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The Plague... (CLOSED)

By -Pr3ss-
Backup thread

No one is sure how it started or even how it spreads… 

The plague came out of nowhere… and didn't seem to kill unless you got an… unfortunate ability…

The scientists narrowed it down to a gene everyone who gets it seems to have… 

The powers are the only side affect… but the humans don't like those who are more powerful… they plan to take them out…

How would you cope if you randomly woke up with powers you didn't know how to control and people suddenly hated you for it…?

Some are more powerful than others, this, is widely known. Some turned before others, another known fact. Some of the… powers can hurt you, while others, coexist with you. You just have to be careful. 

In this world… where alien artifacts are being discovered… a prophecy stands… that two will rise above the rest and make a name for themselves… who will it be? What will these people be called?


(I know, it sucks, lmao- stop-)

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-Pr3ss-Daisy   59d ago
|| I really don't care. ||


She remembered the day the plague first arrived. Everyone was going crazy. People were turning invisible, catching on fire, or reading others minds. She remembered she was about 18 when this happened and they started taking people with powers in for ‘testing’. To ‘help’ them. The plague killed some people who were unlucky and their body wasn't used to the power they got, or couldn't resist it. Some people who got powers had their body changed in painful ways. Like the girl who grew thorns all over her skin. It hurt for her just to walk. But her power was incredible. She could see the future. She died, though. At the hands of yet another evil human. 

She remembered when people began calling them freaks, abominations, things like that. When the humans began getting scared. Of these people with powers. They donned the name Inhumans. Soon, most people wouldn't take them in their work places. No matter how many good deeds the Inhumans did, there was always an evil one to bring more fear. Upset the masses. Until dead Inhumans began littering the streets. Mostly ones that had just turned and couldn't protect themselves. People were afraid to go near the ones that had a semblance of control over their ability. 

She remembered when that changed. When labs began popping up that made weapons against the Inhumans. They would knock out, not kill. So they could see what made them tick. What that gene was really made of. Where it came from. The Inhumans were disappearing at a fast rate. They were being turned in by family members and close friends. Betrayed by everyone they knew before they turned. Before they got the plague. Some people saw it as a curse. And some people wanted to turn. Some people idolized the ones with powers, others wanted them dead. Some people who turned saw it as a new beginning, others couldn't even look at themselves. 

She remembered when groups to protect them showed up, and when she joined one. How they were shut down. She remembered when they began being denied things like healthcare from certain hospitals. She remembered when, one day… she too got the plague… 

But that was just the beginning. Now we get to her current chapter in life. 

Daisy woke up. It had been months since she got the plague, and she was a natural with her powers. She was great with them. No one knew she was an Inhuman yet. She could hide it, thankfully. When she first got her powers, things around her would shake. Buildings, the ground, everything. People wrote it off as random earthquakes. Nothing to worry about. She wasn't discovered. She slipped out of bed, flinching slightly when her feet touched the cold floor. She padded down to the kitchen, in a tank top and shorts. 

She lived in a huge house. Her father had been super rich, one of the richest in the world. Was the leader of a… company. Or group. Whatever you wanted to call it. She inherited the money and his position as leader when he passed. They were the only ones that knew she was Inhuman, and they would never tell. Her dad only kept loyal people around, and they were now loyal to her. She even had a few Inhumans in her group as well. She was going to start seeking out Inhumans. She was going to make a save haven for them. Her father owned a lot of land up in the mountains, super off the grid. She was going to build there. 

She sighed and poured a cup of coffee. It was quiet right now as her butler had not arrived yet. The young man that had served her father as well. And this young mans father had served the family before that. So on, so on. He had been in the group for generations. She glanced around. It was a futuristic house, lots of glass. But the fancy kind that could fog over with the click of a button. And bullet proof of course. Her father had been overprotective when designing it for her. 

It had everything you could ever need. A movie theater, and aquarium, a huge training field, a gym complete with gymnastics stuff so she could practice her favorite sport, a small dojo for fighting, bowling alley, dance studio, ballroom for parties, pool, art room, and other things. It had 12 rooms, 10 bathrooms, 2 dining rooms, 1 kitchen, 2 studies, 5 secret rooms, 2 libraries, and other things. In truth, she hadn't fully explored the house. She would start bringing inhuman here to learn to control their powers until she got the place in the mountains built.

The kitchen was a nice orange color with white counters and cabinets. It had mats on the tile floor that would squish under your feet, making it easier to walk around without slipping. She finished her coffee and put the cup in the sink. Her butler, Anthony, would be here soon and she needed to get ready. She walked to the elevator and it took her to the top floor, where her room was located. She grabbed some clothes, a white turtleneck, skinny jeans, a black leather jacket, white fingerless compression gloves, and black combat boots. She needed to be able to move in case the Inhuman she encountered today was scared and fought back. 

She took a cold shower and then got out, blow-drying her hair. It was a mess. Shew brushed through it, and it began slowly looking like less of a mess and more of her natural wave. She then got dressed, did her makeup and put her hair up in a ponytail. She checked her watch. Anthony would already be here, no doubt waiting for her downstairs. She rubbed her neck and stepped out of the bathroom and took the elevator downstairs to the kitchen. She found him standing there waiting. “Hi Anthony. Ready to go? Today phase one of operation ‘Safe Haven’ starts.” She said as she studied him. “I am ready. I know how important this is to you.” He said with a smile. She nodded and began walking towards the door. 

He followed, somehow getting in front of her in time to open the door. “That irritates me, you know. You always open the door. I am perfectly capable of doing it myself, Anthony." He merely smiled and nodded, indicating he knew, but didn't care. She rolled her eyes and walked outside to the door, and he was there again, holding open the car door again. She raised her eyebrows and got in. It was a white limo. The seats inside were white leather. She sat down and buckled up and soon they were off. They decided to look in the back districts, where Inhumans were frequenting more and more because it was the only place they could afford. 

The limo looked out of place among the cluttered and trashed streets. Some people peeked out of the windows, too afraid it was another lab. They parked and she got out and began walking the streets, looking for her first addition to come to the new Save Haven she would build. 

KanedgySamuel Isen   59d ago

Samuel Isen

A year ago…the world fell apart. People turned on each other. Friends became enemies. Family alienated those who became infected with whatever this disease was. If you were an inhuman, you would be quickly outcast. A fate Samuel was unfortunate to expirence. One of the first to turn, he was alienated from society. He lived in the shadows. His world quickly became a kill or be killed situation. Strike from the shadows…be careful to not be hurt. 

The humans quickly labeled this type of behavior as evil. So, he played the part. Rallying a few others who turned and shared the same anger he did, he founded the “Phoenix Society” a group widely unknown between humans and inhumane alike. Their marking being a tattoo of a Phoenix on their chest. Often covered. Over a year, the group spiked in members. Going from its original number of 5, to 2,000. Naturally, Samuel led them. Doing little protests and recruitment to make the world he now envisioned. A world of inhumans. They were clearly stronger, which meant natural selection should kick in sooner than later.

That was a year ago. He had now been outcast from his own group. They claimed his ideals too rash. Due to this, he quickly went back to the shadows. Even getting his Phoenix covered with a skull. To mark how his closest friends were now dead to him for betraying him. Often, Samuel was on the move. Running from his own people. His power of blood manipulation didn't help the publics opinion of him, either. Because he was one of the first to turn, he quickly gained control over his power. Most of his time in hiding was spent perfecting it. Once again, he had to live in hiding. From the labs…from the Phoenix…even law enforcement. At this point, he was wanted on every government list. There even was a bounty on his head for the crimes he committed during his time as leader of the Phoenix society. Something that he held no regrets for.

Now he kept to the outskirts. Where most inhumans were. At least there, it gave a sense of safety. They also had food stands up. There was an unspoken element of respect and care for one another. They were all hit by circumstances they couldn't help. On top of that, they were discriminated for such. 

They were in the same boat. Most evil ones had found a home for them and their friends. Elsewhere. Because of what Samuel did, though, he was refused help. If he just killed them, it would prove them right. So he refrained and suffered. Starvation ate at him. He began to hunt for his own food. Fish where possible. Fish was impossible to find in this urban jungle, but he kept moving. 

Today, he was walking down the sidewalk. The other inhumans were hiding in the buildings. Samuel felt no need. Until a white limo began driving through. Shit! Already?? It looked like it could be from the government. Taking out his knife, he slashed his wrist. Letting blood flow out, it began to float and rush towards the car. Crystalizing as it got closer. It went through the windows and into the tires. That should buy him some time. Enough to get the fuck out of here! Immediately after, he stopped himself from bleeding and ran into the alley. He knew his way around this spot. Better than most. The government could have a map, though. Especially if they were after him.

Water...he couldn't run for long. He had to hide, and quickly.

Food...his stomach growled at him. It hurt, badly. Maybe being tested on would be least that way he'd have food and water. Not the contaminated stuff everywhere he looked. Pure water...clean food.

The thought made him stop. Shit, dead end. In defeat, Samuel collapsed.

Wait...they weren't here yet. Thank God! Samuel forced himself back up and began to attempt to scale the wall. With much struggle, he managed to get over it. That took most of his strength, though. His body was trembling. Was this it?? So be it. 

Plopping down on the concrete, he accepted his fate. Waiting for death to escort him to hell. Where he certainly would be sent. If it were such a thing. As one does during the end of their life, Samuel began to look back. How many times he was abandoned or betrayed. Trying to survive. His life was normal before the outbreak. As soon as people found out he was inhuman, he was abandoned by his otherwise friends. His family kicked him out. 

Anger welled up in him once more. With all the strength he could muster, he yelled "Over here! Come kill me like you've been itching to do. I'm defenseless..." He was almost certain he knew who it was. The prick who had been on his tail for so long. Sargeant John. It seemed the man had a vendetta against him. He sent whatever he could against him. Even if it was illegal. All the man cared about was getting Samuel behind bars. Which eventually turned into getting Samuel the death penalty. The man no doubt wanted to kill Samuel himself. Something that would soon happen.

 Hand on his stomach, Samuel began to breath heavily. This was it...he was about to die. By that bastard's hands, no less. He never panicked so much by just seeing a car. The color hinted at its owner. All of John's non-military vehicles were white. For a reason that seemed apparent if you heard him talk. Definitely a racist man. Just a reason for Samuel to dislike him more. 

In this world, there was no help for him. Samuel was alone. Completely. For the second time...this time it would lead to his doom, though. God was no longer smiling upon him. Probably because Samuel was far from a religious or spiritual person. Help would be nowhere for someone like him. He was hopeless.

Until he heard footsteps. Boots. Of course. It was definitely someone from the military. They sounded to be steel-toe by the chucking sound they made with each step. Samuel expected a gun to be pointed to his head as the human turned the corner…First, a man. Samuel seemed shocked. Was it one of John's pawns? Did he not want to kill Samuel himself?? Second, a girl. Much unexpected. Especially with John's ideologies.

Samuel didn't want to talk. He just closed his eyes. Accepting his fate. After all, it was what he deserved. Nothing more, nothing less.


He didn't know the term. At least, he didn't practice it. Still, he didn't want to leave earth like this. He felt it too early.19 years wasted. The last year was hell. For others as well, he was sure. He saw the suffering others expirenced. Now, his body could barely move. He felt like he was attached to the back of this brick wall. 

Why is he still here? Anyone from John would shoot him on sight. Could they not be employed by that dick?? That would be preferable. Especially right now. The least thing he wanted was to be met with death. At least not now. Later, he'd accept it.  

-Pr3ss-Daisy   58d ago
|| I really don't care. ||


Anthony got out and squatted to inspect the tires. “I think there is something wrong with the tires, miss.” He said as he touched the rubber with a curious look on his face. “Yeah, probably a scared Inhuman. Let's find them before they do something rash. Remember to be careful. Most of these people are on the run from someone and we probably look like their worst nightmare.” She said as she tightened her ponytail and glanced around. She saw someone quickly disappear around a corner. That must have been the person who messed with the tires. She raised an eyebrow and took off after him, making Anthony call out for her and scramble up, sprinting after her. 

She ran up behind the person, determining them to be a male due to their build and short hair. He seemed to be weak, but still quick as he ran through the alleyways and scrambled up a wall. She paused before turning the corner, after hearing him call out for them to kill him? She rolled her eyes. He must have had a tough time. It killed her that Inhumans had to be treated so harshly. She paused and turned to Anthony. “Be ready for some type of resistance. It sounds like he's been through a tough time and we don't want to spook him. We still don't know what his power is.” 

Anthony nodded and walked around the corner with Daisy following close behind. She scaled the wall with ease and sat on top of it. She studied him for a moment. He looked starved and weak, like he wouldn't be able to get up. But also… familiar. She had definitely seen him somewhere. She glanced around at the brick buildings and the ground he was sitting on that was dusty and dirty. “I must say. You look like hell.” She said as she stared down at him and then dropped down on the other side of the wall. Anthony climbed up on the wall and stayed up there, keeping a watchful eye on the conversation. 

She studied him. “What did you do to the tires? Wait, sorry. I should introduce myself. Hi, I'm Daisy, and this is Anthony, my butler. I am the leader of a mafia. The name isn't important. Anyways. We are starting up on a new project called ‘Project Safe Haven’ making a safe haven for Inhumans. And, eventually, maybe even taking over. Depends on what happens after we get the Inhumans trained. If you come with us, you will have a place to stay until it is built. In my house. You will be fed and free to use whatever you want in my house. The theater, the gym, bowling alley, things like that.” She said as she leaned against the brick wall. 

She closed her eyes and thought for a moment. There were even children Inhumans being killed. Made her angry. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. Looking back at him. That's right. He used to be the leader of the Phoenix Society. But they kicked him out. Her eyes widened and she burst out laughing. “I admired your work with the Phoenix Society. I can't believe they kicked you out. I was surprised when you disappeared rather than make them regret it. You're really good with your power though. One of the first ones to turn I suppose? I'm pretty good with mine, but I always was a natural.” She said as she rubbed her neck not sure what else to say.

“We can make that go away, though. I'm pretty powerful. I could get you a new identity. You could help train new recruits. Maybe one day we can make a world for the Inhumans. Where they aren't killed.” She said with a bitter look. She glanced around, it was dark in the alley. Then again, it always seemed to be dark over here. Because of the pollution. Which is why it was the only place cheap enough for the Inhumans. There was a kitten meowing in a box a few feet away and she walked over and squatted beside the box. “Miss that could be dangerous, you don't know where it's been.” Anthony said, reaching out a hand.

“Oh, shush Anthony. Look at how adorable it is.” She said as she picked it up and cradled it against her, dirtying her white blouse. Her eyes softened as she pet it and it began purring. It's fur was greasy, and matted, and it was thin, and way too tiny to be healthy. She looked back over to, hopefully the new recruit. “So. Thoughts?”

KanedgySamuel Isen   58d ago

Samuel Isen

This girl was a fool. She immediately ousted herself to be inhuman. Automatically making it onto Samuel's threat list. Humans only knew Samuel and that he had ‘accomplices’. Only the Inhumans knew about the name, the Phoenix. Maybe it would be better, being killed by an inhuman instead of an egoistic human. Samuel knew he was pinned. She had a companion who kept above him. Making sure that Samuel kept in line. How annoying. Samuel could kill them both, since his knife is already near his wrist, but he'd hear out the insanity the girl had to spew. What a naive little girl…Her accomplice seemed to be much more battle-hardened than she. Even when she kept boasting about her control over her powers. Samuel found it hard to not manage a chuckle. She seemed to have no instinct. At least the male with her was cautious. Just because they're both inhuman, doesn't mean Samuel would be all buddy-buddy with them.

She admired his work…Interesting. 

A “Safe Haven”?? Bullshit. They'd be pit against the Phoenix…and their new leader. An old companion of Samuel's since the beginning of this outbreak. Samuel taught them everything. Certain weaknesses…including his own. What a mistake that was! At the time, Samuel had no idea they were planning to overthrow him. The only reason he disappeared for the most part, was because he couldn't take them alone. Not with the ever-growing number of members.

Still slouching against the wall, he vocalized his thoughts.

“I think your ideology is quite stupid. After all, a society where inhumans are on top is what I tried to achieve. All to be overthrown by someone who thinks differently. They thought my methods…were inhumane…It fits, right??” He let out a chuckle before continuing. “I have been getting intel from the Phoenix still. I fully plan on murdering them all. With your plan, the Phoenix will get in the way. They'll try to stop you. I know their leader all too well. If you'll have me, and I'd say three others, we should be fine. Not with weak powers, of course. Ms. Earthquake. At this point, I can tell who holds what power, and how common in is based on behaviors. Because I was the third to turn. The other firsts are with the Phoenix.”

He stopped. His mouth was far too dry. His stomach yelled at him for not feeding it. The monologue must be ended short.

“I'll join you. On one condition. I'm not under you, we are equals. We'll have to destroy the society with the future you idolize. The future WE want. I haven't the strength to move anymore, though. You two gave me quite the scare.”

He closed his eyes. The pain consumed him. You could see it in his face. He felt miserable. All he wanted was food and water. Then, he could do his best job. Otherwise, death was calling him.

-Pr3ss-|| Rin ||   54d ago
|| I really don't care. ||

|| Rin ||

She nodded, listening to him, but not really caring. A few people from her team would be meeting here to help, and she was waiting for that. She knew this guy was dangerous, especially with that knife on him. She had deduced that it was probably connected to his power. Maybe… blood manipulation. She wasn't going to try and take it away, though. She wasn't going to make him angry. 

Anthony shifted, knowing what Daisy wanted him to do, but not going to do it. Wasn't even thinking about it. His first priority, assigned by her father was for him to protect her at all costs. Even if that meant he didn't listen to her at times. He was not going to go down there and help get the Inhuman to the car because that could open up several lanes of attack upon Daisy. He already knew what the Inhuman thought of her, and he was not going to take any chances with a pro blood manipulator. He might be able to tell powers, but so could he. He glared at the Inhuman and glanced at Daisy.

Daisy sighed and rolled her eyes at him. He was always so cautious. She also guessed she needed to be as well, but she didn't care. “Reflection. I know you're hiding, come on.” She said as she looked up to the top of one of the buildings where Rin appeared. “Oh, you're no fun, Daisy.” She said with an eyeroll as she jumped to the ground. It didn't seem to hurt her as she threw a piece of hair over her shoulder and studied the new recruit. “That's him? He looks horrible.” She then gave Daisy a hard look that said it all. He also looked like he would betray you at a moments notice. She nodded, having already seen this. “Here. Hold the cat. I'm taking him home.” She said as she handed Rin the cat. She shrugged and held it, patting it gently.

“Anyways, Shadow is back at base. Had another melt down. Almost took out a whole damn section of the city. They sedated her and she's fine now, but you can tell she's struggling.” She said as she squinted at the Inhuman. Daisy nodded. “Where's Spark? I thought he was coming, as well as Riser.” Rin smiled and nodded. “Yeah, they're catching up. They will be here to help with the Inhuman in a minute.” 

She nodded and sure enough they both came and jumped off the building, landing next to Daisy. “That's him?” Riser asked. She nodded and motioned towards him. “We need to get him to the car. Riser, that's your cue.” She said he nodded and flicked his hand towards him as he started floating. He had very strong telekinesis, which helped in these situations. “Well come on then. We need to get him to the house.” She said as she began walking. They all followed with Samuel floating behind Riser. 

When they got to the car they laid Samuel down inside and they all sat down. “Spark. Do your thing. We need to talk.” He nodded and reached over and tapped Samuel on the head, sending a tiny spark through his finger that put him to sleep. “What do you think of him?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. Riser looked pissed. “I think he's a dick. You should have heard what he was thinking about you. If he fought you in battle he sure as hell wouldn't be calling you a fool or anything else, no matter how powerful he is.” he said as he pointed at him.

“I hear you.” Daisy said with a nod. “What about you reflection?” she looked up and rolled her eyes. “He doesn't seem trustworthy. You are straying from your fathers ideology.” She nodded and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Spark?” He grinned. “He seems fun. Like a new challenge. I don't know. He may be a dick, but we have plenty of those back at the base.” He said with a playful shove at Riser. Riser scowled, obviously pissed. Daisy nodded, happy to have someone who didn't immediately out him.

They had arrived at the house and they all got out. Anthony had been fairly silent, so she turned to him. “What are you thinking?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. He gave her a blank stare. “I am thinking that I need to be very cautious. I will be here more often. No arguments.” He said as he tugged at one of his gloves. She knew she couldn't argue with him as this was a risk and he wouldn't sway from her fathers last orders to him. “Okay.” She said as she turned. Riser had Samuel floating behind him as they walked towards the house. 

Daisy followed and opened the doors allowing them to all walk in. “Alright. Get him to a room.” Daisy said as she took her jacket off and threw it onto the couch. “Which one?” Riser asked. “Fourth floor, the one with the gaming set up and the other stuff.” She said. Riser nodded and walked to the elevator.

Once he was inside he glared at Samuel. “She always takes on the dangerous ones. Just like her father. Accept he took on the dangerous ones that he knew he could trust one way or another.” He muttered as he ran a hand through his hair. He didn't want her to get hurt. When the elevator opened up, he walked him to the end of a large hallway and opened a door. the room was huge. The walls were painted black with electric blue lights on it. They were in the wall so it looked pretty cool. The bed was king sized and was higher up with a ladder leading up to it. Under that was a gaming setup and there were TVs all over the walls for anything you could imagine. There was a huge walk in closet and a bathroom attached. He sighed and put him on the bed. 

He glanced around once more and then walked out, sending a message to Daisy as he did so. ‘I’m done.' he sent, waiting for her thought to return. ‘All right, we’ll send a doctor up there in a moment to hook up an IV to him and get him hydrated.' she thought back. He nodded and took the elevator down to rejoin them. Daisy waved him over and he jogged over. “You guys need to talk about game plans for the Safe Haven. What do Inhumans want and need?” She asked as she walked over to the doctor with Anthony close behind and they entered the elevator. 

When the doors opened, the three walked out to the end of the hallway and entered the room. The doctor climbed up to the bed and set up the IV and then climbed down. “He looks fine. He's in good shape other than the lack of food and water and should make a full recovery very soon.” He said with a nod. “Thank you.” Daisy said with a nod. The doctor nodded back and left the room, and soon after that, the house. 

She turned to Anthony and leaned against a wall. They chatted for a bit as they waited for Samuel to wake up. “He doesn't seem to think your plan will work.” Anthony commented. She shrugged. “Well, maybe it won't. I'll still try. And Inhumans are getting stronger with ever day that passes. They will be even stronger if we can begin training them before the labs take them away.” He nodded. 

KanedgyJacob Blythe   54d ago

Jacob Blythe

Damn. This asshole is hard to track. Jacob thought to himself. He left the Phoenix shortly after Samuel was kicked. Hunting him down ever since. Yet not to cause harm. Suddenly, he saw a group of inhumans walk to a car….was that one floating?? Samuel! Jacob ran behind a building to summon a bird. One big enough to carry his weight. Basically a giant hawk. Making a hand sign, the bird appeared out of thin air. Samuel hopped on and trailed the car. They definitely are kidnapping him. He wouldn't trust anyone after what that man put Samuel through. Jacob knew that included him as well. They stopped at a mansion. One that looked like it could be some type of villain base. Jacob landed a safe distance away, before dismissing the hawk and summoning a ferret to investigate. Samuel would recognize it. Hopefully they held no telepaths. That would pose a problem in communication. The ferret came back in a few minutes, claiming it was almost killed and that Samuel was in a bed with some sort of tube attached. Along with some other ferret gibberish. The creatures had quite a tendency to get distracted. Jacob just smiled and dismissed the animal. He'd have to wait. He's outnumbered. Samuel may fight him too. Don’t want to do that again…Last time an entire district was wiped off the map. What was it…? Yes, it was district 4. Located in what was called New York. Sea beasts did not take kindly to being cut while in salt water. Jacob would have to preface he was here to help. To build a little rebellion. These people may be with the Phoenix. Jacob had no clue what was going on with them now that he left. No idea of the atrocious allies they had made.

So, Jacob waited until nightfall.


Samuel found himself floating all of a sudden. The telepath was stronger than he anticipated. Electric boy and glass girl. Very well. Samuel didn't like that they wouldn't just help him walk, he wasn't going to be hostile to them. At least not in his current state. Once he was in the car, he felt a finger to his temple. Before he could revolt, he was out.

Slowly waking up, he was on a bed…was that an IV? Pricking him was their first mistake. One thing Samuel was wary off was Daisy's butler. He couldn't exactly read him. It bothered him. The man must have also been one of the first. A big possibility he turned before Samuel.

He did feel somewhat better, though. If it wasn't for him being watched currently, he may have relaxed. They weren't to be trusted. Especially after that stunt in the car. They'd betray him just like the last ones. Use him for what he's worth then throw him out. Once Samuel realized he was awake, he panicked. Looking for his damn knives. Did they take them? Shit….Shit! Was he defenseless? Was this their plan? Take in some helpless inhuman then expirement. Shit, this did look like a lab. Does the government now have inhumans on their payroll??

Maybe so. Samuel just laid there. Lost, and accepting his presumed fate. Then, he heard a mouse. It seemed different…Jacob! Shit….wasn't he still with the Phoenix? That's not good. Does that mean these people aren't with the Phoenix? Or was Samuel just delusional and Jacob wasn't near? A gut feeling was telling him he was.This lab didn't seem like the place he wanted to be. He stayed quiet. He had no words for such traitors. Inhumans capturing fellow inhumans. It made him sick to his stomach.  

-Pr3ss-|| Anthony ||   54d ago
|| I really don't care. ||

|| Anthony ||

“He's awake.” Anthony observed. Daisy nodded and stood on the ladder so she could see him. ‘Riser, give me a read on him.’ She thought. ‘He thinks we are going to use him then abandon him and that we have captured him.’ she nodded as she received the thought and then studied him. “We put you to sleep in the car so your body could get some rest and we could talk. I doubt you would sleep in front of us any other way. That's an IV, to hydrate you before we give you food. You are also free to leave whenever you wish. We can take you out now, or you can wait until you are better and we can show you where the door is. This is your room which you are free to redecorate however you want, and the door will always stay unlocked unless you wish to lock it. When we do bring you food, Anthony will try it so that you know it is not poisoned. Your knives are in that small case right there. We put them there while the doctor examined you.” She said as she walked back down the ladder to the floor and suddenly got a thought transmitted to her by Riser.

‘There’s someone here. He is sending animals in and out of the house. Name's Jacob. Samuel knows him from The Phoenix.' She tilted her head slightly but gave no indication anything was up. ‘Okay. Tell Reflection to do her thing. Communicate with him. Tell him we are not enemies.’ there was a minute of silence before Anthony sent something back. ‘He thinks we are with The Phoenix and that we have captured Samuel. I will send something to him now.’

She nodded glanced back up at the bed. “You are free to use your blood manipulation. However, if you use it against be or my group, which you are free to join whenever you begin to see we will not use you, then Anthony will not hesitate to protect me. He will not kill you, but he will do what he must to make sure you will not hurt me or my group.” She said before she motioned to Anthony and he followed her out the door, leaving it cracked so he would know it wasn't locked. 

Riser sighed. Samuel was already bringing more trouble than he was helping. He really thought that they were capturing him. After they were trying to help him. They should have taken his knives with the way he was thinking. He rolled his eyes. ‘Jacob. Please stand down. We are not here to hurt your friend, nor are we with The Phoenix. That tube your animal saw was an IV because he is dehydrated. You are free to see him if you want.’ He sent the thought to Jacob's mind.

“Hey. Riser. How's it going?” Daisy asked as she stopped beside him. “He hasn't responded yet. I sent all of his animals out of the house, though. Not sure how he will react to that.” She nodded, knowing nothing could be done about it now. “Okay. Anything from Reflection?” He glanced at her then shook his head. “No. Well, nothing bad. She doesn't see anyone with him, so that's good.” He took a step back and then closed his eyes. Today was annoying him greatly. 

Anthony was watching quietly as he usually did. He did not like how reckless Daisy was being. He glanced around. Blood Manipulation. Pretty powerful. And he was one of the early turners. Hmm. The powers given to each person were usually unique to them. He wondered how his power fit into his personality. He often wondered that about most of the other Inhumans he met. He studied Daisy, his face betraying no emotion. He would protect her. From Samuel. He would not let her get hurt. That was his job. 

KanedgyJacob Blythe   53d ago

Jacob Blythe

Samuel sighed. Their telepath was good….too good. It was disturbing, really. Most people with it went insane and ended it all. There were definitely powers more common than others. Samuel knew that well. After all, the Phoenix had two telepaths. Not even near to this kids level, though. It was impressive. He didn't hear much of what the girl was saying, just he knew that she was trying to reassure him. Then, she mentioned her butler. Of course, he told her about his power. Someone he must be wary off. Someone she was bragging about. Samuel would love to go a few rounds with the man, just for fun. Anthony should know better than to…Samuel would read him almost immediately. There's a reason he was the leader of the Phoenix, after all. So…Anthony and the telepath…two threats…He wouldn't be able to work the way he wanted with them being there. Something he couldn't help, though. “Okay…you realize this Safe Haven plan will pit you against the Phoenix? They number by the thousands. All inhumans. We'd need more than this, no matter how strong we are…especially because of that bastard…” he just couldn't think about information he wanted to keep for himself. At least consciously. Telepaths couldn't penetrate the subconscious. It would basically make them a deity. Sighing, Samuel closed his eyes. Drifting off to sleep.


Jacob was startled as he heard a voice in his head…his animals were running. Only very strong telepaths could talk to much less intelligent creatures. Shit….He told him about they were hydrating Samuel. Even got the tube Intel out of Jacob….this guy was going to be a problem. He was sure Samuel knew that as well. He also felt like he was being watched, but he couldn't see anyone. Even though he felt eyes pierce his soul. Walking to the front door, he decided to answer. Sighing, he replied telepathically. 

I wish to see him. Stay out of my head. I have no wish to fight you and your allies. I'm sure Samuel has realized how annoying you'll be. Sure as hell better than Charles…

Most animals have no consciousness, so Jacob was surprised the telepath could converse with them. Yet, there's always a beast too much to infiltrate their mind. Like Gerudo…Onda…to name a few. Jacob knew he could destroy their base and take Samuel easily, but he didn't want to fight the little gang within those walls. If the telepath was using telekinesis as well, to life Samuel, there was a HUGE problem. Something Jacob didn't wish to deal with. Something Samuel would definitely challenge.

-Pr3ss-|| Aurora ||   53d ago
|| I really don't care. ||

|| Aurora ||

Riser smiled, pleased that he didn't want to fight. “He doesn't wish to fight. He's coming to the front door.” He said as he glanced over at Daisy. She nodded and motioned to Riser to open it. He opened it with his Telekinesis, and they all watched it swing open. Riser then looked shocked for a moment. “Uh- Aurora is here.” He said as he glanced over at Daisy. 

Anthony turned towards her, seemingly studying her for a reaction only he could see. She raised her eyebrows and looked slightly annoyed, but nothing else. However, Anthony it seemed, got a different set of information from that look and turned away silently. “She has Red Shadow with her as well.” Daisy narrowed her eyes. ‘That’s dangerous! With the extent of her powers she needs to be under strict observation until she can control them!' she thought, knowing Riser would hear. ‘We have Spark who can put her to sleep if something goes wrong. You know the two girls are friends. They need a free day at some point.’ She nodded as she received the thought. 

“Get Spark to get them. We can't have them running around freely. Someone needs to be watching them.” Riser nodded and sent the message out. Soon Spark was seen outside, with two young girls in tow. One of them seemed to be surrounded in a slight darkness, like the light got within a few inches of her and then ceased to exist. Her red halo was bright though, and bathed her in an eerie glow. She walked with her hands in her pockets and was slightly hunched over. The other, Aurora, was happy and grinning. She was skipping beside Red Shadow, not a care in the world. 

They were brought inside the house and Daisy took them into a corner at the back of the room. “Aurora, you are supposed to be back at base training. And Shadow, you are not supposed to be out of observation!” Shadow glared at her. “Do something about it. All I do is stay in observation. I've been there for months! I barely get to see Aurora and when I do, there's always a team of people there ‘observing’ my every move!” Daisy nodded. “I know but it's dangerous to be out, and we have things to do.” She said as she ran a hand through her hair. “I wouldn't be worried, accept that Aurora isn't an inhuman, so it will be harder for her to protect herself if something happens.”

She walked back to the others, who were studying Jacob. “All right. Come on. I'll take you to Samuel.” She motioned for him to follow and her, Anthony, and Jacob got on an elevator and went to the fourth floor. She led the way towards his room and knocked before walking in when they got there. She stood in a corner, with Anthony hovering close to her, his watchful gaze studying the other two men in the room for any signs of danger. 

“Okay. Here he is. Samuel, Jacob is here.” Daisy said as she glanced around. “I'll give you guys some alone time to talk.” She then walked out of the room with Anthony following her. She took the elevator downstairs. Anthony glanced over. So?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “So what?” she asked, sounding slightly annoyed. “The two children.” she nodded. “They shouldn't have left the base without an adult present. Especially Shadow.” He nodded. “They are kids. They need to be loved, they need friends, and they need a break sometimes.” He said as he glanced at her. “I know.” She said simply as the elevator opened and she stepped out. 

She walked over. Reflection had come back, and was talking to Aurora. She walked over, listening to the conversation. “What's it like having powers?” Aurora asked with wide eyes as she looked up at Rin. Rin picked her up and smiled. “Well. It's like having something you are really good at. Like a talent. But a talent that no one else has.” She said as she rubbed her back. “I want to have powers!” Aurora exclaimed with a grin. Shadow looked up and raised an eyebrow. “I'm sure you'll get some, Aurora. You're very talented.” She said. Aurora scrunched up her nose. “It doesn't take talent, though. You have to have the gene.” She said as Reflection set her down. Shadow just shrugged. 

Daisy raised an eyebrow but said nothing. She glanced at Riser who was leaning against a wall with his eyes closed and then at Spark who was smiling at the two children. “I feel like I'm the only one who thinks we should take them back to the base.” Daisy commented. Reflection and Spark nodded in unison. “Come on, give them a break!” Spark said and Daisy nodded. “Fine. They may stay. But if anyone gets hurt they go back to base and stay there with the healer.” She said with a small sigh. 

KanedgyKai Ito   51d ago

Kai Ito

Jacob made his way to the front door. Just to see two children standing in front of it. One cloaked in darkness similar to…Kai?? This was a female, though. Couldn't be him. The other girl matched the description of…the torch! They knew about the torch?! These people are trouble. They can't have good intentions with her under their wing. Jacob just waited for them to handle the children before he was let in. Once he was inside, he stayed still. Waiting for their leader. The minions seemed to be staring into his soul. Jacob immediately recognized which one was the telepath. Annoying bastard. Finally, she was walking towards him. She'd lead him to Samuel. He'd get him out. He'd take care of him until he was back to full health. These people are in over their heads. Much like Samuel was with the Phoenix. This will not end well, and he wants no part in it. Some man also followed them. One who was hard to read. This made Jacob feel even more unsafe. The man was studying his every move. Good. At least he knew to leave his guard up. Especially with a summoner. Jacob followed them to Samuel's room. Samuel stayed quiet until Daisy and Anthony left. Jacob was the first to speak. “They have the torch. If we stay, the Phoenix is bound to attack" Samuel twitched. “Of course they have the damn torch. These people are crazy. Even more than I. They hold the same stupid ideology I once had.” Jacob shook his head in disappointment. “Then they must know to hide the torch. If Engen gets his hands on her…it'll be a certain loss.” Sighing, Samuel replied. “They're definitely listening in. Their damn telepath is annoying as fuck. I'm willing to stay, if the torch learns to control her powers….if she's still dormant, we're out of luck.” Jacob chuckled and told Samuel she is. Samuel just groaned, motioning for Jacob to find the group of misfits to tell them. So that he did. Walking out of the room, he walked the way to the elevator. Clicking the star button, he hoped it would take him to the first floor and not somewhere he shouldn't be. The last thing he wanted was to proke the anger of someone in possession of the torch. Dormant or not. This is urgent. When Samuel got exiled, they located the place the supposed torch was. If this was it, an attack would be launched soon. Like within days soon. Suddenly, Jacob got a call. From Kai. Picking up, he told Kai about the torch and the shadow girl. Kai stayed quiet about the shadow girl and just said he'd show up soon.


Damn Samuel. He can't stop getting into trouble. That's the sentence that ran through Kai's mind as he was on his way to Jacob. Kai recieved a distress signal as Jacob saw the torch. Kai didn't know Samuel was also there until Jacob mentioned it on the phone. Also…someone with a similar power as him. One who cloaked herself in darkness…A child. Interesting. Traveling in his preferred form, it was like a cloud of darkness. Rapidly approaching Jacob's location. In this form, there was no mind to read. Perfect for getting around the telepath. He entered the vents, and looked for Samuel. Eventually finding him, he surrounded Samuel's body, moving it for him. Basically controlling Samuel, he got up and immediately fell. Shit. Was he this weak currently? In regret, Kai put him back. Now, for Jacob. Once he found him, he was with the others. Shit, one looked up into the vent. Kai retreated outside. Gathering himself in front of the door, he went into his human form. Knocking on the door, he said, “Hey, mind if I join in on the fun?” 

-Pr3ss-|| Aurora ||   51d ago
|| I really don't care. ||

|| Aurora ||

Anthony slowly turned. “Yeah. Now that you're out of the vents, you can.” He then went silent and studied the group. He didn't like all the random people showing up, but he couldn't do anything about it. It was Daisy's call. He sighed and went back to watching the movements of the group, studying threats closely. 

Daisy turned and studied the newcomer. “Yeah. You can.” She said. The door was still open so she waved him inside. Riser looked studied him. “Kai.” He said, giving Daisy his name. Daisy nodded and was about to speak before she was interrupted by Shadow. “Wow! You have darkness around you too! Does that mean we have similar powers?” She asked as she began walking over but was pulled back by Reflection. Daisy raised an eyebrow. It was the first time she had seen Shadow show this much interest in something.

Shadow paused as she was pulled back but eventually shrugged the arms off and walked up to him. She studied him closely. “Shadow!” Reflection said in a stern tone as she stepped forward and pulled her back. Shadow rolled her eyes and stayed there, still staring at the newcomer. Kai… for some reason she felt connected to him. She walked back to Aurora, and Aurora gave her a comforting smile, trying to calm  her anger. 

Daisy cleared her throat. “So. What do you need? Are you here to take Samuel?” She asked with a raised eyebrow as she studied Kai and then Jacob. “Because as I said, he is allowed to leave, so you can take him if he wishes to go.” She said as she crossed her arms and glanced at Aurora, studying her for a moment. She then glanced back at Kai, wondering why he seemed to have a similar power to Shadows.

Riser studied Kai with a blank expression. If he really was in the vents, how had he not sensed him? He could sense every entity. But if what Anthony said was true, and he had been in the vents, he had no idea he was in there, and that bothered him. “Loosen up, Riser.” Spark whispered as he leaned over with a crooked grin on his face. Reflection had moved closer to the two kids, obviously not trusting the two new people standing in the room. She was eyeing the two new people, wondering what they wanted. If they wanted Samuel they could just take him an go, they didn't have to make small chat. 

(Sorry it's short, I am having writers block, lol)

KanedgyKai Ito   50d ago

Kai Ito

Kai smirked under his mask. “You're the only one who has ever noticed me in that state. Congrats.” he said to Anthony. While Kai was trying to not be touched by Shadow, Jacob motioned for Daisy's attention. “We need to talk…without the children.” Kai sighed. They couldn't even think about it without the telepath stealing the information from them. All he did was groan and say, “Samuel's so much better at explaining it, though. He can't even walk yet.” Kai walked into the living space and remarked about how big of a house this was. Jacob followed suit, and motioned for them to sit. “First, we are not enemies. As long as you don't hurt us, we won't hurt you. Samuel included. The more pressing matter is…If this is the dwelling of that child always around the shadow girl, we are in danger. If not, wherever she escaped from is.” Kai sighed and continued the thought. “That otherwise ‘ordinary’ girl is called by many, the torch. She will light up whoever's path she crosses. Prophesied to be the strongest inhuman to date, whoever side she is on is bound to reach their goal. Which is why the Phoenix has been chasing her down for so long. They recently got a location and are planning to strike. The only life they care for is hers. You can kiss the rest goodbye. Also, don't blame us for this. If we weren't here you'd have no knowledge of this. We're here to help."   

He stopped, letting the information sink in. Aurora was to be protected at all costs. This is something they must know.

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-Pr3ss-|| Aurora ||   41d ago
|| I really don't care. ||

|| Aurora ||

Daisy nodded, thinking about this. This was certainly a new development since she was sure the child was human. But she was already under strict supervision. “I assure you, she is being protected already.” She said as she ran a hand through her hair. She thought for a moment, wondering how they could foresee a power she didn't yet have. She kept thinking and then shot a look at Anthony. He raised his eyebrows and gave a slight shake of his head. He could usually sense powers before they manifested, depending on how strong they were, but apparently even he did not see this one coming. She nodded. 

“Okay. It looks like if they are heading towards where they think she is, they are heading towards the base that holds training and fully trained Inhumans.” She said with a small sigh. She was about to speak once more, but there was a commotion from the other room. Daisy walked into the room to see Aurora glowing a strange blue glow and the flowers outside growing and glowing as well. Her eyes widened. “I can't stop it!” Aurora said, sounding slightly panicked.

Daisy raised her eyebrows. Reflection glanced between the two. “Spark can't put her to sleep. It won't work. You need to calm her down, Daisy." Daisy's eyes widened slightly. “Why me?” Anthony gave her a sharp look. Reflection just looked up with a blank stare. “Because you're her mother and she loves you. But you keep pushing her away.” Daisy nodded and took a step closer. “Aurora, I need you to breathe, honey.” 

“I can't! Nothing is working!” Aurora sounded panicked as she turned around. “Focus, Aurora come on, follow my voice. Breathe. In. Out.” Aurora followed this and eventually calmed down, the glowing stopped and she walked over and Daisy hugged her. She then motioned Spark over and he put her to sleep. Daisy stood up with her in her arms. “Okay, these are new waters. We need to keep Aurora protected at all costs. Not just because she's my daughter, but because she is also too powerful to fall into the wrong hands.” 

She handed her off to Reflection and sighed. These strangers were not supposed to find out that Aurora was her daughter. Very few people knew this, to protect Aurora. 

Kanedgy01   41d ago



Shortly after everyone turned to the torch, the elevator could be heard. Revealing Samuel. “I assume you've told them. We need to either hide or move. Kai, you know what to do.” Samuel said, completely ignoring Anthony and the others. Samuel trusted Kai with what to do. Kai should know what Samuel was getting at. As Kai left, Samuel turned to Anthony, You should kiss whoever was at the base the torch was held previously goodbye. No matter how strong they are, Phoenix has numbers and tactics. I wouldn't be surprised if it was already breached. You are smart enough to know this, I'm sure. We're here to help. You no longer can only protect your leader, but now you must focus on her daughter as well. Leaving her daughter open is immediately putting your leader in danger.”

Samuel said, trying to help. Walking over to where the torch was previously, but now seemed to have disappeared, he told Daisy, “Thanks for helping me. I'll repay it by lending you my powers and people. As long as what Engen wants doesn't come true, I'm in this ‘Safe Haven’ project with you. As are my colleagues. Kai went to get someone that would be more than helpful to us. His eyes are everywhere. He'll let us know if we're being hunted and how close they are.”


Kai followed Samuel's orders. He knew who to find. The first man to turn…Often called 01 by the Phoenix, was one of the many targets the current leader had to claim world domination. Or so he told them. 01's power in itself wasn't completely out of this world but was skilled for what they needed it for. Luckily, Samuel was on good terms with them. Seeing Kai would let the man know how dire the situation truly was. Even if the holders of the torch didn't understand. Kai was sure wherever she was being kept before had been turned to ash. They probably sent Pyro to do it. The man was crazy. Didn't care who he killed. It sickened Kai.

Turning into the black mist once more, He disappeared outside. Travelling so fast it was almost impossible to see him pass, other than the gust that proceeded it. He had to have made it past several states before he reached his destination. The place that was now reduced to a slum. Perfect for someone to hide out. The increasing presence of crows also helped Kai determine that he was on the right path.

Landing down in an alley that led to a door, he turned back into his human form. Knocking on the door, he said something in a foreign language. Something that would let 01 know who he was. Walking in once the door flew open, he told the man, “Samuel needs you. They have the torch. You will be repaid.”


His eyes in the sky told him one of Samuel's colleagues was at the door. There's no other reason for them to be here unless if it was urgent. To the statement by Samuel's friend, he nodded and asked, “I'm guessing you'll transport me there?” Kai nodded as they left. 01 was going to help his old friend. It seemed like they got into quite the pickle because of the Phoenix. After a few minutes, they were at the door.


He stayed quiet. Observing. These people couldn't be trusted, even if they were helping them. Their goals held to much room in between for there to be a miscommunication and all hell break loose.  Jacob knew to be wary of this group. Their powers were strong on their own, but together it was overwhelming.

-Pr3ss-|| Aurora ||   32d ago
|| I really don't care. ||

|| Aurora ||

Daisy nodded. She still had faith that people at the base were handling things without her. They had been trained well. But that all faded away as she took a call and stepped out of the room. It was just breathing for a moment. “Nicky? That you?” She asked as she held the phone up to her ear. “Daisy.” There was a pause before she continued. “I want you to know that it has been an honor working with you.” She paused again, and Daisy could hear how strained her voice was, as if she were in pain, and she suddenly knew Nicky wasn't going to make it. Her face fell as Nicky continued talking. “There are a few people coming your way. Don't lose hope. And don't cry over me. You're my best friend, and I'm just moving on. To a new chapter in life.” She paused again. “And-” But at that moment the phone clattered to the floor and things went silent. She knew Nicky was dead. 

She hung up and glared at the ground for a moment, a new kind of rage filling her. One she had never felt before. She could feel her powers bubbling up inside of her, and she knew she had to let them out before she hurt herself. She walked out of the house and threw her hands out toward a tree, watching as it shattered to piece's, and then collapsed to the ground, screaming. Her scream echoed and the things around her started shaking, coming apart piece by piece. 


Anthony glanced at the people in the room before rushing outside and trying to walk towards her, but not being able too for fear of being dismembered. His eyes flashed red and everything stopped. He walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back as she fell silent. “Who was it?” He asked in a gentle tone, listening for an answer, but not being surprised when there wasn't one. She was just staring off into space. He nodded and just stayed silent, rocking her back and forth. 

He began thinking, thoughts floating by lazily in his head. He knew Daisy well. How she grew attached to the people in the group, building connections with them. He knew the deaths at the base would hurt her, but he never knew how much. But he also knew she was strong and would recover from this, stronger than ever. She just needed a moment. 

“Gimme my powers back.” She mumbled just loud enough that he could hear. Anthony thought for a moment then shook his head. “No can do. I know what you will try to do, and it won't work. Too dangerous.” Daisy shifted and then pushed his arms away and glared at him. “You can't do that. You can't leave me unprotected and without my powers. Give them back.” He raised his eyebrows. “At this point you are more safe without them. I can't have you running off to do something stupid, and you won't if you don't have them.”

He watched as she got up and ran a hand through her messy hair. “You can have them later, when you've calmed down.” He studied her, staying silent as she walked away towards the garden. He nodded, not going to go after her and walked into the house, eyeing the people in the front room. “You can think less of her for that, but just know, it shows how much she cares about the people she works with. I know you think we can't be trusted, and you can think whatever you like, but you better be nice to her or so help me god, you will not live to see another day.” He said as he motioned to Reflection to give him Aurora. Once he had her he walked to the couch in the other room and laid her down, putting a blanket over her. 


Claire was with Angela, and they had just dropped the kids that survived off at a weapons facility. They were now heading to the mansion to see what they could do to help. Claire glanced at Angela. “How do you think Daisy is going to react when she finds out Nicky is dead?” She asked as she glanced around. Angela sighed. “I would be surprised if she doesn't already know. But I think she will be devestated. You know how close they are. And how her feelings can get out of control when she feels strongly about something.” Claire nodded.

Her passion and energy were what made Daisy a good leader in her eyes. She wasn't unfeeling or harsh. She was happy and passionate about what she did and the cause she was fighting for. “We're almost there.” Angela stated from beside her and she nodded. “Well, be ready for whatever you see.” She said as they came up on the front of the mansion. Seeing everything torn apart and the tree in shreds, Angela shook her head. “Looks like you were right. She already knows.” Claire said as she glanced inside the mansion. There were people she had never seen before in there. She studied them for a moment and then motioned Angela over and walked inside.


KanedgyEinar   23d ago


The Puppeteer

“Engen is quite a fool for putting me on this wild goose chase, isn't he?” Einar said to his final victim of the base. It was him and him alone that did this. At least alone in the sense of…well, alive. His power let him weaponize almost anything. He loved to use dead Inhumans, because it would let him control their power as well. So, in a way, Engen was helping. As one of his ‘puppets’ cracked the neck of the last victim Einar realized that the head count was wrong. Some people escaped. “Find the bastards.” Einar commanded his toys. Multiple of the fresh slain Inhumans began to get up. Including Naomi. Looking around once his puppets left to find the two survivors, he found the phone Naomi used. It said ‘call ended’. Perfect. Who didn't love a bit of mind games? Browsing the phone, he determined whoever owned this phone was named Naomi. So, he forced her now cold body back to him. Now, she was nothing more than one of Einar's weapons. He planned on using it to the fullest. “Speak” Einar commanded. Naomi's jaw cracked open, and she said in a whisper, painful tone, “Yes.”. Einar couldn't hold back his excitement. This one was good! Most couldn't speak after he took control of them…and the fact that they were, y'know, dead. Einar dialed the most recent number and had Naomi speak to her. Saying, “I'm okay…barely made it out. Help…me…I can barely move. He left..” Before anything else could be said, Einar shut Naomi's jaw. As the other 4 puppets he sent came back with no luck, Einar commanded them to collapse. Like a ragdoll, they went completely limp. 



He noticed the butler could steal powers. Not good. What did Kai get him into? The girl seemed unstable, and she was supposed to be the leader? Hell no. Suddenly her phone rang once more. That tone…it was a trap. 01 knew, as did Samuel and Jacob. They knew who it was as well. 01 offered to stay back and make sure they weren't attacked here. Jacob and Kai agreed. Samuel offered to go if Daisy wanted him to help and told her it was definitely a trap. 01 perched his crows on almost every vantage point there was around the base. If Engen was involved, this would be quite a drag.


It was hard being the leader of such a rowdy group, the Phoenix. Yet at this point he had basically brainwashed them. Suddenly, he received a call from Einar stating that the torch wasn't there, and he set a trap for whoever was holding them. Good. Engen stated he was on his way now. As long as the torch was there, he had to make sure it was in his possession. For the wealth these damn humans offered him. For his ‘goal’.


Samuel told Daisy it wasn't to be trusted, but if she felt the need to go, he would go with her. She seemed quite emotional at the moment and the call may have set her over the edge. For that, Samuel was keeping his distance. From both Anthony and her. He knew of people stealing powers and knew as long as he didn't have line of sight, he'd be fine. Even if they were working together, it couldn't hurt to keep a guard up.


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