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{Free prompt writing}

By Mr-X
Backup thread

This is thread is to help inspire others to write.
Basically the way that this thread works is you are given a prompt and you can choose to write said prompt anyway you'd like. after you've written said prompt you can leave a prompt for others to write as well..
Every post should start off with “prompt taken” and end with “Prompt given.”

To start things off; the first prompt is 
   “ Reincarnation ”

Second prompt:

"Retelling of a fairy tale.”


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Kanedgy     62d ago

Prompt Taken: Reincarnation

Everything slowly faded to black. The last thing you remember is a long buzz sound. That of a heart monitor. Of course, you didn't know what it was now. It felt minimal. It no longer mattered. Everything around you was an abyss. You found yourself standing on thin air as if it were concrete. The air felt like ice on your skin. Goosebumps formed. Feeling each and every one raise, it slowly began to turn into something else. Fur began to grow in place of hair…You could feel your head morphing…Somehow it was painless. Actually, it felt like a good thing. Something about it soothed your mind. Maybe it was the intellect slowly leaving your body, either way…it was nice.

A glowing ball of light appeared in front of you. An ethereal voice declared, 

“You have done well, my child. Live this life to the fullest. As you did in your last.”

Just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared almost faster. Memories of your life flew around you such as film from a movie. A lover…kids…family…parties…friends. It seemed you loved company. Despised loneliness. Addiction problems and addiction looked to be prevalent once something took it all from you. Then you saw yourself overcoming these trials. People came back into your life…congratulated you. Loved you…for you. By now you were much shorter than before. It felt like all four limbs were on the ground. A tear welled up in your eyes as you saw what was. There were many trials, but you always came out on top. You died with those who you loved surrounding you. Peacefully…in old age, at that.

Your grandkids wouldn't get to see you. That was the main regret that came up as the realization of death really set in. You were gone. Alone. In this pitch-black space, that seemed to be even devoid of air. Yet, you didn't need to breathe. Not here. Come to think of it, all you could feel was peace. Not even your body had any feeling yet. 

A glowing door appeared, calling your name. Curiosity overtook you such as a disease would. Walking through it, you found yourself in a forest. Life everywhere. You tried to form a word, but it was just a squeal. You were lying down…struggling to use these four new limbs to stand. Wait…You weren't human anymore. Your first instinct was to go to your mother…who was a deer. That could only mean you were reincarnated as a deer. Everything you once knew began to creep away. Your intelligence, sense of self…Especially the memories of your past life. The eternity it felt like you spent in the abyss no longer mattered. You couldn't even remember anything other than the forest now. This was your home. Every bird, bee, butterfly, and fox shared this home with you. There were also multiple other deer near you. Making noises that made you feel welcomed. They seemed happy for you to be with them. Your mother was quite protective. As was a much bigger deer…Father?? It could only be him. After all, who else would try to protect him than his father and mother?

One thing was for sure.

It was kill or be killed. Being unable to defend yourself was apparent. Wolves would try to kill you. Anything that was carnivorous would, in fact. These thoughts raced through your mind…the last thoughts you would ever have. Now, you were living on pure instinct. By the script that was pre-written for you. No choices to be made.

You were no longer human. Now just an animal…A deer.

Prompt Given: Absence of Sound

Mr-XJulian Cox   62d ago

Julian Cox

Prompt Taken “Reincarnation.”

Pain… It shot through my body as I struggled to fight off the horde of senators who had been plotting my demise secretly behind my back. All this time I’ve given my life, body, heart, and soul in service of the republic and in order to honor my lineage. Caesar. Imagine my surprise when, upon the ides of March, at the theater of Pompeii, those whom I’d served with would descend upon me like vultures. My hands tried vainly to fight back but everything was a blur; nothing could be heard except for the sound of voices calling for the death of a tyrant. But who? Who was this tyrannical ruler by which they’d determine to strike down so viciously. It was not I. Caesar. Certainly not. 

Falling onto the floor I felt my chest burn as I wheezed. Each breath I took was like consuming fire and as I looked upon those, my eyes widen in horror. Quintus Servilius Caepio Brutus was among those whom would see me dead? It was to much, to much for anyone to bare. Before the world fell to darkness I felt myself shouting but those words I said were lost to time and space itself..

“Julian.. Julian Cox? Did you get all this?”

When I was a servant of Rome I believed that when one died their soul would go down to Hades. I, being a pious man, did worship the gods as much as any other Roman should, but I never imagined such a thing as reincarnation could exist. Well over two thousand years have passed since my death and I was born a son of a wealthy businessman. Compared to waging war against the enemies of Rome and being literally stabbed in the back by other senators; the world of modern day politics was easy. Climbing through the ranks, I slowly climb my way from wealthy son, to politician, to president, to modern day Dictator of the United States of America. 

Convincing the American populous to give up their freedom in exchange for security was no easy task but everything which I’d learned in my pass life had help me achieved this goal. Running my hands through my hair I blinked as I woke up from my nap and looked at my head security guard. Bruno, Bruno was the name of the man who ran my security team. As I looked at him and as he spoke to me I nodded my head. I understood him clearly. “I did.” 

Turning around he looked at me with a stern look upon his face. The look was strange and a foreign look which I’ve never saw before despite knowing him all these years. “What’s wrong Bruno?” My voice came out softly as I stood up and pulled back my sleeve. As I glanced down at my watch, I check the time and it was March 15, 2044.

March 15. 

Before I even had time to move out the way I felt it. Being knocked back into my chair my eyes widen as I saw the male I once trusted once more betray me again. A silence was wrapped around his pistol and as he aimed it at my head I snarled. “You’re going to betray me again Bruno. You’re going to kill me again!” 

Looking down he huffed as he spoke hoarsely. “If only you didn’t become a tyrant again, Julian.”
Than everything went black. 


Prompt given; Fantasy. 

Mr-XPeizhi   53d ago


Prompt taken: “Absence of sound”

Imagine never hearing the voice of a loved one or the sound the birds make whilst singing to one another. Being lost in the sea of silence and moving through the world unaware that lips which moved could produce sounds. The strings of the harp being pluck by fingers was naught more but mesmerizing but one couldn’t hear the melody which it sung. Peizhi, the son of the emperor’s concubine, had been born deaf and lived in a world filled with the absence of sound.

A servant in the Jasmine palace his duties often comprised of being the one to whom served the Emperor’s tea during his private meetings with the generals when discussing matters of the utmost importance. Since he couldn’t hear, he was the only one trusted being privy to secrets and wisdom of the one who sat upon the throne. Despite the inability to not be able to hear, that didn’t mean he was stupid or naive or ignorant. The young 19 year old boy still possessed a great deal of shrewdness and indeed could read the chinese letters which passed from hand to hand.

The emperor’s court was filled with protocols and proper etiquette had to be followed to the utmost importance. Everyone had to well their finest robes when the emperor approach and no one was allowed to stand whilst he was sitting. As the young boy came in with the tea he knelt down  beside him and set the trey onto the ground. Nodding to him the emperor gave him a nod and spread his hand out showing him a sign that he could continue on with the pouring of the tea.

Inhaling, the prince began to pour the tea. Of course he couldn’t hear the voices which began to talk about him. Nor could he hear the pouring of the tea into the cup. With his eyes he watched it filled inches below the brim before pulling it away. With his task complete he sat down beside the emperor and continued to exist in the world absent of sound. 

Prompt Given: “I am the one who'll sit on the throne.”


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