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{A song of Ethereal} Fin

By thelastman
Backup thread

Ethereal- Towering above the world below is said to be a magical castle where magic and beautiful people roam free. This floating city, thought to be mere myth, has existed for thousands of years and is home to a seemingly immortal group of guardians who were blessed by the Gods and Goddess to rule the Earth.

Upon the island is a castle of eden where the fruit is grown to grant whoever eats it immortality as long as they continue to eat from the fruit. So for many eons life upon the castle was filled with bliss and wonder, ignorantly unaware of what the world was like below. 

Below the billowing clouds and the beautiful castle lies the kingdom of Ramil. Here, water and resources are scarce as the hot winds and the arid world drives people to live in the desert. Despite the fact that the lives of the people here are hard, the  people here are happy and they have been blessed by the gods. Or so they had thought till one day a sickness had gone around.

Desperate to save his people the young Prince set out by himself to travel to the nearest kingdom to find out where help would come from. However, he would never make it thanks to the fact that a certain little princess.

Bored with her life, the Princess had flown down to the world and was looking for signs of life. Frustrated that all she found was nothing more but desert and sand she was about to give up till she stumbled upon the prince and rescued him. 

Now, face to face with people from two different words both are wondering what will happen?
Will the princess help save his people, or will she keep him as her new friend in this world above?

Hi everyone; so my rules for this roleplay are pretty simple so let’s go over them shall we.
One Communication is key. Even though I wrote the plot, i’m not a dictator and i’m open to tweaking and changing the plot if you have ideas. I welcome it actually. So please feel free to shoot me ideas whenever you want.
Two I absolutely love details. I’m a detail person so, personally, I enjoy writing wrong paragraphs. I try to keep my post between 800-1200 Words. But if you give me alot of detail then I’ll gladly give you the same back. I also dont mind writing less. I’m flexible when it comes to writing so dont be intimidate at all
Three Since I, myself, and an adult, I ask that my partner be the same. Please be at least college age (19+) if you’re interested in joining.. 
four I know that life gets busy, so when it comes to posting frequently i ask that you at least post every week. I know that we work and I personally have two off days a week. So I get not wanting to post while you’re working and have jobs. But if you can write at least once a week than i’d appreciate it.
five Last but not least I’d like to know you character so please fill out this skelly for me xD


Username: Mr-X
Character name: Prince Ja’Far
Age: 24
Height: 5’8
Physical Description: Growing up in the harsh desert climate his skin has grown to be a dark tan color. Neither black or white but somewhere within the middle. Dark curly locks crown his hair and figure. He has dark piercing eyes and a stern face often times cast in stress and doubt. His wears facial hair, a beard that's trimmed and fades to the sides. He keeps it well kept and trimmed. Along with a mini mustache. 
Three words to describe him: Religious, Determined, thoughtful. 
Three things he hates: He hates those who blaspheme the sacred and the profound. He hates those who are inconsiderate of others and do not listen. Lastly he hates it when people interrupt his rituals.  
Description of his goals: With the people around him dying of thirst and struggling to live their lives he set out to find a way to cure the sickness. Too many people have fallen to this strange disease and he only has one goal to alleviate the sickness. 
one thing he dreams of: A world without starvation of thirst. His dream is that one day his people would live in a world were the wind brings life instead of burning heat and freezing cold.
Brief Bio: Born the crown prince of the Kingdom of Ramil, Prince Ja’far was raised to be the paradigm of virtue and wisdom. From a young age he was taught the languages of several different nations and to have respect for the One true God who created both the Heavens and the Earth. However, as he grew older and saw the misery around that his people suffered and his prayers unanswered his faith began to whether even thought he still clung to his own beliefs. Eventually, with this new sickness spreading the Prince reached his tipping point. Tired of nothing changing he declared that he would make change and so he set out on his own path to try and fix the things which he could. 

Character pic

Name; Ai’sha 
Age; Looks 20-25
 Height: Five feet
Physical Description; Fair hair and pale, striking blue eyes. Very fair skin and petite. Three Things to Describe her; Soft, Gentle and Curious
 Three Things She Hates; Cruelty, The Cold and War 
Goals; To sate her endless curiosity.

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Mr-XPrince Ja'far   56d ago

Prince Ja'far

Locks of jet black hair poked out from beneath the Keffiyeh as the Prince covered himself from the abrasive sand which was blown about. The shemagh was tightly wrapped around his lower face as well for extra protection.  Sand storms were often in the world he lived in and it was best to not be caught in one. Standing within the mouth of a cave far off from where he once traveled, he closed his eyes and leaned against the rocky formation. This was the perfect time to get on his knees and pray as he’d be taught to do so as a child. Oftentimes, he feared though, those prayers fell upon deaf ears. A terrible sickness had come and ravaged his people. It was bad enough that water was scarce and too many were dying from lack of that which was most crucial to survive in this brutal and forgiving domain. Yet still, his people preserved. 

Ja’far was not alone in his endeavor to find water. Nor had he found this cave by accident. Several camels and able-bodied men had found this place on the map half a day's walk away from the kingdom of Ramil. The best place to find water was often underground and many held hope that this cave would be the source of water. Stepping away from the mouth of the cave he turned towards the caravan which accompanied him. Fourteen soldiers, two wise men, and twenty odd servants tended to the several camels which would be used to carry the water supply back to their kingdom. Heading deeper and closer to where his people were he came across Sa’ad the youngest born son to the Sultan of Ramil. Only four years younger than his brother, he spent his time enjoying the vices in life instead of being humble and prostrating himself to the God above all.

Taking off his shoes, Ja’far took from his waist what little water he had and carefully pour some into his palm to wash his hands and face. Looking upwards, he asked for forgiveness that he had none to spare for his feet as well. Lowering himself to his knees leaned forward and fell upon his face with his palms to the floor. “Inshallah, may we find water. Inshallah, may this be used to help cure the sickness of our people.”  

As he prayed his brother sat back and watched him before rolling his eyes and turning upon his heel. He couldn’t understand why his brother clung to tradition or wasted his precious water. Nothing would come of-.WATER! We’ve found water!” Turning upon his heels the youngest of the pair eyes widened in disbelief. Ja’far on the other hand gave thanks to the Lord and raised upwards to head towards where the pool of water was resting.

As they got closer and closer to the water the wise man began to set out about getting ready to purify the water so that it may be safe and good or the people to drink. Special salts were prepared to be boiled in the water and the process would last well into the night and into the next morning. 

“We cannont continue to live like this. Iman.” Sitting across his father, the prince sat as he set to work eating a pomegranate. Indeed, as he sat on his balcony he set down the fruit to adjust his keffiyeh. Each and every day the sickness seemingly got worse and worse and there seemed to be one who had the knowledge or the know-how to relieve them of all of the sickness which plague their world. Finishing off the fruit he leaned back into the shade. It started off when water became more and more scarce, people began drinking water whenever they could find it. Of course, not all water was good water. The people of the kingdom of Ramil had been warned of this but desperate times created desperate measures and eventually people were getting sick from the illness which was caused by this foul water. Not even the healers or the wise men could properly devine a way to heal such sickness and so the people suffered.

His father was no fool and saw deeply how much this problem affected his son and hurt him so. However, they were limited as to what they could do. Closing his eyes his father leaned back and spoke softly to his son. “I see your hurt and frustration but there is nothing we can do. We’ve tried to cure our sick, but we cannot stop those who the Almighty had called home.”
Iman was right. He knew that his father was just and would never lead him down the wrong path yet he still felt as though he wasn’t doing enough. “Father, what about other countries across the desert?” His voice came out softly and instantly Iman's eyes blinked once and then twice. Yes.. While it was true that their country was nothing more but a desolate desert, long ago, it was rumored that mountains were found if one traveled far enough northeast. 

“It is possible, but traveling the vast desert takes well weeks to do. The last expedition led outside of the desert took well a quater of a year to make. By the time they’d returned most had perished from starvation..” Nodding his head in understanding his concern, the prince stood up and turned towards his kingdom. The bazaars below were bustling with people moving to and from buying foods and potions for their loved ones. He knew that there were those who were sick, suffering and dying below. Hidden within the homes of those too poor to do anything about it. The harshness of the sun was unavoidable and so as he looked to his father he inhale and exhaled. “I’ll do it myself.”  

Adjusting the Shemagh, the Prince stayed out across the vast desert. The sandy dunes rosed high up into the mountains still provided no shade or release from the heat. On the map oases had been marked and tiny villages had sprung up around them. Still, the travel deep into the heart of the desert was a cruel and unforgiving process. The only time he took off the fabric from around his lower face was to sip water and even then he barely did so. He needed to conserve that which was most precious in this world.

A week had passed since he started his travels. He’d never traveled this far before in his life and as the sun began to set over the land he knew that the night would turn freezing and frigid soon. Exposed to the elements all he’d have to warm himself was the last of the wood he’d brought to burn for fire. A servant had been sent to attend to him but after the first fifth day he sent him back for it was clear that he wasn’t ready to risk his life just as the Prince was ready.

Rolling out a carpet across the desert sands he got down upon his knees, hands and brought his face to the floor. It was time for him to pray.

Sitting atop of the camel, Ja’far was doubled over in exhaustion caused by constantly being bombarded by the heat. There was no relief for him. Instead he was getting ready to fall over. As his eyes blinked once and than again, he felt himself nearing death. What little water he had was gone and after traveling the desert for nearly close to two weeks he found himself hallucinating in a village far off. It seemed to glimmer and shine in the distance. Of course it wasn’t possible, he was sure of it…

“Prince Ja’far. Prince Ja’far.”

Waking from his sleep he instantly jerked away as he felt the coolness of the towel around his neck and respite from his travel. It seemed as though he’d not imagined it at all. The kingdom of Ramil was vast and on the outskirts were small villages such as these who had people whom were humble and true. Lucky for this small village a well was what sustained them. Not only that but most here worked as nomads who travel far and often came back with precious goods and gifts. So as the prince sat up in bed he looked to those whom had taken him in and thanked them. Explaining his situation he apologized for his rudeness but he still had to go and travel.

Now settled with water and fruits, the male chewed upon the lamb meat which was offered to him. By a group of desert herders that traded what little resources they had for the villages water. Saved Ja’far would continue on to his path to find what he needed to. 

The most dangerous thing about travel alone in the desert were giving into illusion and mirages. Right now he’d imagine that he saw a great flying castle into the sky. However, he knew, such things didn’t exist. Yet, no matter how much water he drunk or how hard he prayed he couldn’t get the image out of his mind. He even dreamt that he saw a flying girl following him. But people did not fly! He knew that to be truth and nothing could convince him otherwise.

As the fourth week pass Ja’far once more found himself contemplating why he’d gone out to venture this far? Once more he passed a village which offered to replenish his supplies but none of them had answers to cure the people of their sickness. Instead he met more sick and more dead and dying. The last village barely had any clean drinking water to spare. Of course he’d refused to take from them what they barely had but they’d insisted. 

Feeling bad for not taking what they offered he took what little water they could give and now he was on the last of it.

Once more he prayed and asked for a sign to return home or to keep going. He’d made up his mind that he would reach the border of the other country and as he lifted his head up he saw it! Beyond the desert, off in the distance, were mountains which he’d only seen in paintings and had heard tells about. Surely beyond them would be a foreign king willing to help him and his people?

Despite his water almost gone the Prince pushed on. This time he walked through the night and well into the day. Putting aside his own exhaustion he kept on moving, only stopping to pray till finally he collapsed. 

Falling over he breathed in the dried hair and covered his face. His Keffiyheh was dirty and soaked in sweat. Pulling the Shemagh from his face he exhale to breath what he thought would be his final breath. He’d failed. “Abba, forgive me.” Ja’far spoke as he blinked his eyes. And laughed.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Standing above him were the eyes of a woman. Bending over in front of him curiously. Laughing he inhale before exhaling and spoke to her. “Are you an angel coming to carry me away? Inshallah, this is not a bad way to die.” He spoke as he exhale and closed his eyes succumbing to heat exhausting and his body’s pleading for him to rest. 

NullificationAi’sha   45d ago


How dull the lands were, nothing but dust and hot air. She sighed out as she surveyed the area, the gentle breeze played with her fair hair as the light glinted from her startling eyes. Why was it that the world was so boring? Bare feet didn’t seem to mind the sand beneath her feet which was hit and baked in the sun. She hummed an old song to herself as her dress folded and moved with her.

And then something caught her eye, a flutter and some ragged breathing. Slowly, she moved forwards, step by step. It was strange for someone of her stature to be cautious but one could never tell and a blade still hurt in this form. She took to her knees by the man, dehydrated and close to death and her heart took pity on him. His lips were chapped, dry and his body was covered in sweat and sand. It was such a shame to see such a waste of life. He chuckled despite his situation and she raised a shaped eyebrow and brought up the hood of the cloaks she wore.

“Die?” She questioned him, somewhat amused. He did not fear death, he accepted it. Admirable.


Ai’sha reached a hand out, pressing a hand to his forehead as she whispered some words and then looked to his eyes. He needed to rest and rest he would.

“Rest, brave warrior.” She said to him quietly and she hummed again, closing her eyes. There was a rush of cool air and a small stream came forth, leading and trespassing it’s way down. The water was clean and she used a cloth to begin, very gently wiping away sweat from the man’s face.

She supposed he had a great many stories and she was keen to hear his tales. He was handsome too, pleasant to look at with his mop of dark hair and she supposed his eyes matched. She would find out in time as she filled a bowl with cool and crisp water from the stream and held it to his lips,

“Come, drink.” She encouraged with a voice like silk. It wouldn’t do him any good to tell stories on a dry throat, now, would it? Her eyes shimmered slightly in the light and she supposed it would be dark soon.


A campfire and some silken tents were next along with some food and she rested back on one of the mats, curious about this man.

“My name is Ai’sha.” She remarked to him when he came back to consciousness.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   43d ago

Prince Ja'far

Was he dreaming?

The coolness of the water to his lips and the sudden shade above his head made him feel as though he’d enter into the afterlife. Blinking once and than twice, he’d slowly came to and as his eyes looked to the beautiful creature that made him question even more if he was alive or dead. He’d never seen someone so breathtaking before. Truly he was in Heaven or something that closely was akin to it.

Yet as he stirred and felt pain in his back and a parched feeling in his mouth despite having been fed water it was clear to the male that he was indeed not dead but still of this world. Slowly he made himself sit up before his eyes wandered to the campfire which was made and the tents which appeared from nowhere. How? What? How was this possible? As he heard the lady speak, she returned the favor. 

“Ja’far. My name is Ja’far. I’m Prince of Ramil.” By the glow of the campfire the Prince now was able to fully examine her now that his wits were starting to gather. Placing a hand to his head as he began to focus more and more he soon was aware of the sound that was going on in his head. A sound of rushing water but… where? 

As he turned his head and saw the stream which seemingly appeared from no where he fell upon his face. Softly he prayed to his god for substance, for providing him with this sudden gift of water before erecting himself back again and turning towards the woman. “I give thanks to My god for sending you. Truly you must’ve come from the heavens"
“If Elah had not sent you then surely I would have perished! You’re probably wondering why I’m wandering around this desert. I assure you it is not without purpose. The people of my land are sick and I’ve been hoping to find the fable land of Etheral in order to find a cure to allievate the suffering of my people.”  Such tender words left the lips of the Prince as he studied the face of Ai'sha. 


Was it by chance that she shared the same name as the Prophet with whom the revelation of God was revealed to all that many years ago? Was did it mean this divine sign from the lord above? 

NullificationAi’sha   40d ago


A prince? The piqued her curiosity even more as she watched the man. A mere mortal, but a mortal of high renown and she let him speak. She smiled a little, almost amused at how confused he seemed but she decided not to elaborate. 
“A cure for your people?” She said as she warmed herself by the fire and shook her head some, “You would go out into a barren wasteland of sand and sun, nearly die, trying to help your people?” She asked him. Kings were often greedy, princes were often spoiled brats but this man put his own life on the line for the sake of his people. He was either exceedingly stupid or completely selfless. She wasn't sure which it was. He seemed gentle though, kind. 

“If I were divine, Prince, what would you do?” She asked him, curious about his answer as her blue eyes bore into him, “If I were a divine angel sent from above to aid you, what would you have me do?” She asked him, “I could carry you to everlasting peace, I could alleviate all of your suffering, I could take away your pains.” She said to him, genuinely interested in what he would want from her if he discovered who she was, and what she was. Many would hail her a witch, a bad omen but Ai'sha was anything but. She was simply curious, desperate for a break in the tedium. Mortals were strange creatures and she wanted to know what made them tick. 

Many were cruel, she had seen torturers flaying innocents for information, crucifying non-believers, executing children and warring with one another. Why was this Prince any different? He would be a King someday, a grand ruler dripping in gold with a harem of woman to command. Would he change from this noble, kind man into something dark and twisted like others did?

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   37d ago

Prince Ja'far

What would he do?

Was this some type of test from the Gods above? As he looked at the beautiful angel which sat before him and wondered if she were some divine figure, he held up a hand as though to offer an apology to her. He needed a moment to answer her words correctly for he had no thoughts of selfishness towards his own needs. Instead he only desire that which was best for his people and family first before all other things. 

Exiting the tent he went to the stream that had appeared mysteriously and dipped his hands in the water. Washing both his face, and feet, he took of his sandals and fell face first to the ground. Eyes closed and head bowed he whispered a prayer to the one who’d guided him to this place and offered aid to his suffering. Erecting himself once more he went back to the woman and sat down before her. 

“This world was made for humans to be in pain. For pain brings about faith. If this world wasn’t full of suffering then we would become arrogant and selfishly deny the creator of all things instead of relying on him and his blessings.” He nodded his head before he exhale and looked upwards to  her. “I would deny your offering. I came to find help for my people, a way to cure their sickness. Unto my people are safe and they’re sickness is gone, I cannot put my own interested above even the slaves who tend to camels and live stock. As prince I serve all my people, even those who blaspheme and say there is no god. It was revealed to me that we are all one. So I must treat them as though there were my family. A father cannot abandon his son; nor a son forsake his father. What brother starves his own sister, or his sister deny him water to quench his thirst. Will a mother not comfort her crying child, and when older the child house his mother when she is to sick to carry on? All these things I must do for me people. It is my duty as prince. I must not fail. I cannot. Inshallah, I will not." 

NullificationAi’sha   34d ago


“You might have been a poet.” Ai’sha said to him as he spoke. He had a good heart, he was a good man and she seemed satisfied with his answer.

“You should take me to your people.” She said to him, she could help and she wanted to see if everything he spoke was true. If he were such a man, then his people would relate and dote upon him. Ai’sha knew of his Gods, she knew because she had been close to them. She looked up at the stars, up there was her home, she would be in terrible trouble when they found she had wandered.


“Take me, walk with me among the streets.” The sickness would not affect her and she watched him carefully, “Should you be the kind man you say you are, I will help your people. All you need to do is speak the name of your home to the water, it will take you there.” She murmured to him and smiled slightly.


“It would seem you were smiled upon today, you would not have survived another night. You almost died for your people, seeking a cure.” She reached over and touched Ja’far’s cheek, truly trying to get a sense of the man. No malice, how could it be that such a man existed.

“Rest assured, you will pave the way for a new future and no God should wish suffering upon you. Only trials that you will overcome.” Her words were heavy with meaning as she withdrew her fingers and slowly got to her feet and approached the stream, stepping into the shallow water and looking over to Ja’far,

“Come, show me your home, Prince.” She said and outstretched her hand to him.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   30d ago

Prince Ja'far

“I am no poet.. I only spoke that which was in my heart.”

As Ja’far noted the kindness of her words he stood up and looked towards the stream which she’d had told him to step into. She offer such sweet promises and words that he wonder if he could truly take them to heart. A part of him assumed that he would have to suffer more in order for him to find that which would help his people. However, if the God’s truly did blessed him…than who  was he to turn them away at a time as this?

The softness of her hand upon his cheek made him flinch. He had never been touched by a woman before, save his mother. It was the culture of his people that a man remained chaste till his wife was chosen for him and that would be the only women he’d be allowed to touch for the rest of his life. At first, he wanted to shrink away from that touch but he felt it comforting as the same way a child would feel the touch of his mother to be so.  Stepping further into the stream he watched as she held out her hand towards him and told that all he had to do was speak the name of Ramil and his home would appear for him.

Inhaling he spoke up “Ramil.” And as his voice filled the air he stepped into the streams with the woman and held her hands with his. He didn’t know what to expect or but as he felt the coolness of the water rush over his feet he felt a sensation that he was drifting. Drifting along the water and yet he did not get wet. His clothes were dry despite him surely being in the water. When next he open them they stood before the very gates of his city. 

NullificationAi’sha   30d ago


She noticed his flinch, curious. He was a prince, she supposed he would have felt a woman’s touch before. She said nothing though and watched him, carefully. He spoke the name of his city, Ramil. Ja’far, Prince of Ramil. She looked up at the gates of his city, she could tell it was in trouble, writhing with sickness and she looked to Ja’far.

“Escort me through your streets, show me your sickest, the poorest and the frailest.” She said to him. She had no interest in seeing his grand palaces and churches, she wished to see the poorest of them. There was disease here, she could feel it.


“I imagine this place is beautiful when it is healthy.” Ai’sha said as she moved with him and she drew up a hood, veiling her features. She did not wish to land this Prince in trouble because he was seen escorting a woman around his city. She imagined he was betrothed to a princess, a princess of this realm. She was not a Princess of this realm, but rather of her own realm above. Their laws on live were far more liberating and she was allowed to choose her suitor, Ja’far likely wasn’t but she didn’t know for sure.


An alliance between the realm above and this realm would be incredibly powerful though, she thought for a while. Political gains would be had in abundance at such a thing.

“You are a Prince, meaning your father yet lives?” She asked him as she looked to the sickness around her, her eyes soft and gentle. She knew of a cure, it was no small thing though. She could heal but a few of his people but to cure the entire population, she would need a poultice and a specific herb that grew in her own realm. A golden flower, akin to a weed almost and she eyed Ja’far. He believed she was an angel, sent to bless him but she was simply a Princess from elsewhere with abilities at her disposal. She didn’t seem concerned about infection right then as she knelt by a mother and child, both of them rapt with fever and sickness.


She pressed her hand to the mothers forehead,

“I have seen this before, we called it the Fire.” She murmured, she knew how to quell it though. She could help him, bring Ramil back from the brink but it was no small task.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   30d ago

Prince Ja'far

Kindness and compassion seem to pour out from the mysterious women as they walk the streets of Ramil. Indeed, it was quite the beautiful city when sickness wasn’t a factor. Despite it being within the desert the buildings shone like white diamonds and the people dressed in loose fabrics, and were often worn. The entrance to the city was upon a hill and it sloped down into a valley where many could see the buildings and the homes which housed the people of the land. At her request he led her to the outskirts of the city where the sick had gathered and the healers could work their magic. Ja’Far himself would’ve been scolded if he father saw him spending time with a woman instead of doing what he could for his people, so the male was grateful that she kept her distance. Afterall it wasn’t ever day that the angels came down from the heavens to lend a helping hand.

Taking her into a makeshift home of a mother and child he watched the way she tended to them, her voice coming out softly. Fire? He’d never heard of such a sickness. “Can it be cure? What all do you need to fix it?” his voice came out as he showed how worried he was about the well being of his people. Before he could finish the voice of the mother came out “Ja’far…” she murmured and the prince was there. Kneeling before her he looked at her with a tenderness and slowly moved a hand to stroke her hair softly. 

“Inshallah everything will be alright now. The gods have smiled upon us tenderly. You needn’t concern yourself with anything more than sleeping and resting. Our prayers have been answered.” 

House after house he led her to and through the once lively streets of the city. Those who were weak and frail could barely move and unfortunately there were some whom the Prince had gotten to late. He tried to put on a strong face but inside his heart was aching and he felt it on the verge of breaking. Yes, he had to leave his own people to get help but to see them like this! Oh how it broke his heart.

As he heard her question him about his father the male nodded his head Yes, indeed, his father still did live. “My father is Sultan of Ramil. His name is Iman. He is a wise and benevolent ruler who truly does think of all. And I have a young brother whose name is Saad.. I pray for him for he his lost and oft times does not pray as he should. Sometimes… on my weakest moments, I burn for hatred and think that he is the cause as to why this illness has fallen upon us. It is a sin to hate family I know it is. Yet i cannot sometimes help that my heart feels blacken towards him.”

NullificationAi’sha   30d ago


Ai’sha watched him with the woman and smiled softly. He truly was adored, his people flocked to him in their time of need, they did not cower and shrink away in fear. Ai’sha looked to the child, it was horrific to see such a child plagued and she nodded,

“There is a cure.” She said to him quietly, rising from her knees and taking a step outside.

“There is a flower where I am from, Prince.” She said softly to him, “I only need a few. Brewed into tea, it can cure.” She said to him. Travelling there would be difficult and she was unsure if Ja’far was even ready for such a thing. Her realm was not the same, it did not adhere to the rules of this realm and it may prove too much for the young Prince.

“This is a sickness, Prince. A disease, I cannot attest to your younger brother and his transgressions, I know that this plague is not a fault of mortals.” She murmured to him and cast her eyes upwards.

“I will go, retrieve the flowers.” She said to him and given they were in public, she did not touch him. She smiled some,

“You are fortunate to not be sick, Prince of Ramil, should you begin to the feel the effects, you must tell me immediately.” She murmured, she did not expect him to travel with her. He was a Prince, the son of a Sultan. She would like to meet his father some day.


“I give you this.” She said to him as she unclamped the locket from her neck and handed it to him, she would receive it back when this was over.

“In that is a piece of my soul, Prince. Protect it, call upon me and I shall be there.” She said to him with a small smile, “May it bring you protection.” She said to him. Even if he chose to come with her, she would be sure he kept ahold of her trinket, for his own protection. 

“Unless you plan on accompanying me. I believe you would like my realm.” She murmured to him. She wondered if he would be surprised to find she was a princess from some far off land. 

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   30d ago

Prince Ja'far

“A flower.”

The Prince repeated her words as he nodded and looked to her in all earnest and sincerity. It was clear that she had been telling him the truth and now as she present him with a locket he bit his lips and held on to it. Now he was being presented with a choice to come with her and leave his people so that they could find a way to cure them or stay behind and be thoroughly useless. Placing the locket around his neck it was clear that the choice was absolutely no choice at all. “If you shall lead me I shall follow. I cannot stand standing by and being idle whilst my people are suffering. But I do ask for a moment to get the blessings of my father.”

As he bowed before the angel, he offered her a chance to travel with him to the castle. It had been a week since last he saw his father and he wanted to look upon the gentle man whose name was Iman. It suited him well with how compassionate and wise he was. As the Ja’far walked towards the castle he exhale and inhale a bit nervous to look upon him after some time. The guards to the palace, when looking at him, were excited at once. “Young Prince! Thank Elah you have returned to us safely!”

Those words were breathed as a sign of relief. As the male walked closer to the gates he spoke up, “where is the sultan is he safe?” he asked holding his breath waiting on the answer to smooth over his anxieties. 

“Yes, you father is indeed safe.. Let us lead you to him.” Turning towards his guess he motion for her to follow as they travel through the halls and into the throne room.

There sitting in the midst of his council was the Sultan and his council along with his youngest brother. As hazelnut eyes lifted towards the door, a look of pure joy boarding on crying formed upon his face as the male stood up and headed towards his son. “My son. I’ve fear the desert as claim you. I’m so glad to have you in my arms again!” Kissing his son upon his forehead the father grasps his neck and placed his head to his. “Tell me, have you brought help for us
Nodding his head Ja’far spoke. “Elah has sent down an angel to help us. Her name is Ai’sha.” he spoke “The same name as the prophet’s wife, a good sign. I wish to accompany her to where she’s from so that I could help bring back supplies. Do i have your permission?” 

Bowing his head his father spoke. “Of course.. Who am I to stand in the way of god’s blessing. Do what must be done and Inshallah you’re return to us once more.” 

Stepping away the sultan turned towards the woman and bowed towards her “thank you very much for this. Ask whatever it is you want and we shall granted it to you.” 

NullificationAi’sha   30d ago


Such sweet reunion would thaw even the coldest hearts. Ai’sha watched the father and son, glad that Ja’far agreed to come with her. It would make everything easier and she was somewhat glad of the company she would have. She stayed silent and took down her hood when she was in the presence of the Sultan, bowing to him out of respect. She was no princess here but they thought she was an angel.

“I am no angel, a simple soul who wishes to help.” She said to the Sultan and smiled before looking to Saad. The younger brother, she supposed. He didn’t seem moved by his brothers returned, disappointed if she had to guess. He wanted power, she could tell.

Ai’sha nodded to the Sultan,

“I wish nothing but to help. I take no pleasure in seeing others suffer. Your son, Ja’far has been incredibly dedicated to his people, he does you proud.” She said to the Sultan,

“I swear no harm will come to him. Any harm done, I will undo.” She gave her word. She would return Ja’far to his people and to his family. He would make a grand leader one day, a fine Sultan.

“I would ask one thing.” She said, suddenly as though remembering.

“When the day comes and you find a suitable match for the Prince, I ask to be invited. It would be a great honour to be involved in a celebration.” Ai’sha said to him with a smile and she looked to Ja’far. He would find a suitable match no problem.


“Thank you for your hospitality. If the Prince needs some rest, please, we have time. I must make arrangements and rest would not hurt before we make our way to my homeland.” Ai’sha said. Some rest would do them both good, she believed and the plague was stagnant right now. She needed to work out a plan on how to do this, she would end up in such trouble for bringing a mortal back with her. A Prince though, she felt she would be forgiven. 

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   29d ago

Prince Ja'far

When the Iman had heard the request which came from the stranger and the confession that she was no angel the male nodded his head. “Of course, I agree that rest is important. I’m sure that my son would like to rest after all his journey was quite arduous.” The voice of the Sultan rang out as he step back and it was than that the Prince felt how truly tired he was, especially with his heart that was heavy from seeing how the sickness had affect his people despite in the week since he’d been gone. He hadn’t even removed his shemagh or keffiyeh that shielded him from the outer sun. Removing both of his protection he nodded his head as he turned towards the stranger who had declared herself not an angel but someone who simply just wanted to help.

“Of course..” Iman spoke as he turned towards his son. He slowly motioned for  everyone to leave before he came closer to the woman. There was something familiar about her that he couldn’t place his distinction upon but he knew that there was something that he needed to tell her. 
“Aisha.. Forgive me if I am rude, but you are from that place am I right? My father died in war when I was but a boy and so I had no one but my great grandfather ro raise me. On his deathbed he told he was blessed with the gift of a long life due to a chance meeting with someone from another realm which took pity on him. When I asked if it were an angel he gave me the name of a place called Eth, before he was taken to be with our lord. I know that you will protect my son Ja’far and that you will see to it that no harm will come to him. But will you also give him wisdom as well? 
My son is pious, too pious for his own good. He depends too much on his religious nature and I fear that he is a bad judge when it comes to man. He believes that divine retribution will take care of evil men and that he should not fear for he is righteous. But in the world we live in, sometimes evil men triumph and the righteous man falls. I do not wish to see my son suffer such a fate. Open his eyes please and show him that it is good to be trusting but too much trust can be a man’s undoing. And forgive me if I’ve spoken too much.” 

Iman bowed slightly as he finished what he asked of the girl. Standing back up again he spoke again “And of course, when the prince is married I shall make sure that you are know about it. Now, I shall leave you be I'm sure the preparations will take much time. Call upon any of my servants if you need help with anything.” 

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


Ai’sha looked to Imam and smiled when he approached. She would be grateful for some rest given she had used up a lot of energy and she needed to come up with a plan. It was Imam’s question though, that sparked interest. He knew of her realm. Ai’sha smiled to Imam, Ja’far may yet prove worthy of having a long life and she watched his father. He wanted his son to be wise and not rely on his faith too much. She understood and she nodded to him,

“I shall do my best, his faith is unshakeable and I understand. Faith is important but it can cloud his vision of everything. Not everything is a punishment. Not everything is a reward for the pious.” She would do her best with Ja’far and maybe a visit to her realm would help him understand that whilst religion was important, so was the here and now. He would watch his life pass him by if he wasn’t careful.

“I will do what I can. Thank you for having me in your home, I hope I can help.” Ai’sha said to Imam.


“I look forward to seeing such a celebration. Thank you.” Ai’sha said and she sighed out, looking towards the servants. Even they seemed well taken care of and happy in their jobs. It was lovely to see such a thing.


Ai’sha sighed as she was led to a small spot on the balcony and she sat down, beginning to think about what she was going to do. They needed the flower, not much of it and then she would be busy for days, brewing the tea and then handing it out. Ramil was a large city, that was for sure.


“It is wonderful to see such a beauty in our home.” Saad approached and she recognised him as Ja’far’s brother. She smiled to him,

“Your hospitality has been endless and I thank you for it.” She said to him, grateful to the family for their openness.

“My brother is far too religious to comment on the beauty of such things, afraid of our lord wrath.” Saad said as he took a seat beside Ai’sha and she nodded,

“He is a good man, he keeps himself as pure as he wishes for his religion.” She was choosing her words carefully.

“I believe life is for celebrating. Even now, all of the death and sickness makes me believe that life should be celebrated. We never know when our time will be.” Saad remarked as he leaned in close to Ai’sha,

“Do you not agree? We should celebrate the fragility of life.” Ai’sha eyed him over.


She cleared her throat and got to her feet, moving to the grand bannister of the balcony and looking out over Ramil,

“Celebrating life and not living in fear is all well and good, you are a Prince of Ramil, I would never overstep my station as a guest to celebrate with you.” Ai’sha commented with a soft smile.

Mr-XPrince Sa'ad   29d ago

Prince Sa'ad

The Young Prince Sa’ad was cut from an entirely different cloth than both his brother and father. Whilst it was customary to grow one’s hair and beard so as to not look like an immoral deviant the Prince couldn’t care less. He shaved the sides of his head along with his face to give himself a younger look. Twenty-four years young and the son to one of several whores Iman was gifted with, the prince always felt envious of his eldest brother. Even though none called him the son of a whore or a bastard and his own father took him into his home and acknowledged him as his own, he still felt bitterness and  resentment towards his eldest brother. Especially when he saw how he returned after a week with no word. A part of him had hope that his brother had perish to the cruel desert but no, the gods would see fit to bless Ja’far with not only his life but a fair maiden of his to bring home to.

As Prince, Sa’ad had a right to form a harem of his own. A privilege he indulged in as soon as he entered into his twenties. The part he threw to celebrate him reaching two decades was quite a spectacle. He chuckled with a lustfulness as he remember the events which transpired that evening well into the next morning. Pouring himself a cup of wine as he watched the way Aisha shrinked further from his advances he slowly stood up and spoke once more. 

“It is not overstepping if I invite you to celebrate with me.” He mused as unaware of the footsteps which could be heard. “The best way to celebrate life is to indulge in its greatest pleasures. And tell me what better pleasures does life beyond sharing a cup and one’s body with a woman such as beautiful as yourself. I’d happily receive you in my bed cham” Before Sa’ad could finish such a sentence Ja’far had arrived and he promptly struck his brother across the face with an open palm.

Ja’far had been to bed but felt a sinister feeling in the air. One that did not sit right with him and it appeared that he had been right to not want to sleep so soon. “You shame our name and house by saying such things to our guest Brother..” 

Glaring at the Prince, the youngest of the two snapped back. “And you, oh brother, shame every man on the planet by acting like a woman. So reserved and timid. Continue to hide behind your prayer and worshiping of Elah and not see that you were born a man. You were made to seize the life and everything which it has to offer. Not receive it and wait for your blessings. You can pray for your miracles whilst I make my own.” 

With that Sa’ad stormed off, his heart beating with anger and rage. 

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


Ai’sha looked to Saad, he was certainly more open than his brother and she wondered if either brother was aware there was a middle ground. She raised an eyebrow, a little amused by his proposition. Had she been a woman of less standing, she might have indulged and coaxed the Prince to fall in love with her. As it was, she herself was a Princess in her realm and would be shunned for making such a decision. Saad was attractive, young and full of vigour and confidence. Ja’far could learn some things from his brother, the same way Saad could learn from Ja’far. 


Ja’far entered and she watched the two brothers interact. They were polar opposites and she cocked her head. Saad was more liberal, more in touch with the world around him and Ja’far valued the chastity of religion a little too much. She watched Saad storm off and she looked to Ja’far,

“Did he really bring shame to your name and house?” She asked Ja’far.

“I took it as a compliment, a Prince wanting to celebrate with me.” She pointed out and smiled to him, “What he speaks of is not shameful.” She said, remembering his fathers words and she sighed.


“Tell me something, Prince of Ramil, have you ever been with a woman? Or do you intend to save yourself for marriage?” She asked him, genuinely curious. Of course it was important for a woman to remain chaste but men were expected to have some experience. Ai’sha more worried that in keeping himself close to God, no woman would ever get close to him and he would forever be stuck in this situation.

“You are a Prince, eventually you will be wed to a Princess.” She mused, “I can tell you, no woman wants to compete with God all the time. God will not give you children, nor warm your bed, nor cook you a fine meal.” She pointed out, God would give the means.

“Have you rested? I believe you will like my home. Perhaps it will offer some insight into how different places can be, all close to God and yet different.” She hoped she was right.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   29d ago

Prince Ja'far

Prince Jafar’s ears burned when he was asked that question. His face reddened deeply at the words and the light scolding which she brought with her words. In truth the male did not hate his brother. Despite the fact that he just wished that his youngest would pray more. As he walked closer to the balcony he gripped the railing and he closed his eyes. In truth the prince hadn’t always been this deep into the ritualistic side of prayer. He once had been less restrictive and more reserved. However… tragedy often changes the man for better and worst and as his face displays several phases of emotions he tries his best to hide them all from the woman who was having this conversation with. 

“He… I.. did not know that a woman was flattered by such things.. Of course, I know that there are many people who take different walks of life. I just don’t want him to make the same mistake I did when I was younger and lose as much as I have.”  The prince spoke as his face darken. 

In truth even though he had never physically been with a woman, they had been a woman whom he held dear and tender above all. They had met when she was fourteen and he was fifteen. During those times the male had been less lose when it came to prayer and only did so when he thought it necessary. His hands found his way to his lover and they had been eager to sneak tender kisses and such.

During those times he had been closer to his young brother as well. Back then Jafar teased Saad and often asked him the same questions which Aisha was now asking him. Blinking his eyes, tears threatened to form as he stared out across the sands. He said nothing but let one fall upon his face hot and burning. The woman he’d desired and loved most of all was gone within the span of three years. Jafar had found himself nineteen and adrift to the cruel world. Taking a holy pilgrimage he journey to the house of the prophet deep into the deserts of Ramil and stay there fasting and reading the holy text. That was when his obsession with the religious practice was formed and nothing could stop him from investing deeper into it.

“Yes.” was all he spoke. “I had.. Intended to save myself for marriage.. But..: there was a woman I desired and burned for.. Instead of thinking of her as a wife i yearned for more and my desires must have displayed Elah because she was taken from me..” 
It had been the morning that Jafar had asked for her to meet him in his room. He had decided that she would be the first woman to which Jafar would do everything with. However, she wouldn’t live to see the afternoon. The moment Jafar went to touch her, she collapsed. No one knew what killed her only that she was gone.

“Now.. I do not know if I can wed again. My heart will forever always belong to Yasmin, a flower which was plucked too soon from this world. I desired her in the wrong way and when i had resolve to take her maidenhood the night before our wedding she was lost to us. Many whispers say her father caught wind of our plan and poison her to preserve her honor… If that is a case than my very lust killed the woman I loved most in this world. I will not allow my selfishness to harm another. If, inshallah, I am granted a woman that I am suppose to wed in this wife than I will do my duty. But I will never love anyone again like I loved yashmin those three years.” 

His hands trembled as he spoke but he held himself together before he spoke softly. “Give me three hours to sleep and I will be ready to travel again.. I know that no woman can compete with God.. and that it is foolish to love the dead.. But the heart wants what it wants and denying it is an impossible task must men, regardless of how wise, struggle with. And no matter how many times I’ve tried to forget.. Every time my father has brought a woman to chambers I find myself unable to rise to the occasion.” 

“I ask that you give me just three more hours to sleep than I will be fully rested.”  he finished exhaling trying before letting the final tear fall.

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


There it was. He had loved a woman and she had fallen to death. A place he couldn’t follow and Ai’sha watched him as he spoke of her. He saw it as punishment and she let him speak, she let his emotions take control for a little while. Perhaps this was good, to grieve was to heal and she didn’t speak as she approached him. He would do his duty and she shook her head with a soft smile. To resign himself to never love again, that was a fate worse than death. He loved a ghost, a woman who would never love him back and Ai’sha was no expert but she did know that it was self-fulfilling that he wouldn’t love again. What a shame, what a wonderful father and dedicated husband he would make to a woman. If only he could find the passion to love a woman as fervently as he loved his God. This would take time.


“I see.” She said calmly and eyed him over, lifting her hand to wipe his tears away. Curious things, these mortals. Her eyes met his in the quiet and she smiled ever so softly to him, understanding and compassionate in her nature. She had known loss, a loss too deep to ever describe but it had not swallowed her up. Her hand was soft on his face, gentle and doing her best to be slow.


“Take some words from a woman who doesn’t know you, Prince.” She said to him, thinking for a while. She risked overstepping. He needed to hear this though. 

“Do not get married.” She murmured, “Relinquish your place to your brother.”


It was likely unexpected for her to say such things but she knew Princes and Sultans were expected to have children to carry the line.

“If you marry a woman, she will be miserable. She will love you, she will cherish you and she will give you children. You won’t love her though, she will forever be in a dead woman’s shadow.” Ai’sha couldn’t imagine such a thing and she withdrew her hand.

“Has it ever occurred that your lord, the god you worship so passionately, would wish to see you happy for all of that? Your first love was taken too soon, in terrible circumstances but does that mean it has to be the last love?” She murmured to him.

“Saad can love a woman, he can love many in fact.” She said with a small laugh, “He may not make for a compassionate Sultan, he is cocky and confident. But he will at least open up to the idea of love. Until you open up to the idea of love, Prince, you will never know it.” Ai’sha said and looked to the sun bed. She should sleep too and she nodded to him,

“Please, don’t let me keep you from rest, sweet Prince. If I am not awake in three hours, please awaken me.” She said and waited for him to leave.


Such a terrible story he was plagued by and perhaps in time he would heal but until he did, he would be a shadow of himself. Where was his passion, his fire? She wanted to see it. She withdrew to the sunbed, laying back on the silk sheets as she closed her eyes and finally gave into some rest and sleep, the sunlight filtering around her as she just allowed herself to relax.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   29d ago

Prince Ja'far

The softness of his hands upon his face and the words of wisdom which entered the male was everything which the male had needed. Too often he had been burdened with the curse of being told that his life and grief could never be his own. That he would forever be forced to serve others firstly as their prince and then later on as Sultan. Despite the wounds of his heart being deep and him being unable to love, he’d had tried. Tried desperately to open himself up to the possibilities of loving others but at the end the male had to admit that feeling compassionate and pity to those who needed it the most was not the same as being a lover, partner, husband and father. Looking deep within his heart of hearts he could find no fault in any of her words and had to confess to himself that everything which she said was the truth. Regardless of his feelings. 

Unto you open up to the idea of love… Prince, you will never know it. Her words echoed in her mind as he slowly nodded his head in agreement. He was exhausted and needed to rest. He couldn't remain as he was not in this state. Stepping away from her he allowed her to head off so that she could get some sleep and meanwhile the prince shuffled away to his bed. He’d rarely ever spoke openly of the love of his life Yasmine. Or the fact that he was in love with a specter of memories that could never breath or hold him again.

As his face touched the coolness of his pillow and he closed his eyes he allowed himself to be transported back to the time of their meetings together. He remembers the horse races they had under the burning sun racing through the sandy dunes of desert. The memories allowed him to sleep fondly and as he continued to rest he mediated on their pass conversations taking in everything which was told to him till finally the dreams of the pass over took him.

Rising up from his bed the first thing which he did was walk towards his brother’s room. Softly he wrapped upon the door and listen as he heard his brother moan and groan. Standing there he waited to his brother was finish before he watched the flush face of his brother greet him. Pushing fingers through his head Saad frowned. “Have you come to scold me again brother? For not praying enough.. For not being pious enough?”

“No… I’ve decided to inform you that my birth right.. It’s yours.”

“What?” narrowing his eyes Saad stared into the eyes of his brother and when he saw that there was no lie or deception his face broke into a smile before he embraced his brother laughing. “Jafa  you… you honor me. I will not let you done.”
“I know you wont.” Jafar spoke leaning forward and kissing his brother on the forehead. Finally, after years the gap between them had close and happy tears flowed from both of there eyes

Jafar rose from the ground after he finished playing and looked upwards at the sun. The locket around his neck was given to summon her but he knew that she would arrive soon so he stood by patient to wait for her to return to him so that he could see where she came fro

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


Ai’sha rose to her feet and made sure she was primed and ready for action. She slid into her shoes and freshened up. She braided her golden hair back and washed her face. She stepped out and looked to Ja’far, nodding in greeting. She had heard the whispers down the corridors and hallways about Saad becoming first in line and Ai’sha had to admit, she was slightly disappointed. Rather than heal from his hurt and move on, he had chosen to relinquish. It was his choice however, she could not fault him. He was sparing a poor woman from a life of misery.


Ai’sha looked him over,

“Come. We must move quickly.” She said to him with a nod, “The sooner I can brew the tea, the sooner your- Saad’s people can be healed from this blight.” She said to him with a small smile. Perhaps if given the freedom and ability to shirk his responsibility, he would feel better about all of this. He was more likely to find a woman he truly loved too.


Ai’sha moved out and towards the water again, looking up at the clouds and she reached out to take Ja’far’s hand. She wanted to help him, but she could only help so long as she was able.

“Ethereal.” She whispered and just as before, they were moved.


It was a thick jungle they landed in and she smiled softly, this was home. Her city was beautiful, affluent and peaceful. She stepped towards the gates as they opened and she breathed in the humid air.

“You are my guest here, Prince Ja’far.” She said to him, “You will receive no trouble.” She promised him. Everything was clean, bustling and people stopped and stared at her as she moved.


“There is something I neglected to mention-“ She started but was interrupted as a child ran up, tugging at her dress and laughing,

“Princess! Princess! Look!” He pulled her towards the market square where the child’s mother was selling rare fruits and Ai’sha laughed some, looking to Ja’far. He was not the only benevolent leader around. She was gentle, kind and loved.

“Who is he?” The child whispered, Ai’sha laughed,

“This is a friend of mine, a Prince. Prince Ja’far.” She said to him softly.


“Welcome to my home, Prince.”

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   29d ago

Prince Ja'far

Following after the Princess he watched as she led him from out the city and once more back into the river where he’d first met her. He had no idea what or where they were going or how they would get there. Yet as she took hold of his spoke the name of her place Jafar’s eyes widen as the world which he knew below completely disappeared and now they were in the thicket of things which he’d never seen. Lush leaves, greenery, clean and polish. Eyes widen as he stepped out in disbelief as though he couldn’t quite believe his eyes. “Is this… Ethereal?” He asked her.

Before his question could be answer he heard the way her voice spoke to him, telling about how she neglect to tell him one small detail. Whatever that detail was, to him, was unimportant at first. But as he saw the way a small child came up to her and address not by her name but by title of Princess Jafar’s eyes widen and he could almost double over in laughter. It was all to much for him. That explained why she was so wise in her years and the sense of comfort which he found in her. Kneeling before the children he reached out a hand towards them and smiled offering them comforting words.. “Yes, I am simply a friend to your Princess.” he repeated those words foreign to his tongue.

In truth, he’d never met a princess. Sure, he had heard of them but to meet them. As his eyes looked towards the market place and he saw a woman selling fruit he simply lifted his hands and waved at the lady. “You’re home is definitely beautiful and wonderful.” he spoke as he smiled.

Stepping out of the lush vegetation he looked around drinking everything in. Here everything was so different than what he’d known. The people lacked for nothing and it showed. 

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


Ai’sha was glad that Ja’far didn’t bow and scrape, in fact he seemed amused by it all. She laughed softly and looked to him with the child. Such a shame, he would make a good father one day if only he allowed himself.

“Different.” She said to Ja’far and looked towards a towering palace, that was home. She needed the flowers first and she looked around the market. With any luck someone was selling the petals and she supposed Ja’far had earned the right to experience her home.


“Come, let me show you.” She said quietly and took his hand, wishing to escort him. There was music, people dancing and celebrating the gift of simply being alive.

“We celebrate the life around us.” She said to him as she watched some of the dancers in the square, people joining in and laughing.

“We do not have harems here, we praise our lord through dance and song, through love.” She said to Ja’far. Perhaps some time here would be beneficial for him. He may yet learn what it was to enjoy life once more.


“We pray, of course. Our own prayers in our times of need and our times of thanks.” She smiled to Ja’far. Her golden hair licked at her face and she felt at ease like this.

“We will find the flower, Ja’far, together. We will help your people.” She promised him. He had no need to worry. She would do what she could for his people below in Ramil.


“Daughter! Light of my life, you have had us worried!” Her father appeared and people bowed respectfully as the older man enveloped his eldest daughter in a hug.

“You worried us with your wandering. Ah- Who is this?” He asked as he looked to Ja’far and narrowed his eyes. Outsiders were not permitted.


“Father, this is a friend in need. Prince Ja’far of Ranil. He needs a cure for the Fire.” She said and the man eyed him. There were no outsiders, his daughter never learned.

“Come, to the palace. We will speak more of this.” He grumbled. Ai’sha stared at her father, she was in trouble and she could tell. No harm would come to Ja’far for this, an innocent bystander.


The palace was lush, green and covered with plants and creatures.

“Come before me.” Her father demanded of his daughter.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   29d ago

Prince Ja'far

Jovial. There was simply no other way to describe the scenes which played out before him as he watched the way the people of the kingdom interacted with one another. A part of him felt a dull ache within his heart for this was once how his people were before the sickness had come upon them. As a young boy he often remember singing and praising the 'Gods but now those days were gone and the an oppressive air filled the world that he lived in. Taking her hand he followed her throughout the scenes of Etheral taking in everything and every word which she spoke. So this was how they offered they thanks to the lord above. By giving him tides of joy with songs full of praise and dancing fill with laughter. Smiling to himself the Prince spoke softly. “This reminds me of my home once a long time ago. We two danced oft like this.

As he follow the blonde to the Market place and saw the medicine which she pick out he watched her carefully. He knew that in the desert below they would never be able to cultivate plant life such as this. Unless they planted them near the oasis which sprung up here and there but those were far and few between. As he continued to be led through the streets his eyes turned towards the castle which would be her home. A thin smiled filled his face. The energy around this world this hub was contagious and it did the prince good! To know laughter, dancing, and smiling again it was almost to much for his heart to take.
“Ramil was once like this long ago. We to celebrated the life around us and found joy often in it. But oh how that times had change. I hope that one day, Inshallah, we will return to the happy home that you've shone me here.” As he spoke up his eyes turned and he notice a man approaching them. Was this.. her father the King?
At first Jafar was going to offer thanks for letting allowing her to bring him into their kingdom of Etheral but that fell silent as he heard the words of her father. it seemed as though he was not welcome. He could see it clear as day. He said nothing but merely stood silent understanding that here and now was not his place to voice such opinions least get the Princess in more trouble. 
As the King demanded his daughter to come before her, Jafar slowly moved and knelt before the king. “I apologize but it was I who insisted that your daughter bring me here. Whatever her punshiment may be I ask that I take it in her stead. She only wished to help my people, when I, Prince of Ramil, have fallen short and was unable to help them.” 

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


The King himself seemed somewhat surprised, he didn’t know this man nor who he was to his daughter exactly. He drew back and eyed him over slowly,

“Your punishment will be the same as my daughters. We have kept ourselves safe here, with the blessing of our God and by the grace of my gentle people, we have kept ourselves safe.” He spoke and he eyed the guards. His daughter would not bring harm but she had to understand this was not how they run things.


“Princess Ai’sha come forwards, stand beside the intruder you brought here.” He said and flicked his wrist.

“The sentence for bringing outsiders must fall harshly on anyone of our people, the highest and lowest. Nobody is exempt.” He said and looked at his daughter. This was breaking his heart. He adored his daughter, she would make a kind and gentle Queen one day but it was not to be.

“You have three days. After that you will leave Ethereal. You will not return. The punishment for bringing invaders is usually death, but given you are my daughter, you will be exiled.”


Ai’sha stared at her father, stunned and silent. In all of her grace and serenity, she bowed her head and accepted her fate. Tears threatened but she didn’t let them spill. She rose and looked to Ja’far.


“Thank you for my life, Father.” She said to him quietly.


She stood straight and left the great Hall.she moved towards the outside and into a more private conclave, lined with ivy and flowers.


And then her emotions came forth. Her entire life was here and she had given it up to help another. What could she do? She had to get the flower or this would be for nought but the pain in her heart was immense, so immense that she sank to her knees, heart heavy. Her shoulders shook with the effort of her quaking cries and she shuddered, a hand over her mouth to stifle her crying. She was a princess, she usually kept herself composed and this was one of the only moments she lost her composure and broke down entirely.




Mr-XPrince Ja'far   29d ago

Prince Ja'far

Exile. Was there no crueler punishment than be torn asunder from the people you so dearly loved. Looking into the eyes of the king, Jafar said nothing for he was simply an outsider and he was lucky that he had been given his life along with hers. Bowing his head  before the king he slowly spoke to him not knowning whether it was wise or not but still. “Thank you still for allowing her to stay for three days so that she may help me people. Know this, in the future I will repay your kindness if ever there is a reason as to why I need to. Call upon the people of Ramil and we will save your lives just as you have allowed your daughter to save ours.”  The words spoken by the prince weren't empty promises but they were the real deal and he meant them with all sincerity and honesty. 

Following the Princess Jafar had no idea how exactly he could find a way to comfort her just as she had done so for him. Through the castle he walked behind her his heart heavy and heavier still when he saw the way she let out a cry and heard her anguish. Falling gently to her side he looked at her and held out a hand for her to latch onto. As he closed his eyes he looked above to the Gods and than back down towards her. Slowly his voice came out in a softness that he felt that she needed to hear. 

“Someone once told me that partings are not always forever. I know that in this cruel world it seems as though this parting will last for all of eternity but… something tells me deep within my heart of hearts that you will see your home again. You will be welcome back once more. to this I swear. You're kindness will not be repaid with tears of pain or hardships. You're kindness will be reward tenfold with more joy and happiness than you can ever imagine, Princess. I can see that you are gentle and kind and we need more of this in our world.”

He hope that she could find comfort in his words. He truly did believe that he was telling her the truth, the honest truth that could not be denied. 

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


She was no longer a princess, something that didn’t change who she was. She was afraid though. Her entire life had been in Ethereal, with her sisters and her father. With her own people and now she had nothing, nobody. She would be shunned. She took hold of Ja’far’s hand and held onto it tightly. The gesture was not lost on her but she couldn’t describe the pain she felt right then.

“I have nowhere to go.” She whispered finally, what a woman this Prince must think of her as now. No longer resolved and composed. She was lost.


“I’m no Princess, Prince.” She said to him with gentle eyes, gently wiping away her own tears and she tried to gather herself. This was awful. She had never known a pain like it. He was right though, this couldn’t be forever. There was a final inhale and she looked at Ja’far. She had made a promise, to help his people and after that, perhaps she would explore more of the world. Maybe she would end up as some enigma, a wanderer.

“We must find your flower.” She said quietly, “I have my word and it will be my last act as a Princess, I will help your people, and after- After I will…” she trailed off. She didn’t have a plan, she never expected this.

“The marketplace, there is a woman, old and wise. She sells flowers, perhaps we will get lucky.” She said to Ja’far and withdrew her hand. She felt horrific, used in so many ways. Part of her was bitter that she had given up everything to help someone else’s people. It wasn’t fair but the world rarely was.

She wiped her face and tried to remain as calm as she could but she felt as though she were in pain. She moved towards the market, alight with gentle lighting now the sun was going down and she gazed at the scene. She would never see this again, the music and the dancing.

“I’ll miss it.” She whispered softly, “Ja’far.” She turned to him, “Before I leave for good, I want to pray in my Glade.” She said, that would be later though.


Children were running around and she watched them, as though in a trance. She had hoped to raise her own children here one day. She had hoped to marry a good man and become a good and kind leader here to people.

“Being kind got me here, being gentle just got me exiled.” She murmured quietly.

“I’d like to have some wine.” She said softly, “Something.” She murmured as she approached a wine merchant selling his wares.


He smiled to her kindly handed her a flask of wine, red and sweet from the berries in the realm. She just wanted to forget everything. She sat down by a grand fountain and played absently with the cap of the flask. What was she supposed to do? She had lost her home, Ja’far could go to Ramil, she could go nowhere. A woman travelling along would always bring trouble. 

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   29d ago

Prince Ja'far

What words could the Prince say to her to held heal her wombs. As he followed her through the city his eyes watching the way she moved, now with an air of sadness, he couldn’t help but feel an ache in his heart. This was the way which he had moved when he had found out that his beloved Yasmine would never walk the Earth again. Never smile again. Never talk again. Grief effect people in many ways and he could see that she was in the midst of it. As he followed her around he softly spoke to her. “You will always have a home with me and my people if you so choose it Aisha. I will not leave or abandon you.”
Those were words which he meant deeply within his heart of hearts. It felt long that she and only she alone should have to suffer the pain of loneliness. Walking through the market he heard her point out the woman who sold flowers and how perhaps they will get lucky. Jafar hope that they would afterall, Elah had brought them this far why would he abandon them now? As she turned upon her heel and spoke of how she was no longer a princess he wanted to object. One did not loose their title simply because they lost their home.

As a dull ache continue to fill his heart he grabbed hold of her hand as she told him that she needed to pray. “Of course, and I will pray with you for you.” it was the least he could do since he had cost her her home. He hadn’t even meant to do so. And yet as she spoke about how kindness and being gentle had lost her everything and than finally went to the wine merchant to buy some wine Jafar ached more with for her.

Here they were alone seemingly in this place which wasn’t a home to them at all. Sitting down beside her he kicked his legs to and from and slowly closed his eyes. “If I had known that this would’ve happen to you than I wouldn’t have follow you here. Princ..Aisha you have already done so much for my people and have given me such words of encouragement.. I would feel damned if I turned my back to you. You once said I need to open myself up to the idea of love… even though I am still hesitant of such an idea and scare to love another woman as closely as I did Yasmine… I would love to follow you and protect you in this world. I swear upon my sword that you will not be alone as long as you wish it. I will protect you from all things in this world.. Because I cherish you.”

Even though Jafar couldn’t claim that he loved her the seeds of the flower were there and it would surely start budding soon. 

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


Ai'sha looked to Ja'far as he spoke and his words seemed to bewilder her into silence. She couldn't believe what she was hearing when he spoke up. He cherished her, he gave her a place to stay should she have needed it and she couldn't quite believe it. He was kind, too kind it seemed and she couldn't deny there was a flowering hope of a life with the man at her side. She felt affection for him, perhaps it was how he was with others, the compassion he showed. She wasn't entirely sure. 

There was a soft smile on her lips, he still held love for his daring Yasmine and she would never match up. Everything was a mess as she sat with the fountain at her back and she gazed at the market. Once they had the flower, there was no more reason to stay. She would say farewell one last time, pray for safe passage and pray for the safety of the home she left behind. 
“Come.” She murmured, “Prince of Ramil, let us rescue your people.” She said to him as she rose to her feet and gazed at the stall in question. It was run by an old woman, she had seen many summers in her days and she smiled to Ai'sha as she approached and then peered at Ja'far. 
“My darling, what will it be, lilies, roses?” She offered and Ai'sha smiled to her, usually she surrounded herself with beautiful flowers. They made her feel at home and she shook her head, 
“I need the Goldlion.” She said to her and the woman looked concerned, “My friends city is plagued with the Fire.” She murmured to her and the woman looked sorrowful as she gazed at Ja'far. 
“My deepest condolences.” She said to him as she started to move through crates and pots. 

Ai'sha watched her procure four of the plants, 
“It is all I have.” The woman said and she nodded, 
“It is enough, thank you. A thousand times, thank you.” Ai'sha remarked to her and bowed her head as she took the plants. They looked like weeds and shimmered some in the low light. 
“I wish to spend a night in the Glade, we will not be disturbed, Ja'far. I want to pray.” Usually she sent her thanks by dance, by song but not tonight. 

She took his hand and led him down a well used path and into a hidden area with trees older than time itself. It was silent, a stream trickling through and it was silent. She set the plants down and looked around. She had come here so often as a young girl. She had played here with only the eyes of God upon her. Now she would never see it again, she felt ost and afraid. She needed strength. 

Ai'sha dropped to her knees by the water and began to whisper quiet prayers of protection, for guidance and for the safety of her people. And even in her moment of loss and despair, she murmured prayers for the people of Ramil, that they make a hasty recovery and that she had the strength to rid the land of the Fire that burned their blood. 

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   29d ago

Prince Ja'far

The prince said nothing, only followed her everystep of the way. As they went to the stall where the elderly lady was selling the flowers for them to bought he still remind silent. He was true to his word that he would be there for her in these trying times and that he would not abandon her. Especially since she had bought the flower known as the goldlion and now his people would be save. Following her into the secret glade his breath was arrested. Never in his life time had he seen something so beautiful or awe inspiring it. It nearly caused him to weap for the sure beauty of it all. But now was not the time to cry for it was not he who had lost his home, family, or his people. No, the girl Aisha had been the one to have loose so much and it was unfair.

Kneeling beside her on the floor Jafar pressed his head to the ground and began to pray. His voice was lifted up silently to his god Elah in hopes that one day he would discover a way to reunite Aisha with her people. Not only that, but he could feel that something was stirring with him. It reminded him closely of the first time he laid eyes of Yasmine and how he had started the process of falling in love with her. If such a  thing was true and he was beginning to fall for the former Princess than he prayed for the /gods that he would be good to her. He never dared hope or dreamed again that he would be able to love another woman butnow.. In this momnet. he dared not question what was and wasn't possible.

Rising up from his pray session he leaned back on his knees and stared at Aisha. He had been silent the whole time for there were no words that could comfort her or her loss. He only held out his hands for her to grab and take in the comfort that he would be her refuge in the time to come. 

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


Whatever happened, she would make good on her promise to make things right in Ramil. She didn't know why the Fire had spread so much, she couldn't tell. She looked to Ja'far's hands and took hold of them, gripping them tightly as she kept her own emotions at bay. They had a job to do, if it were the divine intervention of a god that brought them together then so be it. They would do this job. They would save the burning masses of Ramil and save them from death. The plague was not God's will. Ai'sha couldn't believe a God would punish their people in such a manner. 

And Ja'far, had somehow become an unmoveable mountain to her, standing at her side as a friend after such a short time of knowing her. She would celebrate with him, like any friend. He was strong and she had needed his strength and she would yet need it when helping his people. Then he would have to be strong for his people. 

“Thank you.” She whispered. She had prayed almost the entire night and she tipped her head back. So be it, they would return and with it, they would bring redemption. She gazed at Ja'far, they would go now. Why was it so hard and she got to her feet, moving to the water and staring at the fluid as it moved and shifted. 
“Say it.” She whispered, “Say your home and we will go there.” She murmured quietly. 

“Some time may have passed, it moves slower up here.” She murmured to him, perhaps something she ought to have told him before he had come with her. It would have only been around a month, she was sure it would be worth it though. She clasped his hand and felt her breathing hitch as they were shifted when Ja'far mentioned his home's name. It would be her home now too, perhaps she could find somewhere quiet to study books and to settle and make some sort of life. 

Something didn't feel right. There was something remarkably off when they arrived and she gazed at Ja'far, did he feel it too? She swallowed and looked to him, warily. It was quiet, she noticed. As though the city had given into the disease and she knew they had to hurry and she cradled the precious plants in her arms. 

Mr-XPrince Sa'ad   29d ago

Prince Sa'ad

A month had passed since his eldest brother had left with the visit to never return. The people of Ramil had had hope that the prince was bringing them salvation but instead it seemed as though he’d brought them nothing and he’d put on the brave front of caring for his people in order to score a hot lay. A week after he left their father, the Sultan, had contracted the disease venturing out of the palace to care for the sickly. What did that fool hope to accomplish? These were desperate times which called for desperate measure. As the sickness continued to spread and his father had fallen ill to it the youngest prince had to act. For once in his life he had more to worry about other than whores. He’d never admit it to himself or to the outer world but he was being eaten up alive. His father never had any harsh words for him like his brother, only gentle nudges and disappointing and sad lamentations of wanting more for his son than what he was content with. For the first time the lost of his father which happen upon the second week was something that Saad didn’t know how to deal with.

He hated his brother for making him suffer such pain on his own. He hated the sickly for bringing this about. He hated his whores and his harem for only being use for pleasing himself and nothing more. And so he sent out a decree that all of the sick and the unwell be gathered to one giant building. That giant building was to be secured and guarded and everyone inside were to be burnt alive. It was evil. Desperate times called for desperate measures. Saad had purged the capitol city of Ramil of the sick and… surprisingly… no fell sick afterwards. 

For a moment the city was able to function but there was fear in the air. Saad had a darkness about him and his thirst for sinfulness had become unquenchable. Searching the streets if he happen upon a woman he’d like first asked her parent’s if she was of marrying age. In Ramil that was fifteen. Confirmation was had, he’d paid the parents several gold coins and carry the woman off to join his harem. By the end of the month the harem had jumped from a mere twenty five women to close to a two hundred. No woman married or bethroved, or single was safe from his lustful eyes.

And so the people hid their daughters in Hijabs and the woman began to cover themselves. Men escorted their daughters with weapons at their side and an intensity was above the air. Since all the sick have been killed and purge within the city, darkness had blanket it. Those who were sick were hiding and lived in fear. 

As news of Jafar and the strange woman returned filled the ear of Saad his eyes perked up as he stirred from his nest of beautiful women. In his castle, he no longer allowed the women to wear clothing. A royal decree was pass that every woman who entered into his throne room were to be stripped so that he could gaze upon them and admire their beauty. No exceptions were to be made. Such was the utter depravity Saad had fallen to.

Putting on his clothing the male moved away from his harm of women and began to make his way towards the streets. He’d dressed in golds and silvers. His face was still clean shaven and his eyes were no longer light. Instead there was  nothing but darkness of the deepest kind. 

“Brother! So glad that you’ve returned after a month! I see that you’ve brought a present as well, that beautiful stranger. Welcome back to our city and thank you for once offering to help us. But as you can see, our city no longer holds sick people..” 

Staring up at his brother in horror Ja’far shivered. He felt something was truly off and as he looked at his brother he snapped. “Brother what did you do?”

“I ACTED!” He snarled. “I killed the sick in order to save the living. I told you life was meant to be seized but you fucking wouldn’t listen! You fucked off with this divine blonde woman and left me to deal with what was suppose to be your mess. Our father died because of you!”

Jafar’s eyes widen as he looked to his brother his body shaken to the core. He had only been gone for a day.. And yet his brother had claimed that a month had passed. Aisha had told him that this would happen but had he known so much had change..

“But, at least you brought another woman to join my Harem. So I will not sentence you to beheading. I will only sentence you to rot in our dungeon… And to the lovely Aisha. You have a choice.. You can either let me have you…. And finally accept my invitation to my bed. Or join my foolish brother in the dungeons of Ramil till you’ve changed you mind. Either way, your help is no longer needed or wanted.” 

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


Ai'sha couldn't believe everything that had happened as she stared at the new Sultan. This was mortality, the crux of human hatred and she realized this had all been for nothing. He had slain the sick, the most needy among him. He had slaughtered his own rather than wait for the promised cure. She felt she might be sick and she took a step back from him, looking around. No more sickness, but instead, terrified masses. Saad was insane. He had lost control to his power and she was utterly stunned. 

Ai'sha looked to Ja'far, feeling a heavy stone in her stomach and her head snapped back when Saad mentioned that he would rot in a dungeon and she took a step forwards then, whatever grace she held had gone and she looked like a desert viper. 
“You touch him and I will cut you down.” She muttered but a guard grabbed her arms. He had killed people, how had they let this happen?! 
“You're not serious, you expect me to join your harem, your whores, to touch you?!" She demanded as he gazed at him, “I'd sooner die.” She said and Saad seemed to think for a while. 

“Then you will both rot in the dungeon, together. Worry not. Our divine gift will be put into something more fitting. My brother can have a good view while he rots.” Saad said and laughed. Ai'sha was snatched up, separated from Ja'far as she fought against the guards and she was taken to his harem of women who stripped her down and put her in a revealing outfit. She fought, she fought for her decency, her dignity, her life but it was for nothing. She was outmatched, a creature of peace treated with violence. 

A slap to the mouth, an elbow to the gut and other assaults left her silent with a smear of blood over her face and bruises forming on her body as she was slung down and into the dungeon. There were bones down here and she felt the shackles above her head and she was left in an exposed situation, a tiny shred of light slithering down on her from above. 

Saad had killed so many, ruthlessly. She understood wanting to stop the onslaught of the plague, he could have quarantined them. He didn't need to kill them. Ai'sha spat some blood to the side of her from her burst lip and bloodied nose. Her golden hair tumbled down to her waist and the skimpy outfit that exposed her naval, arms and legs and barely covered her most intimate parts shifted when she moved. 
“God forgive me.” She whispered quietly, trying the shackles until her wrists felt like they would break. Her ribs were sore, a bruise on her belly and arms. 
“Please, forgive me.” She begged desperately, her wrists sore and her body bruised and battered from her desperate fighting to keep hold of what little she had left. 

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   29d ago

Prince Ja'far

“Damn you Saad you bastard!”

The moment hands seized Aisha Jafar went to fight back against her but hands sized him and hauled him off to face his own series of tortures. His brother had changed for the worst and as he announced that his brother would have something to look at whilst he rot, he turned towards his brother and spoke to him. “And don’t think that you will get off easily. You abandon your people so your punishment will be… most severe as well!”  His screams could be heard as the royal guard dragged him to the royal market where a flogging post had been erect.

The royal executioner was wearing a mask and was holding a cat of nine tails as he waited for the prince to be stripped of his clothes and tied to the post. As he was tied to the post he watched as the people from Ramil gathered in silent horror at the benevolent prince who was about to be whipped in front of all. As the hot wind blew over his body he closed his eyes and inhale and exhaled. He had witness the flogging of theives before and seen the whip tear flesh from bone but he’d never been on the receiving end. As he looked to the sky above he smirked before he laughed and tossed his head back.

“You think this will break me O’ brother? You’re wrong.” 

As A’isha was being dressed in provocative clothes, the flogging had commenced. The first lash fell upon his back and the Prince gritted his teeth straining against the restrains. As the second lash fell upon him followed by the third and the fourth he gritted remaining strong and not crying out. Despite the pain. 

“Please prince kneel.. It’ll only get worst if you refuse.” The executioner pleaded but Jafar said nothing. After Saad had finish with Aisha he’d came to witness his brother’s public flogging and upon seeing that a simple whip would not break him he ordered them to switch to the tiger’s claw. Which was a leather whip that head iron claws upon each end of the lash. It was only four strips but the iron clash would shred the prince. Looking upwards the Prince refused to cry out.

As the doors to the dungeon open the body of Prince Jafar was tossed in. Hiis back, his shoulders were completely shredded from the flogging and parts of his ribs were expose from where the flesh had been stripped. Muscle and sinew lay expose to the open air and his breath was slow and shallow. He was barely alive and in more pain than humanly possible to bear. 

Gasping he reached for Aisha and murmured.. “I.. will.. Still.. Protect you…” 

NullificationAi’sha   29d ago


“Ja’far!” A pained cry escaped her when she set eyes on him. What had they done to him? Saad, his own brother had torn flesh from bone and she wished she could get out of the damn shackles. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, he shouldn’t have even been alive.

“Ja’far.” She whispered quietly, shifting to look at him. Damn these shackles!

“Oh, God, please.” She begged quietly, he needed help. He needed a doctor, a healer, anything. Those wounds would infect. Someone had to help him! Ai’sha pulled down on the shackles, biting down so she wouldn’t scream as she felt the shackles move an inch. She could do this, she could get free.


“Ja’far, you have to leave, get out of here, please.” Ai’sha pleaded with him. He needed to protect himself, if he died then Ramil would only ever know cruelty. She knew a guard had to have pity on him, his people, anyone. They could run away, recoup together.


“God damn it!” She thrashed in the shackles that kept her upright and pinned to the wall, her body was exhausted. She wanted water, the heat made her parched and she knew without help, Ramil would die down here.

“Please, deliver him unto his people, give him strength, show him your love and Grace.” Ai’sha’s cries turned to whispered and hushed prayers, “Show your kindness upon him, lord of all, I beg of you, I will take his place, bestow his pain and suffering to me, deliver him.” She wanted a miracle, she needed him to survive for his people because if he didn’t then they would all perish for nothing. 

Mr-XFahad the shepherd.   28d ago

Fahad the shepherd.

Loss… grief and sadness..

Great was the lost of the elder man as he’d looked out towards the desert. With the disease had come it had taken with it his first and second wife along with his beloved daughter and son. The only thing which survived was where his third and second son were employed by the palace and his grandchildren who, like him, watched the flock over the harshness of the desert. Fahad had always believed that life restores what was lost and as he took his heavy stick and moved the sheep out of the way he looked upon the newest addition of his family whom had joined him merely two and a half months ago.

“Quickly now! We haven’t much time to lose. I'll spirit you away to my father's home” It was the rattling of chains and the cursing of a woman which plague the heart of the royal guard. He knew that by doing so he could never return to the lavish lifestyle he had built up by being the torturer and jailer of so many others in this prison. His family had grown up poor on several days travel from Ramil… It had just been morbid curiosity as he needed to check the rounds of the jail. Peering into one cell the jailer was absolutely stunned. Thrashing about in chains was the most beautiful woman he’d seen clothed in the most immodest of garbs. His first thought was that she was a whore who had been found to cheat her customers and his thoughts turned to… Opening the door to the cell he had bad intentions till he looked upon the floor and saw the Prince!

Prince Ja’far had always treated everyone with kindness and compassion. So to see him so flay.. At first the prison guard ran out the room with the door open. Several minutes pass when he returned with water and ointment for both the woman and his prince. He did not know why she was here but he knew that if she hadn’t been there then Prince Jafar would have perished in deed. 

He tended to them in secret, loosing her shackles and leaving ointment and as soon as Jafar’s injuries were no long life threaten he led down down the halls of the dungeon towards a brick wall in a cell that had been used as a secret passageway for generations. A camel with two horses awaited them. He only knew of one place to hide them and that was far out into the desert where his father tended to his flock of sheep. 

“Aisha! Help me water the flock and as soon as this is done we shall turn in for the day. It is time that we help Jafar walk once more..” Fahad spoke up as he tighten his wrappings around his head. For a man who was well into his seventies and old he was quite spry and active. He had nothing but he shared everything he had with these strangers whom had become his family in the span in which they’ve lived with him. 

NullificationAi’sha   28d ago


Ragas had been a miracle and she was so glad he had rescued them. In the desperation she had broken her wrist but Fahad and his family had looked after, helped her heal. She had learned a great deal from him and his family. How to tend to sheep, how to cook and clean. They had given her respectful clothing and Ai’sha spent most of her time tending to Ja’far, praying for him and cleaning his wounds. What had happened to them was cruel, she had been exiled for nothing. The sick population had been burned alive and Saad showed no remorse for what he had done.


“Yes, Fahad.” She agreed with a delicate smile towards him. Dressed in modest and humble roads, she stepped out. She knew how to water the flock, she had become rather good at tending the flock. Fahad had fast become like a father figure to her, caring for she and Ja’far. She worried it was too soon still for Ja’far to walk. She hadn’t left his side, his injuries worried her and when he had been weak, she had helped him drink and fed him. She just wanted him to be okay.

With Fahad’s help, she watered the flock and they began to head back and she paused on the outskirts of the village. It was humble but they had received so much help and a warm welcome. She had been weak when they arrived and in need of care. She was healed now but she trusted no one. Much the same as Ja’far she had locked herself down from everything.


“You care for him?” Fahad asked as he stood beside her and Ai’sha looked to the small holding they stayed in,

“Yes. But he is a prince.” She murmured to him, “I couldn’t- and he is still in love with another, a woman who died.” She murmured and Fahad laughed softly,

“He is no prince now, he’s a runaway. And the heart yearns for the living. Do you believe he has not noticed you at his bedside every day? He would be a fool.” Fahad said with a chuckle.

Ai’sha wasn’t sure. She cared for Ja’far in a way that surpassed friendship, she never wanted to see him harmed, or weakened like how he was. She had wept for a day and night when she had seen the extent of his injuries from the flaying. She had felt so ashamed of herself for being so exposed by the outfit Saad had chosen for her to wear and people had seen her in. It had been indecent and she had been terrified Saad would claim her in the foulest way.


She moved into the room and looked to Ja’far with soft eyes, picking up a cup of water and offering it to him. She was terrified he might vanish before her eyes, when she had met him he had been strong and resilient and now, with everything, he seemed defeated.

“Fahad wants you to walk.” She said to him, voice low. It was as though she was scared of him. She was scared if hun vanishing, scared if him dying and leaving her behind to face everything alone.

Mr-XFahad the shepherd.   28d ago

Fahad the shepherd.

As Fahad entered the room beside Aisha he saw the state of the Prince. When first he arrived Jafar had barely been able to move so great where the injuries inflicted upon him. Oftentimes the male had drifted between the borders between the land of the living and the land of the dead and yet, with the tending of Aisha and the medicine given to him by Fahad, Jafar had slowly begun to regain his strength. As he knelt before the girl he looked down at the now exiled prince and he smiled at them softly. “When I said walk, I meant crawl. Every thing takes time and a man must relearn how to crawl before he can relearn how to walk.” Fahad had spoke this word very gently as he looked at the Prince.

Of course, despite the fact that Fahad had presented himself as a simple farmer who tended to the sheeps the more lucid Jafar had become the more he tended to notice things. The scars upon his hand. The leathern beaten face that and the way he moved. Fahad moved with a man with purpose who never doubted himself and was always aware of his surroundings As Jafar slowly moved to sit up he grabbed hold of the hand of Aisha. He’s hands holding hers gingerly as he. He hadn’t noticed but his finger lovingly caressed Aisha. In his dreaming set, he had imagined that he’d seen her dressed in the most indecent way. Imagine that her thighs and navel had been exposed to him and that once more, he was dreaming of sinning with a woman. The exiled male had no idea that his dream had been reality. 

“Before you begin to teach me how to walk Fahad, I don’t want you to lie to me. Are you he? Fahad the unconquered? If my father were still alive he would be around in his fifties. His father died when he was just a boy and but he told me of a fearsome warrior who comforted him. A man who, in war, slew a great many to protect Ramil. He had been young but had worked his way up to general and by the age of 21, had won numerous battles. His name was Fahad the blade of Ramil.” 

Kneeling before the prince the elderly male who was just two years shy of Eighty nodded his head softly. “Yes.. I knew of your grandfather, Ahmend. He and I were born the within the same year. An arrow stole his life and it was the blinding rage that turned me into a monster.. I slaughter men, women, and children. It is out of repentance now that I live a humble life and teach the way of peace.” 

As Fahad spoke those words he neither flinched nor felt shame of his pass. “I am sorry Aisha that I did not tell you of my bloodied past before taking you in. If you look at me differently than I do not blame you.” He spoke but instead Jafar closed his eyes and exhale

“Even though I am exile.. I want to give my people… and the love of my life Aisha, a home that is ruled by a just ruler and will actually cares for its people. Once my strength as return, will you teach me the way of the sword so that I might take back the kingdom and liberate my people?” 

NullificationAi’sha   28d ago


Fahad had a dark past and she gazed at him as he spoke. It was hard to imagine him as a soldier, a warrior. He seemed such a humble man and she looked to him. He was wise, wiser than any man she had met and the past was not something that could ever be changed. Fahad repented for his transgressions by becoming a shepherd and he had saved Ja’far’s life. She could hold nothing against him and she softened slightly. It was a heavy burden to bear, taking lives. She prayed she would never know such a thing, but times were hard and she had no doubt Saad was hunting them down.


Her eyes moved to Ja’far, forever thinking of his people and giving them a home. And her.

Ai’sha was silent, a little surprised she had somehow won the love of the man before her despite everything. In the company of Fahad she would not act on the impulse to kiss Ja’far and she instead, smiled to him.

“If I had only known the man you were that day in the desert, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time hiding my own feelings.” She lamented to him. Love was no easy thing to conquer and she was afraid, truly. She loved Ja’far and part of her wished to stay in this village, grow old with him and have his children but he would never rest if he didn’t take back his kingdom from the cruelty of Saad.

She reached out and took Ja’far’s hand in her own,

“So be it, when you have recovered fully.” Fahad agreed. Ramil needed a strong leader, someone just who wanted peace and compassion. Fahad eyed the newly fledged couple and bowed his head,

“I will bring food.” He said as he took his leave to get some food and Ai’sha looked to the Ja’far.

“I won’t pretend I’m not afraid for you.” She said to him quietly, “Taking up a sword against Saad, I know you must.” She murmured and squeezed his hand with her own,

“Please don’t fall, I don’t think my heart could take.” To know love for this man and know it could be taken away so quickly was terrifying. She looked to the door and then to Ja’far, she had tended to him for so long and just hearing g him confess his love had filled her with so much hope for her own future.


“I have one condition, Ja’far.” She said to him softly, “Wed me before you go to fight, I do not need an extravagant celebration to be with you, only to know you are mine and I am yours.” She was scared, worried he would fall in the upcoming battle.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   28d ago

Prince Ja'far

“I am scared as well. To tell you otherwise would be the cruelest of lies.” Jafar spoke those words as he looked to his beloved Aisha and held onto her. To hear that she wanted to be wed to him and that she feared loosing him filled him with such joys unknown that he did not know where to go from there. Only that he knew that he had no options and other than winning when it came to the upcoming battle. Looking over her as Fahad left the room he looked to the ceiling and closed his eyes. He knew, deep down, that his brother was vindictive and full of hatred and lust. He wouldn't rest till he found them and had them killed this time. For a while he dreamt of what life would be if they could remain her among the sheep, the goats, and the simple people. But that dream was not his reality; he had been born a prince despite the fact that now he was exiled. Leaning forward he slowly cup Aisha's face in the palm of his hands and hesitated. He wanted to taste her lips but controlled that impulse. Despite them being alone he thought it best to wait for the wedding. So he would do so.  
“I will not fall as long as I have your love I will prevail.” He promised her 

The days which followed turned into weeks and those flowing weeks had turned into a span of a months and before anyone had time to blink the month had turned into a year and the night of the wedding between Aisha and Prince Jafar. All of the people who lived in the remote village had come out to celebrate the wedding between the two exiled royals and the sound of drums and people singing could be heard throughout the desert city. Sitting perched upon a stool the young prince closed his eyes as he wore a red robe which was adorn with gold. In the past Jafar would’ve prayed to god and given thanks three times this day kneeling but he’d had come to know that a loving God care more about what he did with his life than rituals and pretending to be pious. Clasping his hands together the male looked towards the sky and offered thanks to all the kindness which the gods above had afforded him before he rose to his knee.

“Tell me prince, are you nervous?” Fahad spoke as he came up behind the prince and clasps him on his shoulders
Tonight felt as though the exile prince was living in a fairy tale. A whimsical place that didn’t seem real yet, this was reality and this was the world he lived in. Everything was real to the sound of the people waiting for the two to be wed to the heat of the sun in the desert. Nodding towards the warrior turned shepard he smiled at him and spoke. “No, I am excited..”

The sound of applause and singing showered the exiled man as he walked out of the tent and into the middle of the circle of people who were all dressed in their finest garbs. As he stood waiting in the midst of the circle the sound of horns blowing made him turn his eyes to the most beautiful sight ever. Dressed in modest clothing was Aisha and as she walked towards him with a veil covering her face he could fear tears welling up in front of her. Despite the fact that tomorrow they would begin riding to Ramil he would spend his night loving the woman who had spent a year experiencing true happiness with. 

As she came closer and the two of them exchange their vows Jafar finally kissed her lips sweetly and lovingly. His fingers ran through the locks of her hair as he lifted her up in his arms and watched as Fahad smiled clapping his hands together. “And now we dance!” 

And dance Jafar and Aisha did till the sun went down and the moon came up. The dancing did not stop till all were tired and not a single soul could rise from the excitement which they had shared with one another. 

NullificationAi’sha   28d ago


Ai’sha watched as Ja’far regained his strength and his resilience. He seemed stronger than he had ever been and she took it upon herself to tend the sheep so Fahad could give his attention to teaching Ja’far. She wanted him to be safe. She needed him to be strong and she didn’t want him to fall. Some of the women had taught her to defend herself with a small knife that was easily concealable and she was relieved. Weeks turned to months and Ai’sha felt as though there was some sort of normalcy in all of it.


“Ah, here.” One woman smiled, one that Ai’sha had come to know well and had been patient with her. The woman fixed some beautiful white flowers in her hair and let her golden hair down.

“Are you nervous?” She asked and Ai’sha looked to her. Truthfully, she was. She was no longer a princess, by all accounts she was marrying above her station and her soon to be husband would be going to battle.



“Come now.” The woman fixed the veil and looked outside to see everyone gathered. It was Fahad who walked with her, given her father and family were absent in such a wonderful time. He looked to Ai’sha but her eyes were locked on Ja’far. He had never looked better, back to strength and dressed in red with a gold embellishment. She gazed at Fahad when he released her and she looked to Ja’far, she didn’t stumble her vows and promises to the man and when she felt his lips on hers, it was as though all of the worries just vanished. She wrapped her arms around him and laughed, relieved and never had she been so in love.


Ai’sha smiled to Ja’far as they danced and celebrated. Tomorrow, she would lose him to a battle and never see him again. She wanted him to stay with her and be safe but she was being selfish. She knew he was needed by his people and she wouldn’t keep him from that. She wound her arms around him as everyone was exhausted and smiled softly.

“Are you happy, husband?” She asked him, she would spend the rest of her life trying to make him happy. She wanted him to always be happy and safe.


She had never imagined such a day would come, that she would marry a man such as him. It was as though she were in a dream and she kept close to him, never wishing to be parted from him again. She wanted to love him, care for him, adore him for as long as she could.


“You should rest, before tomorrow.” She said to him quietly, the food had been wonderful and it had been a humble celebration but completely perfect. She didn’t need an extravagant palace, only him.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   28d ago

Prince Ja'far

When Jafar awoke in the morning it was before dawn. Many of the shepherds and the herders of the Ramil Desert were men who were well versed in the art of the blade. They had to be due to the fact that thieves and other cutthroat bandits wouldn’t hesitate to kill in order to steal their livelihood. As he shifted in his sleep he softly caressed the shoulders of his loving wife. Long ago she had told him that he needed to open himself up to the idea of love or else love wouldn’t find him. Now, as he fingered the locket she’d given him around his neck he stared out into space. It had taken them four days of slowly traveling in a caravan to be camp out upon the hills look overlook the city of Ramil. Among the way word spread of the ensuing battle and the fact that the real prince would come to take back his throne. The ranks of Prince Jafar had swollen from just a few dozen shepherds to a hundred and now it was as big as three hundred. 

They had a hundred and fifty calvary and fifty men with bow and the last two hundred were people that would run into the city upon foot. As he woke his wife he softly kissed her forehead and look at her. “Aisha.. Give me you love and luck and pray that by this time tomorrow we will greet the rising sun as a liberated people and you will be my Queen.” Such tender words were follow by a Jafar filling his wife up with all of his love one last time before the battle.

Iman sat  holding the map of Ramil. The older man had never lost a battle in his youth and his mind had only grown wiser. Despite the fact that he sworn to never pick up a blade again he knew that this cause was just. Inshallah they would win the day and he would be forgiven for breaking his vow to never war or kill again. 

“The city is massive and since we want to take it with as least casualties as possible, it’s best we attack before dawn while the city is sleeping. If we can catch them unprepared before noon most of the people will know to have fled the city. It will take us less than ten minutes to ride down this hill and take over the gates. We will need archers on the back of horses to kill the first wave of guards that they’ve sent towards us. Taking the city will hopefully be over in a few hours.”

Iman spoke those words with his best interest in heart. Jafar nodded his head as he stood up and went to mount his horse. The time for battle was now. There would be no epic speeches, no battle cries, only men with hardened hearts and hardened hands set to purpose. 

Mr-XPrince Sa'ad   28d ago

Prince Sa'ad

A year of tyranny and pleasure had made Saad more than comfortable with the way he’d ruled his kingdom. As the sickness had finally been purged from his city he’d order all of the merchants to go back to selling as usual. Of course, at first, everyone was scared to venture out of their homes. Afterall the Prince and the blonde stranger had been made perfect examples of, but the prince had promise that he would change. And so, over the years the business of Ramil had started to come together. And in some case, due to the blood-thirsty nature of the Prince and his desire to see wealth expand, the markets had even thrived. 

Under Saad women were required to cover themselves in veils as were the men and only the women whom were part of his Harem had the privilege of going undercover so that all would envy him. Furthermore he’d had conscripted young men into his army so that the kingdom could grow through violence and warfare and under him the kingdom had expand and grown. Slaves labored to build new buildings and towns and those who opposed him were sent to the mines to forge for stone, and spices and other valuable goods and build resources. He ruled with an iron fist and made it known that he was something more than a mere Mortal he was the living breathing incarnation of god.

So Imagine the surprise of the Prince when, upon a peaceful morning, he was awoken to the sound of footsteps clamoring and the sound of screaming voices. Rushing quickly to the balcony he looked out across the scene and cursed underneath his breath. In the distance he saw horses and men charging through the city, clashing with the city guards and killing those whom he’d drafted into his army. He knew who was behind this and he knew it well. Turning upon his heel the coward moved towards one of his whores and grinned. He had no shamed and he would disguise himself as a woman and led a small band of travels outside of the city only to kidnap the one thing he knew his brother held dear. 

“Oh Aisha… you will yet be mine..” He mused his eyes filled with lust as he dressed in womans clothes and, taking four of his guardsmen, mounted camels and slowly made his way out towards one of the secret passages that led underneath the city of Ramil and out towards the mountain where Iman and the others camped at. 

NullificationAi’sha   28d ago


A night well spent in solitude for the two of them led to a heavy sleep for them both. Ai’sha stirred in the morning when she felt the caress on her shoulder and she wanted nothing more than to keep him here, in their bed, for as long as she could. She closed her eyes at his words. She would pray for him, she would plead and beg God that Ja’far would be victorious in this fight and unharmed.


It was in his hands now and she watched him go to prepare for battle. He had the support of his people, Saad had been cruel and that had led to his people being begrudged by his rule. Ai’sha wasn’t sure if it was enough though, she was afraid something would happen. All it would take was a well placed arrow or sword and Ja’far would be seen from this world, never to return. She dressed slowly and washed before looking to see Ja’far atop his horse. There were no celebrations as she joined the women who could only watch their husbands, fathers, brothers and uncles all move off to a war. She knew some wars raged for years, some for months. She could only hope this was short and the calamity was as little as it could be.

She looked to Ja’far and ran her fingers down his horses neck,

“If everything fails, know that I love you and that will never waver.” She promised him. It didn’t matter what happened. She just wanted him to return, even if he wasn’t victorious. She prayed God would give him victory and if there was no victory, then let Ja’far return to her.


Ai’sha watched as they rode off, leaving dust in their wake and she looked to the other women. She didn’t know how she was supposed to stay here, how she was supposed to stay here and worry was beyond her. She was afraid. Most women fell to prayers and Ai’sha moved to gather some water, determined to keep busy as she hauled up a bucket from a well and moved away from the others to tend to the sheep.


Something alerted her though, she turned and saw an unfamiliar woman standing in a veil and she smiled softly,

“I’m sure they will be successful, my husband is strong and just. God will help him to prevail.” She said to her, with no idea that she was speaking to a viper in disguise as she turned her back to her and moved some of the sheep so she could fill their water.

Mr-XPrince Sa'ad   28d ago

Prince Sa'ad

“Is he now? Is your husband truly strong and just? Or is he nothing more than a coward!?” The woman at the well spoke before she whistled. 

The whistle was the sign and before Aisha could speak or say anything, several men descended upon her binding her hands and feet with rope and gagging her mouth. Pulling back the veil the woman grinned as it was reveal to be no other than Saad himself. Kneeling before her, his hands softly caressed her face, before he moved downwards. He was vile and as his hands explored her body, he gloated over her. “Such soft and smooth skin. I remember that you once told me that you would die before you allowed me touch you.. Well here you are very much alive and here I am touching you.. But don’t worry by tonight you will be in bed and by tomorrow you will be returned to your Husband in the afterlife grab her!” Saad screamed as his men lifted up the blonde.

Saad knew that with his brother leading the charged upon his city that he’d lost the war. His guards would not fight for him and the soldiers which he’d pressed into his army would sooner surrender than risk their lives to fight for such a cowardly king. So as the noon day sun rose high into the hair he sent a message to be delivered to his brother to meet him in the middle of the market square where all eyes could fall upon them.

As noon approach he stood within the market square with those who were still loyal to him. A throat was to Aisha’s neck and his other hand was squeezing her breast all in order to rile his brother. The moment when Jafar arrived and saw such vulgarness he nearly lost his composer but and were it not for hands grabbing him and holding him back, a stray arrow would’ve landed in his heart. For as soon as hands pulled him back, several arrows fell upon the spot which he stood. 

“Oh brother of mine, for to long I’ve been overcast in your shadows. For to long I’ve hated you. And now we end this grudge. Duel me in single combat or watch your wife’s throat be slit for all to see. You and I, sword against sword. The victor will claim the throne.” 

NullificationAi’sha   28d ago


“Of course he is no-“ Ai’sha turned but it was too late as she was bound and gagged and she glared at Saad. He was a snake, a filthy snake of a man and she tried to kick out when he touched her. How dare he! She was taken back and she stayed bound and gagged, unable to see what was going on or what was happening. This was awful, disgusting in fact. She didn’t want to be used as a pawn to agitate Ja’far but Saad was cunning, like a demon himself. She glared at him as she was grabbed up and out on display, biting down on the gag as Saad groped her like she was just a slab of meat.

Her eyes fell to Ja’far, relieved the others had pulled him back. She tried to shove Saad away but the man only laughed, leaning down to her ear, over her shoulder as he watched his brother,

“Your husband will be dead tomorrow.” He said, “Be a good girl, stand and watch.” Saad said as he drew his sword and his guards kept hold of Ai’sha despite her thrashing and pained cries. Ja’far should run. Saad wasn’t exhausted from battle, he wasn’t tired from taking the city. She couldn’t watch this and she looked away.


A guard grabbed her chin and snapped her head to she was forced to watch. Her chest was rising and falling hard as she gazed at the scene. They had barely been married a week and she couldn’t watch this.

“Tell me brother.” Saad said and looked up at Ai’sha, sword drawn, “Don’t you think she will bear me beautiful sons.” He gloated, “With golden hair and gentle eyes and all the strength of me.” He muttered as he danced forwards and slashed at Ja’far,

“I will comfort her, caress her beautiful body with your blood still on my hands, wouldn’t she like that?” Saad wanted him to get angry, wanted him to make a mistake.

Tears fell down Ai’sha’s cheeks as she watched and she tried to pull free again but the guard locked her down in place, an arm around her waist and holding a blade to her throat, pressing it in slightly until ruby droplets spilled. A warning.

“Now, now, sweet flower. Saad has promised us a turn when he’s victorious. I’d hate to cut your throat before I get a chance.” The guard grunted in her ear and Ai’sha stilled as she watched the two men.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   28d ago

Prince Ja'far

“Don’t let him rile you up!” Iman had been with Jafar every step of his journey in the midst of taking the city and as sweat as he lifted high the scimitar above his head he felt the crashing blow of his brother bring his blade down upon him full force. Parrying it, he let out a grunt before feeling a boot to his chest as his brother kicked him and caused him to fall back. Lunging at him, Saad slash at the ground as Jafar rolled away only for him to slash upwards and cut the exile prince across his back causing blood to splatter. He cried out and screamed as he rolled to his feet.

“I can already hear her moans crying out your name as I take your place between her thighs tonight Brother! Ooh a shame that you will have to watch from the other world!” As Jafar rose up on his knees he heaved heavily. His brother was physically more prepared than he was and Saad wasn’t as tired as he was. As the sun beat down on him Jafar needed to figure out what to do. Looking upwards towards the sky he notice the position of the sun and he chuckled to himself.


“Foolish brother, don’t you know pride comes before the fall?” Jafar spoke and without warning he turned the flat of the blade upwards. As the steal caught the sun it blinded Saad momentarily and without warning Jafar slashed at him. 


Jerking away Saad yelled as his thigh was cut by the blade and blood dripped from his legs. Now he was only half as fast as his brother. “Damn you.” His voice screeched as Jafar rose to his feet and breath heavily. Round two was about to start. 

NullificationAi’sha   28d ago


Ai’sha could feel her heart in her chest, working overtime for the fear she felt. This wasn’t right, she watched as Ja’far’s blood splattered the sand and she wrestled against the man holding her but he held fast to her. She felt like her knees might give way and she would collapse but he kept her upright and watching the fight between the two brothers. The gag was making her lips chapped and dry and the nick on her neck was painting a ribbon down and pooling in her clavicle. She was thirsty and she was desperate to help but she was effectively useless.


Ja’far made a move and she watched as Saad was forced to recoil and a surge of hope filled her. Saad could bleed, he was no God and she moved forwards to get a better look of his downfall. She prayed, desperate for this to end and be over.


Saad was furious, he was like a man possessed and driven by his own mania as he slashed and cut at Ja’far,

“Come brother, die with dignity and honour in front of your wife and your people.” Saad practically growled like an animal, he had a limp from the injury and he was slightly slower but he didn’t relent. His fury powered him with his long strokes and devilling swipes.

“I’ll name our first son after you, brother! And the people of Ramil will bear witness to what happens if they defy me, they will die in the sand.” He shouted, “There will be no burial, no funeral. The scavengers will have your flesh while I devil your wife’s.” He laughed, moving forwards again to swipe. He would kill Ja’far with a thousand cuts if he had to. He would bleed him out slowly and he would receive no honourable death in front of his people or his wife.

“And when I am finished with you, your people will burn for speaking your name. Your wife will give me the sons I deserve and then she will burn for eternity.” It was as though there was a demon in his heart.


Ai’sha couldn’t believe what she was seeing. A man so corrupted by hate and power that he barely recognised this was his brother and his sister by law he was speaking about. He was speaking about his own people, burning them all for saying a name. If Saad won this fight, she would end her own life. Surely her God would be forgiving of such a sin, for what would come after Ja’far’s death would be Hell.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   28d ago

Prince Ja'far

Saad was no longer the brother Jafar had known. Or had he even known his brother at all? Such vileness and hatred spewed from his lips that he doubted that his brother had ever been a man or human at all. Lifting high his blade he stood upwards and knew that now would be the time strike him down. There would be no justice otherwise if he did not kill his brother. And so the second round began and despite the fact that Saad was more firecesome than ever all of his gloating had given the exiled Prince plenty of time to catch his breath. As the male thrusted, Jafar step back and swung downwards only for the blade to perry. 

Dropping down, Saad grab and handful of sand and threw it at Jafar’s face, blinding him. This should’ve been his end, but instead Saad slice his brother across the face drawing blood and scarring him. Yelping Jafar swung his sword blindly, only for his brother to slice him again upon his arm but it were shallow cuts. Stepping backwards Saad sneered. “See! Let the world see how feeble my older brother truly is. Let the world see that this is what happens when you defile me! Come brother! I’ve yet to taste your blood. I cannot wait to relive the past again.”
At his words Jafar face twitched and Saad grinned. “Oh, did no one tell you? Tell you of how I raped Yasmine and she, unable to face you, poison herself? You should’ve heard her screams when I did so. You were so coy, for three years she was your woman and you never even kissed her. Somehow had to pluck that desert flow and enjoy her petals, I, however, didn’t know that she die because of that.” 

Those words were all that Jafar needed to hear to fly into a rage. Throwing the sword he charged his brother blindly, madly, tackling him to the floor. As fist and blows were exchange, Saad rolled atop of his brother and punched him in the face, laughing whilst Jafar struggle against the villain. Slamming his head into his nose, Saad squealed as his nose was broke and, pulling a knife from his belt, Jafar stabbed his brother in the leg cause him to screech once more. Throwing off of him, Jafar held the knife and Saad screamed out “Knife, give me a fucking knife!” 

As one guard threw a knife towards him Jafar breathed hard as his brother held the knife and circled around him. “You are no longer the brother I loved. Once, I would’ve given you anything to help heal your broken  heart. But now I see that you never had a heart you were always a heartless soulless bastard.”

“Lies! You never loved me. I was the son of a concubine. You always thought yourself better than me. You always looked down upon me!” Saad spoke as he lung at his brother swipe viciously with the knife. 

Countering it, Jafar jumped back dodging and when the chance arose, he stabbed his brother in the chest, just barely missing his heart. 

Stepping back Saad gasped his right lung had been punctured. He would fall soon, but he still refused to die and his hate would not let him. 

Nullification     28d ago

Saad spoke of something horrific. An act so unforgivable, hedonistic and she stared down. Yasmine, Saad was behind all of Ja’far’s suffering and she watched as he was scarred. The scar would fade and be a constant reminder of his brother. She didn’t care, she wanted Ja’far alive and as well as he could be. Saad yet lived and she felt the guard drop his weapon in shock and she shoved him away, trying to undo the gag. It was only with the help of one of Saad’s women, that undid her gag and helped the woman to stay standing.


Something was wrong, she felt like she might collapse but she figured it was everything going on.


“She died screaming for you. And that golden haired whore up there will scream too.” Saad’s words were poison and he grinned, teeth stained with blood.

“She will die in three hours.” He tipped his head back and grinned at the sight of the nick on Ai’sha’s neck.

“The last farewell.” He said and looked to his brother, “Finish me. See it done.” He seethed, “But I will take her with me.”


Ai’sha’s hand went to the small cut on her neck and she stared at Saad. She didn’t know the name of that poison. She didn’t know the cure either. She didn’t feel different, although it made sense that her legs felt too heavy for her and the woman beside her looked to Ja’far. He was sultan now, he had to know what to do. Ai’sha looked to Ja’far, he was going to be okay, he would be safe. He had won and his people would be well looked after. The woman holding her didn’t seem to know what to do. For the first time in her life, Ai’sha wouldn’t preach mercy. Saad had committed atrocities for the sake of hurting his brother and he wouldn’t heal from those injuries. He must have had the antidote though, or known of it.


“Finish it.” Ai’sha said, her voice cracking as she finally realised she needed to lay down, to sleep. There were soft murmurs all around as Ranil’s new Sultan stood before them. The cruelty was over and it was Imam that moved to help Ai’sha from the balcony of the palace that overlooked everything. Ja’far would need help too, those injuries would fester and needed help.

Mr-XPrince Ja'far   28d ago

Prince Ja'far

Jafar had done it. He had slain his brother only to find that he’d done the unspeakable. As Aisha was led deep into the new sultan never left her side. Just as she had stayed by his side as he’d been flayed alive, so would he stay by hers despite his wounds. As he lovingly stroked her hand and looked into hers he turned towards Fahad Iman. The man who shared the same name as his father. Kneeling by the head of the female, he gently stroked her head as he looked down into her eyes and he nodded his head. “I’ve seen this type of poison a long, long time ago. There is a rare poison that is used for assassination. I know where to find the herb and it can be used to heal however.. We will need a miracle to keep her alive till then..”

Fahad spoke as he stood up. As he spoke of needing a miracle, a sudden gust of wind blew across the balcony. As the wind blew violently, both Ja’far and Fahad covered their faces as the wind continued to blow harshly before a voice boomed from the wind. “Go, Fahad. Bring this plant and be quick, I will be the miracle you seek.” 

Unable to argue with that voice he’d nodded his head as he went out in search of the medicine. As Jafar tried to understand who the voice was the voice turned towards him and spoke “Leave us..”  

Jafar refused and as the wind blew harder he leaned forward and stood his ground firmly. As the wind continued to blow harshly against him, Jafar struggled to moved against the wind and a laughter could be heard. “Foolish man.. It seems as though you’re intent on staying with her.” 

“Of course I am. I will not abandon my wife.” 


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