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The Demon in the Mountain (CLOSED)

By Ravanya
Backup thread

Moving to the countryside was supposed to be better for Emera. After losing her mother at birth, and her father in a car accident just recently. Her Aunt was out traveling with her new boyfriend, and so left her country home to only niece. Emera took this as an opportunity to try and refresh her life from the pain of her father's passing.

What Emera doesn't know is that the countryside town has a hidden secret that not even the townsfolk know about.

The town of Bridgebrooke is established in the forest and amongst mountains, some roads and homes placed within the very mountain side. The mountain and forest is full of caves and fields and valleys that can be explored, though mostly the townspeople leave the mountain be, save for maybe a couple of teenagers looking for some privacy.

On the day Emera moves in, the memories become a bit overwhelming, and she goes hiking to try and clear her head. Once she's been out for a while, it starts to rain and she's forgotten her umbrella at home, which forces her to duck into a cave to wait out the rain. A chance meeting with an animal has her backtracking deeper into the cave until she finds something more dangerous than the animal.

A Demon.

Trapped there by chains of gold and silver, engraved in odd runic markings. Thinking it a joke, Emera wanders closer. That was when piercing eyes stared her down in anger and she realized it wasn't fake. This thing was living, breathing, and dangerous. He couldn't break free from his binds, and she wasn't strong enough to break them, though she would visit him when she could, bringing him things of food here or there. Slowly learning of the man behind the demon until she comes back one day with tools to try and release him from his prison. It would either be a good idea, or it would end her life.

When the chains were broken and removed, it soon became apparent that the demon was now bound to Emera instead of the chains! Such as the sigils would have read, that the Demon was to be contained lest he kill and wreak havoc amongst the humans of Bridgebrooke once again. Now Emera has to figure out how to live life with a grumpy Demon attached to her.




There will be a 2000 character limit on posting, I do not expect a post everyday, but if you are going to be longer than three days, please PM me and let me know. Posting starts with Emera moving in and going from there.

You may choose what kind of Demon he is, and his abilities. Any questions or suggestions you can PM me.

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RavanyaEmera   62d ago


“I still can't believe how many boxes I needed….” Emera said to herself as she looked over the boxes that now filled the country house. With her Aunt Terra off with her boyfriend, traveling around, it left Emera able to live in her country home, not that she lived there much anymore, anyways. Her Aunt lucked out and started dated some well-off CEO of some major company and was able to go on many vacations and travel with him for his job. She had offered Terra to go with them when her father passed, but Terra wasn't about that busier life. In fact, she was sure that she would be happy to never have to deal with a big city again.

That was when her Aunt told her that she still had her home in the countryside, and Emera snatched the chance. The moving truck had showed up early that morning, and she had helped them move things in. Now she looked around her new home and grumbled about how she hated moving. Everything was a mess and she had to find a place for everything. Thankfully the movers helped place the furniture, so she only had the boxes to go through. Which took her the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon before she decided that she needed a break. The kitchen was done, her bedroom was done, and the bathroom was mostly done, so at least essentials were taken care of. 

Her Aunt's place - her place - was off in the forest on the outskirts of the town, with a long driveway to the main road that led in and out of town. Looking out the window of her bedroom, she decided that she needed some fresh air, and some time to think, so she would go for a hike in the forest around the house and learn the area since this would become her new home.

The landscape was beautiful, a vast variety of greenery, various thick trees that had been alive for many, many years and still growing. She took a deep breath of the crisp air around her as she walked farther into the woods. Bushes, shrubs, flowers, weeds, grasses, fallen limbs, dead and fallen over trees, and she would even see the occasional animal that wasn't afraid of a human in its territory. A doe and its faun skittered off from her as she disturbed their grazing, and there was an occasional bird in the trees. A stray cat startled her once and she had to slow her heart after that.

As she managed to regain her composure, there was a rumble of thunder in the sky above and she groaned. She'd left her umbrella back at the house, and she wouldn't make it back before it rained. As if on cue, it began to downpour. She cried out at the sudden wall of cold water that came baring down on her and she sprinted off, looking for anywhere to get out of the rain to wait it out.

Someone above must have been smiling down on her, as it wasn't long before she managed to find a cave entrance. She ran inside panting hard to catch her breath, then slid down the wall of the cave to sit awhile and listen to the rain until it let up enough to get her home. She wasn't sure how long she was there for, but she seemed to have nodded off for a bit, as she felt something against her leg. Looking down she noted the tail of a snake brushing past her. She gave a scream and jumped up backing up farther into the cave to get away from the snake.

KanedgyC H O S E N   61d ago


A war…between the five domains of earth. Angels, Demons, Fairies, Giants, and lastly, humans. The Angels and Demons were on the forefront of the war, leaving the other three domains to pick a side. If it weren't for those damn humans, with their sly tactics and deceptive nature, the earth would still have the five domains. Due to what the human king did, each domain was banished to their origin plane. Demons being Purgatory, Angels being heaven, and Giants and Fairies are so rare on earth that humans nowadays regard them as folk tales. Including Angels and Demons, since most are back to where they were created. 

That is, other than Seizan and two others. It took thirty human mages to restrain the three. To Seizan's knowledge, his companions are either dead or far, far away. Not worth looking for. Especially when he's chained up in a cave. He knew not how long he's been in this god-forsaken cave. Centuries…maybe even millenia. Starvation caused his body to eat itself. Which made Seizan quite unhappy for his regeneration power. As long as he had enough blood, he could regenerate. Which was the only thing keeping him alive. Even when death is all he could ask for. Starvation was a special kind of pain. One he didn’t take kindly to.

Once in a while, a curious creature would get a bit too close to him and his mouth. Which caused him to eat it. No matter what it was. Reptile, insect, mammal. It made no difference to him. As long as it could relieve him of the pain he was constantly in. It made him angry. His resentment towards humans reached a point where all he could think of was revenge.

Only thing keeping him sane was rainy days. It gave him a chance to try to break these damn chains. Thunderstorms spiked his power. His reign over lightning gave him a slight shred of hope to break out. As soon as he was, humans would begin to be exterminated. The only motivation to not completely give up…revenge.

Ah, it is raining now. Seizan let out a deep growl. On cue, lightning struck the chains, leaving a shrilling pain throughout his body. The chains seemed to be sapping and absorbing his power to better restrain him. On cue, the chains tightened. Seizan let out a slight gasp of pain. It hurt. More than hell itself. Hell was actually nicer than this fate he found himself bound to. At this point, he’d much rather hell than whatever this predicament he found himself in. He tried a few more times, just to be met with no luck and weakness overtaking his body.

A snake…Food! 

Seizan struggled to move his body closer to the snake. With no luck, he remained still. If he acted like a statue and slowed his breathing, maybe the snake would slither right onto him.

A shrilling scream filled the cave. Not coming from a snake. A human?! Here?!

Seizan opened his eyes. His pupils shone in the dark. The red hue they held like ruby might spike the human’s greedy nature. If they were to get too close, he’d rip off their arm and eat it. Finally, some food. Better than these damn insects.

He stood still. At this point, he was barely breathing. If the human wanted jewels, they would go to his eyes. To be met with razor-sharp teeth ripping at their arm.

He held back a smile. Humans think they’re so great, but in reality they are far from that. They got lucky during the war…what did the Norse call it? Ragnarok? Yeah…except they believed it to be gods versus humans. What an ego humans have! It amused Seizan. The thought of it almost made him chuckle. He held back, though. Knowing he had company.

The thrill of this was the first in what seemed like eternities. A kill…one who would realize their mistake as they looked into his eyes. He was getting antsy just thinking about it. The chains were keeping him from moving anything but what was above his neck. Good thing for the human, because if not, they’d be long gone. All he had to do now was stay still. Lure the human. Still as stone…The rain seemed to give Seizan some much needed energy. The pain of starvation slowly felt less real. Just focus on the human…prey. Hopefully these damn chains don’t stop him from killing them. If that were the case, Seizan would be more frustrated than ever. Damn mages! The thought even aggravated him. No, stay still. These damn chains even glow, hopefully they see my eyes… Seizan twitched. The snake was close now. Food…Wait, the human! Eat them! Just wait a bit longer…what more harm could a few seconds do? Last time he ate had to be at least a few months ago. Patience….Patience…Seizan was fighting a battle with himself at this point. He couldn’t give himself away…These humans are dumb creatures. They'll only notice him as sentient if he moves. Otherwise, Seizan was certain he could fool a human. Even with their sly and cunning nature. Greed in humans outshined aloof that. Which is what he was dependent on…Greed. Every human held some sort of greed. Just some more than others.

Now…he must wait…the snake began to wrap around his nec

RavanyaEmera   61d ago


Emera retreated deeper into the cave to try and get away from the snake that had startled her. This proved to be the wrong idea, as she found that more than one snake seemed to call this cave their home. She ended up dodging a couple more snakes, deeper and deeper into the cave until she dropped finally away from them, she thought. She was panting for breath and realized that with the canopy form the trees, the storm outside the cave, and no other light except the mouth of the cave, she couldn't see very well where she was.

She tried glancing around the darkness to adjust her eyes, but that didn't help. Though she did note that somewhere, a few yards from her into the darker parts of the cave, there was something glinting and red. She thought maybe someone lost something in the cave, and she started towards it, then she thought it might be an animal, and she was encroaching on its home. In that thought, she reached into her back pocket and pulled out her phone to shine the light of its flashlight towards the glinting red.

She had not been ready for what she had seen.

At first, she thought it a statue, but then why would a statue be here in a cave. Then she noted the chains. She took a step closer, and those eyes glinted again, and she saw emotion in those eyes. “H-Holy shit!!” She cried out as she jumped back and landed on her ass on the ground. Moving the flashlight over the scene in front of her again, she took in everything she was seeing. 

There was a man, chained up in the dark recesses of some random cave in the woods. She'd never seen eyes like that on anyone before, and she thought maybe they were some kind of odd contacts. Was this some kind of prank? He looked too pissed for it to be some simple prank, and if it were, where would be the others to unchain him when it was done? She shone the light over the male again to try and get a better look, but not moving forward, her stomach in knots as warning bells were going off on her instincts. “H-hello….? A-are you ok? Do you need help?” She asked as she watched the very still figure. It wasn't until then she noted that he had a snake wrapping around his neck and she gasped. 

“Hold on!” She scrambled her way over to him and whimpering to herself about how much this sucked and how much she truly hated snakes, she managed to fling the snake from his neck without either of them getting bitten. She was still careful of getting too close, but mostly because she didn't know if it was a trick, or if maybe he was hurt, and she didn't want to make it worse.

KanedgyC H O S E N   60d ago

The human seemed to be female…the physically weaker counterpart to what they classify as male. She did seem to be competent, though. Without a single incantation, light was cast in his direction. It burned his already dry eyes. Seizan didn't care, though. The best thing he could ask for was for the girl to release him. As a thank you, he'd spare her. Anger welled up in him. Humans put him here, so the humans would get him out. How delightful! The very thing they wanted to keep hidden, released by their descendants. Oh, Seizan couldn't think of a better way for his revenge. The thought didn't cross his mind once during the time he spent in the cave. 

Her common…was weird. It seemed shortened and much, much less classy. More vulgar, perhaps. Seizans common differed greatly from what it seemed to be currently. Hopefully communication could still be established. Not with this damn snake, curling around his neck with a determination that Seizan hadn't seen in a while. Most creatures fled at the sight of him. Plus, if suffocation would make the starvation cease, he wouldn't mind it.

Opening his mouth, he failed to form a word. The sky boomed in protest. As if nature itself wanted him to stay there. To leave him helpless…Well, Seizan didn't care. The woman creeped up to take the snake off of his neck. Gasping for air for a moment, his voice came out. Deep, raspy, and dry. "F-Food…" is all he could manage before breathing heavily once more. His eyes followed the snake. Did she have to throw it so far? He could have eaten that. Humans are more trouble than they're worth…Seizan just needed to trick this one for a bit longer. So he could get rid of the feeling of his body eating itself. It was excruciating. It fueled his anger, but nothing more.

His breath was heavy. Even after being freed. Tilting his head, it pointed to a few more snakes. He tried to speak once more, but with no luck. All he needed was something to eat. The human kept their distance, so it wouldn't be her. Honestly, Seizan was surprised how close she got in the first place. Normally, his Aura would scare off nations. This mage must be special. Light magic….isn't it quite rare? The angels texts...The only way to achieve such magic. For that, you would have to be able to read their language. Have humans evolved so far that they could do so without combustion?

Interesting indeed. Now wasn't the time to worry about such trivial matters, though. Goof was a top priority. Hopefully the human would get the hint. They're either insanely brave or plain stupid for helping him. He was hoping the first option was truth.

The human being stupid would cause more problems than it would fix. His gaze drove daggers into her as he examined her. Determining her intelligence. His face was still angry, but not directed at her. Instead, it was pointed at his circumstances and the world. His eyes showed more than the rest of his body ccombined. Anger lived within him. Especially now. Why is she still sitting there?? Is she not going to help him? Is it the horns?? Seizan shook his head, and let it drop down. If she wouldn't help him, he was doomed to this eternal torture. Now, with the knowledge it could have ended.

RavanyaEmera   60d ago


Emara had flung the snake out of instinct, it was dangerous, even if not poisonous, though she couldn't tell if it was or not. She didn't think so. Keeping her light where she could see, setting her phone to a rock to light the area a bit, she watched the male try to breathe then uttered a word. Food? she thought then mentally smacked herself.

Of course he's hungry, he's chained to the cave. She thought a moment then remembered she had something in the bag she brought. She didn't pack for hiking, but her bag usually had something in it. She looked around for where it fell, finally finding it back where she landed on her ass, then brought it back to him. Inside were her usual snacks of jerky, chocolate, banana bread, and trail mix that she usually picked apart for the chocolate and raisins. She started with the bag of jerky, opening it and pulling a piece out to hold it to his face so he could take a bite.

“Careful, its a little tough, but it'll help.” She offered, warning him of the toughness of the jerky. She ate a piece for herself with her other hand to show that it was safe. When another snake came slithering close, she swallowed her fear of the snake and stomped her foot at it, causing it to slither off and retreat. Thunder rumbled and lightening racked above, the storm outside was pretty bad. It would be a bit before she would be able to tread back home. When the Jerky was gone, she went for the chocolate next, something softer and sweeter to build up his sugar and energy. Something she could still reach to him without getting too close to him.

Something about him was screaming at her to run, and she was sure that it was the gleaming red eyes, and the fact that he was chained in this cave, but something else felt different. When he finished eating the chocolate she pulled out her water bottle. It was only half full, from that morning but it would be fine to get him some water. Holding it carefully to give him a drink before she put it back in her bag and took her phone to get a better look to the man in chains. Sitting this close, though still distanced, she was able to see him better as she moved her phone's light around. Something caught her eye. His ear. It wasn't rounded like one expected it to be. It was pointed and a little elongated. And within his dirty and matted hair, something caught the light of her phone. She leaned in a little closer and gasped. Were those…..horns?

She glanced at the man again in confused shock. She'd heard of people going through body modifications, and had seen pictures online, but this was insane. She sat back as she stared meeting his eyes once more. “….who are you? How did you end up here?”

KanedgyC H O S E N   59d ago


This human was…different. She seemed completely oblivious to what he was.Even with fear coursing throughout her body. Wait…was she looking for food? She seemed to have found something. It looked like bark…better than nothing. Reluctantly, he opened his mouth to grab the jerky with his teeth. Wait, this was meat! Since when could humans make this?? It was even flavored with a sweet undertone. Seizan chewed the jerky for a while, savoring the taste. Despite its toughness, it was the best food he'd had in a while, maybe ever.

His anger slowly began to subside as he ate. This human was actually helping him. He was surprised she stayed long enough to examine his eyes, much more by feeding him. The bag of meat seemed to be quickly gone. Seizan was quite unhappy with this, but there was nothing he could do. 

The girl went to grab something else….more food?! Yes please! Finally getting something in his body seemed to raise his spirits. Enough to where he was planning on thanking the girl. Something rare for him. Once he was out, he'd spare her and one other of her choice. How merciful was he!

Yes, the food made him quite happy. It was the best thing to happen to him in centuries. The gods must be smiling upon him today. Not only the food, but it was raining! Great!

What was next was a brown slab that smelled sweet. He had no clue what type of surprise this food would hold. 

Taking a bite, his eyes widened. It was sweet! On top of that it was soft. Melting in his mouth, he savored every second of it. His body perked up with the sugar setting in. A feeling he hadn't had, ever. It was different than the sugar her knew. Much sweeter. Also, it tasted of this a bar made out of the plant? Glorious, it was. Just how far have humans made it?? This girl...was different from the human he knew. She was helping him. Was her body not telling her to run? Is that how far from his former glory he fell?

Due to her kindness, when he was unchained he would spare her, and one other of her choice. How merciful was he! 

Suddenly, she grabbed for something else. More food? Yes please! was a clear liquid. Probably water. As the human poured some to him, he could feel his throat being hydrated. Not as dry as paper anymore. When she was done, he said in a hushed voice, "I...thank you." No other creature had treated him with such kindness.

There she went again with that light spell. This time she was examining him. Looking at his ears...and his horns. It seemed to startle her. Did she not realize that before?? Who was he?? It looks like it'd been a while. No one can recognize him just from face anymore. His former glory was completely gone. Sighing, he answered her question "Thou shalt calleth me Seizan. Thy ancest'rs did trap me h're" His common was much outdated. She wasn't talking enough for him to modify it. Did she even understand him? It felt like two completely different languages. His name in common was Seizan. That's all she needed to know. Other than the fact her ancestors chained him to this damn cave.

He stayed quiet. Letting whatever got across to her mushy brain sink in. Did she think this was a joke? It was far from it. Maybe the fear finally began to sit in…did she realize he wasn't human? The storm demon was once revered for his power, known and feared by all. Now reduced to being helped by a human in a cave.  

RavanyaEmera   47d ago


Emera had to go slowly in feeding the man. She had given him most of the water as she was sure he needed it, as well as the jerky could be a bit drying. As she was putting the bottle back in her bag, she stilled hearing the man speak. She turned her bright green eyes towards him in a wide and surprised look. “I-I….. You're welcome…. So, you speak English, then?” She asked in soft surprise. Just because she found the man in the cave here, didn't mean he was able to speak her language. Now that she thought about that, she realized she had been speaking with him without even considering if he understood her or not. That was rather rude.

She was watching him more closely after having found the horns, ears, and such and still wondered if he'd had that body modification set ups done, but once he spoke his name and the fact that her supposed ancestors had locked him here, she was starting to wonder if he was crazy. 

“M-my Ancestors? I don't think so….. For one, that would mean that you are anywhere from a hundred or more years old…. that's not possible. Did you hit your head while you were down here? Or maybe starvation and dehydration have caused you to become delusional….. might explain your speech pattern….” She was more or less speaking to herself at this point, trying to rationalize what she was seeing.

She frowned at the chains that bound him to the cave wall and floor. She reached out and touched one of the chains on his arm and hissed when it felt hot to her fingertips. She swore it also felt like the time she'd accidently touched an outlet with a steel scrubber trying to clean a bunch of gunk off a wall. 

She put her middle and ringer finger into her mouth out of habit of any time she hurt her fingers. A habit she's had since she was a kid. Something about this man was odd, more so than the sheer fact that he looked and spoke odd and was inside a cave, chained down, and hidden away from the town mere miles from here. Emera was truly starting to question herself at this point.

KanedgyC H O S E N   40d ago


This human was extremely foolish. Were the horns not enough? His eyes? Has it been this long? It seemed his species was now considered nothing more than myth. Must explain her willingness to help. This caused anger to well up within him once more. In an annoyed tone, he replied, “You damn humans…I'm delusional?? Maybe you need to accept reality, little one. What must I do to prove myself? I am only offering because you helped me.” By now he was visibly furious. Not only with his situation but now with the girl. At least he was able to mimic her speech now. She had spoken enough to where he could copy her version of English. Copying language was second nature to his kind. During the Holy Wars, it was a necessary skill.

Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. The storm was as strong as ever. Maybe these chains couldn't contain his power when boosted…They would withhold, but not completely restrict him from using it. No matter how hard he tried, the chains wouldn't break. If they would, Seizan wouldn't be in this predicament for as long as he had been.

Judging by her speech pattern and obliviousness to the existence of any other intelligent creature than humans, multiple centuries had passed. It was the only way she'd accept it. The only way she'd fear him. The fear he longed for…something he once fed off of.

“You might want to get a bit further back. If I hurt you, I'd experience the pain for too long…”

Yes…that reminded him of one other human who came across him. Years ago. They tried to kill him, so he shocked them. He was in the state of electrocution for about 50 years, if he had to guess. It was raining that day too…maybe nature was on his side, at least.

Once she backed up, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The sky boomed. Trees began to crack and fall as if in response to him commanding the lightning. As he opened his eyes, sparks of blue lightning surrounded his body. Stopped by the chains that began to glow red in response. He gasped. This was bad. It was searing his skin. The sky began to calm. As did the winds. Seizan tried not to yell, so he wouldn't break the human's ears. This pain…was worse than last time. Does it increase with every activation? That could be the only explanation…

Catching his breath, he asked, “Let me guess, I could just be a mage? Was that not enough?” through closed teeth. The pain wasn't worth it. All he was doing was giving her reasons to stay far away from him now. Certainly, she'd no longer help him. At least that's how Seizan saw it. 

As he gazed upon her, he tried to read her reaction. Something he grew dull at over the years in captivity.


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