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By Kanedgy
Backup thread

Y/N finds themselves stuck in a game. Organized by the gods, no less. Each god that was once considered โ€œmythโ€ is now more real than ever. 
The game?


There are multiple โ€œwavesโ€ and โ€œobjectivesโ€ and a total of 4 โ€œroundsโ€ each round has three waves and six objectives. To move onto the wave, two objectives must be completed by your party.

This is all being viewed by every deity on something called โ€œStar Streamโ€

These deities can choose one person to sponsor. Their chosen human can unlock abilities based on their sponsor's reign and powers. The world was rapidly falling apart. Casualties by the thousands, daily. It felt like the end of times. It JUST turned 2024! As soon as the bell dropped, it felt like the Earth shook. Everyone saw a floating prompt in front of them. It said: Objective, Survive. Buildings crashed. Wurms came up from the Earth. Society was in shambles. One thing was clearโ€ฆeach countries waves were different. Only because when people escaped their country to the US, they found it much harder. 

Except there was one who seemed to be a natural at thisโ€ฆToo natural in fact. He already managed to get a supporting deity and was level 50 out of 200. Every weakling wanted to be on his โ€œemptyโ€ party. Except he had an organizationโ€ฆthe Phoenix

A notorious group. Much known for their actions, that in a normal world, would be considered illegal. Laws meant nothing now. Politicians held no power. Neither did kings, dictators, or any ruler alike. Hierarchy was now based off of trust, and strength.

One thing was also very apparent.

This game is very much real. You dieโ€ฆ.and you stay dead.




1st round, 2nd wave.


Y/N finds themselves pinned. Suddenly, the lizard-like monsters are killed with a swift slash of a blade.

It was himโ€ฆ.The leader of the Phoenix. โ€œCome on.โ€

((heavily inspired by Omnscient Reader webtoon))



Illustrated art only.

First, be 18 or over. I don't feel comfortable writing with minorsโ€ฆit's just weird.

Second, I'd like to keep it between 1,000-5,000 characters. As long as i have something to go off of.

Third, If you'll take more than 5 days to reply, please PM me.

Fourth, If you are interested, fill out this skeleton titled โ€œGAMEโ€





Age: ((18+))


Supporting deity: 

Backstory: ((optional))





User: Kanedgy

Name: Kai Ito


Age: 19

Powers: Darkness manipulation

Supporting deity: Erebus

Backstory: will be revealed in story

Personality: 4 enneagram

Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]


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