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Forbidden Love, A roleplay with Kanedgy

By TinySmolBean
Backup thread

Kind of the Plot here 

It’s the late 1800’s, Two Kingdoms are at war with one another. The children of the castle’s are next in line, for the thorns. The Children of these Kingdoms were taught to hate one another, But one night they decided to sneak out. They wanted to Sneak a peak of each other’s kingdoms, so they did. While sneaking out, they bump into one another, deciding that they shouldn’t tell the other where they are from. They lied. Both had ended up saying they were just passing by with their parents who were travelers.

Kingdom 1: (Me :D)  Golden Empire

The  Kingdom was known for the beautiful treasures and riches they’ve had. While they never wanted anything less than beautiful, The king and queen were always getting the newer accessories. Spoiling everyone there.


Kingdom 2: (Kanegy)

The Kingdom wasn’t as wealthy but still stood tall and as beautiful as ever. The Kingdom was known for the beautiful trees and plants and the amazing people it had. There were no toxic people or vibes and everyone seemed at peace.



If you want just lmk if you wanna name your kingdom!


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TinySmolBeanMisha   63d ago
Y'all Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumb ass bitches. All y'all can die alone for all I fucking care :)


Misha sat at the end of a long table, It was the present day and there could be talking all around the table about what to do. Misha sat and listen, her Russian eyes meeting her mothers as they both gave an icy glare. Finally her father lashed his hand on the table and yelled, grabbing everyone's attention Including Misha and her mothers. “It's been a year since this war started, why haven't we gotten any progress?!” He yelled at everyone, but Misha's Mother grabbed his arm as she stood. 

             “My love, Calm yourself.” She stated, and then her eyes skipped over to see what everyone in the room was doing once more. “Now, what we need to know is how and why can't we get any progress on a pathetic Kingdom like theirs?” She asked in her stone cold voice. No one dared answered, besides Misha.. Misha stood up rolling her eyes, before she started to speak. “Mother, I believe they are using their beautiufl lands as great hiding tatic's so they can camoflague themselves amoungst the Nature.” 

                       She huffed, not wanting to join this stupid meeting. Her accent was very thick, but her English was very well.. Misha's mother glared at her once more before pointing at the door. “You don't dare compliment their lands, Get out of the court room.” She growled at Misha, But Misha smiled. This was exaclty what she wanted. “As you please..Witch..” She mummbled witch under her breath, opening the huge doors and slamming them close.

KanedgyBean-   59d ago


Kyler had been raised to hate his neighboring kingdom. They always diminished them, despite the fact that they had no qualms with the other. His mother and father were currently in a meeting. Discussing this cursed war. Kyler never liked the fact that war was declared, but he could not do much about it. His people still seemed content, which was his main worry. Still, a curiosity lived within him. What did this kingdom look like? What made it so much better than his own?? He knew not. Which made it all the more of a problem. From time to time, he would explore the town. Orderingsomething from the tavern for whoever was in there was a favorite activity of his. Some of them needed it more than others, which he made sure to bless them more.

He was never invited to his parents war meetings. It didn't bother him one bit. His time would come. Which was approaching soon. He was to be crowned in a year. The preparation was killing him. It was such a tedious task. A task that did quite annoy him. Life is life.

TinySmolBeanMisha   59d ago
Y'all Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumb ass bitches. All y'all can die alone for all I fucking care :)


Footsteps echoed down the long hallway, leading to a white room. The room was no other color besides white, a pale hand used to push open the door reveling Misha. She walked into her bedroom sighing, as she cold room left her air to look like smoke. She watched out her window as the rich people who served her kingdom live below. 

         Her Stone cold eyes pinned on the merchant's, making sure they wouldn't overprice their goods. She then opened the window to her balcony, stepping outside. She ripped off the bottom of her dress it was an adventure shorts with boots, jumping off the balcony she ran into the woods. Her pale hands grabing her hair and pulling it into a ponytale, as pieces were left out she smiled. She then stopped, out of breath she was now hidden behind the trees. Watching the other kingdom.. 


        It was cold outside as winter was coming, and coming quick. But Misha couldn't help but see how beautiful this kingdom was, Even though she never seemed amazed by anything the beauty of the Kingdom made her smile ever so slightly. “I.. I wish I could be here, or at least be allies..” She spoke softly, Her russian accent was still thick as ever.


(Hey did you wanna name your kingdom?)

KanedgyBean-   47d ago


He walked down the path he often walked that led to the woods. Outside his kingdom. Dangerously close to the enemy. Very few people in the opposing kingdom knew his face, so he could blend in quite easily. His words could be quite persuasive. His voice just added flavor. Sighing, he saw a girl. Shit. He turned the other way and began to walk back. Careful to not draw attention to himself. She looked to be from the opposing kingdom. A risk he wouldn't take. 


As he walked, he saw a doe that needed help. So he did. He took his knife and cut the barbs holding the doe. It happily pranced away.

((Sorry, writer's block))

TinySmolBeanMisha   40d ago
Y'all Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumb ass bitches. All y'all can die alone for all I fucking care :)


The white haired female felt a cool breeze on her skin, watching the male walking into the forest. She realized he was coming from the enemies kingdom, her cold eyes glaring at him. Once he looked up, and saw her, she blinked as he swiftly turned and walked away. Misha glared at him once more, before swiftly following him within the trees. She watched the male help a captured doe, climbing quietly down the trees.

                 “Are you from the other Kingdom?" Her Low Russian accented voice asked, and she looked at his hair, studying his appearance. The young women was slightly on the taller side, being 5'4, Cold winter eyes glared his way, watching the doe run off into the woods. “That was food, good food.” She stated, not really caring if he even was from the other kingdom. 

KanedgyBean-   35d ago


The man smirked at the females comments. Those foreigners only knew violence. Must be why they're currently at war. “I am from the other kingdom. I'd advise you to leave. You're on our side of the forest. I can just as easily kill you as I released this doe.” luckily, he still had his dagger in his hand. He didn't know what made the girl follow him, but she was already a nuisance.

Sighing, he stood up and looked to the woman. He turned away and walked off towards his side of the kingdom. “I advise you leave once more, before I order my guards to capture you.” that would only pose a problem if she was royalty. The way she carried herself and talked about the doe pointed in the opposite direction.    


TinySmolBeanMisha   6d ago
Y'all Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumb ass bitches. All y'all can die alone for all I fucking care :)


The young princess dropped down from the trees, she landed and she had a small crown on her head. Drawing a bow she had with her she pointed it at him, with a soft smile. She approached him again, her winter eyes were still icy cold as she spoke once more. “Are you a Villager from the kingdom?” She asked, still not carrying her body so well for royalty. But she thought since she wasn't in her kingdom, she didn't have to. 


      Studying the boys appearance, he carried himself a little to well to be a villager, but them again he let a perfect meal go when it could've been used to feed. Pale hands held onto the bow, her grip strong and steady. She only had one arrow, as she didn't think she'd chase someone down. “Were you spying on my kingdom?” She asked, her tone was serious, and she wanted an answer, quick.


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