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Security Breach: New Beginning.

By SpinalCord35
Backup thread

This roleplay is based off of my firm belief that Vanessa, aka Vanny, was freed from the virus that was being used to control her by William Afton, during the fire of the Pizza Plex. I believe this theory, due to the absence of Vanny from the Ruin DLC, alongside the fact that the mask Cassie wears, and the mask Vanny wears, are drastically different. Vanny's mask fully hides her head, and has a slightly darker gray patch over one eye, while Cassie's is an actual traditional “mask”, in that it only covers her face, not her entire head, as well as the patch on the mask is BROWN. It took me some time to pick up on these clues, but when I did, it opened up an idea for redemption. Vanessa has been theorized to be Elizabeth Afton come back in another form, many times, due to her green eyes, but this theory does not match up at all, because Elizabeth's soul was set free in the fire during the Pizzeria Simulator, and we haven't seen anything of her since. The same being said for the Crying Child or “Evan” or “Chris”, or whatever you prefer the Crying Child's name to be. Michael and William are the only consistent family members we have information on, Henry being absent for a while now. So, what's the connection with Vanessa? Everybody knew the bad history of Fazbear Entertainment, so it's a shocker to believe ANYONE would want to sign onto a project such as Help Wanted, where the supposed purpose of the game, was to make a joke out of the murders that surround the company. That alone, is enough to make ANY PARENT seethe with rage. So, just WHO in their right mind, would volunteer to test such a thing? It's already been confirmed Vanessa was our tester, BUT WHY? The answer? Because she's just like Michael: fixing what was broken by her UNCLE. That's right, I'm bringing the theory that Vanessa is related to the Afton's into this. Think about it, since Pizzeria Simulator, we hear NOTHING from Michael, or Henry, yet William resurfaces once more. It's implied that Michael chose to have his soul released in the fire as well, and if that's the case, it only seems appropriate that when William came back, someone would go sniffing around for him. And, maybe, just maybe, Henry is still alive, got in contact with Vanessa, and told her what happened. She's an Afton, she may not be William's daughter, but she' damn well as smart as if she were. And with what she's learned, about repairing, upgrading and building animatronics, it's no wonder she thought she could handle picking up the pieces. Fast forward to now, on her escape out of the Pizza Plex, she came across Chica and Monty, now free from the virus, and trying to find a way out of the blaze. She helps them escape, and promises to keep them safe, and that once the heat dies down from both the building AND the Press, she's going to fix everything. Including their bodies. What I'm saying is, a long term story, with ships (possibly), picking up the pieces, and starting over for the animatronics. A bright future, sure, angst and bumps in the road…let's just see where it takes us, shall we? I would prefer you are available A LOT. My time zone is Eastern Daylight Time. Somewhat Advanced typing level preferred, I'll explain and give you an example if you are interested.

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