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Hunting Season

"Their eyes both met, it was like love at first sight. Who knew a love like this could feel so right."

Long ago there lived a family of wolves. This family of wolves was very strong, and proud. They often made people fear them by hunting down anyone who stepped foot in their forest. Wolves were hated creatures that pretty much everyone feared. Some wolves really were heartless and would kill who ever dare to cross their path. As time passed the wolves ruled over the forest. They were happy until one day humans started to rebel and invade. The wolves normally would scared them off or kill them, but this time the humans fought back. Killing or scaring any wolves that got in their way. Most the humans that enter the forest were after one, thing pelts. 

The wolves that roamed the forest had these most beautiful pelts in various colors. The battle between wolves and human seemed to go on and on for years. Until one day the wolves disappeared. They hid amongst the humans taking the form they despised the most. A human like form, most of the wolves had trouble hiding everything. Thier eyes or teeth,  those things normally a giveaway.  Humans didn't think much of it. Years pasted and the forest seemed to be rid of any sign of the wolves, they  seemed to be gone.  That was until that faithful full moon night. Horrify howls could be heard from the forest along with screaming. The family of wolves would still get together, at least once year and having a little fun. They would hunt. It was easy to lure a few humans into the forest... It became a game that wolves loved to play.

 Now our story begins ~  You were one of those humans that had gotten lured into the woods. Easily falling for the wolves charm. Of course you didn't know that a wolf had lure you into the forest for a game. You though you were going to have a night of fun.  There was talked about bonfire and alcohol other possible narcotics. Despite all the minor details you were excited. 

What I am looking for~ 

Some who can write 1000+ characters 

Anime pictures only. 

This story is MxM 

2x2 (if you are not able to play two character. Just let me know)

Your character doesn't have to be human that can be later revealed.

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