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The Last of My Kind

By AmberArcher
Backup thread

Zel was raised in a world where she was something to look at. She was adopted by humans when she was very young. This family of her’s ended up having to hide her from the rest of the town.  Her inhuman nature and looks, being something that should not exist anymore. Even others like her don’t seem to exist anymore, at least thats what people believe and so does she. All she knows is what little she’s been told, that her kind were killed and hunted down years ago, and that she was the last of them. Though what Zel is, is a half dragon human. Many years ago these hybrids and their dragons were powerful and some even leaders. 


Recently there had been sightings of a real dragon. Though most people are suspicious of this and Zel wanted to learn more. More about herself and why she was brought up in a human town, and how she was even alive. She was raised with Y/C another what seemed to be human though she wasn’t to sure with how they acted. 

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AmberArcherZel   62d ago


Zel was sitting in her room when she heard a knock at her door and went to open it. When she did open it she saw Y/C “Oh its you” she said softly smiling. She had been raised with these people, they had originally found her and took her to this place. (If thats ok with you) Ever since then they had grown up as close friends. “Is there something you need? I was in the middle of something” she mumbled looking past them. If Y/C were to look over her shoulder they would see a few old looking newspapers most of them linked to the recent dragon sightings. She really was trying to find more about her kind but again she’d never seen the outside world

-Pr3ss-|| Noura ||   61d ago
|| I really don't care. ||

|| Noura ||

Noura raised an eyebrow at her. Zel had been acting weird these past couple of days, spending more time in her room than usual. She wondered if something was up. If she was okay. She subtly glanced over her shoulder and saw some newspapers. She read through one of the headlines ‘New Dragon Sighting! What Could This Mean?’ And looked back at Zel.

She thought for a moment, not knowing what to say. She knew the curiosity of trying to find out more about your species, of where you came from. And how it must be Harder for her because she couldn't hide it like she could. She clicked her tongue and continued thinking. No one even knew she was an elf. So how did she help when she wasn't supposed to understand how she felt?

“Listen, Zel. I get you're trying to find out more about yourself… but it could be dangerous. I don't want you finding a lead and running off to go chase something that could be a trap.” She said in a gentle tone, not wanting to upset her. “I know you haven't seen the outside world.. but we're trying to keep you safe… we don't want to see you get hurt like all the dragons that came before you.” 

She was quiet for a moment and then glanced to the side. “Just know that I'm here for you. Dinners ready, though. You've been in there for quite a while.” She said as she looked back, studying her face. She understood how she was feeling. Or a lot of it at least. She didn't know if any other elves existed, but there was more of a chance of elves existing than dragons. She knew it was unfair. 

MercuryFooxArialis "Arya" Laifalan   61d ago
Crazy as Slim Shady :3

Arialis "Arya" Laifalan

Arya lay sprawled out on her bed in the room she shared with Noura, thinking about boxing. She adjusted her position, rolling onto her side and sliding her right hand beneath her head, and her other beneath the pillow. Thus she laid, staring into nothing, her thoughts now wandering between various occurrences that had happened during the day. She her gaze shifted to a thread unraveling from her blanket, and she began idly tugging on it, twisting it between her fingers and into small loops.

AmberArcherZel   60d ago


Zel looked up at Noura and nodded her head. “Right… I know what the humans think of us… I mean I’ve read many different stories…” she mumbled. She really did hate this the act that she was completely in the dark. “I guess… I really want to see what the outside world is like and I understand why I’m here… but I just want something to change” she mumbled to herself. She took a slow breath as she thought over everything. She knew they worried about her. “I’ll be down soon, I just need to clean a few things up if thats alright with you”

-Pr3ss-|| Noura ||   60d ago
|| I really don't care. ||

|| Noura ||

She nodded. She knew how that felt. To be judged because of what you were rather than how you actually acted. The feud between humans and dragons had gone on for a while before the humans began hunting them. There were unusual deaths happening that the humans were convinced was the dragons doing. No one actually figured out which species was doing the killings, but the mystical races knew it wasn't the dragons. The humans always judged the mystical races as dangerous, but they targeted the dragons specifically in doing this, which is why there is always more of a chance of an elf showing up than a dragon. It's thought to be impossible for another dragon to be around. Which is why Zel is such a rare anomaly.

“I know it hurts, that the humans think so low of you, without reason. And I'm sorry I can't do anything about it. I know you want to see the outside world, but we can't let you go out unless we physically know that some sort of change in circumstances has happened. Like if there is a dragon sighting and we can confirm it, then we'll help you go and investigate, but for the time being, that risk is too dangerous. And I get that you want to know why you're here, but you also can't do that if you go out and are caught or killed. I really am sorry, I know how hard it must be for you.” She gave her a sympathetic look, her eyes studying her face and her unique features.

Upon hearing that she would be down soon, and that the conversation had come to a close, she nodded and turned to go grab Arya, whom she shared a room with. She walked down the hallway and glanced in. It was a fairly big room and was split into halves. One side was for her and the other was for Arya. She studied her half. Her bedspread had a canopy that surrounded it, made to look like vines with flowers woven in. Her comforter was a soft green with wildflowers all over it. There was a rug that was green and made to look like soft grass and she had white fairy lights strung up on the walls. She had a dresser that was sturdy wood and had pictures of her, Arya, and Zel through the years. Then she had a vanity that also doubled as a desk if she wanted to draw or something else. Her vanity was also a soft green and had flowers painted on it, that she had done herself. She smiled and looked towards Arya.

She looked quite comfortable lying on the bed, and seemed to be deep in thought at the moment. She was playing with a string on the cover. She smiled and studied her for a moment, then began speaking. “Hey. Arya. Dinners ready. I made spaghetti. It's downstairs of you want to come get some.” She said as she glanced behind her down the hall to see if Zel had come out yet.  

MercuryFooxArialis "Arya" Laifalan   60d ago
Crazy as Slim Shady :3

Arialis "Arya" Laifalan

Arya, lost in thought, never heard Noura's silent footsteps coming down the hall. Her thoughts had shifted to trees and plants, which she enjoyed studying, and she was trying to remember the name of that one tree that only grew in the far north when Noura spoke to her. 

She raised her head quickly, her eyes starting to Noura. A small smile came to her face when Noura mentioned spaghetti. “Okie dokie,” she said, shifting to a sitting position and stretching with a soft noise of pleasure. She straightened and stood up, then moved over to her tall wooden dresser, painted a delicate white. She opened a drawer and pulled out a hoodie, unfolding it and pulling it over her shoulders before turning, leaning back on the drawer to close it, and ambling over to the doorway, squeezing past Noura and heading down the stairs.

AmberArcherZel   59d ago


When Noura left her room Zel quickly tidied her room up a bit. There was a simple looking bed with his frame painted black with golden accents. Next to it was a desk and a board above it where all the newspapers where clipped. She understood what Noura was telling her but it still didn’t feel good. She finished up and headed out into the hallway waving to Noura who was looking for her “hey” She said softly her tail swinging slowly. She walked after the two of them and followed them downstairs 

-Pr3ss-|| Noura ||   56d ago
|| I really don't care. ||

|| Noura ||

Noura shrugged and followed them down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. She smiled as she realized she had made dinner but would be the last one getting some. “So, how are you guys doing?” She asked as she waited for them to get done getting some food. She absently thought about the mystical species and hoped that they were out there somewhere in a safe haven waiting. She hoped most of all that there were dragons that Zel could see. To know that she wasn't alone.

MercuryFooxArialis "Arya" Laifalan   49d ago
Crazy as Slim Shady :3

Arialis "Arya" Laifalan

Arya skipped around, feeling hungry but not really wanting to eat. She could eat later tonight if she wished. It might be smarter to eat while they can see me, so they don't ask any questions, she thought, softly humming a melody. Besides, I'm already here anyways. They'll get suspicious if I come downstairs without eating.
Her thoughts switched to Zel as she scooped spaghetti into a bowl. I wonder if all these dragon sighting are real? Maybe I'll look around tonight. She was very curious about the dragon sightings. Then a thought struck her. What if I do see a dragon? Could I tell Zel about it?

She pursed her lips in thought as she sat down. She'd spend a bit thinking about it.

AmberArcherZel   48d ago


Zel glanced up noticing Arya’s troubled expression “Arya you alright?” She asked softly sitting up “what are you thinking about?” She added. She could tell they were deep in though and wondered what it could be about. Though she wasn’t going to try and pry. She looked back down at her food and continued to eat while she waited for their response. After a moment she found herself lost in thought as well just wondering what happened and how she was found.

MercuryFooxArialis "Arya" Laifalan   36d ago
Crazy as Slim Shady :3

Arialis "Arya" Laifalan

Arya raised her chin to meet Zel's concerned gaze. She shrugged, dropping her eyes once more and picking at her food.

“I'm worried about this new thing with the dragon sightings,” she said after a moment. “I… I'm worried about you, also. If these sightings are legit…” she trailed off. She sighed quietly. “If it turns out to be real, I'm worried about how you'll react if and/or when the people try to kill these dragons. Also, if you decide you want to check it out yourself-not that I blame you, and also I would support you-what could happen? It's a scary idea…” She set her fork down in the bowl.

AmberArcherZel   18d ago


Zel sighed ad shook her head “there’s not much I can do… I can barely control my own abilities so if anything were to happen I’d likely get hurt if i tried to help” she mumbled. “But i wish I could meet someone like me… not saying you guys aren’t but still…” She took a bite of the pasta again just thinking to herself. Maybe she could go outside even just once or learn how to use her wings as small as they were she might be able to use them. 


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