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TwoSidedFoxFox   76d ago


Character information sheets (semi-long)




Age / Birthday- 





Love Interest- 

Relationship Status / Married- 

Family / Children-


Hair color / Length-

Eye color- 


Weight / Build- 


Clothing / Jewelry-

Markings / Tattoos / Scars-




Addition Information-

Speaking color-

TwoSidedFoxFox   76d ago


Sora Ito


TwoSidedFoxFox   74d ago


Long ago there lived a family of wolves. This family of wolves was very strong, and proud. They often made people fear them by hunting down anyone who stepped foot in their forest. Wolves were hated creatures that pretty much everyone feared. Some wolves really were heartless and would kill who ever dare to cross their path. As time passed the wolves ruled over the forest. They were happy until one day humans started to rebel and invade. The wolves normally would scared them off or kill them, but this time the humans fought back. Killing or scaring any wolves that got in their way. Most the humans that enter the forest were after one, thing pelts. 

The wolves that roamed the forest had these most beautiful pelts in various colors. The battle between wolves and human seemed to go on and on for years. Until one day the wolves disappeared. They hid amongst the humans taking the form they despised the most. A human like form, most of the wolves had trouble hiding everything. Thier eyes or teeth,  those things normally a giveaway.  Humans didn't think much of it. Years pasted and the forest seemed to be rid of any sign of the wolves, they  seemed to be gone.  That was until that faithful full moon night. Horrify howls could be heard from the forest along with screaming. The family of wolves would still get together, at least once year and having a little fun. They would hunt. It was easy to lure a few humans into the forest... It became a game that wolves loved to play.

 Now our story begins ~  You were one of those humans that had gotten lured into the woods. Easily falling for the wolves charm. Of course you didn't know that a wolf had lure you into the forest for a game. You though you were going to have a night of fun.  There was talked about bonfire and alcohol other possible narcotics. Despite all the minor details you were excited. 

You had talking a liking to Nora. There was just something about him that drawn you to him. Whenever your eyes met it made your heart flutter. You really did find Nora attractive. Tonight you were hoping to make him yours. When you got to the center of the woods you eyes landed on the large bonfire. The smell of the burning woods brought back sweet memories of when you were young. It was then your eyes landed on Nora. The tell yet slender made stood there by the fires with a bottle in hand. His alluring eyes made your knees weak.  Sure they were oddly colored but you didn't think much of it. You made your way over to him. He handed you a drink. “Bottoms up” he mutter softly as you took a drink of the alcohol. The alcohol tasted sweet it, you couldn't help yourself from reaching for another bottle. Your head was getting fuzzy but you used it as a good excuse to lean against Nora. Nora smiled softly as he looked over at you. “Having fun?” he said with a smile. A lot of the humans seemed drunk and simply out of their minds. The real fun was yet to start. Nora couldn't help but to have a tooth grin. It was almost midnight and the moon getting higher in the sky. 


Jasper had pretty much did something similar as what Nora did. Instead of bring only one human he brought two. Jasper was very proud of his sexuality. He didn't care the two men clinging tightly to him.  He snarled at little when they pull his shirt down over his shoulders why the other one slip their hand under Jaspers shirt. The man slender fingers were as cold as ice.  Jasper knew exactly where his hands were going. The mans icy cold fingers made there was to Jasper pale pink buds. The man gave them a soft pinch that soon turn to a harder pinch. The man loved Jaspers reactions. Hearing him let out soft moan while the other man was kissing Jasper neck before biting it soft. Jasper knew it was the alcohol or narcotics that were making the two act this way. 

Jasper bit his lip as he thought of what to say but the two of them seemed to be enjoying playing with him. Jasper grey eyes looked almost gold. It was getting closer to the hunt for now he let these two continue their little game. They wouldn't be round much longer unless they could prove themselves to be worth his while.  They were doing a pretty good job at keeping his attention considering he was going to speak with Nora. Before he could even make it there he was ambushed by strong hands. The excitement and tension was starting to build. Jasper let out a small pant. Of course they boy were hoping they were getting lucky but in reality, Jasper was dreaming of sinking his sharp teeth into guys soft skin. 

How easily their flesh would rip with just one bite. For now he let them enjoy theirselves. Clinging tightly to him, letting their fingers wonder his chest, possibly forbidden places. Of course he wasn't going to give it to them that easy. This was't what this night about. Tonight was about the hunt, and seeking revenge on the humans. Sure some of the other wolves might have that in mind but he didn't. Only thing he wanted satisfy was this dark hunger.  Jasper let out a jagged breath as he glance at the man in from his. The one behind him was having playing with his soft pink buds. They were now stand up thanks to him. The man in front him had his hand on Jasper hip while he left small red marks up and down Jasper's neck. 

Jasper smirked as he kissed the male back roughly only to be stop but the man behind him. The man pinch harder causing Jasper to stop kissing the man in from of him. "Jealous are we?" he said as he looked up at the man. Jasper let out another gasp as the man in front of him went back to biting and sucking roughly on his neck. It didn't take long for the man biting his neck to move to his swollen pink buds. The man looked up at him innocently as he raised Jasper baggy shirt. He put his rose color lips to the swollen bud. He licked and even sucked on it a little before biting down hard. 

Jasper moan before it quickly turn into a snarl as his pulled the mans hair roughly. "How rude" he said as he bared his teeth. He only had to deal with them for a little bit long. Then real fun would start. Jasper let out a soft growl which cause the man in front of him to stop. He looked up at Jasper with desire filled eyes. Jasper smirk as he put his hand under the male chin. "Settle down were in public" he said as he fixed his shirt pushing both the men away from him. Despite how cold Jasper was to them they still followed Jasper blindly.  It was then a loud howl could be heard. It was time for the fun and the games to begin. The two men hugged on to Jasper nervously.



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