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Don't Judge Anything by it's Cover

By Skylarose1995
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In a way, this is your typical bad boy and bad girl dramafied romance. But… In many ways it isn't. This is definitely a story that's going to make you question morals and possibly one that is going to make you want to throw some of yours away. 

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Madeline "Maddie" Smith

A bitch. Plain and simple. That's how a lot of people described Madeline Smith. Including her father. But, those who didn't describe her as such were the ones who truly knew her and knew what she has been through. Nothing has been simple for Maddie. Her father ditched her mother, her younger sister and her for his secretary who wasn't sick a couple years ago. Maddie's mother has been sick since before Madeline was born, and after she had Madeline's younger sister it seemed to have taken a turn for the worst. Some days, Caroline Smith could barely get out of bed. Once her father left, Madeline had to step up and do whateve she could to help her mother. Working, to make sure the bills could be paid and food was available for the three of them. Putting some of her dreams on hold, so she could make sure her little sister got to and from school. 


But what people don't understand is Madeline wouldn't change anything. Sacrificing a few things to make sure her mother could rest per doctor's orders, was well worth it for Maddie. She would do anything in her power to make sure her and her siblings get just a little bit longer with their mother than the doctor had told them months ago. Madeline's father tried to wiggle himself back into their lives when they heard how long their mom possibly had. Madeline wouldn't accept it, there was no way she was letting herself get that hurt or heart broken again because of him. He didn't deserve it and she refused to let her younger sister go through the same thing, but Madeline's older sister decided to trust him again. She brought him over to see their mother and Madeline always knew when it happened, because when she would bring her mother soup in bed she could see her mother's normally crystal blue eyes were dark, red and swollen from crying. Maddie has tried to get her sister to stop torturing their mother like that but she never listened. Because of her father and her older sister, Madeline has become standoffish and refuses to let barely anyone in. Which is where ‘bitch’ comes in. The only people who got to see the true her was her best friends, her younger sister and her mother. 


Madeline walks into the rowdy building, the club lights momentarily blinding her as she searches for her best friends and their boy toys of the week. She was currently in a sparkly, strapless red dress that stopped just above her knees and hugged her curves. She finally spots the platinum blonde hair of Sadie Harper and slides up behind the two girls that have been there for her through it all. Sadie's boy toy Derek looks down at the shorter girl and does a wolf whistle. “Damn Smith, looking hot as hell tonight.” He chuckles, earning a slap to the chest from Sadie as she turns and throws her arms around Madeline. “Mads! You actually came!” Sadie and Cassie were finally able to convince Maddie to leave her mother and younger sister to come to the club with them. It also helped that Maddie's grandmother was sleeping over for the weekend. “Yeah, yeah. And already I want to go home.” Madeline giggles and rolls her eyes. Cassandra Mills shakes a baggie in front of Maddie's face and tilts her head to the side. “You sure about that Mads?” Maddie gasps and immediately grabs the baggie and pours some on her hand between her thumb and index finger and sniffs it up before rubbing her nose. “Okay maybe I'll stay a little longer.” She laughs and grabs Cassie's hips and starts dancing with her. Cassie giggles and nods. “I thought so.” She replies, nodding at her boy toy when he motions that him and Derek are going to get drinks and shots for everybody.   

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Max revved the engine of his obnoxiously flashy black Corvette outside of his best friend's house. To say his parents were rich would be an understatement. Max got to bask in the money his parents threw at him to keep him content and happy and he was not complaining in the slightest. He'd never turn down a single cent his parents sent his way and often found ways to show it off. It was like the highest brag to be young and have expensive and nice things. Ever since Max was a kid, he had been accustomed to expensive toys, clothes and vacations. His parents were filthy rich and often had more money than they knew what to do with it. Thankfully, Max and his younger brother were gifted anything they could think of. Their parents loved them and loved to spoil them and the two never turned down anything thrown their way. Max lived lavishly and even as an adult, he was gifted with a nice house on the outside of the city. He wasn't neglected, beaten down or abused by his parents so the fact he turned out to be an asshole was solely due to the fact he had enough money to get away with it. 


Max always had an issue with being on the good sides of people. He often found himself in trouble, which his parents promptly paid his way out of, and tended to easily piss other people off. Max was on a high horse he never intended on getting off of. He loved his life and there was nothing that could change it. His parents, with the gift of the house, paid for everything and only requested he get a part time job to keep himself occupied and not to end up in jail. He figured it was a fair trade not to give up his brilliant lifestyle. He often partied and did whatever he wanted on his time off of work and he was completely satisfied with it and his parents didn't see an issue as long as no real issues came out of it. He spent most of his time and money on girls, alcohol, cars and vacations. He was living the dream. 


Finally, he spotted another dark haired male that emerged from the much smaller house, making his way down to Max's car and got in. He turned his attention towards Max before leaning his head back. “Do we have to do this? I'm so tired from working I don't know how late I can stay out without falling asleep..” Alex exhaled, closing his eyes for a moment and placed his hand to his forehead. Max tapped his steering wheel along to the song playing and gave off a short laugh. “Come on, Alex… a few shots and you'll be awake.” Max spoke, looking at the darkened road before speeding off towards the club the two resided at on the off weekends. Max was home from another holiday with his family and he was ready to get back to his normal with his best friend. Alex leaned back and turned his head to look at the other. “I don't want to be out all night again. Some of us work full time and need our sleep." he grumbled, knowing Max wouldn't actually give in after finally getting to plan a night out with him. “You'll be fine. I promise we won't be out all night. Just a few drinks and I'll have you home so you can get your beauty rest.” Max smiled, knowing that wasn't about to be the case. Max was ready to go. He was ready to drink the night away and forget his own name. By the end of it, it was likely Alex who would be taking them home. 


The two got to the club in no time. They got out and headed in quickly. Pushing through the crowd, they made their way to the bar for their first round of drinks. Max wasn't about to start off light. He wanted to get drunk and he wanted to do it quickly. He shoved his way through all of the people to the bar, leaning his hands on the top of it and leaned in to order a few drinks for him and Alex. Once they got their drinks, Max downed his like he hadn't had a sip of liquid in years. They went down way too smoothly. Alex didn't go so quick, but he did finish what Max had bought him. He couldn't remember the last time he had paid for anything since he met Max and on nights where Max had every intention of getting bombed, he wasn't sure he had room to complain. He felt a little bad that Max paid for most of his things when the two were out, but Max had money to spend and he loved spending it on these outrageous nights at the clubs. Max had never once made Alex pay for anything and never complained. Max seemed to like showing off his money, even when it was just the two of them. 


Alex had finished off every shot longer than it took Max to and was starting to feel himself finally wake up. Max seemed to be in a great mood and was ready for whatever the night brought. Max had gotten down another rum and coke before ordering himself another double and ordered Alex a beer to settle down a bit. Alex might like to party, but Max knew his friends limits and he knew the other wouldn't want to get drunk that quickly. Max on the other hand, had no issue downing a few shots and a few drinks to really feel the effects for the first little bit of the night. After a few drinks, he'd settle into something lighter to keep the buzz going but knew when to stop so he didn't completely black out. “You didn't drink on your vacation? How are you so amped up right now?” Alex asked, raising an eyebrow at the other male beside him. “I took a few days off when I got back.. now I'm just stoked to be out again.” 

As Sadie and Cassie's boy toys are up at the bar, the girls are dancing and laughing together. Of course none of them had serious relationships, hell Madeline hadn't been with a guy in a few months due to wanting to make sure her mother and her little sister were taken care of first. Sadie and Cassandra actually bet each other whether or not Maddie was actually going to come out or not. Sadie's smirk when she saw the flash of her best friend's red dress made her stick her hand right out to Cassandra who bet that she wasn't going to come. So, of course all three girls are taking full advantage of scoping out the club tonight. Their eyes landing on a few hot guys, but none really keeping any of their interests. That is until Madeline's eyes roam over to the bar to see what was taking Derek and Chris, Cassie's boy toy, so long. Her eyes pause on one particular guy and she couldn't help letting them trace up and down his body. He was definitely the type she would normally go after if she was on the hunt. She was not on the hunt tonight though, she had promised her grandmother she would wake up early and help her with breakfast and her mother's medicine, but Madeline figured it didn't hurt to look. 

Unfortunately Sadie caught where her eyes had caught and with a smirk on her lips, she walks up behind her best friend and puts her hands on Maddie's shoulders. “That, Mads, is none other than Maxwell Carter. The town's richest, biggest asshole and playboy. He takes everything for granted including women.” Madeline keeps her eyes on the male for a minute longer, before she rolls them. “Hmm, I've been there and done it with a guy like him before. Definitely don't need a repeat. Plus, I was only looking. No harm done.” Cassandra listens and watches her two best friends' conversation and spots Max and Alex and a smirk crosses her own face. “What the hell is taking the other two so long? Come on Mad, come with me and get them from ending up in other girls' pants tonight. They are ours for the night." She doesn't give the other girl a choice and grabs her wrist, pulling Maddie up to the bar with her. Sure enough, Derek and Chris are completely distracted with the groups drinks in their hands flirting with two brunettes who are twirling their hair between their fingers and licking their lips at the boys to show off their tongue rings. Maddie leans into Cassandra and pretends to gag herself, making Cassie giggle. Madeline watches a few seconds more before she slides up to Derek who of course was right behind the male she had been checking out not a few minutes prior. 

Grabbing the back of Derek's collar, Madeline glares up at him. “Yo, asshole. Your girl is getting thirsty over there. Think you can get these bitches phone numbers and meet them some other time?” Cassandra covers her mouth and stifles a laugh, watching in amusement as the other girls glare at Madeline. The brunettes scoff, flip their hair over their shoulders and walk away, looking for their next targets. Derek and Chris immediately hover over Madeline, their playful glares doing nothing to scare her. She crosses her arms over her chest and watches them carefully. “Thanks Mads, you just lost us potential hot one night stands once these two are done with us. Hope you're proud of yourself.” Derek starts to walk back to where Sadie is, but bumps purposely into Madeline getting a little bit of alcohol on her chest and pushing her into the male behind her. Madeline doesn't even look back and starts following behind the rest of her group. “I am extremely proud of myself. We came to get drunk and party and you guys were ruining the first plan. I had to do something.” She sticks her tongue out at Derek, before grabbing a drink and a couple shots and the group clinks their glasses together before downing the shots. 

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Max could feel his head swimming a little bit, but he had no intention of letting up so quickly. He was ready to go and the liquor was going down so smoothly. He focused his attention on Alex as he went on about his day at work. He couldn't understand the whole 9 to 5 life, but he never needed to. He worked 3 days a week and that was more than enough for him. Hell , his shifts weren't even 8 hours and he didn't like it. He would much prefer to spend his time doing things he enjoyed, but since it was one of the conditions his parents set, he'd follow happily if it meant he got to keep up this lifestyle he was so use to. “That sucks, man.” Max faked interest, receiving an annoyed eyeroll from his friend. “Don't act too excited hearing about my life. I know Max Carter doesn't need to work to live but the rest of us do.” Alex grumbled, taking a sip of his beer. Max laughed and patted his friend on the cheek. “Sorry. I don't want to talk about work or bosses or annoying co-workers, I want to get drunk.” Max groaned, downing his drink and grabbing another. “Alright, fine. Sorry. Let's drink and forget about the world's problems.” Max laughed and nodded. “Thank god.” 


Max looked over his shoulder as he heard the commotion from behind him. He listened a little to their conversation before his drink was slid in front of him. He picked it up and took a sip of it before feeling a body shove into him a bit. He looked back fully and watched the girl in the short red dress move away from him without so much as a word. He straightened a bit and shook his head. “Am I fucking invisible?” Max growled out, going to move before feeling Alex's hand on his shoulder. “No, no… behave.” Alex warned. He knew if Max went down that path, the two would either find themselves in trouble or they would be there all night. Max shot a look to his friend before shaking his head. “Don't let it ruin our night.. just.. a drunk girl who doesn't know what she's doing.” Alex continued, trying to make his friend feel better and forget about it.  Max nodded and let out an annoyed sigh. “Fine..” Max exhaled, grabbing his drink and took a long sip from it. Alex exhaled softly, trying to keep his friend from doing something stupid. He felt like he succeeded. If he could keep Max occupied, the male wouldn't be bothered by too much. Max's eyes followed the red dress through the crowd before shaking his head. “Let's go find some girls to entertain us. Money does wondrous things.” max smirked, turning to his friend. Alex nodded and finished off his drink and ordered another one, which Max instantly paid for. The two moved through the crowd. Unknowingly to Alex, Max had his own little plan for revenge. Alex followed Max through the crowd of people, weaving through dancing bodies to scout out some girls as Max requested. Once they reached the girl from before, Max purposefully bumped into the girl. He pretended to be surprised as he took another step forward. “Oops.. sorry. See that wasn't so hard to say.” Max snarkily bit out, looking down towards the girl in the red dress. Alex looked over at the girl who bumped into Max before groaning and putting his hand on Max's back to keep him moving. “Sorry.. sorry. He's.. drunk.” Alex replied quickly. Of course… he knew Max wasn't going to just leave it alone. “I'm sorry for him. Enjoy your night.” Alex spoke, trying to extinguish any issues that might arise from Max's obnoxious need to start conflict. 

As the group finish their drinks and shots, Madeline could feel herself already breaking one of her rules that she set for herself for tonight. She swore to herself she wouldn't let herself go as crazy as she usually does, but once the burn of the last shot Derek had ordered for her slips down her throat, she could feel herself slipping a little passed the point of tipsy. She giggles at the way Sadie was hanging all over Derek now and grabs the baggie out of Chris's pocket. She does the same as before and closes her eyes for a minute to enjoy the high and the tipsiness she was currently feeling. To say she missed these moments, was an understatement. She loved letting herself go wild and forget the struggles life was constantly throwing at her. Since her mom was getting worse, Madeline hadn't gotten a chance to hang out with her best friends as much as she used to. She normally felt guilty when thoughts of missing her old life run through her head. 

Madeline is instantly pulled from her mind, when she feels somebody push into her. Her eyes pop open and thankfully she is able to catch herself before she makes a fool out of herself and does something like fall. When she looks at the person responsible, she recognizes the guy she had been stupidly checking out at the bar and rolls her eyes. Though once she hears his snarky tone, they narrow and she scoffs. She barely hears the guy's friend try to excuse him for being so rude. Her entire focus was now fully on the rude ass who bumped into her on purpose. “Aww, did I hurt the pompous asshole's feelings because when I was pushed into you, I didn't grovel at your feet and beg for your forgiveness?” Maddie snaps, as she rolls her eyes again. Sadie and Cassandra immediately straighten and look between Madeline and Max. 

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex looked towards the girl as she started going off on Max in return for Max's behavior. He looked back towards Max and knew it would piss him off more to be talked back to. “Can we please just enjoy the night? Jesus.. why do you do this every time we are out?” Alex snapped at Max, pushing his chest to try and get him to back off. He didn't know what the other male was going to do about it anyway. This was a girl and Max had never even attempted to raise a hand to a female and knew he never would. Max watched the girl with an amused, yet annoyed look. “You don't even know me, how do you know I'm pompous?” Max glared back, watching the girl. “It would have been a good start but a sorry would have sufficed. I could have spilled my drink and then we'd really have a problem.” Alex exhaled and put his hand to his face. “Max.. please..” he grumbled, shoving the boy back again. “This little chihuahua started it.” “And I'm ending it. Walk away.. this is really not worth it. She bumped into you.. who gives a shit?" Alex narrowed his eyes. Max's night wouldn't be complete if he didn't purposely piss someone off. Now that he was successful, Alex had to deflate the situation before it got a little out of hand. “You want us to get kicked out of another bar because some girl bumped into you? I told you I had a limited amount of time here before I left you to go to bed. If you don't back off I'll leave now." Alex threatened, watching Max intently. Max looked over at Alex and exhaled heavily. “Ugh.. fine. You're no fun.” he muttered, looking over the other's shoulder at ‘red dress’. He brought his drink up and took a sip before taking a couple more steps back through the crowd until he fully turned around. Alex looked over his shoulder for a moment before following Max through the sea of people to make sure he didn't go back. “What the fuck is wrong with you? You can get way too out of control when you drink sometimes. I thought you were in a good mood?” “I am in a good mood. I just wanted to teach her some manners.” Max replied, shrugging his shoulders until he got back up to the bar. “Max, you don't have manners..” Alex replied, ordering himself and Max another drink in attempt to cool the other boy down. 


Alex spent a little time trying to keep the other boy calm and collected. It was a task when Max really wanted to party. If he wasn't fighting with someone, throwing his money around recklessly or blacked out, it wasn't a good night for him. Max always walked the line of taking things too far. A night out consisted of heavy drinking, hunting for girls and ending with a fight Max could nearly go to jail for. Alex felt like he was a mediator for the male to keep him from getting locked up and losing his fortune. If his dad found out he had been thrown behind bars, all his money would be lost. Drunken Max never actually cared because he wanted to be reckless. Sober Max would fight tooth and nail to keep his lifestyle. Max's mind seemed to be on the interaction before. It was all he wanted to talk about. “Why are the hot ones always fucking yapping?” Max muttered, crossing his arms over his chest as his eyes scanned the floor. He had caught a glimpse of red dress a few times and his eyes instantly narrowed. He didn't like her. He liked the look of her, but her attitude pissed him off. Alex exhaled heavily and put his hand to his head. “Let it go. You're going to get bumped into from time to time. You can't fight everyone who does it. We are in a crowded bar and there are drunk people all over. I don't want to hear anything else. Let's get drunk and go crazy." Alex shrugged. He didn't really want to get crazy but if it kept Max from seeking out more issues, he'd do it for the other male. Max looked down the bar, watching a few girls come up and order some drinks. “Alright fine.” he muttered, red dress slipping his mind quickly as he moved closer to them. A white sash surrounded by a bunch of pink sashes. A bachelorette party. Girls looking to get wasted. Perfect. He ordered them all drinks, introducing Alex to them. This is where he could stick for the night. They all wanted free drinks and he had the money to spend. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Madeline's focus and narrowed eyes stay mostly on Max, but as Alex talks she lets them slip over to him. Liking the fact that he seems to be the one that was more level headed and the one with common sense. Her attention drifts back to the other male when he responds to her and she crosses her arms over her chest. Another scoff leaves her lips and she lets her eyes trail up and down his body, not checking him out but showing that she was basing how she believes his personality is on his appearance. “I may not know you, but I've known plenty of guys like you. Those who think they are better than everybody else. The ones who think they are owed apologies and everything else from other people that they deem lower than them.” Her entire tone dripped sassy, she wasn't going to let this jerk get away with thinking the world is owed to him. Her father is the exact same way and it was a horrible trait to have. As Alex tries to defuse the situatuon again, Sadie walks up next to Madeline and looks at her, nudging her ribs. “Would you quit it? We are here to have fun, not start trouble with assholes who don't mean anything…” She meets Madeline's light blue eyes and tries to calm the iciness in them. It starts to work until she overhears Max call her a chihuahua. She looks passed Sadie and over Alex's shoulder, her eyes narrowing again. “A chihuahua? That's rich, coming from you. You conceded ma-” Her mouth instantly gets coverer by Sadie's hand, as the boys start walking away. “Okay no. That's where this ends. Relax Mads. He isn't worth it. Go get drunk, get high and let's enjoy your first night out with us in a while.” 

It took a bit and many glares toward the bar at a certain male for Madeline to finally feel good enough to start enjoying her night again. Her and the other two girls have been dancing with everybody around them, Derek and Chris watching them closely. Currently Maddie was dancing with some blonde, who did not keep his hands still and had Maddie laughing most of the time. She reaches up and wipes a little bit of sweat from her forehead. The club lights definitely made it ten degrees hotter in here and the crowd didn't help. She lets the guy know that she was going to the bar to grab a drink before pulling away from him and grabbing Cassie's arm to walk to the bar with her. The girls walk toward the bar, giggling and stumbling a little, which only made them giggle more. They finally make it and order a couple more shots and drinks for the group. Once the bartender brings over her drink, Madeline instantly puts the glass to her lips and chugs about half of it. Her eyes roaming over the crowd, she spots the jerk and his friend from before and rolls her eyes. She nudges Cassie's arm and motions toward them. “I was right. He definitely thinks he is owed everything… Those poor girls, could do so much better.” She laughs when Cassandra covers her mouth and starts snickering. 

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Max and Alex stuck close to the bachelorette party for a while. Max happily ordered them drinks and they happily took them. Max didn't mind the thought of these girls just using him for alcohol to get drunk. It typically led to a night of fun anyway in which Max discarded them in the morning so it was a give and take. He scouted them out, finding a few single friends for him and Alex to entertain them for the night. Even if Max and Alex went home alone, at least they could say they had fun. It was less work for Max in the morning and he was less likely to end up with some girl who required more than just one night anyway. He just liked the conversation and mindless flirting. Max kept himself leaned up against the bar, one of the girls standing dangerously close to him and sipping on her drink. She seemed like she might have had one too many drinks but she was holding a conversation decently. She wasn't his type by any means but she was pretty good looking so he'd wave away the boring conversations on how she was a hair stylist and her latest client was a massive bitch. He'd have to pretend to be interested for the end game. He smiled and nodded, hardly keeping himself focused on the conversation at hand. He looked at Alex, giving him a bored look and received a slight look of amusement as he continued talking to another one of the girls in the group. His eyes lifted to the same red dress behind Alex that pissed him off earlier and let out a small groan, dropping his head again before letting out a sigh. “I need a drink. Do you want another one?” Max asked, interrupting the girl in front of him. The girl stopped talking and nodded quickly. He was sure she was having the time of her life receiving free drinks and talking about whatever bullshit story she had on the go for the day. She didn't even have to spend any money. She had to be happy about this. 


Max turned and grabbed another few drinks before turning back to the girl, handing it off to her. To his surprise, she downed it just as quick as she got it. That's when he saw it. She was gone. She had blacked out almost instantly. It was one too many. Max watched as she wobbled a bit before steadying her slightly with a hand on her side. She gave off a small giggle before spewing out some slurred words that hardly strung together a sentence. She was done and Max wasn't about to take care of some random drunk girl. He wasn't about to risk her puking all over his expensive clothes. He gave Alex another look before putting his drink down on the bar and moved with the girl through the crowd to sit her in one of the booths so she could at least sit down and not break an ankle from the high heels she wore. 


Alex looked back, seeing red dress again at the bar with her friend. He still kind of felt bad for Max's interaction he had with her. He looked over at the girl he was innocently chatting with and grabbed Max's untouched drink, pushing it towards the girl in the red dress. “This is from the dick who bumped into you earlier. On his behalf and his wallet.. I'm sorry.” Alex spoke. Alex turned back at the sound of Max's voice, explaining to the girl that Alex was talking to that he set her friend down at the booth near the back of the bar. The friend nodded and said a quick goodbye to Alex before moving off to check on her friend. Max leaned against the bar and exhaled heavily. Max looked down at the bar, expecting to see his drink still there. When he didn't see it, he looked over at Alex. “Didn't I..?” he muttered, looking around slowly. Alex blocked Max's field of view of ‘red dress’ with his drink. “I think some drunk girl took it. She went that way.” Alex lied, pointing in another direction. Max looked back for a moment before shaking his head, ordering another drink without a care. He noted the annoying girl behind Alex before leaning his elbows on the bar top, biting his tongue to keep from speaking again. He knew Alex would end the night if he went off again and he wasn't ready to go back home. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Cassandra looks at Madeline still snickering and shakes her head. “Stop it. You're going to get us in trouble with Mother Sadie.” She teases, making both girls laugh even harder. The two of them were the wilder, bitchy ones of the group and they always teased and picked on Sadie for being the most mother-like saint one. It was all in good fun because Madeline appreciated Sadie more than anything and was so thankful for her. She had been Maddie's voice of reason and savior when her mother was too sick to help.  “What she doesn't know or doesn't hear won't hurt her.” Maddie teases back, taking another sip of her drink. Cassie laughs and takes a sip of her drink when the bartender brings it to her, and leans her hip against the counter while they wait for the other drinks and shots. She turns to look back at their group and grabs Maddie's wrist. “Oh my gosh what a creep!” Cassandra whispers, motioning toward the blonde hair guy that Madeline was dancing with before. Maddie giggles and shrugs. “Hey if someone isn't staring and watching your every move by the end of the night, you're doing something wrong.” She starts laughing again and waves at the guy, Cassandra bursts out laughing and grabs Maddie's hip to turn her around to face the bar. “He's going to be a tough one to grind and ditch huh?" Maddie shrugs and downs her drink. “Don't worry. It'll be fine.” 

Maddie was humming to the song the dee-jay was playing when she sees motion out of the corner of her eye. She turns just as Alex slides the drink up to her and explains what he is doing. A small smirk covers her lips, before she giggles. “Thanks.” She grabs the drink and starts downing it. Cassandra watches Madeline, trying to see what her reaction was to the drink and giggles when Madeline places the drink down with a surprised smile on her face.   “Surprised?” Cassie asks, taking as many shots as she can hold while Maddie grabs the others and then the drink that Alex had given her. “Pleasantly. Asshole has some taste.” Madeline giggles and before she follows Cassandra back to the group, she walks up to Alex. “Thanks again for the drink.” She smirks, looking over at Max briefly, before heading back to her group. She just had to be smart and say something to make sure she had taken Max's drink from Alex without a second thought. 

As soon as she makes it back, Madeline hands out the shots she had in her hands and keeps one for herself. She looks up at the blonde guy and tilts her head to the side when she notices him glaring at the drink from Alex in her hand. “What?” She asks, a little snippy. “You dance with someone and then let some other guy buy you a drink? What the hell is wrong with you?” Madeline couldn't help but laugh, until she noticed the guy wasn't kidding. “Okay look, we danced. I planned to dance with you all night. But that's it. Nothing else was going to happen here. Sorry if I gave the wrong idea.” She watches as she says the last word, the guy takes off in the other direction. She looks over at Sadie and Cassie and all three of them were trying not to laugh. Sadie shrugs. “Poor, poor blonde hair man. We knew him well.” This, causes the giggles to break free and still laughing the girls down their shots and move to the middle of the dancefloor starting to move their hips to the music. As she dances, Maddie keeps sipping at the drink Alex gave her.  

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex tried his best to keep Max from seeing his drink was in the position of the first person to tick him off. He didn't need this night to end up on a bad note and Max's attitude would solidify it if he saw what Alex had done. He looked at Max as he ordered another drink and let out a sigh of relief. Maybe he was content knowing someone was having fun at his expense. Max got himself another drink and once that arrived, he drank it pretty quickly. “Had to let the girl go, huh?” Alex asked, changing the subject quickly. “She was too messy. I can't do anything with someone that drunk.” Max spoke, placing the glass down on the bar top again before turning to Alex. He looked over at the girl as she came up and thanked Alex for the drink. He looked down to see the drink he had gotten for himself in this girl's hand. Alex turned his head to look down at the girl, instant nervousness flowing through him. His eyes bounced between Max and the girl. “You're welcome." Alex spoke, looking back at Max once she left. “Really?” Max muttered, looking towards Alex again. “You gave HER my drink?” he glared, crossing his arms over his chest. Alex put his hand over his mouth to stifle a laugh and shrugged. “I thought it was a good idea that you apologize for being an asshole.” Alex spoke, grabbing his drink and sipped it innocently. “Not her! I wasn't going to apologize!” Max hissed out. “Oh give it a rest. You've got plenty of money to hand out.. one drink won't break your bank.” “It's the principle of it, Alex.”Max snapped back but shook it off. “You annoy me.” “I know.” Alex laughed.  


It didn't take long for Max to start talking to another girl. Shots were flowing, drinks were still going down easily and Max was in a better headspace. Alex had been keeping his mind off of the girl who pissed him off and he was drinking and dancing to his hearts content. He had no intentions of going home any time soon and the club was still packed. He was having a great time and it seemed like Alex was too. 

The girls kept dancing and drinking and sniffing up the powder Chris had brought with him. The night was still young, but Maddie knew she better get out of here soon or there was no way she was going to keep her promise to her grandmother and get up early. She was already dreading the hangover she could tell she was already going to have. She keeps her hips moving to the music and watches Sadie and Cassandra. Cassie starts shaking her head. “No. I know that look. It's too early, you can't leave yet.” Madeline giggles at how well her best friends know her and shrugs. “But I promised nan that I would get up early and help her.” She explains. Cassandra keeps shaking her head and grabs both of Madeline's wrists. “Nan will be fine. This is the first time you have been out in months. Enjoy yourself. Put yourself first for one night.” She orders, playfully. Madeline rolls her eyes and looks over Cassandra's face. “Fine. One more hour.” She gives in and is earned with a squeal to her ear and being dragged back to the bar for more drinks. She couldn't help herself, the drink she had ‘stolen’ from Max actually did taste good and she motions to the bartender that she would like to have what he is drinking. Cassandra overhears and laughs. “That good huh? Should we go tell him that you like his taste in alcohol?” Maddie shakes her head and leans her hip against the bar counter. “Fuck no. He doesn't need to know anything.” She replies immediately, walking back with Cassandra once they have their drinks. 

Sadie looks up at Madeline and Maddie instantly saw how pale her best friend's face had gotten and how much she was starting to sweat. With Sadie being the good one, she definitely wasn't one to drink as much as the other two, but tonight was special. Maddie actually came out with them and she wanted to celebrate, but she was starting to feel weird. Maddie instantly slides up to Sadie's side and wraps her arm around her waist. “You okay Sadie?” She asks, becoming concerned. Sadie was definitely not confident in her voice right now, so she shakes her head and Maddie starts walking toward the bathroom with her. “I'm going to walk you to the bathroom okay?” Sadie nods this time and lets Madeline lead her to the bathroom. Being unstable on her feet and Madeline not having complete grip on her, Sadie bumps into one of the males that they have been running into all night for some reason. Thankfully when Maddie looks up, she notices it is the nicer and smarter one. “Sorry about that. She's had a little too much.” She explains to him, before rushing to the bathroom. For some stupid reason, the bathroom in this club was only for one person instead of stalls. There have been many complaints about this and the bartender and owner have been working on it. She walks Sadie into the bathroom, the girls though small still had to squeeze in together. “Go ahead Mads. I'll be fine now. I promise." Sadie finally finds her voice and Maddie looks her over unsure. 

Sadie rolls her eyes and shakes her head, squeezing Maddie's arm. “I'm fine." Madeline looks at her best friend and notices her become paler, letting out a sigh she nods and walks out of the bathroom. Shutting the door behind her, she leans against the wall next to the bathroom and her eyes slide onto the other males dancing with girls. “See, it's not so hard for me to apologize to someone who actually deserves it.” She digs at Max, narrowing her eyes when the music starts to lower as the dee-jay switches songs. Madeline inwardly kicks herself, why did she have to keep trying to get a rise out of this man. Yes Sadie may know about him, but that didn't mean she did. But something about him got under her skin. 

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex looked back at the girls as he was bumped, looking down towards the one girl who looked pale and sick. He looked back at Maddie and shook his head. “It's okay..” he replied, looking back at the sick one. He watched them move off to the bathroom and looked back towards Max, who seemed to let out a heavy sigh and gave him an annoyed eyeroll. Max couldn't help it. He had no idea why these girls were constantly bumping into them. It wasn't like the club was small but they had crossed paths so many times it was starting to annoy him. Alex looked back for another second before shaking his head. Max looked over at the girl as she made her little comment and shook his head. “You're ruining a good night out.” he snaps back, shaking his head at the audacity this girl had. She was trying to poke at him and piss him off and he wasn't one to just lay down and take it. “Just be quiet and take care of your sick friend.” Max grumbled, taking another sip of his drink. 


Alex exhaled heavily and shook his head at the two, who didn't know each other, fight like an old married couple. “Oh my god, you two.” he groaned. “You, keep dancing and shut your mouth.” Alex pointed at Max, shoving his arm a little. “I'll get your friend some water.” Alex spoke, looking back towards Maddie. He moved away from Max and walked to the bar. He grabbed a cup of ice water and a cloth with some ice in it. He moved back towards the other two and looked towards Maddie. “This might help at least a little bit.” he commented, handing her the cloth and the water. Max watched Alex for a moment and shook his head. Alex loved being the kind and caring person. He liked feeling like he was actually doing something. The amount of times Alex had taken care of Max because Max wouldn't let him pay for anything was proof of that. Alex had a heart where Max lacked one. Max finished off his drink and set the empty cup down on a table near by. He knew if Alex kept this up, he'd want to hang around the girls to make sure the sick one was alright and Max wanted nothing to do with them. Now he was annoyed. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Maddie watched Max after she says her comment, when he comes back at her she lets out a sigh and crosses her arms over her chest. She leans against the wall and listens to Alex tell Max to stop talking and let her know that he was going to get water for Sadie. She nods and smiles thankfully, before she focused on the bathroom door trying to listen to see if Sadie called her name. Once Alex returned, Maddie grabs the glass and the cloth and smiles, a genuine smile at him.  “Thank you. She isn't used to going as crazy as Cass and I, so sometimes we forget that and push her too far.” Guilt was evident in her voice, before she moves toward the door and knocks before she opens the door. Her eyes widen slightly at the sight of her best friend sitting on the floor and against the wall with her eyes closed. “Sadie??” Maddie rushes over to her and kneels down, putting the cloth on the back of her neck. The other girl slowly opens her eyes and looks at Maddie, groaning slightly. “Yeah, I'm okay. I definitely went too hard again." Sadie responds to Maddie, laying her head back against the wall. Madeline takes a breath of relief and giggles softly. “Well, let's at least get you out of the bathroom and into a booth." She pushes herself up and puts the water on the sink, before grabbing Sadie around the waist and pulls her up. She grabs the water with her other hand and leads Sadie out with the other. “This nice guy was the one who brough the cloth and glass of water.” Sadie looks up as Maddie motions to Alex and her cheeks immediately burn bright. “T-thank you.” She smiles and hides her face in Madeline's arm, making Maddie giggle and shake her head. Once they pass the guys and to the booth, she helps Sadie slide into the one side and looks over making sure she was okay. Once she was satisfied and Sadie starts drinking the water, Maddie leans back against the table and looks down at her best friend. “I don't care how drunk you are. I am not letting you ever, ever get involved with the jerk's best friend. I absolutely refuse.” Sadie coughs a little and glares up at Madeline. “I don't know what you're talking about. I don't like him. I barely even know him. I just blush whenever someone does something nice for me. You know that.” Madeline scoffs and nods. “Hmm right.”  

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Max and Alex watched Maddie retreat into the bathroom with the stuff Alex brought for her. Max looked over at Alex and watched him intently. He could see the other's mind gearing up at the thought of helping the other girl. “No.” Max shut it down quickly. Alex turned his attention to Max. “What?” he muttered. “Absolutely not. We are not sticking around them all night.” Max hissed out, watching his friend. Alex sighed in annoyance and looked back towards the bathroom. “Shut up. You're so whiny.” he muttered. Once the door opened and the two came out, Alex perked up a bit. The girl still looked sick to her stomach. Maddie had mentioned this girl didn't drink a lot and had gone way too hard. He and Max had been in the same boat before so he knew what this girl was going through. Once Sadie addressed him, he let a small and concerned smile cross his face. “Of course.” he replied, watching them move off to the booth. Max watched Alex and leaned his head back. “Alex! Come on.. this is killing my buzz.” he complained, pushing passed some people to get to the bar. Alex followed Max before shaking his head at the male. “Do you not have any compassion? The girl is sick. I'm sure it would be nice to be taken care of by people when you're sick.” Alex replied, moving up beside his friend at the bar. “She's another random drunk girl. There's plenty around. She's not the first to get sick and she wont be the last.” Max spoke, grabbing another drink for him and Alex. 


Alex grabbed a ginger ale from the bartender, looking at Max with a shake of his head before moving away from the bar. Max looked over at Alex as he started walking and grabbed his drink. “Where are you going?” he asked, moving behind the other male. “She needs something to settle her stomach.” “Why?” Max groaned. “Max.. we've run into these girls three times now. One of them is sick. We're locked in already.” “No… no we are not. We can just enjoy our night and let her friends take care of her. That's what they are there for. We are just two strangers who are going to end up looking creepy as hell if we keep hanging around them. What is the intention behind this?” Max urged, moving in front of Alex to make him stop. Alex looked up towards Max and tilted his head. “I know this is a new concept for you.. but I'm trying to be a nice guy. I'm sure you'll live with me being a nice guy for a little bit until I know she's alright then we  can continue partying. I promise.” Alex spoke. Max went to protest but sighed. The faster Alex confirms this drunk girl is fine, the quicker they can move on from this. Alex moved passed Max and towards the booth where the girls had gone to. “I'm sorry.. I know I'm coming off as a little stalkerish.. but I just wanted to give this to you to help out. It's ginger ale.. It should help your stomach. I've been down this road one too many times and I know it's the worst.” Alex explained, setting the cup down onto the table. “I don't mean to come off as weird for following you guys to the table or anything.” Max stood behind Alex and took a sip of his drink, keeping silent and listening to his friend try to make sure these girls don't think he's a weirdo. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Even as bombed and sick as she was, Sadie could still hear the disbelief in Maddie's voice and rolls her eyes. “You're supposed to trust your best friend.” She mutters, resting her elbow on the table and resting her head in her hand. Maddie giggles and pulls herself up onto the table next to Sadie's arm. “I do trust you. More than anyone, don't tell Cass, but I also saw your cheeks redden and that dip your chin does when you find a guy cute. And, if he was anybody else I would give you my blessing right away but I want nothing to do with that entitled jerk. And if you flirt and hang out with this guy, the ass is bound to tag along and then we are forced in each others presence.” Sadie groans at Maddie's explanation and closes her eyes. “Oh come on Mads, we don't even know if he is actually entitled. We're going based off my brother's accusations.” She argues. Maddie rolls her eyes. “Trust me Sadie, I know that personailty and those looks and I can already tell he is entitled and thinks the world revolves around him.” She sighs. Sadie lets out a sigh of her own. “You have got to stop comparing everyone to your father Mads. Otherwise you're going to wound up a forty year old crazy lady with a whole bunch of cats.” 

Madeline goes to argue when she sees Alex and Max heading to their table. “Fuck…” She groans and lets her head drop back. “I blame you.” She glares at Sadie, before smiling up at Alex when she watches him place the cup in front of Sadie. Maddie and Sadie giggle at him trying to convince them he isn't a creeper. Madeline playfully tilts her head to the side at him and lets her eyes trail down his body and back up to his eyes. “Hmmm, I'm not sure. You definitely look like one of those guys from stranger danger that our parents warned us about.” She teases. Sadie leans back in the booth, regretting it immediately with how queasy she gets but she smacks Madeline's arm. “Maddie, shut up.” She then turns a shy smile up at Alex. “I appreciate everything you've done so far. Definitely don't think you're strange for caring. But, this is so embarassing.” She shakes her head at herself, before motioning toward Madeline. “Anyway, this is Madeline and I'm Sadie.” She smiles and takes a couple sips of the ginger ale.    

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Max knew this was a bad idea. First of all, these girls could completely go off on them for basically following them around the bar. They could think they were trying to drug them with the drinks Alex was handing out. Alex was acting like a creep for even thinking about making sure this girl was alright when he knew he should just let her friends take care of it. Second of all, Max wanted nothing more to do with the snarky, hot, tatted up girl in the red dress. He didn't want to deal with her attitude or her comments and he wanted to have a good night with his best friend doing what they did best. He wanted to drink and party and run around the bar looking for potential hook ups.. not chase around a sick girl and her friend to help them feel better. However, Max knew he couldn't talk Alex out of helping anyone. He had to let him get it off his chest and figure it out before the fun can resume. If Max left him on his own, Max was the one that would be getting into some issues. He needed Alex to cool him off and keep his head on straight. Alex wasn't as intoxicated as Max was and he had a level head. He was the one who could always talk the other down. Max was drunk and he was not willing to leave Alex's side in case he did end up in a fight and in jail. 


Alex looked up as Maddie made her comment. Clearly, it was a joke but he could hear Max scoff from behind him. He ignored Max and let out a soft laugh, putting his hand to his chest to pretend to be hurt. He looked over at Sadie when she urged Maddie to shut up before speaking to him. “Don't be embarrassed. You're at a club.. it's bound to happen.” he chuckled. “I've done the same thing. It sucks.” he laughed lightly. He looked between the two of them as Sadie introduced herself and her friend and nodded. “I'm Alex.” he spoke before looking back at Max, who kept his eyes away from the situation. Once Alex realized Max had no intention of introducing himself, he sighed. “And that's Max..” he exhaled. “I know the first impressions of him haven't been fantastic but I want you to know that I don't group myself into the asshole category like him.” Alex smirked, turning back towards the girls. “Dick..” Max muttered softly from behind Alex, receiving a slight chuckle from the male. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Madeline kept giggling when Sadie slaps her after her comment. She watches Alex talk to Sadie and try to make her feel better and her head tilts to the side again. Okay maybe he wasn't so bad after all, but he was friends with the prick. She couldn't let Sadie get involved, though a smile crosses her face when she looks down at the other female and sees her cheeks have started glowing red again. 

Sadie blinks up at Alex and giggles. “This isn't my first time either. It does suck, but that's what I get for trying to keep up with these two. They are too crazy sometimes, I just can't handle it.” She laughs, before nodding when he introduces him and Max after she had just introduced her and Madeline. “It's nice to meet you both.” She smiles and lets her eyes slide to Max for a second before she focuses back on Alex. 

The smile stays on Maddie's face as she listens to Alex and Sadie's conversation, she couldn't help but laugh at Alex's comment. “Well that's definitely good to know, because your friend there is defintely conceded asshole.” She just has to dig in, keeping her eyes off of Max and solely on Alex. “It's actually odd that we haven't run into you guys sooner, considering you know Sadie's brother. The infamous partier of our town, Justin Harper. That's actually how I was able to know a little bit about you guys, so I guess you could call Sadie the stalker.” She teases, earning another slap in her arm. “Madeline!” Sadie gasps, her cheeks burning even brighter.  

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex listens to Sadie talk about trying to keep up with her friends. He understood completely. Max was hard to keep up with too and some of the other guys the two hung around were just as bad. Thankfully, he really didn't have a need or an urge to keep up with Max. The boy was completely content getting drunk on his own as long as Alex was there with him. Of course, on days where Alex actually wanted to get drunk and have fun, he did attempt to keep up with the others. He wasn't a big drinker so it was few and far between. “I get that.” he laughed. Alex looked up towards Maddie as she made her comment before biting on his lower lip to keep from laughing. “I can't say I disagree with you sometimes.” Alex replied, shaking his head. Once he heard Sadie's brother was Justin Harper, Alex nodded. “Ahh yes. I know Justin. We don't really hang out too much but we've gone out with him a few times. He's another hard one to keep up with.” Alex laughed. “He's fun, though. He knows how to party, that's for sure.” Alex laughed lightly and watched Sadie hit Maddie's arm. 


Max listened mindlessly to the conversation these three were having. He was bored. He wanted to go on with his night. His head snapped towards Maddie when she made her little dig at him. “There she goes barking again.” Max glared, stepping up beside Alex. “You know me oh so well" he grimaced. “Can we go now? This is so fucking boring.” Max muttered, turning his attention onto Alex. “I don't want to hang around that one.” Max groaned, looking from Maddie back to Alex. Alex shook his head and looked over at Max. “Be nice.” Alex snapped. Alex was having a nice time talking to the girls but Max was having none of it from Maddie. “Again.. I'm sorry." Alex sighed. Max wanted to move around, talk to other people who would fall all over him. He wasn't going to stand around with someone who gave him back what he dished out. 

Hearing Alex agree with her felt like a breath of fresh air for Sadie, because Madeline and Cassie are the way they are the guys they typically hung around with were the same way. Sadie never wanted to be the only one who didn't like to drink a whole lot so she got herself stuck in these predicaments all the time. Possibly having someone who feels the same way as her join the group, makes Sadie smile. “That makes me feel so much better. I don't understand why the girls get as crazy as they do, the hangovers they both suffer from the day after make them sound like a couple of babies.” It was her turn to tease Madeline now. Maddie rolls her eyes and giggles, before she laughs harder when Alex tries not to laugh at her dig toward the other male behind him. Sadie laughs and shakes her head at Madeline. She truly believed if Maddie would stop comparing every guy to her douchebag father, she might actually find a really good guy and one she could have fun with. She hears Alex confirm that he knows her brother and lets out a playful sigh. “Yes. Yes he is insane. The amount of times, I've had to bail him out or pick him up in the middle of the woods at three in the morning is crazy. We are definitely complete opposites for being siblings.” Sadie admits, shaking her head at the ridiculous shit her brother has gotten into. 

 When Max jumps in and moves next to Alex, Madeline covers her mouth with her hand and keeps laughing. “Oops, did I hit a nerve? Poor entitled baby…” She pushes, resting her hands on the table behind her and leaning back against them. Tilting her head to the side, she smirks. Sadie could tell by her stance on the table and the smirk on her face that Madeline wasn't going to stop digging into and pushing this guy. 

“Madeline. Don't…” Sadie warns, listening to Max complain about wanting to leave the girls and smiles at Alex response, shaking her head. “Don't worry about it. He doesn't bother us.” As she said this, she looks over at Madeline and lets out a sigh. “Oh believe me prick, the feeling is mutual. I don't want to be anywhere near you or your entitled ass either.” Maddie bites back, her eyes narrow on Max. “I actually think it's time for me to go home. You seem like you're doing better and are in good hands and Cass is still here.” She slides herself off the table and hugs Sadie tight. “You'll come to the party tomorrow? You need to live a little while Nan is there with Bree and your mom.” Sadie looks up at her best friend and hugs her back just as tight. Madeline lets out a sigh and giggles. “I make no promises, but I'll try.” She tries, before shaking her head at Sadie's pout. “Are you going to be okay to drive?” Sadie looks at Madeline, now serious. “Please, this isn't my first time. I'll be perfectly fine. Bye bitch.” Sadie giggles and shakes her head at Madeline's stubborn ways. “Be careful babe, text when you get home. Love ya.” She blows a kiss to Madeline, who rolls her eyes and nods her head before smiling at Alex. “It was nice meeting you. Thank you for helping out.” She looks at Max next and rolls her eyes. “Bye dickhead.” She walks passed him, bumping her shoulder against his and walks over to say goodbye to Cassandra and the other boys.   

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex laughed at Sadie's response to her brother being just as crazy and nodded. He could imagine it was quite the adventure for her. He felt like he did the same thing with Max. He had so many nights of reeling Max in from doing some crazy and stupid things, but it was always so entertaining to watch himself get into the situations he got put into. He sighed at the two going back and fourth with each other again and gave Sadie a slight look. These two were crazy and were not going to let up on each other any time soon. They struck nerves with each other already and they JUST met. “Jesus Christ…” Alex exhaled, putting a hand to his forehead. 


Max watched Maddie before rolling his eyes. “You're so fucking annoying.” he muttered, shaking his head. He let out a sigh of relief when Maddie mentioned she was leaving. About time. Even if he wanted to enjoy his night, he was still annoyed with Maddie's comments and attitude and now his buzz was completely killed. He watched Maddie move passed him, feeling her bump into his shoulder as she moved passed. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath to keep himself calm. “Fuck you.” Max called after her, looking back at Alex. “Mood is ruined.” he grumbled before finishing his own drink and set it on the table the girls had sat at. Alex rolled his eyes before looking back at Sadie. “Are you going to be alright? I can get your friend for you if you want?" Alex asked, watching the girl with concern still in his eyes. He knew if Max's mood was ruined, he wouldn't want to hang around the club anymore. He wouldn't be in the party mood so it was time to take the boy home. “I have to take this whiny fucker home.. and the car is a two seater or I'd drop you off." Alex sighed softly, running his hand through his hair. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Madeline hears Max call after her and rolls her eyes, she sticks her middle finger up in the air as she continues to walk toward Cassandra. Sadie watches Maddie walk off and hears Max's comment before seeing Madeline's gesture and lets out a heavy sigh. Maybe she shouldn't have told her the rumors about Max that her brother told her. She hears Alex and nods her head. “They're ridiculous.” She couldn't help but agree. 

Once Maddie was gone, Sadie looks up at Alex as he asks if she was going to be alright. A smile lifts her lips, as she nods. “I'll be fine. The water, cloth and ginger ale all worked like magic. Thank you so much Alex, it means a lot.” Her voice was soft and as he explained that he would have to take Max home now, she couldn't help but giggle. “I completely understand. I'm sure Cass is almost ready to go home too. But, I'd love to continue talking with you if you're okay with it. Give me your phone.” Sadie's eyes slightly widen at the boldness that suddenly came out of her, but she keeps her smile and her eyes on Alex. 

The next morning, just as Madeline had suspected she woke up with a huge hangover. Her head was pounding and she was afraid to move. The knock on the door, made her wince. “Hey Madeline, it's time for breakfast.” Shit, she had completely forgotten that she was going to help nan with breakfast and her mom's medicine before she headed out to the mall and lunch with the girls. She looks at the time and sighs, she was running late. After getting up, she helps her grandmother with everything, walks into her mom's room to make sure she doesn't need anything, and then heads out. She texts the girls that she was on her way. 

After a day full of shopping for the crazy party that was going to be at the local lake tonight, the girls sit down at the booth the host of the diner lead them too. Madeline looks at Sadie, tilting her head to the side. “You have been extra smiley all day, what's going on?” She asks, suspiciously. Cassandra smirks and raises her hand. “I can answer that question, when you left she gave that Alex guy her number and has been texting him nonstop since. It's so gagworthy.” She teases, getting Sadie red in the face and laughing when Sadie hits her arm. 

Maddie's eyes widen before they narrow. “No…” She groans. Sadie giggles and nods. “Yup… and he's amazing Mads. I invited him and Max to the party on the beach tonight." Maddie groans even louder, before hiding her face in her hands.  


Maxwell "Max" Carter

“Glad I could help.” Alex smiled, finally content with the small bit of work he put into helping her. She had confirmed it has helped and that was all he needed. “Oh my God.. ” Max exhaled heavily, keeping himself off to the side as the two kept talking. He was annoyed and tired and just wanted his bed. Max moved away from the two and headed outside, grabbing his pack of smokes and lit one, waiting for Alex to come back. 


Alex looked over at Max as he left and shook his head. He looked back at Sadie as she waited for his phone. “Oh.” Alex spoke, reaching into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He handed it over to the girl for her to put her number into. “Yeah, I'm definitely down to keep talking.” He smiled. Once he got his phone back, he said goodbye to the girl and walked out to find Max. “Finally.” Max muttered in an annoyed tone. “I got her number.” Alex said quickly, ignoring the look from Max. “I don't want to hear about it.” Alex shut Max down before the other could say anything about it.  


Max's eyes popped open to the sound of his phone ringing. He looked it over to see Alex's name displayed across it. Alex told him about his and Sadie's conversation, letting him know they were now going to a beach party. “No.” Max muttered, hanging up on Alex quickly. He laid his head down and ignored the calls that came from Alex. He wasn't going to be pulled around and hang around the bitch from the previous night. It wasn't happening. 


Max sat on the side of his pool, looking over when Alex barged into his backyard. “Oh my God, what do you want?” Max glared, crossing his arms over his chest. He was content with just staying back from this one, but Alex was not going to give it up so quick. “You're going and that's  it.  I will not hear any complaints. I want to go out and have fun somewhere other than the bar.” Alex spoke, moving up to Max. “I don't want to be around the bitch from last night.” Max reiterated. “And I don't care. You drag me out all the time. You're coming to this party.” Alex demanded. Max let out a frustrated grunt and fell silent. “Fine. But I'm not going to have fun. ” He complained, looking back down at the water. Alex laughed and pulled off his shirt, jumping into the pool to get some relaxation in before the party.  

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Sadie looks at Madeline, who was currently eating her lunch in a sour mood, and giggles. “Mads, come on. You've been looking forward to this party for months. Don't let Max ruin it for you. Hell, you know how many girls Jesse invites. His attention will definitely be elsewhere, you probably won't even run into each other. Don't make me feel guilty for actually finding a guy that I like talking to.” With this Maddie sighs and looks up at Sadie. “I'm not trying to. And Alex seems like a really good guy, I'm happy for you babe. I really am. I just can't stand his best friend." Cassandra jumps into the conversation, giggling, “just wait until he sees you in that bikini, he may not be able to keep his attention off of you. And, who does it hurt to allow yourself to get a little spoiled every once in a while?” She laughs, before seeing the solemn expression on Maddie's face. “My mom thought the same thing..” Sadie grabs Maddie's hand and shakes her head. “Lighten up Mads. Not every guy is like your dad. Look at your brother. He is nothing like your father and he came from him.” Maddie shakes her head and pulls her hands away from Sadie. “I'll see you guys at the beach, I'm not having this conversation again.” Maddie says softly, placing money down for her portion of lunch and gets up to go to her car. 

Maddie looks at herself in the mirror, she had her red and white bikini on underneath one of her older brother's college football shirts that was like a dress on her, but stops way above her knees this time. Taking a deep breath, she walks out of her room and sees her grandmother and Sabrina playing a game on the couch. “Wow Mads, you look pretty.” Madeline smiles at her younger sister's compliment. “Thanks kiddo.” She playfully ruffles her hair and looks at their grandmother, who was looking back at her with a slight smile on her face. “Going to be late again tonight Madeline?” She asks, letting Sabrina take her turn. “Yeah Nan, you sure you're okay.” Madeline asks, ready to drop everything else to stay home if her grandmother needed her to. “Sweetheart. I'm good. Your mom is good, Bree's good. We are all good. Go have fun, like people your age should be doing. Love you honey.” Madeline leans down and kisses the top of Sabrina's head, before kissing her grandmother's cheek. “My phone is always on. Love you too.” Madeline walks out the door, gets in her car and heads to the beach. 

Once she gets there, she sees Sadie and Cassandra already dancing to the music the dee-jay has going. She lets her eyes wander and she couldn't believe the amount of people, her lips lifting when she sees the bonfire on the one side of the beach. These kind of parties were always her favorite. She grabs a drink and starts making her way toward the other girls, shaking her hips to the music. Sadie immediately wraps her arms around Madeline when she reaches them. “There you are bitch. Let's get fucked up and sleep on the beach!”Cassandra yells, making the people nearby cheer. Madeline laughs and downs her drink, before accepting a couple shots from Sadie's brother and his best friend Jesse. She downs them too, but doesn't go empty handed for long.  

Maxwell "Max" Carter

“What are you up to tonight?” Max's mother asked, looking at him from across the table. Max made it a point to go to his parents place at least once a week. He often caught his mother at home as that's where she spent most of her time. She worked from home most days so she was content with staying back. His father was hardly around. He ran his own company and basically slept at work. It made for a hard time never seeing him. He usually missed life events and always expressed how bad he felt with more money showered at him and his brother. Max never minded too much. He could easily go bug him at work if he ever actually needed to see the man. Max looked up from his plate of food, watching his mother push some of her perfectly placed hair from her shoulder. Her and her friends went out once every few weeks to get pampered and look proper for their clubs and gatherings. She was always completely done up. Not one hair out of place and her nails were always manicured. Max shrugged and leaned his head into his hand. “Alex wants to go to this stupid beach party tonight.” max muttered, lowering his eyes to his plate. “Sounds like fun. Why is it stupid?” Max's mom asked, looking across at the older boy. “He's been talking to this girl but her best friend is such a bitch.” Max ground out, rolling his eyes. “Maxwell, please.. you know I hate when you talk like that.” she exhaled, leaning back against her chair. Max shrugged and pushed some more food around. “Anyway. She's going to be there tonight and she kills my mood.” “I'll come with you.” Max's brother, Rylie, smirked, turning his attention to his brother. Rylie also made it a point to come see their mother from time to time. It kept her happy and the two didn't want to upset her by any means. Max glared at his brother before shaking his head. “That would kill it even more.” Max glared, looking at the other male. 


Alex made himself at home at Max's long ago. He walked in like it was his own home and always greeted his family like they were his. Max stood up from the table and turned towards Alex. “Hey guys. You ready to go, Max?”  Alex asked, looking over at his friend. Max nodded and turned back to his brother and his mom. “Alright, I'll see you next week.” he spoke, hearing Alex's quick goodbye before the two walked out. “Your mom is so hot.” Alex teased, receiving an eyeroll from Max. 


Max drove the party with Alex, finally getting there and getting out. The two walked down to thebeach together. Alex kept his eyes swimming along the crowd to try and find Sadie. Max kept looking around the crowd for anyone to entertain him. “Drinks.” Max demanded looking toward the bar. The two moved together towards it, ordering their drinks.

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Madeline was letting loose, for real this time. Her grandmother gave her permission and she had triple checked that it would be okay if she didn't come home tonight. A huge part of her felt guilty for leaving it all on her grandmother, but the other part was excited to finally have fun and let her hair down. She's been so caught up with work, her little sister and her mom that she hasn't had the time to actully enjoy herself even though her older brother, Sadie and Cassandra have yelled at her quite a lot to do so. She pulls her hair tie out of her hair and literally lets her hair down, it was time for the old Madeline to come back. In between scoping the party out for Alex, she was also watching Maddie closely. She knew the minute Madeline decided it was time to let herself have fun and not worry about a damn thing. Nudging Cassandra so she was aware of it, the two girls grab the baggie of pills they were handed from Justin and each girl pours a few on their hands and instantly downs them with their drinks. Maddie smiles immediately, before slipping her own baggie and pours the white powder on each girls' hands and they sniff it up and rub their nose. Cassie smiles and wraps her arms around Maddie, giggling as everything starts to take effect. “Holy shit, there's our girl!” She squeals excitedly, making Sadie and Madeline start laughing. Cassandra runs her hands down and pulls up Madeline's brother's jersey and takes it off of Madeline and tosses it in the sand next to them. Madeline laughs even harder, before she starts moving her hips to the music even more once she was only in her bikini. 

The girls continue dancing and getting even more tipsy with Sadie taking it slow and she looks over and squeals when she sees Alex and Max. She grabs Cassandra's and Madeline's hands and drags them with her over to the boys. “Hey Alex.” She couldn't help her smile growing. Madeline chews on her bottom lip as she looks at both boys and watches the way Sadie reacts to Alex. She was truly happy for Sadie, even though the two had just met. Sadie deserved to be happy and Maddie guessed that she would just have to suck shit up so Sadie was capable of being happy. “Hey Lexie.” Maddie teases and plays with Alex's name, a little slur to her words. Her attention turns to Max and she crosses her arms over her chest. “Sucks you had to bring him with you.” She is still talking to Alex, even though her eyes were glued to Max. Cassandra rests her arm on Madeline's shoulder and holds in a laugh. “Hey boys. I'm the other best friend. I'm Cassandra, but please call me Cass or Cassie.”   

Maxwell "Max" Carter

“Play nice tonight, please?” Alex spoke, moving up next to Max as the two ordered their drinks. He didn't even know why he tried. Max wouldn't play nice. The two would be down each others throats the moment they see each other. He just hoped this time Max wouldn't get too moody and leave or something. He had to try and keep the liquor in Max's hand and make sure he kept a good buzz on. Maybe he could find some girl to distract him while he was here. Then he and Maddie could keep away from each other and there wouldn't be a risk of bloodshed. Max shot him a look that said there was absolutely no way he was going to behave. “I already know she's going to start on me first. I'm not going to just lay down and take it.” he commented, shaking his head at his friend before bringing the glass filled with a double shot of rum and coke. His usual.  “I don't even know why I ask.” Alex exhaled. “I don't either. ” 


Alex looked back as he heard the girls come up behind then. He turned around and smiled at the three of them. “Hey, ladies.” Alex grinned, looking between the three girls, trying to keep his eyes from roaming over them. He looked at Max before nudging him in the ribs lightly. Alex looked over at Maddie as she started in on the other male and shook his head. Once Cassie introduced herself, Alex smiled.  “I'm Alex. This little ray of sunshine is Max.” He introduced, knowing Max wasn't going to do it again. 


Max sighed heavily when he heard the girls behind him. “Here we go..” he muttered before looking down at his drink, trying desperately to keep himself out of the situation. Until he felt Alex nudge him, Max made no attempt to move. He grunted softly at the feel of his friends elbow in his ribs and reluctantly turned around. He looked over at Maddie as she instantly started in on him. “Don't you have someone else you can annoy?” He glared, lifting his glass up to his mouth and took a sip. His other hand followed and he stuck his middle finger up at the girl. This was going to be a long night.  

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Sadie smiles when Alex turns around and greets them, he was definitely very different from the guy he chose as his best friend. Letting out a sigh, she rolls her eyes as Maddie starts right in on Max. “Mads. Leave him alone.” She tries to instruct her best friend, knowing there was no use. Max decided to play with fire last night when he decided to get revenge on her. Madeline was heartless to everybody else and had huge unbreakable walls around herself that it was very hard to get the girl to officially let herself relax. Cassandra smiles when Alex introduces the two of them and nods her head. “Yes, I've heard lots of good things about you Alex. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about you Max.” She giggles. 

Madeline hears Max's response to her and watches as he takes a sip of his drink and sticks the middle finger up at her with his other hand. “Oooh, I'm so sorry bud. But I like men who are…. A little more gifted if you know what I mean.” She smirks, sticking her tongue out at him as she hears Sadie and Cassandra gasp and laugh next to her. 

“Actually she does have someone else to annoy and she does every day of my life.” An older male walks up and rests his hand on Madeline's head and ruffles her hair, making her glare up at him and playfully punch his stomach. The male laughs and puts his hand to his stomach, pretending that hurt. “Your punch is getting better Mads.” He teases, before turning his attention back to the other boys. “I am Michael, I am Madeline's older brother. And, I'm sorry are these three twerps bothering you guys?” He chuckles when all three girls hit him. 

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Max gives Maddie a glare before looking towards Cass. “I get that a lot.” he spoke plainly, his eyes moving to look around the party. He didn't mean to be a dick to her friends as they had no part in what the two did the previous night, but he couldn't control his tone of annoyance solely from Maddie. Even if he kind of started it, he still both hated and loved the tone the girl gave him. He was so used to girls bending over backward for him this was a bit of a treat to have a girl challenge him right back and give him what he gave out and more. But, it was Max. He wasn't going to just take it and follow her around like a puppy dog. He took a sip of his drink and looked back at Maddie. “You'd be so lucky.” He spoke, looking up as the male approached them. 


Alex looked between Max and Maddie before focusing his attention on the girl they didn't meet the previous night at the club. “Well good. I don't need to be lumped in with this grumpy fucker.” Alex joked. Max shot him a look before shaking his head and taking a sip. He kept quiet, looking around slowly at the entertainment around the beach. He needed to keep his mind off of Maddie and her shitty attitude.  Alex looked up towards the male that came up to them, watching the interaction between him and the three girls. Once he asked if they were bothering the two males, Alex laughed. “No.” “Yes.” Max replied quickly, shrugging his shoulders. “No.. they are not.” Alex replied again,over taking Max's comment. “Nice to meet you. Alex. Max.” Alex introduced once again.    

Madeline couldn't help but snicker too at her insult toward Max, especially with the other two laughing beside her. When she catches Max's retort back, she laughs a little harder. So badly wanting to spit something back, but of course her brother just had to walk up and ruin everything. Michael looks at the other two males, his eyebrow raising at Max's answer to his question but then looks at Alex and smiles. “Damn, I was hoping they were, so I had an excuse to throw them in the lake.” He laughs, before nodding his head. “Well it's very nice to meet you both. If they have accepted you into their little women clique, does this mean they invited you to my game tomorrow and the killer after party?” Madeline's eyes widen and she shakes her head. “We just met them yesterday, they're busy I'm sure.” Michael's eyes narrow at his sister's weird behavior and shakes his head. “I think they can answer for themselves.” Maddie groans at this. “On that note, I'm grabbing another drink. You coming Sadie? Cass?” Cassandra nods and grabs her arm, while they both look back at Sadie. Sadie's eyes have been solely focused on Alex. “I'll catch up.” She mumbles. Madeline shrugs, before she walks passed Max. “Believe me, I would want to jump off the cliff if we ever did anything. I wouldn't be lucky at all. Stupid, yes. But lucky? Definitely not.” She glares up at him and then looks over at Cassandra as the girls giggle and walk over to the bar and both order strong drinks. 

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex looked between everyone before looking back up towards Michael at the mention of a game and an after party. He chuckled and shrugged. “I mean.. we didn't hear about it but..” Alex commented, shrugging and being nonchalant about the idea of it. He wouldn't mind going, but he wasn't going to push it. Max shook his head and took another sip of his drink. Of course Alex was itching to go. Any excuse to torment him with Maddie. He didn't even want to be here but Alex had insisted. Maybe it was because of Sadie but Max had it in his mind that Alex just wanted to piss him off and force him to be around Maddie. “I think it would be fun.” Alex shrugged. “If you're alright with it, we'd be down to go.” Alex answered for both him and Max. He knew Max was going to give him shit about it, but Alex hardly ever wanted to do anything and Max was always dragging him around, so what the hell. Max looked over at Alex as he answered for him like he wasn't standing right there or capable of deciding if he wanted to go or not. Alex ignored the look, but he could feel it. 


Max looked over at Maddie as she walked by him and spoke. His eyes followed her as she walked off before scoffing. “Can you at least do the first part?” Max muttered, looking back towards Sadie and Alex. He looked between them before his eyes looked out towards the water. “Well.. this is awkward. I'm going to go.. over there.” Max sighed, moving away from the last two left. He didn't want to hear the awkward small talk and Sadie was looking at Alex like she wanted to have him for dinner. Max moved down the sand, holding his drink in hand as he looked around slowly. He came strictly for Alex but he was hoping for a bit of entertainment while he was there. Plus, if he could keep Maddie away from him and not have to talk to her, he'd be more than happy to stay. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Michael smiles and reaches behind him and grabs a cup from the table. “Awesome. Then I hope we get to talk more tomorrow. As of right now, there is a cute piece of ass over there that is calling my name.” He chuckles, ducking when Maddie leans up and hits the back of his head. When he walks off, Maddie and Cassie follow to go to the bar for drinks. Maddie rolls her eyes at Max's response to her comment and looks over at Cassie. The look on her best friend's face making her laugh. Once they reach the bar and get their drinks, Cassandra looks over at Madeline. “So I know you got upset with us at lunch, but Sadie's right. You've got to stop thinking every guy is like your dick of a father.” Madeline sighs at Cassie's words. “Can we please not do this right now? I'm at a party, I'd like to have fun. And I don't think every guy is like my dad. Look at Alex, I think he is super sweet and would be good for Sadie.” She puts her cup to her lips and takes a long sip, as Cassandra rolls her eyes. “Mads. You're going to have to get used to him, especially if Alex and Sadie work out.” Madeline couldn't stop her eyes from roaming over to the one guy who has confused her, pissed her off, and drove her crazy in the matter of a day. She shakes her head and downs her drink. “I'm not doing this. Let's have fun, like we used to.” She puts her empty cup down and grabs Cassie's hand, pulling her onto the pier. The girls intertwine their fingers, before they jump off and land in the water. Maddie lets go of Cassie's hand and she swims back up to the service, moving her hair from her face, she takes a couple deep breaths. Her eyes roam the huge crowd that Jesse and Justin invited and smiles, before she finds them falling back onto Max. 

Sadie laughs at Michael's words, keeping her eyes on Alex. She had no idea what she was doing. She has never let herself be like this with another guy, not since the one that Maddie helped her through. But, ever since he helped her out yesterday Alex has not left her mind. She mindlessly mumbles to Maddie that she would follow later and looks over at Max when he says his piece and giggles. Once he walked away, she looks up at Alex. “Hmm, I never would have pinned you for someone who likes sports?” She teases about how he agreed to come to the game and the after party. 

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Max let his eyes roam around. He had to find a distraction. Alex was now busy with Sadie and god knows how long he'd be talking to her for. Normally Max wasn't in such a bad mood and he figured once he got enough liquor in him, he'd be happier and more himself. He figured that's what he needed to do. He just needed to drink and forget that he was forced here by Alex who was now ditching him for some girl he met yesterday. He was pulled out of his head when he heard the splashing of water, looking off towards the pier and seeing Maddie and Cassie emerge out of the water again. He looked between them before his eyes fell on Maddie while she looked back at him. It was incredible how someone could piss him off so much that he wanted to keep as far away as possible, yet pursue it at the same time just to keep at the bickering the two did. Yes, she was insanely hot and completely his type.. but if the two ever tried to do anything together, they'd be ripping each other's throats out in a matter of seconds. Max clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth in thought before pulling himself out of his head. As he was lost in thought, his eyes absentmindedly stuck to Maddie. He wasn't even sure how long he had been watching her without thinking about it. He finally came back to reality and moved his eyes off of the girl and let them move along the water before shaking his head. He needed a drink.. No, he needed several drinks. He downed the one he had and stepped back from the water, moving back into the crowd and back towards Sadie and Alex. “I need.. like 10 shots right now.” Max spoke, approaching the two and interrupting whatever lame ass conversation he was sure they were having. 


Alex looked over at Max as he left before looking back down at Sadie who stayed behind. He watched her for a moment as she spoke before shaking his head. “I don't like sports.” he admitted, laughing lightly. “But.. why not? I've got nothing going on tomorrow and I like to make the most out of my time off anyway.” he commented. “Otherwise, I'd be spending the day at home or at Max's house causing chaos.” he chuckled. “So a game and a party sound far better than sitting around and doing nothing.” he spoke, bringing his drink up to take a sip. “Do you like sports?" he asked when he brought the glass back down. He looked over as Max came back, letting out a sigh as he looked back towards Sadie. “Do you want to have a drink with us?” he asked. “We can take it easy today.” he joked a little, cracking a smile at the girl. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

As hard as she tried Maddie couldn't take her eyes off of him, she couldn't figure out what it was about him that drew her in. She hated him. She met him yesterday and already knew or thought she knew the kind of guy he was. Exactly like her father, that's exactly what he reminded her of and after seeing the heartbreak her mother had to endure she swore to herself she would never let herself get with anybody like that. Even if it was only for one night. She had to keep her walls up, she had too many people depending on her that she couldn't allow herself to break. She realized while she was trapped wirh her eyes on him that Max has also been looking right back at her and that's when her chest tightened. That was bad. They needed to stick to hating each other and spewing words at each other, anything else would be serious trouble for everyone else involved. She was pulled out of her thoughts when Cassie splashed her and she turns her attention away from Max to glare at the other female. “Don't look at me like that. I was getting hot just watching that intense stare down, I had to at least cool you off.” Cassandra teases and Madeline playfully jumps on her and dunks her under the water. “Believe me there was no intense stare down. He is a prick and nothing is going to happen.” She explains, once Cassandra comes back up to the surface. 

Sadie looks up at Alex, watching him as he responds to her teasing. “Well, Mikey was right those after parties, especially if the team wins are absolutely wild. There may even be girls wearing only skin paint with the teams colors on them.” She giggles, shaking her head. When he asks if she likes sports, she shrugs. “I mean, I don't hate them. I don't necessarily watch them unless Mikey is playing then Cass, Mads and I go to the games and go crazy. While we pretend like we know anything about football.” She laughs and looks over at Max once he rejoins them and says about needing shots. She looks back up at Alex when he asks if she wants to join them. She goes to answer before hearing him joke around. “Oh ha ha. Very funny. You know what, yeah I'd love to join you and you don't have to go easy just for me.” She giggles. “You okay if I join Max?” She slides her eyes back onto the other male, feeling a little bit at fault for creating an opinion of him in Madeline's head without her giving him a chance.  

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex nodded his head at Sadie's explanation of how crazy the parties get and how she wasn't a massive sports fan but going and getting crazy just because. He chuckled at her comments and shrugged. “It sounds like fun. I'm down for all of that.” he laughed. He looked over at Max before returning his gaze towards Sadie as she agrees to have a few drinks with them and not to go easy. “You'll regret those words now that Max has heard them.” he half joked, looking back towards Max as Sadie asked if she could join them. 


Max looked between the two of them, hardly waiting for their responses. When Sadie asked if it was alright if she joined, Max nodded. “Of course.” he spoke, turning to lead them over to the bar. He stopped once he got there, eager to start getting drunk and crazy and keeping his mind off of whatever the hell he and Maddie were doing to each other. He wasn't going to think about it and refused to even entertain the idea of it. He ordered them all a few shots and got Sadie's drink of choice and ordered that for her as well. “If you drink with us.. you have to keep up.” Max spoke, looking over at Sadie with a slight smirk. He could feel Alex's eyes on him, knowing Alex was a bit worried since Sadie had gotten sick from drinking too much the night before. “That's the rules. I buy, you keep up.” he commented. Alex exhaled and shook his head, looking down at Sadie. “Don't force yourself.. we all want to enjoy the night, Max.” Alex commented, looking up at Max once again with a slight glare. Max looked up towards Alex and matched his glare. “She's a grown woman.. I'm sure she can handle some shots and drinks with us.” he spoke, feeling a little bit better now that he wasn't completely in his head. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Sadie follows the boys to the bar and watches as Max orders them drinks and shots. She looks up at him when he lets her know what the deal is, shrugging she goes to answer when Alex jumps in. Her heart melts at him seeming to be worried about her getting sick again. She narrows her eyes and leans her hip against the bar. “I'll be fine Alex. Thank you for your concern, but one thing the Harpers don't do is back down from a challenge.” She giggles and looks up at him before looking over at Max with her eyes still narrowed. “You've got yourself a deal Maxwell.” She smirks herself, before grabbing the shots and downing a few, before chugging half of her drink. “Hmm, this isn't much of a challenge. In fact, you're pretty weak.” She digs. 

Madeline continues swimming with Cassandra, letting herself fully relax. When she hears loud voices and squealing, she looks over and playfully rolls her eyes when Cassandra gets dragged away with their other friends. Maddie giggles and shakes her head, looking over toward the bar where Sadie and the boys currently are. She watches as Sadie downs a few shots and tilts her head to the side with a smile on her face. Deciding to keep a closer eye on her best friend, she swims over to the pier and lifts herself up onto it. Walking over to her discarded shirt, she grabs a towel and wraps it around herself before heading to the bar and wraps her arms loosely around Sadie's neck from behind. “What are we doing?” Sadie laughs and looks over at Maddie. “I am showing these boys that I don't back down from challenges. Why don't you help me and we show these boys that we can totally drink them under the table?” Sadie smirks and raises her eyebrow at Max and Alex. Madeline giggles and nods. “Yes please.” She looks at the bartender which is one of her brother's teammates. “Keep them coming Char.” He chuckles and nods. “You got it little Smith. You can pay me after the game tomorrow.” Maddie smiles in appreciation that Charlie remembers that she never takes anything for free. “Deal.” She smiles, before revealing the baggie in her hand and hands it to Sadie. Sadie pours some on her hand and instantly sniffs it up. Madeline smiles and does the same once the baggie is handed back to her, rubbing her nose she looks up at the boys. “Oops where are my manners? Would you guys like some?” She smirks and shakes the baggie at them. “Or are you two cowards?” She teases.  

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex looked over at Sadie as she assured him she would be fine. He had forgotten who her brother was. He leaned his head to the side slightly and chuckled. “Right, you're a Harper.” he nodded. “I completely forgot.” he chuckled, looking down as the drinks were spread out in front of them. He took a few shots along with the other two and looked down at Sadie as she spoke to Max. He looked up towards the other male in silence. Was this going to be another Maddie situation with Max? Was he in a better mood? He bit his lip lightly and waited for the male to react. 


Max took his shots and looked over at Sadie as she spoke to him. He watched her for a moment before a small smirk crossed his face. “Alright. You're so fucked now.” Max laughed. So they all had attitudes. He was down for this, at least, since it was a challenge and they were drinking. He was still completely sober and they had a whole night of drinking to get through. Max took a swig of his mixed drink after ordering some more shots for the three of them. He instructed for something stronger. If Sadie wanted to play that way, he would comply. Max exhaled when he heard Maddie's voice come up. He shook it off, knocking back his mixed drink. He just had to keep drinking and keep his good mood coming. He stood up straight before turning back to see Maddie with a bag. His eyes moved from the bag to Alex, who looked back at him before looking at Maddie. He shook his head and looked back at the bar, grabbing the shots when they arrived and downed them quickly. Alex looked over at Maddie and shook his own head. “No thanks..” he spoke, putting his hand up. “It's fine, Alex.” Max spoke, looking back over at his friend. “Go ahead.” Alex watched him hesitantly before looking back at the bag and shrugged slowly. “Alright.” he cleared his throat, downing his drinks before looking back up towards Maddie. “Just a little.” 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Sadie looks over at Maddie as she challenges the boys, a small smile crossing her face at the fact that she wasn't being her typical bitchy self to Max for once. She was actually messing around with the guys and letting herself have fun. Rubbing her nose, she looks over at Alex and waits for his response. His immediate ‘no’ makes her smile, she was starting to like him even more. She looks over at Max when he lets Alex know that's okay, leaning back and crossing her arms over chest. 

Madeline watches the boys and nods her head when Alex declines. “I completely understand. I promise I'm trustworthy, but totally understand you not trusting me since it's only been a day.” She looks over at Max when he assures Alex that it was okay. She was kinda shocked that he didn't have any asshole comments for her, but doesn't comment and looks back at Alex when he changes his mind. “You got it Lex.” She smiles and grabs his hand, pouring only a little, as he asked, onto his hand between his thumb and index finger. “There you go.” She then turns to Max. “What about you, hot shot?” She tilts her head to the side. Sadie smiles and watches Alex when he changes his mind. “She may be a bitch, but she wouldn't intentionally fuck anybody up unless you give her permission.” She clarifies, randomly feeling the need to defend her best friend.   

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex looked down as Maddie poured some of the powder onto his hand. He looked down at it for a moment before taking the small amount she gave him. He shook his head a bit and let out a heavy breath before taking another shot. “Jesus… it's been a while.” he exhaled, moving his hand over his face a little bit. He looked at the girls before looking at Max, who kept his focus on the drinks in front of him. There was no comments, no venom being spat, nothing. He was silent. It was weird but he figured once he got a few drinks into him, he'd be a little more lively. He seemed to have perked up once Sadie agreed to drink with them. He just needed to get to a good level. He looked over at Sadie as she commented on Maddie. “That's good to know.” Alex laughed. “You trusted me bringing you drinks to help last night.. I can only return the trust and take drugs off of strangers.” Alex joked. 


Max looked back at the girls before shaking his head again at the offer. He leaned back against the bar and looked between them before downing his drink and setting the glass back onto the bar. “Just alcohol for me.” he spoke, bringing his elbow up onto the bar. He needed to get drunk and let loose and just have fun. Even if Maddie was there, he was going to have a good time and not let her comments get under his skin. He decided that he would let the moodiness go for the night and bring out the Max who liked getting bombed and having fun. He looked back at Alex who nodded at him and took his last shot. “More?” Max asked, looking up towards the male before looking down at Sadie and Maddie. “Sadie's not throwing up yet so the next ones will have to be strong as hell.” Max spoke, finally giving off a grin. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Sadie watches Alex's reaction to the powder and looks over at Max when he denies the offer again. She nudges Maddie's ribs with her elbow and lowers her voice, “hmm, they're nothing like the guys Cassandra brings around. Maybe it's time to put this shit down?" Sadie takes the baggie from Madeline's hand and holds it, before feeling a bigger hand cover hers and a swift kiss to the top of her head. “Thanks sis, I was looking for some of this. You and Mads don't need it anymore.” And just as quick as he came, Justin Harper was gone and already moving to the center of the beach. Madeline leans closer to Sadie to listen to her better and rolls her eyes, chewing on her bottom lip. “He's still a dick.” She whispers, before watching Justin steal Cassandra's stash from Sadie's hand. She giggles before looking over at Max, letting out a breath. 

Sadie looks up at Alex and start laughing. “Yeah, I guess it was pretty dumb of us to trust that you hadn't spiked the water or the ginger ale. I dunno, you just seemed like the kind of guy that wouldn't do that.” Sadie shrugs, looking at Madison. “Yeah, I agree. Honestly I wish there were more men like you Lex. You're actually not a total dickhead.” Maddie agrees with Sadie, before looking back at Max when he asks if they wanted more. She smiles, before hearing his next comment. “Yes! The stronger the better. I was actually wondering what you were thinking with the shit you were originally drinking.” She teases, making Sadie look over at her with a smirk. Was Maddie actually going to let her hatred and typical automatic walls go for one night? She giggles and shakes her head, before looking over at Max. “As I said Max. You don't have to take it easy on me. I can handle whatever you throw at me." Maddie nods and throws her arm over Sadie's shoulders. “Yes she can. Just be prepared when we are laughing our asses off when you and Alex are the ones puking all over the beach and Sadie and I are perfectly fine.” She giggles and sticks her tongue out at him again.    

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex looked up when Justin came, grabbed the bag and instantly ran off. He laughed a little and shrugged. “There goes that.” he laughed before looking between the girls to see their reactions to getting stronger drinks and keeping the little challenge they all set up going. When Sadie mentioned they were dumb to trust a random guy putting drinks in front of her, he nodded. “Yeah, I was seriously surprised you didn't question it.. or mace me or something.” he spoke. He didn't think he'd be able to walk out of the club if the girls decided he was a creep and was trying to do something to their drinks. It was just good that it was him doing it, where he had no ill intensions, and not some other guy who wanted to do something sick to them. As the girls started shit talking, he looked between them and shook his head. “Oh, no.. that's not happening. We are getting you wasted.” Alex smirked, looking over as Max began the order for a few more strong shots. 


Max looked at the group in front of him before looking at Maddie as she commented on his first shots. He shrugged and turned to order a few more for them, making them stronger than the last. “Alright, alright.” he spoke, waving his hand at Maddie when he was done ordering. He looked over at Sadie and nodded. “Okay sounds good to me. I'll make sure not to take it easy on you. I just don't want fucking nurse Alex to ditch out and take care of you again." Max spoke, looking at Sadie before looking back as the shots were brought to him. He gave one to each of them, looking at Maddie before shaking his head. “Shut up and take your shot already.” Max spoke, tilting his head back and taking the shot. He could feel the warmth of it spreading through his body. It was even getting him in a better mood. 


Alex looked between Maddie and Max as they spoke to each other. He could even swear he saw a smirk on Max's face before the shot went down. He grabbed his shot glass and tipped it back as well, setting it down and crossed his arms. “You two are ridiculous.” he exhaled, feeling the burning sensation in his mouth and throat but loving the way these shots and drinks were making him feel.  

Sadie giggles when Alex admits that he was surprised that she trusted him so fast. “I think I was just so focused on making sure I didn't have to run back to the bathroom that I didn't care what was happening.” She leans back against the bar, looking over at him. “Plus. I wasn't worried, had you guys have been up to something Mads and I would have been able to handle it.” Sadie giggles, listening to Maddie finish off her sentence about handling their shots. Her eyes narrow on Alex and she laughs. “In your dreams! Believe it or not Maddie and I can handle our alcohol more than most other girls. We will definitely be the ones laughing at you guys.” She teases, patting Alex's chest. She watches Maddie and Max's interaction and smiles, rolling her eyes. Taking her shot from Max, she giggles ar his comment about nurse Alex. “Hey don't blame me that he prefers my company over yours. Though, I can't say I blame him.” She snips back, making Maddie giggle and give her a high five. When Max addresses her and tells her to shut up, Maddie scoffs. “Yeah I definitely don't blame Alex for preferring Sadie's company over yours, grumpy bear.” She giggles at her nickname for him and tilts her head back and downs the shot. She closes her eyes and smiles, before she opens them back up and looks at Max. “Oh my gosh, you're taking forever passing these things out.” She teases again, grabbing her mixed drink and downs about half of it.  

While she was drinking, she hears Alex call her and Max ridiculous and puts her cup down on the bar counter. “Hey don't blame me. He's the one who chose to start with me yesterday, by thinking I owe him anything.” She shrugs, making Sadie giggle and shake her head. “They are going to drive us both crazy I think. Maybe we should leave and force them to get along with each other.” She teases.  

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Alex looks between the group and nods. “I bet you guys can handle your own, I don't doubt it in the slightest.” he commented, holding up his hands defensively before retrieving his shot from Max. He looked at the girls as they went in on the other male, laughing lightly before shoving Max's shoulder. “You're fine.” he commented. “But you are a bit grumpy.” he smiled, shrugging his shoulders. It was a fact. Max could get grumpy, but Alex thought he was a good time when they were together. He liked that they were mixing it up by being friends with a few more girls, though. They weren't just one night stands and he had fun talking to them. 


Max looked between the three of them and rolled his eyes. He ignored the teasing and the comments and he was definitely ignoring Maddie's little nickname. Max looked towards Maddie as she complained. “You have hands.” he spoke back, grabbing the other shots and gave them to everyone. He downed that one quickly then grabbed a mixed drink and rolled his shoulders out. The alcohol was hitting every spot he needed it to. Alex looked at Max and smiled. Max said he was going to complain and not have any fun, but despite the back and fourth between him and Maddie, he looked like he was having a good time. He was proud of himself for dragging him along. “I'm shocked at how many people are down here. This is huge.” Alex commented. He didn't know why he hadn't heard of these parties before. Max preferred the clubs and bars, but this was a good time too. It was something different for them and he was really liking it. He liked being out on the beach, especially on hot days like it was. The alcohol was cold, the music was blaring and the people were all having a good time. “I've got to keep my eye out for these types of parties more often.”

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Maddie giggles when Max comments on her complaint and nods. “You're right I do.” She takes the shot glass from him, but after she downs this one, she moves next to him and grabs another glass, tilting her head back and downing it before grabbing a few more. The whole time never making a face and barely on the verge of being tipsy. Once she downs her fourth one in a row, she tilts her head up to look at him. “That's how you're supposed to do it. I thought you liked getting bombed Max? It's going to take you forever to get there with the speed you're going.” She challenges him, a smirk spreading slowly over her lips. 

Sadie looks at Maddie when she moves next to Max, her smile growing before she turns her attention to Alex. “This is how it is every time. Especially on the days like this when there is only a slight chill in the air. Everybody loves the fire, water and music.” She leans next to him against the bar and looks up at him. “Justin throws one every Saturday night, it would be nice to have you two join us from now on. Our crowd can get pretty wild, I think you'll fit right in.” She smiles, blinking up at him.  

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Max looked over as Maddie stepped up beside him and started downing the shots. He watched her take the shots quickly and kept himself leaned against the bar, his eyes focused on her before biting back a smirk. He looked towards the bartender, silently asking for some more shots and looked back at Maddie. “Show me again. How slow am I?" he asked, bringing his hand up and leaning his head against his hand as he watched her. He wondered how many shots it would take for her to start really feeling it. Now he was invested in seeing this. He watched her smirk and matched it before grabbing a shot and downed it. “I think you need a few more. You're not feeling it.” Max spoke, letting his eyes move to the shots in front of her before looking back over at her. 


Alex looked over at Sadie as she moved in next to him and nodded. “Yeah, it's perfect. I'm loving this whole thing.” he commented, letting his eyes move along the crowd. As she invited them to the beach parties on Saturday's, Alex nodded. “why not? It's been a good time so far. It even seems like our gremlins are slowly starting to get along.. maybe.” Alex commented, lifting his eyes to watch Max and Maddie. “For now, anyway.” he laughed. He watched the interaction between the other two and exhaled. “They've at least entered a territory of tolerating each other. Then again, alcohol is involved.. this could get messy in so many different ways.” Alex spoke before lowering his eyes back onto Sadie. 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Maddie giggles when Max tells her to show him again, she keeps her eyes on his and nods. “Easy.” She watches him order more shots and the bartender put some more shots in front of her. “Hmm, I don't know if only a few are going to cut it. Didn't you hear Sadie? We aren't like those weak bachlorette girls you were all over last night, we can actually handle alcohol.” She smirks, her eyes dipping down to his lips when he matches her smirk. She grabs one of the glasses and tilts her head back, quickly downing it and then moves right onto the next. “Meanwhile you have still only had one hot shot.” She teases, before focusing baxk on the shots. When she gets to the fourth one in this round, she starts playing with bikini ties around her neck. “It's starting to get really hot out here…” She looks up at him, dropping her ties and grabbing another shot glass, her words were definitely starting to slur, but Madeline could still see straight. 

Sadie smiles when Alex accepts her invitation for coming to the beach parties every Saturday night from now on. “Awesome. I look forward to getting to know you even more. Who knew, my embarrassing moment would blossom into a pretty awesome friendship.” She giggles, before hearing him mention Maddie and Max and follows his eyes to look over at them. Her eyes widen at Madeline's little flirty episode with playing with her bathing suit ties. She giggles and shakes her head. “I think… They're going to be just fine. Though, I must admit I feel horrible for listening to my brother's rumors and putting a bad opinion inside Madeline's head about Max…” She admits, rubbing her arm sheepishly as she looks back at Alex. “Yeah.  Alcohol and feelings, bad or good definitely a horrible mix…” She lets out sigh, before playfully nudging Alex's arm with her own.  

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Max kept watching her down the shots, his eyes watching the liquid disappear quick before watching her face. How fast could he get her shit faced? He really did wonder. She said she could hold her liquor and he wanted to see it. As she mentioned the bachelorette party from the previous night, he shrugged. “We have time.” he spoke, keeping his head leaned on his hand as his eyes stuck to her. Once she mentioned the one shot he had within her taking a few more, Max nodded. “Right.” he commented, taking another one and placing the glass down on the bar again. He listened to her comment on the heat and looked over at her as she started playing with the ties on her bikini. “Mhm..” he mumbled, peeling his eyes from her before grabbing another shot. It was starting to get warm. He was starting to heat up a bit from the sun and the alcohol. He refocused himself and kept himself leaned against the bar, downing the next shot. He looked down at himself for a moment before letting his head tilt to the side. No wonder he was starting to heat up. He was wearing a black shirt. The sun was killing him and the shots were heating him up from the inside. “Now that you said something.” Max muttered, grabbing the bottom of his shirt and tugged it off of his body. He was wearing a black shirt to a damn beach party. He slung his shirt onto his shoulder and grabbed another shot. “Keep up.” Max teased. She was ahead of him, but he wanted to see her take these shots like she so confidently told him she would. 


Alex laughed and took another shot. “Embarrassing moments are the best stories.” he chuckled. He looked back at the other two as Sadie spoke to him and told him she had given Maddie a bad opinion on Max. “I guess it's a good thing we are all hanging out. Now she can form her opinions on him too. I don't blame you. Max has a bit of a reputation behind him for not being the best person. It's good you're looking out for her.” Alex shrugged. He knew Max. He knew how Max was with girls and he knew what Max's reputation was all about. He wasn't the best at keeping girls around for anything more than a night then throwing them away when he was done with them. “He's got a bit of a problem with the female population. He's decided to shut himself down from relationships and getting close to too many people. A lot of people like Max's money and that's why he flaunts it around so often. He's giving people what they want.” Alex looked down at Sadie when she nudged him and smiled. “It's not a great mix..” 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

As Maddie downs the shots, she watches Max start to down some a little faster too. She giggles and keeps going, her head was definitely spinning but she was nowhere near getting sick or blacking out. Too many nights in the past helped her in this case, though a lot of them she would really not like to relive. She could feel her body start to ignite, the sun was pounding down now and the shots were not helping. Pausing for a minute to play with her ties from her bikini, she contemplates untying it and just going topless, but that would definitely remind her of a night she so badly wanted to forget. She goes back to focusing on the alcohol, the best remedy for horrible memories. When she hears Max speak again, her eyes slide over to the boy next to her and she watches him curiously as he grabs his shirt and pulls it over his head. Her throat immediately goes dry, she grabs another shot and downs it quickly. Hearing Max taunt her about keeping up, she playfully rolls her eyes. “Well that's not fair. You have added a distraction into this.” She motions toward his torso with her hand and realizes the alcohol was definitely kicking in and loosening her tongue. She tilts her head to the side and looks up at him. “Maybe, I should give you a distraction too? I mean it is only fair.” She teases with a smirk, downing another shot. 

“Not when they are about you sir!” Sadie argues. “Am I thankful to my embarassing moment for creating our friendship? Yes, yes I am but that's besides the point.”  She laughs, before hearing him comment on what she said about causing Maddie to have a bad opinion about Max. “I can totally understand that. Mads doesn't let anyone in. I'm actually surprised she has managed to talk to you without venom in her words. She is more untrusting toward men than women. Well, I can guarantee Maddie wants nothing to do with Max's money or even cares about it. She hates money and what it does to people…” Sadie explains, shaking her head and leaning against the bar next to Alex and giggling when he smiles and agrees with her about it being a bad mix. “It brings confidence though, so that always helps.” She could feel her cheeks reddening, but hides behind her glass and takes a sip of her drink.    

Maxwell "Max" Carter

Max looked over at her as she mentioned the distraction. He grinned and shook his head. “Am I distracting you?” Max spoke, a bit of arrogance in his voice. Of course he had to focus in on that. The one girl that had gotten under his skin in mere minutes was now distracted because of him? He was going to relish in it. “You're not going to distract me. You've got nothing." Max chuckled. He was actually having fun right now. He blamed and thanked the alcohol for that. He would have been sour if there was no alcohol involved and he would likely have left already. He wasn't going to admit that he was having fun, there was no way he was letting her get a kick out of him actually having a good time. “You talk too much and you're obnoxious. You distract me too much already, you can't go further than that." Max spoke, downing another shot. 


“So they are both fucked up.” Alex exhaled. “Well no wonder they hate each other." he chuckled. “They've already formed their own opinions on each other based on past issues. This is not going to end well.” he mumbled. He kept his eye on the two as they were doing their own thing. They seemed to be fine now, but who knew what would happen if the alcohol took too much of an affect. He tried to shake it out of his head. He couldn't dwell on that at the moment anyway. The other two were fine now and that was all that mattered. He looked at Sadie and nodded his head at her. “That's true. Liquid courage. It can be fun if you get just the right amount of drunk.” 

Madeline "Maddie" Smith

Madeline downs a couple more shots when Max asks if he was distracting her. She knew she shouldn't have let her guard down, but she would never turn down a challenge especially if it involved getting drunk and having fun. She couldn't help, but roll her eyes at his arrogance and wishes she could take back her words. “No, I never said you. I believe I pointed to that body of yours. I'm still a girl and I'm still a girl who has had a lot of alcohol. You can't take everything I say to heart. Don't let your ego get even bigger now." She fights back, even though she starts giggling. When he challenges her about there being nothing she can distract him with, she tilts her head and chews on her bottom lip thinking. As Max continues talking and calls her obnoxious, she stops thinking for a minute and scoffs. “I'm obnoxious?? You're the asshole who thinks he is entitled and deserves anything anybody wants to give him. You're the one that flaunts your money around like you're some big shot.” She argues back, but this time there was no sassiness.  And as she said, she never backs down from challenges. Maddie moves the shot glasses a little bit over on the bar, before she lifts herself up and sits in front of Max with her legs dangling off the counter and on either side of him. Smirking, she grabs another shot and goes to down it when she purposely misses and spills it over her chest. Looking up at Max with fire and mischief in her eyes, she smiles. “You sure I can't distract you?” 

Sadie lets out a sigh and nods her head. “Seems that way, unfortunately… Well, for what it's worth no matter what happens between them, I would still like to get to know you and be friends with you." Her voice gets softer and she smiles up at him, hoping she's not making a total fool out of herself. When he agrees with her about alcohol being a good confidence booster, she nods. “Definitely something I can sometimes lack."  Sadie admits, laughing and looking up at him, before grabbing her cup and taking a few more sips. 

Maxwell "Max" Carter

“You know my body is still.. me right?” Max asked before taking a sip of his mixed drink. “I don't think you've had enough to drink yet.” he laughed lightly, grabbing another shot. It was like they just kept coming. Thank god Max was made of money or this bill would have put someone into a coma. He looked over at her as she started going off on him for calling her obnoxious. He watched her for a moment before he shook his head. “I never said I wasn't an entitled asshole. I am. That's fine. You're still obnoxious.” he commented. He had to. He couldn't help himself from bugging her. They had this weird way of pissing each other off and loving it. He was loving the way she reacted to what he said. Max looked over at her as she moved the shot glasses over to the side. He raised an eyebrow until he watched her jump up onto the bar top in front of him, moving her legs on either side of him. He watched her take the shot and let a little spill all over her. His eyes trailed over her slowly. This was absolutely distracting. Everything about this sight in front of him was extremely distracting. But, he knew what she was trying to do. While she was succeeding, he couldn't let her win so easily. He shrugged and took a step closer, putting one hand on the table near her leg and looked up towards her. “It's nice.. it was a fun show.. but I'm still not distracted.” he spoke, looking up towards her before grabbing a shot from beside her and tipped it back. “Great effort, though.” he muttered. He had to keep himself strong and together. He wasn't going to give her the satisfaction. 


“I still have friends apart from Max, so, of course.” Alex smiled, looking down towards Sadie. “I do too, sometimes, don't worry.” he laughed and looked up as Maddie sat down on the bar top in front of Max. What the hell was going on now? They were looking at each other with these challenging looks. Nothing good was going to come of this. “I swear those two are going to angrily hook up.” Alex sighed, handing Sadie another shot before taking one for himself. 


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