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Masquerade6470Zane Carter   22d ago

Zane Carter

(Okay, so, what are we gonna rp about? Any ideas?) 

CarlnimiraThomas   20d ago


Fantasy is usually what the roleplays I do revolve around. So I can think up of a plot, might take a bit though.

Masquerade6470Masquerade   20d ago



CarlnimiraThomas   18d ago


Oof forgot sorry here lemme type out the plot. I can also make another if you'd like to do another, also I've read your bio too, so Im not gonna add anything that your uncomfortable with. And before I type it out what kinda of fantasy. We have fantasy, with castles and medieval stuff. Then we have a modern fantasy, guns and swords, castles, medieval stuff, modern stuff and medieval stuff, as well as magic. Just everything from normal fantasy mixed with modern stuff.))


Masquerade6470Masquerade   18d ago


I can do whatever fantasy you like)

CarlnimiraThomas   17d ago


Postings gonna be slow by the way. So sorry I couldn't yesterday.)

Masquerade6470Masquerade   17d ago


It's totally okay! My posting is also gonna be slow, so don't worry about it! 🙂)


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