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A Long Journey

By LinaMoon
Backup thread

Disclaimer: I would like to let everyone know this is the essential premise for a book I am 30 chapters into writing, though my book so far focusses solely on the Goddess of the Moon and the God of the Sun fighting a very perturbed Goddess of the Void. These posts and the content of this roleplay won't be used in the book, though I can't say I won't draw inspiration. I just honestly wanted to treat this like a different reincarnation of the Gods/Goddesses than the ones featured in my story. 




I need a handful of people, I have an idea, the gist of which is Gods/Goddesses trapped in the back of mortal minds, reborn every, some thousand years into mortals. At first their (The God/Goddess) consciousness is quiet and unknown. The mortal lives a seemingly normal life, can grow, and start families even. Eventually as the mortal reaches maturity (20's/30's) the God/Goddess starts to manifest, as thoughts that feel like they don't belong to the mortal. The individuals are “Hearing voices.” ect.. The end all beat all is the God/Goddess takes over the mortal shell and either suppresses the mortal completely or they reach an understanding. There are multiple Gods/Goddesses and there are temples and worshipers of each. The God/Goddesses can hear the prayers of their followers and it can be maddening. Once the God/Goddess is fully emerged they follow a similar life to one they always do. Some find their Godly counterparts, think Apollo and Artemis always finding each other, or Persephone always going to be with Hades for part of the year. Obviously, this causes great strife for the mortal, especially if say they're married with children and the God/Goddess wants them to leave. 

There is Magik in the world, each individual has an Affinity for one element or another, their affinity shows in their eyes with a stripe of color through whatever their natural eye color is. I.e.: I have hazel eyes but a red line going through. (Fire affinity.) The element options are, Spirit (Purple), Water, (Blue), Earth (Green), Air (White), Fire (Red), Void (Black), Light (Gold). Void, and Spirit are the rarest affinities. These can be mixed together, and just because you have an Affinity doesn't mean you can't use the other elements, it simply means they aren't as easy. Likewise, if you have and Affinity for Water you will struggle with Fire and/or Earth, and so on. If this sounds interesting let me know.

Gods Available: 

Asmorcus God of Death
Korwyn God of The Sun
Memengur God of Fertility
Sirlinoth God of Scholars
Camonir God of Chaos

Goddesses Available:

Kalannya Goddess of Love
Andraste Goddess of the Moon
Iara Goddess of Fertility
Manyxis Goddess of Magik
Sansarishka Goddess of War

False God/Goddess:
Erebus God Of The Void/Sapheria Goddess Of The Void

I will give a detailed description over what each God/Goddess presides over.


PM Me if this sounds interesting, I apologize for any type-o's I don't usually type this kind of thing up on the fly. (I did this time though.) 🥰

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