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{Tears of Hecate} closed

By Mr-X
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Long ago, when the world was but in its infancy the Goddess of Magic, Hecate the mother bestowed upon humanity a gift. That gift was the gift of Witches and wizards who were endowed with the magic. It was said that these creatures of light would be the ones to lead humanity and guide them during the darkest of time and brightest of times. Of course, in her naivety, Hecate could not understand that the greatest darkness was born within the hearts of men themselves, 

Many times war and famine broke out and it was those with the gift of magic which would be used to bring both balance and destruction to the world. Humanity seemed to be at the whims of witches and wizards and many corrupted kingdoms ruled with magic while others, who were cursed without it, had to make due. It was the humans without magic that would grow to become resilient and with time, would grow to evolve and advance technology far beyond what one ever thought was capable.

Eventually a Kingdom would arise, the kingdom of Rome. Started by the Cox family, the Kingdom of Rome was built on technological advancement. It started off slow, but eventually, with the help of magic, human ingenuity advance till finally, without anyone realizing it, the ingenuity and brilliance of humanity had surpass the finite ability of magic.

Within just 4,000 years of Humanity now had created a society where flying cars, fast moving trains, and even weapons of mass destruction was possible. And in this new era, the ways of the pass seemed obsolete.”

King Oscar Cox, father of Prince Julius Cox, had always feared those with magic. As the kingdom of Rome continued to grow and prosper this one man, plague with paranoia and fear, passed down a new degree. All witches and wizards, those blessed with the power of magic, were to be hunted down. And of course fear and hatred is a disease. With this foolish degree a great spree of violence swept over the world.

Those with magic who were once looked upon favorably with society were now the villains of the story. With modern day technology, humans were able to chase witches despite how hard they tried. Guns and bullets were exchange with fire balls and spells of lighting and ice. Flying motorcycles hunted down witches with the power of flight. Eventually, scientist were able to minminic magic itself, and create anti-magic barriers that nullified spells. 

What follow was known the great purge of Rome. Thousands of witches were hanged. Fearing for their own safety, witches and magic users went underground and some flee eventually running and forming their own kingdom.

Welcome to the kingdom of Narnia.

Ruled by a queen said to be the descend of the very goddess of Hecate herself, the kingdom of Narnia is a futuristic city were witches and humans live in peace. And for two decades peace seem to have finally been achieved. All the witches wanted to do was live peaceful meaningful lives along side humans.

However, Julian Cox, the new crown king, would not let such a thing go. Upon his father's death bed, he made a promise to cleanse the world of all witches. Upon the eve of his father’s funeral, Julian Cox, along with his lieutenant journey to the kingdom of Narnia to issue a simple warning. Hand over all your witches to the Kingdom of Rome to be executed.. Or die.

Trying to talk reason into him, the queen tried her best to reason with him but her pleas fell on death ears. Giving her his final warning he waited for her answer. When she denied his request he promised her he would return but this time with forces of his own.

Knowing that war was coming, the Princess of Narnia made an announcement letting everyone know that war was coming and that for all the witches who wanted to fight, the time was now. 

The kingdom of Rome had oppressed its people for to long and now it was time to end that oppression and liberate their fellow witches. 

(This plot was based on anime Ruin of kingdoms.)

This is going to be a very dark and brutal roleplay. So I’m asking that everyone who participates in this role-play is 21+ years or older

Secondly, there are roles that I need to be filled. These are the roles which anyone can take

Julian Cox-Taken by me 

The lieutenant of Rome- take

The Princess of Narnia- taken

Head witch of the Army- taken

Afterall these roles are taken fill free to create your own character but I’d really like those four spots filled out first!

Also, Skeletons. This roleplay will require a basic skeleton all i need is this

Character name:
Character Pic:


Also if you’re interested in joining this roleplay please message me “Witches.” thanks for looking at this! 

Username: Mr-X

Character name: Julian Cox

Age: 32

Human/Witch: Human

Kingdom: Rome

Bio: Julian had a very strict upbringing, afterall he was born to be ruler of Rome. He had no time for games or play only learning how to rid the world of plague known as magic. At the age of 30 his father, after fighting a life long crusade against the evil witches, magically got sick. Julian knew this was the work of those damned evil bastards. So he made up his mind that as soon as his father fell from this world he would get his revenge. 

Character Pic:


Username: Ravanya
Character Name: Emera Navell
Age: 28
Human or witch: Witch
Kingdom: Narnia
Born the Princess of Narnia, she was gifted when born with very strong magic. She was smart with magic, a fast learner, and very patient with a kind heart. She hated the thought of killing another just because they were different. She understood that there were witches and wizards that were awful people, that made poor decisions in what they did with their Goddess given gifts, and she thought that those were to be dealt with personally. That was how her parents raised her. To know that people were good and bad, magic didn't change that. Magic was not good or evil, it was neutral, and it was only what it was to be used as. That was how she ruled her kingdom and it proved to be a very peaceful kingdom. Magical and Nonmagical lived side by side in peace. Yes, there were the bad apples in the city, but they were handled. There were laws in place for both magical and non to make things fair for all to live in a peaceful kingdom. She hoped that one day she could show the rest of the world how it worked, and why they were wrong about how those gifted in magic were all evil. 



Username: Mr-X
Character name: Meredith of T'el
Age: 19
Human/Witch: Witch
Kingdom: Rome

Bio: Meredith knew from the smallest age that she was different from all the other people around her. For some reason another she could levitate by saying strange words, or make fire from thin air and do other things kids weren't suppose to do. It was than that her she found out that she was a witch. Of course, her whole family were witches, they had just assimilate with the culture in order to not be found out and hanged.

Of course, this never sat well with her. Pissed off, she decided to make a change.. She would infiltrated the imperial army of Rome and act as a soldier from within waiting for it to fall. So now she works as a witch hunter, tracking down witches during the day, and snuggling them out during the night. 

Character Pic:


Username: Ravanya
Character name: Aveline Hintari
Age: 31
Human/Witch: Witch
Kingdom: Narnia
Bio: Aveline was born and raised in the peaceful times of Narnia that had reigned for a few generations now. When she was born, she was gifted with strong magic, though she was nowhere near as powerful as the Princess of Narnia. Aveline was a Lord leveled Witch, and though she was very strong, she still didn't rival the Princess. But her loyalty to keeping the peace she grew up in, and the determination to see that her kind was no longer exterminated like vermin were what drove her through her studies and all through the ranks of Narnia's fighting forces. They weren't like Rome's army. They protected and defended, not attacked and conquered. Swearing her allegiance to the Royal family and to the Kingdom, she now leads the army of Narnia in its agenda to protect its people.

Username: Simly_Random

Character name: Elijah Dyer, Twin A

Age: 29

Human/Witch: Human

Kingdom: Rome

Bio: They always said being a twin means you have a special connection. That isn't true. Elijah had nothing but physique going for him. Born in a family full of witches, the man was born ordinary. Nothing like exercising to fill in the void of not being one of them. The older he got he felt more displaced. The last straw was watching his long-time crush kiss his brother. He left home seeking asylum in Rome. He joined the military which led him to be the man he is today, a lieutenant.

Username: Simly_Random
Character name: Ezra Dyer, Twin B
Age: 29
Human/Witch: Witch
Kingdom: Narnia
Bio: Ezra didn't have it easy growing up. Not when you're a twin and end up being the only one with magic. To top it off they were the first males to be born in two generations. It wasn't hard to miss his brother's hatred. Ezra eventually joined the Witches Army knowing one day he would have to face his brother. Especially after the way he spoke to a childhood friend of theirs… he spewed the hatred out on her making her depressed for a while. Turning the love she had for him intro hatred within time. Darkening her ways… Ezra vows to make things right.

(Sage magic- Intermediate magic, can be used by some.. can do lots of damange depending on proficient one is with it)
Character Pic: 

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Mr-XJulian Cox   57d ago

Julian Cox

OOC: Now, to see who will join after this first post.


The humming of the flying car whizzing through the air was always enough to put the Young Prince to sleep. Despite the fact that his father had passed from this world yesterday evening, the gentlemen felt as though he hadn’t done enough to earn the title of “king yet.” Afterall, how could he do so when those who were abnormal still existed and walked this earth to this very day. Leaning back against the velvet cushion, Julian looked out across the sky as he saw the world zoom by them. Humanity had advance this far on its own no thanks to the Witches who once dominated humanity and held it all in their cruel and bitter grasps

Once, many years ago,-As Julian’s father had told him-the church of Hecate was form to protect humanity from itself. Those who govern the church were witches who were suppose to be infallible. And for a time they were indeed beautiful and just creatures. Magic brought the rain when crops wouldn’t grow. Magic healed the sick and helped the lame walk again. Magic created food from seemingly nothing and fed the starving and hungry mouths of children who’d been abandoned by parents born into poverty. Magic was once a blessing till the wicked hearts of man led the just and righteous Witches astray.

That was when the dark ages descended upon humanity like a plague. The fear of witches grew from this very dark era where humanity was subjected to the very whims and angers of these foul beings. Entire farms were scorched black and for not paying your weekly tithe to the church. Daughters and sons were sold branded with magic and sold off into slavery. Steel swords and arrows were easily struck down by spells of lighting and flaming balls shot from staffs and rods. It wasn’t till the age of technology a thousand years later that humanity  began to have the knowledge to fight back against the vile witches who’d oppressed them for so long. 

With the rise of the roman empire the pagan ways of old needed to be wiped out. Not because of prejudice or hatred against the witches. It was simply because humanity no longer would allowed itself to become slaves to those who wield magic ever again. No human would be made to tremble in fear and grovel at the feet of those who possessed magic. And in his dying words, Julian promised his father that he would bring freedom to his people. Regardless of the cost or how steep. Julian would save humanity from its former enslavers and wipe the witches off of the face of the Earth forever and ever.

“King Julian.” The holographic figure of the queen standing right in front of him jostled the prince from his day dream as he sat up in his car. 

The blue diamond which adorns his necktie was an anti-magic barrier that could repulse and reject low level spells. Magic had five different levels. Infant, magi, sage, Lord, and Immortal magic. It was rare to find those who had complete mastery over magic and had reached the level of Immortal Magic.. Yet, one of those who had complete mastery was none other than the Princess of narnia herself. 

Some called her the strongest Witch to live in a thousand years, others claimed she was the very reincarnation of Hecate herself.  Julian knew that as advance as his technology was, he couldn’t risk invading Narnia yet without risking the lives out thousands needlessly..  So the only thing he could do was live his life and wait.

Princess.”  Julian responded as he stood upwards. I’ve kept to the appointed hour and requested access to meet with you. It is of the very most important that you hand over all those who practice magic in your kingdom to us to be dealt with.”

Waiting on her reply the male spoke listen as she made her case for why what he was doing was wrong. But nothing could stir Julian. He remember vividly the power of witches and the horror which they could bring. 

The entire crowd was cheering as the line of witches and Wizards were brought out in public to face the firing squad. Their mouths had gagged and their hands tied behind wooden poles as the imperial arm came out holding hand guns. Square shape and nearly weighing ten pounds each, these guns had been especially design to hold anti-magic bullets and cut through barriers with enough power. As a young lady was dragged to the execution spot she struggled against her captive only to cry out in her last breath. 

“O Guiding mother from whom humanity was birth
I pray to thee, that my rage be not forgotten with my death
May my hatred bring down fire to scourge the Earth
And may I take a hundred lives with me as I breath my last breath!”

It had been the first and last time Julian had witness a witch cast such a powerful spell. She had only been on the Level of the Lord, but the sky seemed to burst open as though hands had torn the blue sky asunder. The calming blue sky had turn a boiling red and from above, fireballs ran down from the sky as though the world was ending. Entire bodies were burnt to crisps. The screams of the people echoed throughout the execution square as buildings were flaming orbs collided into buildings and brought them tumbling down. The witch had used all of her magic to cast an immortal level spell. And as she dropped to her knees, she did nothing as the fire fell and consumed her, along with the condemned and all of the soldiers which had been ordered to carry out the execution.

With one spell, a single witch had killed hundreds. One immortal spell had such devastating effects. And the Princess of Narnia was, again, the most powerful witch alive. 

Julian could not trust her. How could Julian trust her when with a single spell, she could wipe out hundreds if she so desired? 

As she finish the male spoke softly to her. “Princess of Narnia… how can you not see the hypocrisy which drips from your tongue. You dare stand before me as though you were meek and mild knowing few where that you, and you alone, are the strongest being on this planet. The greatest threat to humanity is you and the witches who flock to your kingdom. I may not possess the technological ability to destroy you yet but do not misunderstand or misinterpret this visit. I’ve come only as a courtesy to give you a warning. Humanity will never again be enslaved by witches.. And i will carry out the will of my father and wipe each and every one of you from existence. Humanity no longer needs witches. We need technology for that alone will save us.” 

As he finished those words the holograph cut off and Julian exhale slowly. He’d hardly notice that he had been holding his breath. Turning towards his lieutenant however, the prince closed his eyes before he spoke. It’s time we began looking to harnessing Nuclear  and solar destructive power. The only way to kill a goddess is to harness the power of God himself.”

RavanyaEmera   57d ago


Emara was watching the holo-screen in front of her. She'd been getting a lot of messages from the newly made King of Rome. She knew what he wanted, and he wasn't getting it. Her kingdom was proof that the Magical and Nonmagical could live together in peaceful times. But King Julian wouldn't hear of it. Raised on the rot of his father before him in the belief that all Magical folk were some scourge from the Gods meant to wipe Humanity from the Earth.

Though it was true that in the histories, there were witches and warlocks that once they gained a certain power, they had turned on the very people they were meant to protect, and back then there weren't proper laws in how to police the magical folk. Times had changed, the guilty, the truly guilty, were punished to the equal extent of their crimes. And in such, showed that there were no more evil people in the witches and wizards, than there were in humans.

She had been ignoring his plans to meet, she didn't want him in her kingdom unless there was a chance at peace between them. But every time he came to her, it was the same line of nonsense. Handing over the witches of her kingdom, which any one new she would never do. And also meant handing over herself and her family. She wouldn't back down from this. She would protect her people. She would not use her own magic unless she absolutely had to.

She was known as a very strong Witch, one of the strongest in a few generations. She was one with Immortal magic, and she was very skilled with it, too. But she only used her magic when it was necessary. Smaller magic was easier, and it mostly harmed none when wielded properly. But the bigger spells she only used as last resorts. The biggest spells she used freely were more along healing spells.

She had received yet another message from King Julian, yet again requesting an audience. She refused to see him in person so long as he wished ill will to those in her kingdom. She sighed and straightened her clothes a moment before she tapped the screen to send a holo-call to King Julian. She waited for the call to connect, showing the hologram of King Julian standing before her.

“King Julian….”

She greeted him as she always did. Curt politeness and nothing more. As always, he was quick, straight to the point of what he wanted. That she give in and turn over the magical folk of her kingdom to his rule. She sighed softly and squared her shoulders.

“Once again you have demanded something from a kingdom that is not only not yours to rule, but that sees what you are doing as cruel, inhumane, and morally corrupt. I have already explained to you countless times that it is possible to live in peace with magical kind. We do so everyday, and do not have near the amount of catastrophes as your own kingdom. I have made it clear that I would be more than willing to help you understand how to govern in ways that keep both humans and witches safe in a home of peace. Saying that all witches are evil would be like witches saying all humans are evil. We both know that is not the case. You cannot keep blaming a race on the events that happened in the past. I am sorry, but once again your demands are denied. I will not turn over my people to such barbaric and archaic ways. We have achieved peace, and only wish to help you reach the same.”

He again would not hear her out, and she hadn't held her breath for him to. No one changed overnight, especially with a lifetime of hatred shoved at them. She kept quiet as he went on about how she was a walking lie. Pretending to be meek when she was the strongest Witch in generations. The difference was she didn't rely on her power to rule her people, she didn't need to. She didn't use her power in such a way, by choice. Anyone in her kingdom would attest to that. They didn't fear her, they respected her and her family. She had just recently turned twenty-eight, she was considered old enough to rule as Queen instead of Princess. Her father had passed a few years ago, and her mother was willing to step aside as Queen to allow her daughter to rule. It was all set up. She would be coronated in three weeks' time.

He cut the call as soon as he was finished staking his claim that she was a hypocrite and that he was merely giving her the courtesy of a warning of what was to come should she not “see reason”. She took a deep breath and sighed before marching from her room to where her advisors and staff awaited to hear the newest update on the back and forth between Kingdoms. She looked to them all when she entered the room, her mother also sitting there in wait. She met each pair of eyes with a tired but determined look. Lifting her chin she would speak in her usual calm and collected manor.

“King Julian once again fails to see reason with talk of peace and continues to demand that we give up the magical from our kingdom for wrongful disposal. I can only hope that things can get better before they get worse, but until that hope works out…. I have a new decree. Mother…. with your blessing….. let it be known that all whom seek peace, Magical and Nonmagical alike, are welcome to the Kingdom of Narnia. I fear that a war is to come, but we are a kingdom that fights for peace, not for genocide….. No matter where they come from, if they can abide by our laws for peace, and accept consequences to their actions based on our laws, then they are welcome here.”

Mr-XMeredith of T'el   56d ago

Meredith of T'el

“Left, Left, left right left! Left, left, left right left!” The harsh calling of the military cadence seemed out of place seeing as it was coming from a dainty little girl with baby blue eyes and the hair the color of freshly brewed hot chocolate. However, as that voice called out for the cadets to march single file the fact remained. T’el was one of the richest suburbs in the nation of Rome. It was said that anyone who had been lucky enough to have been born there had it made. Despite this the men still followed the sound of her voice because what came next was the beauty of a cadence. 

Meredith’s voice had a sweet sultry lure to it so whenever she led the new recruits to one section of the training barracks to the other she’d always lead them with a song. Though, most would say that her song choices were…morbid to say the least. Despite the cheerful deposition of the girl and the beauty which she possesses, not many stay friends with her long. There were several screws loose within the beautiful nogging of hers and as she marched them down to the chow hall she turned upon her feet and shouted out in  a loud voice. “Alright you future dinner for maggots!! Time to eat chow! Enjoy this meal like it's your last because you never know when you might be food for the maggots in the ground.” Those words were followed by a giggle and the commander sticking out her tongue before waving them all in.

While most people choose to view the world through cherry tinted lenses, the young nineteen year old never had that luxury. From the first time she flew through the air she realized that she was born to die. A noose was wrapped around her neck and she had been balancing on the execution stool since her first spell was cast. At fourteen she showed up on the doors to the military academy leaving behind her family, friends and teachers. Everyone knew that she was lying about her age. But with that conviction and her relentless drive to be the best it wasn’t long till she was promoted and climbed the ranks and eventually she became the instructor of the very same academy she once lied her age to get into.

This was the way she lived her life. A witch in plain sight.. The only two spells the girl from T’el allowed herself to use was invisibility, firstly, so that at times she could sneak out and walk the streets searching for people like her. Secondly was sensory magic. When the witch hunt first started there were witches who were offered immunity in exchange for hunting down and betraying their fellow kind. Those witches were referred to as the  Bluthunde. It’s say that the lieutenant of the kingdom of Rome came from  a descendant of the Bluthunde and was the only Wizard allowed freedom because he worked so closely with Julian Cox himself. 

Chills went down her spine as she thought about how anyone could willingly betray their own kind like that. As a fellow teacher instructor came up beside her she looked at him as he asked her if she was cold. Giggling, she rolled her eyes as she spoke softly. We’re taking these young innocent men and women and turning them into cold-hearted machines to the empire. Of course I feel cold.. The same coldness we all feel when we breathe our last breath.” Stepping away from the chow hall she spun on her heels and blinked eyes once more. “My shift is almost over, been up since 1 am. I’m going to head to bed.”  She spoke as she looked down at her clock which read 8 Pm. 

In truth, Meredith of T’el was slipping out of the base using her invisibility spell. Despite the fact that the Bluthunde had been given a reduced sentence of life imprisonment, their children were given no compensation at all. She’d seen it herself… several starving children of witches struggling to survive in this cold world. Those that were captured were place in collars that suppressed low level magic. Most witches were born only capable of using infant or in rare cases, Magi level magic. It took training to climb the ranks. So those that were captured were-more times than not-sold into slavery and used for all vile practices. Most often slavery of the pleasurable type.

Looking around the girl made sure that there were no cameras before she made herself visible again. It had been a week since the message that all witches were welcome to Narnia had reached Rome. Meredith, being the head instructor at the military academy, along with many others, were selected to meet personally with Julian. She’d seen him many times in person but had never expected him to be so young or evil. She hadn’t meant to use her magic but she couldn’t help it. The prince’s bloodlust was so great that it suffocated her. She couldn’t breath in her presence. 

“Three weeks.. In three weeks time our scientist will be able to harness the power of the sun and test out our newest weapon. The “Tod durch Feuer” it’s a cannon which has the power to incinerate anything in it’s path and is equivalent to Immortal level magic. So let the witches feel Rome to Narnia freely… I rather destroy all the cockroaches than spend the rest of my life stepping on them one by one.”

The girl had several black markets and had help the children escape before. As she turned left and walked down a step of stairs into the dingy basement she exhaled and inhaled. Pushing open the door she was instantly greeted to the sight of little children chained to walls. Each one with a magic suppression collar around their neck. Some were older teens, and some were clearly barely six or seven years old. Both men and women were walking around the basement examining, touching, and talking about which one would be better suited for which acts of depravity. 

In the past Meredith had resisted reporting the place to the authorities because she'd bought the freedom of several children and helped them be adopted. Her family knew this was why she’d secured the position she had. Looking around, the girl always had a cheerful look on her face. She never cried. 

So when she felt hot burning drops of tears drip down her face she was surprised. Frustrated by surprise. Exhaling she placed an ear piece to her ear and waited.

Breathing harder and harder she waited through her tears. Each one falls for the abandoned children that were cursed to be born to either live their lives as sex slaves or die before reaching adulthood. As footsteps came barreling down the basement and the sound of guns being drawn shocked everyone, there was massive confusion but Meredith had once more turned invisible. Sobbing silently in the corner she’d watched them round up the slavers. 

They wouldn’t be executed for being slavers.. No, they would be executed for allowing these innocent children to live. So she watched as one by one they were shot in the back of the head. Her eyes turning a blurry red as she watched what came next. Clasping her hands together she prayed for the soul of each and every one of the children that were place on their hands and knees and had their light snuffed out. 

“On Tuesday, October 10, an entire underground trade of witches to be used as weapons against humanity was found and reported by local Military Academy instructor Meredith of T’el. For months she had been investigating rumors of abandoned orphanage children being trained to rise up and kill humans. But thanks to her, those witches, and the filthy race traitors who’d-in their greed would kill their own brethren-were put down. Now. Meredith has been promote from Academy instructor to a newly appointed commander of the newly form M.O.P Mobile observation police force. Together this new team will be investigate sightings and rumors of witches.”

Lies. All fucking lies. Exhaling Meredith looked at herself in the mirror as her blue eyes looked herself up and down. She’d become the very thing she hated, a Bluthunde. And she’d done it no less off the blood of children. Exhaling, she dried those tears before they could fall and swore to herself that she’d killed Julian Cox herself for the misery he’d caused. 

~ Elijah, Twin A

Elijah Dyer was in his room looking down at the world from his expensive apartment. Watching the cars fly by. Neon lights compete to be the flashiest.

He was once asked how it feels to lose himself. His mind to be exact. How can one kill another being without remorse?

“It has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the contrasts with what you felt before. It must be terrible for a happy person because he loses his happiness. A sad person, on the other hand, loses his grief and I say it is liberating as fuck not to feel anything. It makes life easier… to not feel anything.” before the witch kneeling before him could answer, at that time he was a simple soldier, he sliced the witch's neck. His head cocked for the side watching the crimson liquid slide down his neck. Watching it choke on its own blood. Imagining it was his twin instead of whoever he is made him grin.

Elijah has seen much death. Professionally done and unprofessionally. Only a handful of witches who managed or dared to speak became memorable. Occasionally he would find himself thinking about their conversations. Today seemed to be one of those days. Rightfully so it infuriates him. if he wasn’t careful, and doesn’t nip it in the butt, he would think about his past. His childhood to be exact, and that always made everything worse.

Family is supposed to love you. Yet he never got that love. Not in the way he wanted it at least. Nothing like feeling like an outsider and worthless in what was supposed to be your home. Not anymore. He did everything possible to get to where he's at now. He was a witch Hunter or what a few elderly gifted would call a Bluthunde which meant being a witch who betrayed their own kind.

Today is supposed to be his day off. Yet he had nothing planned. Nothing fun. He’ll be working but in regular clothing. His first stop will be the lab. They've been working on a way to get rid of their past. The things most humans still fear despite how advanced they have become thanks to science. ‘Tod durch Feuer’ is a cannon that will harness the sun and incinerate the witches and wizards. Even if their magic is immortal level.

It took a while for his ride to get him. His soldiers knows better than to slack off. They would be the next candidate to be a test subject in any way needed or simply executed for slacking off. Soliders are meant to protect. Not be posers and assume they can slack off and get paid well by doing so.

With King Oscar Cox deceased it is now up to Prince Julius Cox… correction King Julius to accomplish what his father couldn't. Now isn't the time to hold back. They need to annihilate those with magical powers once and for all.

The Lieutenant was escorted by four of his men when he got there. Each giving them updates on their sectors.


“Three weeks.. In three weeks time our scientist will be able to harness the power of the sun and test out our newest weapon. The “Tod durch Feuer” it’s a cannon which has the power to incinerate anything in it’s path and is equivalent to Immortal level magic. So let the witches feel Rome to Narnia freely… I rather destroy all the cockroaches than spend the rest of my life stepping on them one by one.”

Lieutenant Dyer loved walking in on the scientist talk. He loved walking in and hearing the update on the weapon that would fulfill their new and previous King's wishes. He was given a chip with new data on their progress to give to the King.

On his way out he thought he saw something. Did the door to the basement move? Before leaving he decided to take a quick peek. Might as well check to make sure all suppression collars were on and working. He grabs tablet and began to shock them. Those who withheld a yelp made the voltage increase for everyone.

“Music to my…” something told him he wasn't alone. Obviously, he isn't but why does he feel off? “… ears…” he finished saying. “Kill them all.” The scientists wanted to protest but didn’t. His gut was trying to tell him something but he couldn’t figure what it is. It is better to be safe than sorry. He didn’t care how they died. As long as his orders were fulfilled.

Elijah left as it began. Time to report to the King. It didn’t take long to reach the King. He knocked and announced who he was before entering. Only to see a hologram of the bitch… witch Emara, Queen of Narnia and the fellow roaches.

“Agree. Doctor Eggman thinks within three weeks time they would be able to harness the power of the sun and test out the weapon. Here are the reports my King.” he waited to be told what to do. He can either hand it to the king or install the chip and display the updates for him. “If I may, I think we should increase portal and decrease access to the lab. A new batch of infant and magi level magic users have been captured. With the possibility of two sage.” He reports keeping a respectful distance.

Elijah waited for his orders before excusing himself. He plans to greet the new captures before grabbing something to eat.

RavanyaAveline   46d ago


“Come on! Tighten your stances! We have to be prepared for anything! You heard the Princess's decree!” Aveline shouted as she walked through the sparring ranks as they went through their usual trainings. She watched each set, as well as had those beneath her rankings that watched as well. They were diligent and strong, and their magics were just as broad and tough. But they wouldn't allow for slacking in practice no matter how strong, because it was going to take everything, they had to help keep the peace of Narnia.

To protect the royal family, the city, the kingdom, and all those that called it home. Narnia's army was vast, filled with those of Magic and Nonmagical people of Narnia. Aveline had struggled her way through the ranks, practicing long and hard to get her magic strong enough to get to where she was today. The Princess - soon to be Queen - was the strongest known Witch in generations. Aside from possibly the Princess's kin, Aveline was considered the next in rank beneath that power. This had been part of what helped her to earn her rank as the Lead of the Narnian Army. Peincess Emera ruled Narnia justly, fairly, and it made the place a wonder to live in. For those things, Aveline would lay her life down to protect it.

She had heard the decree that unsurprisingly, newly crowned King Julian still was not seeing reason, and had once more tried overstepping his bounds into lands he had no rule or jurisdiction in all because he wanted to be a bigot like his father. Princess Emera tried not to speak cross of the King Julian, or anyone if she could help it. But Aveline didn't have that same patience. She thought the King of Rome nothing more than a spoiled and pompous airheaded fool who couldn't think for himself and was trying too hard to be just like his father.

She wasn't raised with the Princess, nor near the royal family, but she gave them their all as they always fought for what was right and fair in the kingdom. All were treated equally, and all were judged with the same levels of decency in anything they did good or bad. They were all living proof that this impending war was stupid and the work of tyrannical radicalists. If things came to a war, and that meant giving her life to end it for the good of Narnia and all of Witch kind, she would do so. 

Aveline wasn't one to sit by and let others be harmed for all the wrong reasons. She knew that the Princess had kept out of the fighting because for one, it wasn't fair. Princess Emera knew that if she wanted to, she could wipe most of Rome out in a single spell. But she chose not to do so, as she knew it wasn't the right way to rule, nor was it the proper way to win the war that Rome was stirring. Some seen her as cowardice, but anyone that understood her choices knew that it was one of the reasons that she was the better Ruler.

There were rumors going around that Rome was working on some massive new weapon that was supposed to be able to knock down even an Immortal magic user. Aveline didn't think such a thing was possible, but she wasn't going to ignore the rumors, for that would become her first mistake, and could cost her greatly. Anything new that she heard she made sure the royal family was made aware of. In this, Aveline was left in charge of making sure that the upcoming coronation for the Princess. She would do whatever it took to make sure the Princess got her rightful crown, and she would lay her life to protect them in this ridiculous war that Rome and King Julian wanted to wage.

Among the coming rumors, was one of the Lieutenant of Rome, and how he was not only ruthless and heartless, but he was said to be a Bluthunde. She didn't understand how someone could turn on their own people like that, and she hoped to put an end to all of this as soon as possible. Betrayal and treason were not something taken to kindly, even if judged and juried fairly for their actions and misdeeds. Whatever was to truly come for Narnia, Aveline wanted them to be ready for it.

~ Ezra, Twin B~

Ezra is a wizard. A ‘sage’level wizard. For his family, it's an accomplishment. Only a few of them are that high. Even less are ‘lord level’. Growing up was rough. They would put his ability to the test daily. It was draining. Yet rewarding knowing he's making his family proud.

He wanted nothing more but t play with his brother and focus on school. Despite being a wizard, he was willing to give up is powers. Only because of the constant magic training. It was a semi-foolish thing to wish for. he is proud to be able to wield Magic. If he could give a portion of his ability to his brother he would. He was being treated poorly. He tried to be there for him. Elijah just kept rejecting him. Always picked fights with his twin. Yet they always appear when one is having a hard time.

Like his brother, he thought a way to escape his family was the join the army.

For Ezra, he fooled himself. It just made the others join when he didn't quit after Boot Camp. He couldn't tell them it was rough. He thought a out leaving. Thought about opening a bar instead. How dishonoring would that have been? He couldn't do that. Not when his parents are still mourning the loss of their other child. Alive he may be, he's simply a traitor to his kind.

At first, it was just the males of his family who joined. It was hilarious watching them struggle. Watching them struggle like the way he did. He told them he never said it was easy. He just never complained.

Rumors were rumors. Ezra knew better than to fall for rumors. That was until rumors of their beloved Elijah… he who shall not be named or talked about, Not after he exposed an uncle who went to visit an old friend in Rome and got him killed. Another rumor has it that Elijha was an Bluthunde. Ezra didn't believe it until their uncle’s death made the headlines. Hung like the old days but on a flying car. His corpse dangling on one of King Oscar Cox's escort cars… it was a day to remember.

Ezra vowed to take down his brother. Get revenge for all the witches and wizards that were killed by or because of his brother. To think occasionally they would pretend to be the other so Elijha could have desserts or go see some friends after curfew. He is ashamed to look like a traitor. It took a while for others to not fear Ezra. Some would accuse him of being Elijah sent to trick the young ones into going to Rome. Sentence them to their death.

That is why Ezra doesn't leave Narnia. Not anymore. He wants his kind to know they're safe. In Narnia and with him. Just don't eat the food he's been saving… he will fight you.

Why can't they get with the new world? Times have changed. There are laws in place for them all. Humans and witches. Narnia is now a safe heaven for everyone. Unlike Rome. Humans used to go to them for aid and now they think science will save them. At least that's what the elders yap about.

Ezra was in the second roll. He is regretting going for a run before training. It was impossible for her to notice he was slacking, right? Then again she did demand for him or them to fix their stance. Ugh. An ice bath will be needed after training.

Princess Emara’s decree got everyone worried. Others are prepared. While others are trying to prepare for the worst mentally and physically. Ezra wants to stay sharp. Not just for the Princess, and his family, but for everyone who lives in Narnia in harmony. Fuck, this is all he can think about. That and taking down his brother. There's no way he can be reasoned with. Unless part of Ezra doesn't care after being the reason their uncle died and made headlines.

“Commander Hintari, do you have a moment?” He rubs the back of his neck, he waits for the remaining soldiers to leave before talking. “The lieutenant… I want to be the one… the one to e-end him… lieutenant Elijha of Rome is family” Ezra drops his gaze, “He's actually my twin.” Something the higher up probably knows. Yet here he is telling her about the inevitable. Once he gets the okay from them, he will tell his family his plans of how he believes he should be the one to end Elijah.

Mr-XJulian Cox   45d ago

Julian Cox


Another meeting with the hypocritical Bitch from the kingdom of Narnia. Before Julian could find himself willing to comply with her wishes to meet with him again he needed to be reminded of who truly was dominated in the world. In truth, Julian was a hypocrite of the sickest and most depraved kind. To the outside world he was as cruel and evil a witch hunter as his father had been. Yet, as a finger traced the outlines of ruby pink lips and fingers pulled the chin closer to his none of that seemed to matter. The daughters of Bluthunde, Julian picked out the most beautiful girls to attend to his own personal matters. The magic which they possessed came in handy during these intimate and delicate matters.  And as his body moved against one of his he lost himself in the forbidden pleasures only afforded to him and those closest to him.
Of course, Julian wasn’t a selfish man. Oftentimes he sent girls from his own personal collection to “reward” the higher ups who made progress on their weapons. Whether they got caught and punished was none of his concern. Brushing back his hair he got ready to head towards his meeting with Queen Emera. 

Cutting lines of communication Julian heard the door to his own room in the research factory open up as well. Elijah Dyer. His lieutenant who had some affinity to magic but relied on his own brutal strength to get the job down. As he heard his voice speak up about witches being found in the research lab his eyes instantly went cross. He had warned his men to be careful about bringing his own personal girls to their places of work.

Before Julian had been crown as King, the male had dedicated his life to research and technology. Often times the Prince-now King-was found in his laboratory over seeing the project which Dr. Eggman and his team made. Rolling his eyes Julian spoke through gritted teeth. Yes, I’m fully aware of this update, seeing as I was the one who gave it. Not a thing you would know if you attended the meetings I asked of you. You’ve also missed a young girl’s promotion. Meredith and the formation of the Mobile observation Police. It's a unit you’d be most pleased with.” 

Julian’s voice came out coldly as he headed towards the gentlemen. “The slave trafficking of Witches is getting out of hand. I’ve turned a blind eye to it only because it was easy to bribe the wealthy who partook in it to give us money to complete our ultimate weapon. But with the weapon being so close to operational it's time we took care of our dirty little secret. I want these markets purged from the capital city of Rome. I don’t want anyone knowing about our hypocrisy; it makes us look weak.” 

Walking pass him Julian stopped before he lifted a finger. “One more thing, some of those capture magi and infant level captures might be personal pets to the researchers who work in the lab. Find out who they belong to and have both the witches and the researchers shot. If they’re so sloppy that they were caught bringing witches to our facility I don’t need them alive.” 

~ Elijah, Twin A

Elijah wasn’t phased. It looked like the king soon to be king was about to indulge in what he claims to hate. At time he thinks the Prince or rather King is a hypocrite.

One who has pure hatred wouldn’t even touch them. Not even for their pleasure. At least not that type of pleasure anyways. Not unless it was forced. From the looks of it, it doesn’t look forced. He always turned down the offer to sleep with one. The two he decided to accept didn’t make it out alive…

Should he tell his Majesty that it's his day off? Not that he would attend either way. Those meetings tend to drag long. “Meredith… right. Good for the girl. I don't trust her. If she's as powerful as they say we need to be careful of her. For all we know she wants to be the Queen of Narnia…” Elijah had to fake cough to cover up the laughter that almost escaped. He will donehsy was instructed. All the witch trafficking will be put to an end. It was a nice bonus though. It will be missed.

The Lieutenant couldn't wait to kill the witches and researchers. There are two researchers he couldn't wait to get rid of. One in particular ways rubbed him the wrong way. It was hard to explain why though. “Done. I'll have Meredith help. It'll give me a chance to get to know this Bluthunde.” how many of her kind did she betray to get a promotion? To get the majesty to notice her? What did her Queen or her people do or didn’t do to betray them?

Lieutenant Elijah excused himself before leaving.  Being a slightly paranoid guy, he sent four individual texts that read all the same; ‘My office. 8 PM. Sharp.’ There is a chance the four may know each other but haven't swapped numbers. He won't help someone get private information. Plus it would be three of his best men who provided their loyalty and the Bluthunde, Meredith.

Putting on the hoodie to his jacket, Elijah left the facility. He's been hearing others talk about a new restaurant. Not that anyone told him. It was more som overhearing. Not eavesdropping… Calico Jack is the name of the place. It's flashy on the outside but dimmed inside. So far so good. He was being treated like the others. It was… okay. He got a table to himself in the back where it was a tad darker but yet still visible to everything going around. His choice of drink was whiskey on the rocks. He ordered whatever is the special or most ordered. He pulled out how tablet to start doing his research. After disabling the camera above him.

The restaurant was good. The food is about 8.8 but the overall experience was 9.2 on a scale of 10 being the best. After getting a ride home he showered and geared up for work. He enjoys putting on a freshly ironed uniform. His car was finally back from being cleaned. Inside and out. He drove himself to work. Kayden met him at his assigned parking spot. One of the men he messaged earlier. His disciple. He began to talk to Kayden. The reason why him and three others were summoned. Elijah doesn't trust money or any you can say but Kayden earned his trust. With an hour to spare for the others to meet him at his office, Kayden and Elijah began to prep for the future slaughter.


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