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Deadly Case Of Love

By leo_
Backup thread

M/C and Y/C have been friends since they were in kindergarten. Now, they're both close friends and in college, (you can choose the age but I normally like their age in the 20's). M/C has had feelings for Y/C for a while now but hasn't told him. M/C just feels like she can tell Y/C anything, and he's always there for her. The bad part is, that her parents are in town and don't like Y/C at all, M/C has been helping Y/C keep a secret for a while now, that Y/C was a rich mafia boss, so it'll be extra hard for M/C to confess her feelings for Y/C with her parents around.

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Alex_afton     61d ago

so am i the girl or the boy)

leo_Kali   55d ago




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