

She nodded when he asked if she was ready to go back. "Yeah. I'll go with you. Maybe I can learn a thing or two." she said, putting the camera back in the case and following him back into the top of the yacht.

Him moving the boat farther out was silent, they didn't speak. She watched as he turned to head back inside. She took a deep breathe before follwing him. "Jack-- Jackson." she said. "I wasn't complaining about eariler... It actually felt really nice, really great." she explained. "What do you think about a movie night? Or whatever?"

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   35d ago

Jackson Teller

Jackson was in his head as he maneuver the yacht. He went further than where they were before. And on the other side of the house. He’s done his research and heard a few miles down they do fireworks from their boats. He hoped Sam would like watching them as a sorry for making her feel a type of way…

Her words kept ringing in his head. How it wasn’t bad but she wasn’t complaining. He stepped out to drop the anchor and closed the door the door locking it. “We can or we can watch…” he didn’t know what time they would it but as lucky may have it they began the fireworks. “Watch the fireworks.” He stayed near the door debating what his next move should be. He could risk it all and became an asshole or it can lead to them having their own fun…

Sighing, Jackson walks up to Samantha. “Tell me to stop…” he said scanning her face as he cups her face in his hands and leans down to kiss her slowly. He waited for her to pull back or mumble stop before he intensified the kiss.

BooBear96Samantha Claire   35d ago

Samantha Claire

Samantha looked at Jackson as he spoke. It was a like a pure god was standing in the door frame, looking right at her. "Fireworks would be cool... I think we'd have to share that blanket again though... Seeing as it's a little cold on out on the water." she explained.

Her breath caught in her throat as Jacksons hands cupped her face. He kept tellher to to tell him to stop, but she quickly shook her head, almost about to beg. "Please don't stop." she whispered.

Her arms snaked around him, cupping the back of his head, pulling him clsoer, she needed him to be as close as possible. "Don't stop." she mumbled against his lips. She pulled him into his room. Was this actually happening? They could keep this up and take it to the bed... or they could head back outside and be under the fireworks. She grinned slightly as she slowly tipped her head back. "You ever had sex on a yacht with fireworks above you?"

Simply_RandomJackson Teller   35d ago

Jackson Teller

Jackson was hoping for this. Yet he wasn’t prepared. He didn’t expect her to close the gap between them and beg for him not to stop. When she began to pull him towards their room he lifts her up. No backing out now… hopefully.

“Do you really want the answer to that?” He asks arching his left eyebrow. He’s had sex on board before. Although this may be his first time doing it while there’s a display of fireworks not far from her. 
Jackson takes them to her room. He gave her the better room. She is a woman and he wanted to be nice. With an arm firmly wrapped around her keeping her pressed to him, he carefully crawled to the middle of the bed as the kissed before letting her fall on the plush bed. “Are you sure?” He asks taking off his hoodie. He needed to know if she’s having doubts before there’s no going back. 


BooBear96Samantha Claire   35d ago

Samantha Claire

What where they doing? Samantha knew more than anything that she wanted this with Jackson, but they were indeed beginnning to play with fire. She was never one to quit though.

She bit her lip as Jackson answered her question with a question. Quickly shaking her head, her face began to heat up. "I don't think I do."

Allowing Jackson to lead her into her own bedroom, she all but melted into him. She never wanted this situation to end. Her body shivered as she felt the plush soft mattress underneath her as he laid her down. "I'm sure." she muttered. Her eyes didn't move as she watched the man in front of her pull his hoodie off. Her hands immediately raked down his chest. "Don't stop."


Not to say that Jackson was the best that she had ever been with… but Jackson was the best that she had ever been with. He was so perceptive on everything and very attentive to make sure that she was also having a great time. Their activities had ceased but Jackson was still in her bed, but she wasn't complaining. She didn't want him to move. “I have no words except wow..” she mumbled as she fingers ran circles on his chest. Her hair sprayed around them. She was perfectly content, something she hadn't felt in a long while. “What do we do now?” she whispered as she tried to burrow closer to him. 


Simply_RandomJackson Teller   35d ago

Jackson Teller

Jackson likes to pleasure other than to get pleasure himself. He likes their reactions. It’s his weird but amazing, or so he’s been told, kink. He couldn’t believe he stepped out of his marriage. He’s never cheated before. 
Both his hands were behind his head. A leg out was out of the covers arched up. He looks down hearing her speak as she moved closer to him. Indeed, what now? “My lawyer is already filing for divorce. there’s that but for us I don’t know. What do you want to do?” He needed to tell her that last night was u protected. There’s a chance he may not have pulled out in time… “About last night… I was too into the moment to get a condom… I’m not 100% it I pulled out in time…” he will get her the morning after pill. They can dock and get it along with other things. Maybe even go out live civilícese human beings. “Want to eat on the boat or go somewhere?” He we removing a hand from behind his head to fix her hair. He was trying his best not to think of last night. He doesn’t want her to think sex is all he thinks about. It’s actually work but if they stay in touch she’ll learn that…


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