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The Care Bears Adventures RP PBP Recruitment

By Nick1998
Backup thread

Join The Care Bears and The Care Bear Cousins as they share their caring with the world.

Welcome to the kingdom of caring, Care a lot and the forest of feelings.

There are only 2 Rules:

1. Keep it age appropriate for all ages.

2. Allow yourself and others to add to it with episodes from the mind.

Tenderheart Bear

Grumpy Bear

Love a Lot Bear

Funshine Bear

Friend Bear

Secret Bear

Champ Bear

Share Bear

Cheer Bear

Grams Bear



Good Luck Bear

Bedtime Bear

True Heart Bear

Birthday Bear

Wish Bear

Brave Heart Lion

Bright Heart Raccoon

Lotsa Heart Elephant

Gentle Heart Lamb

Swift Heart Rabbit

Loyal Heart Dog

Treat Heart Pig

Cozy Heart Penguin

Noble Heart Horse

Perfect Panda

Polite Panda

OCs for Human, Care Bear and Cousin are welcome as well as Enemies.


Note: Message me if you want to talk to me, I love making friends and making business partners.

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