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NightMare   63d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...



Nora Nekomura was different from most nekos. She did not fear vampires nor did she crave their pleasureful bite. Neko were consider lowly creatures. They were not hated creatures, but simply seen as weak, pets and even slaves. Especially to vampires others alike. Vampires, werewolves and humans seem to have the most power. Nora's family was rather fortunate, not to be consider pets or slaves. From what Nora could remember they lived a peaceful life. Her parents own a small house near the edge of the forest. Nora often would be chasing her older sister around the forest, the two would play for hours on end in the woods. Little did they know what lurked in the woods as it seemed they were being watched. 

Everything seem to be going great until that tragic night. Nora and her older sister Luna were told to hide in the closet. Hearing the horrifying screams of their parents, the two held tightly to one another not knowing what to do. The two didn't leave the closet until day break only to find a gruesome scene. Their parents had been murder heartlessly. It seemed that their bodies had been drain of all their blood. At least that is what the police had said. There was much they could for them other than to tell them to keep all door windows locked at all time. It seemed all the clues had to go off was a small mount of blood or skin that seem to be under their parents nails and the note. Written in their parents blood was note that said “I know what you are…”   Nora and her sister had no idea what that even meant. Time seems heal the wounded hearts, but Nora tragic fate wasn't over yet.

Luna was only 16 at the time when their parents died, she took care of Nora. She even quit school and got a full time job. They lived together in their family home, doing their best to take care of the house and keep their parents memories alive. Luna was always there for Nora. Nora loved her sister dearly she planned to repay her someday. Especially since her sister had given everything up just to take care of her. Nora was only nine when their parents were heartless killed. There wasn't much a nine year old could do other than house work. Nora did her best to keep the house clean she always cooked simple meals, Luna always seemed to love them. Nora had always dreamed of opening a restaurant, she love seeing people smiling face after they taken a bite of something delicious. Nora also enjoyed painting, to her art work was nothing special but her sister love it. 

Nora was finally old enough to get a part time job working over night at a grocery store. This was only temporary until she could work her dream job. Most people didn't want to hire her. She was nothing more than a neko in their eyes. A filthy cat that would only get in the way. Nekos seem to have a hard time finding work unless of course they were chosen by a vampires. They were often used as maids / butlers or for other desires. Some were hired to be vampires walking blood banks. Nora refused to have anything to do with vampires. To her they were all glorify fleas. 

One night after getting off from a long night at work. Nora came home with two bags of groceries, and some flowers. Tonight was her sisters birthday. She plan to cook her something special. Luna always seem love fish Nora found a delightful recipe for fish curry. Curry was something she had never made before, but she heard her sister talking about. She was finally going to try to make some and surprise her. As soon a Nora stepped through the door the lingering smell of iron caught her nose. She put the groceries down on the kitchen counter. She called for he sister several time before walking down the hall to her sister's bedroom. She knocked on the door dark wooden a couple of time before opening in it. Nora heart stop as she saw her sister pale body. There were bite marks up and arms, the blanket that decorated the bed were a tangled mess. Some being tatter and torn with dried stains of blood. Tears streamed down her cheek as she stared at her sister face. Her sisters eyes were still open and her face was frozen with fear. She sighed softly as she carefully placed her hands over her sisters eyes closing them. She of course called the police. 

The hopes of finding this vampire was slim. Vampire attacks were common, but there wasn't much that could be done. Nora was told to stay away from the house for a little while. She wasn't allowed back in until at least four months. By the time she had gotten back in he house. She found it to be baron and lifeless. Her sister was normally there to great her when she got home. She sighed softly as step inside. She was recommend to move but she didn't have the money to do that. The dark wooden floor creaked with each step she took. When she made it to the kitchen she found the flower she bought had wilted and dried. The stench of rotten and decaying food. Nora let out a heavy sigh. She opened the two windows that were in the kitchen letting in the crisp air. Nora got to work on cleaning, starting in the kitchen. She threw out everything that was in the fridge since it was all moldy by this point. After she had gotten all the expired food thrown out. She scrubbed wiped out the fridge with a hot soapy rag. Once that was clean she moved to the counter, top then to the table. She even got on her hands and knees and washed the floor. It took her hours to finally get the house cleaned, or at least until she was satisfied.

☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚

Nora made sure to close the windows before heading to the living room. She laid down on the black leather sofa, pulling the vivid throw blanket on top of her. She sighed softly as her eye felt heavy, after all that cleaning. What was she going to do? She was all alone now, her parents, now ever her sister were gone. She sighed softly as she started at the ceiling that was in need for some touch up paint. Perhaps she would give the house a make over. It needed a fresh start or something like that. “What do I even do now…” she mutter starting over at family portrait that hung above the small fire place. 

The portrait consists of her parents and sister. Nora was in the picture but she was swaddled in light blue blanket with pink bows. At least that is what Luna had always told her anyway. Nora sigh as she felt tears swelling up in her pale blue eyes. She couldn't help but to cry herself to sleep. Nora woke to a strange sound, the sound of unfamiliar footsteps that careless step on dark wooden floor. Nora icy blue eyes shot open. They danced around the room until finally she set her sights on you. Nora had no clue who you were or what you were even doing here. Nora slowly made it to her feet with out you noticing her. 

“Just what do you think you are doing?” she said dryly staring at you. Nora ivory color hair was messy, you could tell she wasn't very happy about you being here uninvited. Her cat like ears flatten against her head, the fur on her tail bristled. The small bell pendant around her neck could be heard faintly, as she move slightly. She crossed her arm waiting for your answer. Her nail starting be coming more claw like as she stood there. It was clear she wasn't looking for a fight but if she had she would.

_CommanderXephyMemento   62d ago
Head ES Programmer. Probably.


Memento found it ironic that she didn’t remember her life before death. It didn’t bother her so much as it amused her – a Memory Reaper that had no memories of their past. Still, it did not interfere with her work; absorb the memories of those who needed or wanted to forget. Sometimes, memories would be taken by force.

 And she was efficient.

Once a soul was selected to have their memories erased, a Memory Reaper could be seen. Before, they are invisible to all with the exception of other Reapers or extremely gifted individuals. Memento made sure to remain hidden within her surroundings, only revealing herself once she was ready. If the target knew she was there, they could barter, plead, beg…

 She couldn’t afford to second-guess herself.

As a Reaper, Memento was qualified to take spirits across the River Styx. She was heavily opposed to it - she was not a Death Reaper and did not like involving herself with it – but  there were times she had little choice. Those were the times when Memento would arrive to a scene to take a soul across the River and end up taking the Memories of a loved one before she left. 

There was truly no rest for the wicked.


Vampire. Unknown origin.

Memento scoffed at the information. The Reapers’ Society should have more information on murderous vampires, but she wasn't surprised that they were lacking. They were suspecting it was the same vampire that targeted the girl’s parents but were still investigating. The poor thing. Memento frowned. She didn’t take many assignments anymore, preferring to find people to help on her own, yet…

 This one called to her.

She had found the house easily enough, having been around the night the girls’ parents had died. The older girl had never needed her, and so her memories remained. Memento focused on the younger girl, who was running through the house. It looked as if she was…


Memento felt her heart sink. She should be mourning.

The Reaper waited. She sat through the tears as the girl spoke to a photograph of her family, wishing she could see them again. Memento was patient, and soon, the girl nodded off into an uneasy sleep. 

As gently as she could, Memento phased through the wall, wanting to avoid making noise. Unfortunately for her, as her body became solid once more, she bumped into a side table, knocking it into a wall.

So much for quiet.

It wasn’t long before the Neko was staring her down, interrogating Memento for being in her home. She was on the defensive – ready to fight if necessary. “Hey, it’s all right.” Memento’s voice was quiet, soft, accented – you’d think, Scandinavian. “I’m only here to help you.” She held her hands out, proving she held only her scythe.

NightMare   59d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...


Nora's nails and tail returned to their normal state, but her cat like ears remained flatten against her head. Taking in the strange woman's appearance, she seen the scythe in her hand. Nora could tell this woman wasn't a vampire nor was she a human.The woman's voice was gentle, and sweet sounding. Nora heart was still fluttering rapidly in her chest. How did this woman get in here so seamlessly. From what Nora could tell the front door nor did the window seem to be opened. The woman said she could help her? How? Look at where it got the last person who helped and cared for her. “I advise you help someone else… I am cursed…” she said softly, her harsh glare had become a soften gaze by this point. Her icy blue eyes never looked way from you. There were many questions swirling about her mind. Nora was hesitant to speak, “h-how did you get in here anyway?… Is my house really that easy to get into?” she said softly tilted her head to the side like normal cat would do it was intrigued by something. 

The strange scents that came off woman, it was hard to tell but she remind Nora of incense almost. It was a pleasant smell to say the least. Nora sighed softly as she waited for the woman to answer her first few questions. Was it rude of her to say things so rashly to Memento? In Nora mind she was an intruder who enter her house uninvited. Claiming to be able to help Nora seem to catch her off guard. Nora was clam on the outside, but the monster inside was roaring. Nora ice blue eyes flicker a hint of amber before settling on being blue again. She decided she needed to sit down before she did anything regrettable.

“Why don't you humor me and tell me just how you plan to help me? Are you not scare of what hunts me?" she said softly as she sat back down on the sofa. Nora reached over and turned the small lamp that was sitting beside the sofa on. The lamp bathed the room in soft golden glow. Nora gestured for Memento to sit down in one of the chairs that was near the sofa. It revealed Nora messy hair, wrinkled clothes and the rest of the living room. The living room was still in need for some cleaning. The cobwebs that decorated the corners of the ceiling. Dust bunnies that peeked out from behind some of the furniture. The tv was across from the sofa, it hung on the cream colored wall. The tv was covered in dust, the stand that sat below the tv held interesting artifact from Nora's parents were also dusty and dirty. You could tell the house was vacant for some time. 

Nora looked at Memento taking in her appearance a little more. The woman had a gentle looking face, her eyes were any interesting color too. They looked silvery or like moonlight. Memento hair reminded Nora of crisp snow, they way she had it styled was cute. Her clothing was also cute in with a lovely floral pattern, it remind Nora of her sister. Nora looked way, she didn't want to be caught staring. “I am sorry for the sad state of my home…As you can see I just got back here after being forced to stay away for months… I was advised to move… It hard to find steady work… I refused to work for any vampire even if the pay is nice." she said softly as she stare down at dark wooden floor.

Vampires had approached Nora before begging her to come work for them. Nora refused so, it seemed they like way she look or smelt or something like that. Or maybe they just like that she was so persistent. Eventually they did give up and leave her alone because, they found other nekos that were willing to be come their mindless little slaves or pets. Maybe there was different reasons the vampires didn't seek her out. No seemed to notice that Nora had been bitten twice by the same vampire. Nora of course had no recollection of this because the memory was either locked way or alter by vampire.



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