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wait...the shinoojoo...IS YOUR ROOMATE?!

By foodieishere
Backup thread

Y/c is an underground explorer who not really many people know yet and one day whilst exploring a lost old crumbling temple that they discovered while exploring a secluded forest  y/c comes across an old decaying tomb enscribed in an array of old languges some of these including greek,arabic,and egyptian.

  Even thogh y/c doesnt know it all of these enscriptions are warning them not to open the tomb but of course y/c doesnt understand the olden text and opens the tomb hoping to see something interesting and internet breaking but…….there's nothing inside the tomb is completley empty the only thing inside was the smell of death.

  After y/c roams the temple and photographs the temples interior so that they could inform the world of their great find they need y/c gets into their car and drives back to their hotel and after a week of enjoying the sights of the city they arrive back at their house not knowing that the shinoojoo was bound to them forever….

Will y/c tame the great and powerful evil or will they suffer the same fate that others before them have come to death by the shinoojoos extra spicy guacamole?


(Hellooo I have returned! this is the first story line that ive written in a while so dont dog on it too much hehe the character description can be found below Pm me your character desc. if your interested have a great day!)

My character desc.:







Secret fact:


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