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Main Party Plot Threads

Blue Rose Swordsman


Name: Fenris OceanFlower

Species: Sea Elf

Class: Paladin Oath of Devotion

God: Deep Sashelas

Home: Deepwater Harbor [WaterDeep Harbor]


Background: A young sea elf Paladin. He was getting ready to take his father’s place. He was the prince. The crowned prince. The eldest. His siblings looked up to him. His father adored him and had high hopes for him. He had done everything right, so why did everything suddenly go so wrong?


It was very rare that he left the waters of the Harbor, but this day was to be special. He had wanted to roam for a bit. To gaze at the wonders of Waterdeep because he knew he wouldn’t be able to do so as often. He would be busy keeping the waters clean and safe. Keeping his people safe and taken care of.


Taken… By a mind flayer… Onto their ship… A tadpole placed into his mind. He would turn. He would change. No. Everything would change. His life now was over. He couldn’t return home. Death would be his only answer to this awful infection.


DM Notes:


Seladrine Drow will react to him better. Many will not know his god but the educated will. Deep sashelous and Trishina have plans to protect the natural order.


His father and the sea elves are growing discontent and upset at Baldur's Gate wondering if Umberlee's followers had done something against the Sea Elf regime as their god and goddess often clashw tih Umberlee as the more popular religion. 

Umberlee however hates him and what he stands for and his glad he is gone. Such as the bitch queen is.





Name: Lialynn Ashstar

Species: Dhampir

Class: Rogue

Home: WaterDeep


Background: The daughter of Jander Sunstar and a woman he had fallen in love with a long time ago by the name of Anna. She knows nothing about her family. Only that one of them or both of them must have been a vampire because she was born with fangs and a faint hunger for blood. Though she came from WaterDeep she was taken to Baldur’s Gate and has been living her life out there. Neither parent is aware of her existence. One was too broken to probably know what happened and she had died as well and the other thought that she had lost the child. His dark and rotten luck. Maybe had he known about her he wouldn’t have been so willing to throw himself in the sun for the god of sunlight.


She had been bought by nobles, but had no interest in staying with them when she got older. She fled from their home and found herself in a place called Sharess Caress. The right age and with quite the personality she was able to get a job there as an “entertainer”. The vampiress. She loved her life there, but it wouldn’t last. She was abducted by Mind Flayers.


Disgusted by how life is playing its hand with her she decides once she finds a way to escape she will kill them all. Slimy creatures didn’t deserve to live after such a disgrace to her.




Name: Mallory Briar

Species: Aasimar [Possibly a Vigil]

Class: Cleric of war or order domain

God: Asmodeus

Home: Elturel


“I know you don’t really like heroics my fiery lord, but I hope you will make an exception this time… And possibly the next. Besides… Isn’t my soul already yours so no need for another?”


Background: A young man that lost someone important to him to a vampire. He’s not been the same since this happened. At one time he was a powerful hellrider paladin that had survived the events of Elturel falling. Once it had returned Mallory left the city behind refusing to even look back. One doesn’t easily get over their souls just being handed over so easily and yet…


He turned from his original god Lathander. No longer seeking the light. The Aasimar was hunting for vengeance. To destroy vampires of all kinds. In his mind they were similar to illithids. They had no souls. No true feelings. They were nothing. For the longest time he has ignored his calling as a vigil.


Not knowing what to turn to for power… He decided to pray to Asmodeus asking for the power to strike down any vampire that got in his way…


He offered his soul.



DM Notes


Sharess Caress certainly misses the vampiress. Perhaps a certain client has grown to close to her and is hunting for her even now. However certain monster hunters may take the chance to take her down as well. 

Her father is now a surviving hell rider due to the events of a great angel by the name of Yen. He seeks to find his daughter.





A githyanki that was captured, after he was disowned. Timaresh, he was controlled by fear magic allowing a hatching area to be destroyed.

All that destroyed talent. He was already on thin ice due to going to easy on training the youth. Lying on an a exam of a duel to the death causing two youth to get a regiment killed. It was only his high rank that protected him from death as a Githyanki knight. (Almost a sarth)

He was demoted and now after the hatchery disowned. He planned to die fighting the Ghaik. Yet here he was.. Infected. He wanted to be purified.. Before his death. Could he? Should he simply die now?

Kidan on the run was saved once. By a man in shining armor a sea elf.. An elder looking version of Fenris. He had told Kidan he found the eggs before and they fought through Ghaik. He was told that today was his son's ceremony he shouldn't be visiting the mainland. He wants to see these eggs.. And to pay back his debt now he can.. To his son.


Tiefling Con man from Eturiel


The dragon's bane were involved in the fighting of strange resistance's. His father had taken quite the liking to Sharess Caress as they have kept an eye on the Vampiress.

Edmund is not of Dragon's bane blood, the dragon's bane have helped serve vampires for a long time. Edmund isn't aware of his true bloodline. There is a Jergal clergy cleric. With an obsession to death (Put the spawn in the coffin before)
Wishes to merge the Zarovich and Sunstar blood to create the greatest being to worship. Though he recieves his power from Myrkul now as Jergal despite his love for them does not agree with this passing. 



His tribe had rebelled to their goblin god. Looking for freedom in the Fey, worshipping Obberon he himself respects him and the Fey. He finds himself closer to the divine away but his tribe was tricked.. Into accepting the absolute. A chance to see an Assimar is all the good that came from his kidnapping. That.. And he never had to fight his former comrades fallen to this things submission.


ShieldHero-     64d ago

Faerun Campaign

Nautloid Dungeon Keymap


Coming out from below in the damaged pod containers. There are a few crates around. A perception check of DC 10 or higher reveals two healing potions.

If a DC 15 is rolled a scroll of Scorching Ray. (+5 to hit)


Jars of brains kept, the scroll itself was going to be infused in a Mind Flayer. There is a book (Out in the open) of how the weave is inferior and not needed where psionics rule. Yet there was a Mind Flayer calling himself “The sage” who has taken a forbidden desire in the weave.

DC 15 History lets one know that Mind Flayers hate the weave and it's unacceptable.

Letters contents…

“Scorching Ray, a scroll of finite power. Primitive to be sure, and yet the weave… Psionics I found myself.. More curious of our counter part. Shall I delve deeper? Change the great design? Or am I becoming defective?”
The Sage-

DC 15 Arcana will gain intel on Psionics

Psionics was fueled by the internal magic of one's own mind and life-force, similarly to ki, using this power to produce psionic effects. In contrast to the spellcasting of conventional magic, psionics did not draw power from the Weave (nor the Shadow Weave, or any other external power) and did not need it to function. Instead, a psionic creature was itself its own Weave. Not even deities of magic like Mystra and Shar could stop a psionic creature using its powers.However, like with normal magic, wild psionic zonesand dead-psionic zones were both fully possible.



Githorzai monk Kamir will be here finishing up a Intellect Devourer. He carries a blade that gives him advantage on saving throws against itthlid/abbreiation powers. There will be a few devourers in the room. He is hurt, (19HP left)

He can sense the tadpole and will grow angry. A githrezai mercenary now but still believes in Zarith and doesn't trust Githyanki.

DC 15 persuasion to calm him down. Disadvantage with any Githyanki.

DC 12 history to tell if githyanki or rezai and their lore.


Checking the rooms takes about an hour to do so thoroughly (Can short rest during so)  

Make a perception check. 

They can find Githyanki Breastplate. (Breast plate) 

And with a DC 12 perception check find another note from the sage. A wizards book, in it is a scroll.. For fireball but hard to tame. 

Arcana DC 10 shows it's unstable and will need a DC 15 arcana to be used when blasted forward or will blow the user up. (That DC 15 can use wisdom or charisma instead)

The help action can be used. 

Also if the DC 10 arcana check passes, can charge the scroll for a turn instead to use safely. 

The note attached?
“Crude, unstable when crafted with psionics. But do I dare? Or will thou's lack of soul.. Be of import? The weave yet.. It calls to me all the same. Such a crude magic and yet..” 

Finding this letter will give any wizards,arcane tricksters,eldritch knights inspiration. (If none of this than to the one who found it.)



A githyanki ship will crash here, many crash into the nautloid to board as fighting ahead can be heard. Many ignore the adventurers but one fighter stays behind. An intellect devourer will enter from below to attack him.

DC 10 wisdom saving throw (Tadpole) can tame the devourer. Or DC 16 persuasion on the Githyanki warrior.

If Githrezai with team DC 20 persuasion or he will fight.

Githyank Warrior statblock.

Even if devourer not tamed will attack him more. 


Githyanki Sarth Varon is here with a few warriors (He is Githyanki Knight statblock) talking to Githrezai Zerth. She has 4 monks and he two warriors and there are many devourers and mind flayers dead around.

They are tired and resting while also calling a truce.

DC 12 insight shows the Knight isn't as perceptive as his strength and rank would suggest. The serth would be harder (She has passive perception of 16 so DC 17 to stealth.)
But if 15 rolled on insight she seems.. Kinder and softer.


Can try to parley as well and if a Githyanki or Rerezai present this can work.

If a devourer it will suggest to summon more. (DC 12 wisdom saving throw) 




Are all viable options.


Pearl of power on the desk. 

Sages note

“To restore the weave… The pearl is cracked and though to record it's ability would come first. To see her possession destroyed seems… Hard in a way. This must be an adverse side effect no doubt. Will dispose of on a later date”
The sage-


DC 12 perception for another journal log

“I must share the nautloid with another fleet, I suppose the Githyanki grow more aggressive. Plan Alpha “Infernal” I have my doubts. Though it is for the grand design how could I protest? The Githyanki specimen I obtained however I'd rather not dispose of quiet yet. “Eldritch Knights.” Do they accept the weave? Despite their psionics? Or is merely a pointless title? I wonder.. And yet when I probe my mind into his he only screams. A shame"

-The Sage


Covered in research notes of ceremorphis


There are many brains in here, some are being prepared to become devourers.

This room has two imps (Avernus) they are curiously collecting trinkets and such.

Can try and finish a project for another devourer to follow them about. 

Arcana DC 12.

Wisdom saving throw DC 10 (To use tadpole)

Sage note

“The creation of more, more of the same again and again. Creating devourers, again and again. Creating more Flayers, we've never strove for further. Forbidden to evolve when we wish to bring evolution? The gith had evolved in the uprising and that was our downfall once. Should we not? Should we not inquire? Perhaps that is all I care for in Alpha ”Infernal" I tire of the stagnant waters."


Morphis pool, the pool will call forward a DC 5 wisdom saving throw. To lay down.. and to change. For every time the power was used by this point increase the DC by 5 (To a max of 20)

If one lays they are knocked out. The walls to area 11 break down in the transponder is revealed as a massive battle breaks out. 

The Sarth and the Serth are caught fighting two mind flayer generals. The mind flayers have 2 devourers aiding them. Serth and Sarth will ask you to go ahead and land the ship. 



The Transponder as mentioned in 10

ShieldHero-     64d ago


Camping rule.

It will cost one ration per person to longrest outside. In a town it only cost 1 gold. 


Crash Site

LV 2

Where the characters gather together. Perhaps some backstory plot hook.

To the left is a land corrupted by Nautloid tanks and pieces of paper and metal crates. To the north is land green and fervent still untouched by the Ithilid crash. 

Corrupted Land

LV 2

Around here there is a wounded Mind Flayer.

Half HP and disadvantage on initiative. No Mind Blast. (Must roll to regain it) It does half damage.

It will try to dominate what it views to be the strongest one. It will try and stealth on them. (Making a +4 stealth roll.)

It has a blade it intended to give to it's thrall. +1 Shortsword.



Ravaged Beach

LV 2

Goblins collecting devourers and notes as well as crates. Begin to read the notes, one hob goblin claims the notes speak of heresy to the Absolute. 

DC 12 Religion check lets them know that

The papers have arcana formula and another Journal log. One that has been pried into.

“After this expedition I believe.. It may be time to utilize my full talents. To write such a thing perhaps is a sign of sentimentality.. Or perhaps it is my way of reporting a defective model flayer.. It is hard to say but I must learn more I will take the stone and make my departure soon."

-The sage 

(The mind flayer is heading north on the map.) 

The goblins and such have a total of 300 Gold on them! 

The hobgoblin is wearing Splint mail and his right hand Studded leather.


LV 2

Level's the party up to LV 3

Forgotten Crypt


Werewolf under Selune (False Paladin but could become but believes they are cursed and dark despite her love. That Shar owns them.) 

An undead priest of Jergal.

An old sage who stands against the Absolute. (Is the elder brain's humanoid form trying to build forces against the cult)


Rat familiar as a spy for the witch.


Entrance map of the ruins has 4 bandits. (Halfling,Gnome,Orc,Human)

Two ranged and 1 melee and one caster. 

Caster has firebolt (+3 to hit) and LV 1 sleep.

They were looking to loot the chapel while the arch druid didn't have it protected. That and take the goods from the nautloid afterwards. 

Can talk you're way out as well.


Chapels Entrance

A selune “Paladin” 

Harris Glade, he's a werewolf in hiding.

DC 10 Religion notices he has no icon. Paladin and Cleric's notice he doesn't have one that is suitable for casting a shoddy creation. 

He has werewolf statblock but wears plate armor with a +1 Glaive and 16 STR instead of 15.

He will feign damage when hit from physical attacks.

He will turn and threaten the characters to not descrate this chapel. (He believes it's a lost temple of Selune it is not.)

A simple DC 10 religion check reveals there is no sign of Selune propaganda. He said he had intel that Shar's worshipers here came here. He heard from an alchemist of the land (The witch and she wanted his righteous fury focused on the absolutist.)

8 Bandits (One of which is a bandit captain)

Enter the fray.  

2 of which are casters

This stat block but add magic missle to the spell list.

They will notice the paladin. Leaving him with marauders before. Seeing as he isn't dead. 

DC 13 history shows the Maruaders are pirates.. And those of Black Dagger. (They can use hand crossbows as flintlocks)

When they see physical attacks do no harm to him. They will use magic and focus the martial on the rest. They will target anyone who puts the mages in danger. 

The pirate captain has studded leather.

One of them (A sharp shooter) has a +1 hand crossbow.


They have a total of 140 gold pieces.

In here are enough camping supplies to rest twice outside. 

50 Gold of jewels. 

As well as books that speak of Jergal and Kelemor. 


Chapels Hallway

In here is a viking the chief of the village. Here with dozen's of Black Daggers and undead and among them goblins with a strange brand on them. She is here saying a prayer. A DC 13 religion check shows it's no faerun goddess but one similar to any god of water. 

She has gladiator statblock but with a few changes she only uses a longsword. While using only longsword she can use shield bash but as “Trip.”

She can also rage 3 times a day (Gaining plus 2 damage)

She can reckless attack and has unarmored defense. (15 AC) 

The rest of the statblock is the same.

She is at half HP with only one rage left when they see her. Panting and worn. 


Black Dagger camp.


A letter left behind.

“All right men, for now work with the Night Singers the money looks good. Plus that one woman was using weird magic… The job's easy and they are paying us! Though I didn't like her attitude at all, so if we ya get a chance to screw em over I say take it. Than again she's got most of the Druids and that weird village's attention so… We could let them take the heat.. And we take the gold! Now remember to destroy this letter.. Seriously don't get drunk and go forgetting yer blasted sea dogs!”

The legendary Pirate Travis Black dagger and don't ye damn forget it.

PS: That upstart Jack Howl thinks he can steal our haul.. Don't forget to teach him a thing or two when ya get the chance.


Book shelves and Acolites Quarters

Books of Jergal that speak of vampire's in betwixt life and death. As denizens of his domain even if his lord Kelmevor cannot accept them as truly natural. But he never stops respecting Kel it seems.


Dead Gods statue's


DC 14 Perception show's desecration on the statue.

DC 14 Religion shows it is to Myrkul's defacing Jergal.

DC: 10 perception (Or one hour of searching) Shows a lever that reveals a door in the hallway before.

In here are books on Dhampirs and vampires. 

DC 15 can find 3 healing potions and 50 gold in gems.


Hidden Altar

There is an altar. A prayer DC 12 religion check (Or if under Jergal or Kel) gain inspiration.

Also the alter has 300 gold. With a 20 in the religion check in the prayer they can feel a sense telling them to take the gold otherwise taking it causes 2d10 necrotic damage and curse. Returning it however removes the curse.


Makeshift Singer camp.


Remains of Shar equipment and fighting had taken place. 
DC 15 investigation can reveal that the nightsingers.. Fought among themselves but why?


The door to the coffin room is locked (DC 12 lockpick or DC 15 strengh check. There is a DC 12 perception to see a 2d10 poison trap. Was once worse but many traps stopped working.)



There is a sarcophus like coffin. DC 12 perception shows there is poison spike traps. (3d10 poison damage)
A DC 12 thieves tools 

In the there is a body and 150 gold pieces. As they come closer the man lunges forward! (Vampire spawn makes a bite attack)

DC 15 perception can see a slight twitch before the attack. Giving the spawn disadvantage on the attack.

However he will calm down and ask the year (It is 1492 DR) He'll comment he's been gone… For 20 years and even than the place was vastly forgotten. People in robes put him in but he's got no idea why (Jergal's Clergy had to try and gain his favor.)



Jergal's Chapel


There are many coffins two side rooms and a way that leaves to a river. Upon entering, they are attacked by several skeletons. Attacked by a dozen skeleton. 


Forgotten Archieve

 A man climbs in a blonde from above and throwing a used scroll (For burrowing) Flint Sparx is here to make a haul stealing from the Black Daggers. He looks around for anything useful. (Can be convinced to stop with a DC 11 persuasion or DC 12 intimidation.)

He will look around and find 200 gold of gems. (Can roll a DC 14 perception to beat him.)

And a strange book with arcane symbols tied to Kel and Jergal.

Reading it will regain any caster a first level spell slot and a martial will heal a hit die (Without spending any)
Half martials can choose between the two. 

To read it properly it takes 
Arcana DC 15

Religion DC 14

Investigation: DC 15


And to open the lock is DC 15



Or Athletics

The books is mostly blank except for the beginning which only gives.. A feeling of contempt and yet cold calculation of eternity. 


Final Resting place

Here is a Revanant that defends Jergal's resting place. He wears Plate armor and uses a +1 Reaper (Stats +1 Battleaxe)
He was a death cleric in life. Losing his magic he still has his divinity and can use it twice per short rest.  He is talking to a strange man. (The elder brain in humanoid form) The guardian said his soul is lacking and found wanting. 

The revenant grants the party Jergal's boon but doesn't share what that is. After asking the meaning of life.. Death the gods and mortals. He will gift them the Scythe as well. He will favor death and grave clerics. 

The strange man will talk and ask them a few questions as well as the paladin of Selune. (He will call him out being false if not noticed.) He will tell them he can feel something off and ask about the tadpoles.

He will claim he's a researcher of such things. (DC 20 insight shows the truth that what he says is only.. Half true)



As they leave they will be stopped by Night Singers demanding the scythe. That the blessing of Jergal is false. A stolen shadow. 

There are 10 Acolytes and 1 priest.

The priest uses a Longsword and shield with Breastplate. (16AC)

The acolytes use leather and shields (13 AC)

The acolytes will target those who go after the priest.


(If they wipe here Astrid will come in to finish them. If half are left she will come out fine. Any more and she will lose an eye)

They have 90 gold on them.


After this battle they will level up.


They will claim that sister Victoria had sent them here (With DC 20 intimidation. With torture DC 15)

They will comment on the selune paladin walking in false light ready to be slain. 


They were working with Myruk's necromites.


Green Glade Forest

LV 2

Level's the party to LV 3

Fallen Forest

LV 3

Druid Gates

LV 3

Druid Grove

LV 3

Siren's Melody

LV 3

If Spirit Mountians and Siren's Melody completed LV 4

Spirit Mountains

LV 3

If Siren's Melody completed as well LV 4

Dragons Bridge

LV 3

Eturiel Refugee Camp

LV 3-5 quest

Put a milestone to LV 4 here.

Milestone LV 5 for further quest with Viking Village and Drake Den

Dark Swamp

LV 4

Viking Village

LV 4

Drake Den

LV 4

High Mountain

LV 5

Divine Temple

LV 5

Githyanki Camp

LV 5

Absolute Fort

LV 5

(Maybe become LV 6 afterwards or after one more major mission/quest.)




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Act 1



LV 2:


LV 3: 

LV 4:

LV 5:

LV 6:

Act 2


LV 7:

LV 8:

LV 9:

LV 10:

(May replace shadow curse lands)
Act 3


LV 11:

LV 12:

LV 13: 

LV 14:

ShieldHero-     63d ago


Varon Sarth- A sarth Githyanki

Adda- Zerth Githerzai.

Blaze Forge- Varons Red Dragon.

Rakugan- Githyanki Warrior

Kamir- Githrezai merc/monk

The Sage- Mind Flayer scholar in the great design

Zhent Agents in disguise below

Zora: Half elf drow

Ben: Human

Luke: Human



ShieldHero-     64d ago

Story Notes

Act 1 General Plot/Situation

Druid Grove Reforged.

There is a Viking village called “Grim Wolf” warriors that were in battle with other worldly invaders. (Mind Flayers)
They believe it a curse.. A trick of Loki.

They worship Thor and Odin but the main deity here is Ran the goddess of the ocean. 


The Druid Grove.

They own this land and wish to be rid of the absolutist as well as the refugee's and the viking village as well.

Blaming the drakes coming as Syvariu's punishment. As the land is becoming corrupt. (The nautloid and the Sage's research has poured into the land changing it.)

They don't care much for the outsiders, some refugee's stay here others have made a village some distance away as the druids are split in opinion. 


The absolutist worship a new god, the absolute. An elder brain that can change and morph but is being controlled by a number of netherese stones from the karsite weave. Stones that were split in plenty of fighting, there is a loose alliance as they discuss what to do with the stones. 

Dark Swamp

The Dark Swamp is home to a witch of the fiend (Warlock) that is of Infernal Origin and makes Infernal Deals under her patron.. Asmodeus. She has made many bargains with the Absolute as they sell devoted souls for information. She is aware the dead three are planning to betray the others and take the stones. To use the elder brain the way it wishes to be used. However studying a stone herself Asmodeus has told her the brain can move at times.. On it's own and yet nothing of real note has happened.


She will not part with this information easily. She is currently working on turning the Vikings into her new “Witch Guard” in exchange for a way to fight the druids. The vikings have a weakned portal they will not leave as they believe worship keeps it alive. They wish to return home.

She would offer them contracts to slay the druids. She would accept the druids as payment as well.


She will also deal and wheel in information if need be.

She already has one viking and druid guard at her side.


Stone Holders


Shars Nightsingers possess one.

Mykul's Group has one

Bane's Group has one.

Bhall's Group has one.

Tiamat's Culist have one.

Lolth's Group have one. (Underdark journey.)

The Sage has one.

The Guild has a stone.




ShieldHero-     63d ago


Act 1 Random Encounters

Roads are 18 and higher for an encounter. Every half of travel is an encounter.

Dangerous area's are 15 to 20


1: Running into a Dire Wolf carrying a viking. It seems badly hurt.

2: Running into a cave with Owlbear cub and mother.

3: Running into a group of goblins fighting a drake.

4: The cursed land begins to ooze purple creating undead with other worldly features.

5: Find some rogue tieflings beating a druid to death.

6: Run into some stray devourers that are trying to finish off a wounded Githrezai. (may be an NPC they met) and claims the adventerers as “Master” unless they try to save the Gith. 


Run into members of “Witches Guard”

Goblins that have been charmed and taken from the Absolutist. 


Run into ancient Autumn Eladrin that made a deal with the witch to control life and death in order to restore the life of a fallen child. That child however was not returned in the state as before and will warn that she twist the words of deals and was once a child of Ilvis the Witch queen.


Angry Fey spirits as the grove was close to the Fey. Hurt by the lands taint.


Flaming Fist heading toward the divine temple to meet back up with Duke Ravenguard.


Mercenaries that are simply passing by to Baldur's Gate.


Hyena's dying slowly being turned by a Yeenognu ritual.


A group of merchants fighting off Absolutist. (They are Zhenttarim moving information on the other neserese stones.)


Githrezai and Githyanki about to broil into conflict.


A merchant passing by and knows of an inn nearby. (Makeshift camp and actually have Zhents looking for an easy score as they sleep.)


A vampire spawn sent by a Vampire Lord to learn procure a stone.


Shar's Worshippers a group of nightsingers.


Ultiss is here with Tiamat's group looking to see if the cult has their best interest at heart.


A Bahamut Paladin looking for Ultiss and why the cult of Tiamat is moving once more.


A Cleric of Selune and a paladin of Lathander trying to keep tabs on Shar's Worshippers.


If rolled before use a random encounter table online. 



Ones used



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