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AmeKizu   15d ago


Ayumu used to be a kind and gentle being. Working on cures, for various diseases that spread throughout the beast-men community. Beast-men were a type hybrid, human and animal. They normally had animal like features. Animal like ears even tails and other animal like qualities. Ayumu got really good curing minor diseases, but one day everything changed. A sickly young boy enter the hospital. He was just a normal human at the time. The boy knew he was dying, it was a tragic fate for such a young boy. Since he was in the hospital, he happen to see Ayumu while getting some fresh air. Ayumu was normally a quiet person did not normally reach out to anyone. The two of you met that faithful day. The young boy turn out to be named Sora Ito. 

Sora'a family had died when he was young so he was all alone in this cold world. The boy collapsed, of course since Ayumu was there he was able to help the boy right away. When Sora woke again he was in a different room. His head was spinning as he tried to figure out where he was. It was then he seen Ayumu sitting at a desk studying something closely. Sora was unsure of what to do or say, he just stay silent until Ayumu turn around noticing that boy had woken up. Ayumu introduce himself to the boy, the boy said his name Ayumu Yozora.

 Ayumu and Sora had become close after that day. Ayumu did his best to make Sora smile. Ayumu began studying what Sora had of course there was no legal way to cure him. So Ayumu did something drastic. He alter Sora DNA by giving him Beast blood. It was unclear how hybrid human came to existence but it was said that it a normal human was infused with their blood that they too would become a beast. Of course this was illegal it broke many laws and rules. It seem to work the illness that plagued Sora seemed to vanish. He was so grateful to Ayumu that he stay with the man hoping to become his assistant. The two became closer quickly after, soon they became lovers. Ayumu was 23 at the time and Sora just turn 18, it was perfect the two were happy. 

Tragedy seem to follow as people learn about Ayumu had done. He was call mad, a monster and other cruel things. Sora wasn't mad nor did he care about what Ayumu had done to him. He loved Ayumu but of course the media and everyone else made Ayumu out to be the bad guy. Ayumu was going to be arrested but Sora and him decided to run leaving everything they had behind. The two seemed like they were going to get away seeing as they had made it out of town. Before they could get to away fully they were caught off guard by a detective. Ayumu did his best to protect Sora, he even let the world see the monster they made him out to be. Ayumu was a beast that appeared human until under a lot of pressure. He was frightening and seemed to scare most the people around. Even Sora was startled but he still loved Ayumu. It was then a rookie cop seen what was happening and began open firing at them. Of course Ayumu did his best to protect, Sora but he was hit by a stray bullet. Ayumu heart sank as he saw his lover die right before his eyes…

Ayumu got away that day, his heart died. Since then he had be planning and plotting how to seek revenge on that cop that killed Sora. Ayumu decided to change his name to something, along with his appearance. His once auburn hair was no dark ebony color. He worked out a little more gaining muscle. There was much more he could do since he couldn't afford  plastic surgery. Most he could was take low profile jobs here and there. Thankful he was able to find work and cheap place to stay. 

It took years but finally he corner you alone. A crooked smiled appeared on his face thankfully you didn't notice. You were simply doing you job helping the seemingly injured man. Kizuato is what he went by now, but Kizu for short. He was pretending to be hurt. You just so happen to see him on the ground. There was blood leaking from his leg, with a decent size gash on it. Quickly rushed over to help him. “You are so kind.” he said he kept his head down you helped him home. 

You even offer to take him inside. You chatted with him briefly as you walked with him carefully back to his apartment which really wasn't far. As you helped him inside, Kizu "accidentally" fell pulling you down with him. You land right on top of him. Little did you, he was actually slipping you gun out of it's holster. Kizu acted innocent.“ I am so sorry." he said in a sweet tone. It was then you noticed how muscular he was. You quickly got off of him and helped up to his feet not notice the gun that slide under the small table and chair sat. You heard something, but it really didn't click in you mind. You helped Kizu to the sofa. You carefully treated his legged since you were actually trained in first aid. Kizu seemed to wince as you had do a few stitches in his wound leg. Little did you know Kizu was judging your sloppy work. You asked if there was anything else you could do for him. There was one thing, as you turned around you felt something blunt strike you in the back of the head. When you woke again you were bond to a bed. Each of your limbs was tied tightly against the bed post, making you stretch out into x shape. You began to panic as you struggle to move.

AmeAkira   15d ago


Akira Mori was one of Kizu friends, he helped Kizu come up with a plan to capture you. Akira was a skilled hunter. Little did people know he was full beast. He could fully shift into animal if he truly wanted to. In stories he was considered a werewolf. In this world he was a beast that many people feared. He was the reason that Kizu found you so easily. Following his nose and tracking your scent  made it easy to track you. Akira followed you for days, you seemed to get the feeling of being watched, but whenever you peeked over your shoulder you saw nothing. 

Akira sighed softly as headed to the bar. The bar was in a rather shady part of town hardly seen faces. He was a regular there. He sat down and order a drink. Of course it was something sweet and fruit. That always seemed to get him some looks but he just ignore it. Akira stared at the pale pink liquid before downing, and asking for another. Akira let out a soft huff of air as he looked around the bar. The bar was dreary and dim. Until Akira notice you walked by the large window. He never seen you before, something told him to follow you. Akira quickly paid his tap and head out the door to tail you. 

Akira followed you silently little did he know you were blind you could hear him quite well. Akira froze when you turned around asked him while he was follow you. Akira bit his bottom lip coming up with a quick lie “You looked like someone I knew…” he said softly hoping that you would catch a falter in his voice. Akira had lied many times it was then Akira got closed to you. What was this strange scent you were admitting. Akira took in a deep breath trying his hardest to pin this scent. “Who are you?” he said with a low growl. Then again maybe you should said that consider a strange just sniffed you. Of course he beat you to it. It was up to you whether you answered him or not.

Akira found it hard to keep the beast in side of him tamed. It was as if was begging to let him out. Akira was finding it difficult to control himself around you. He wanted more, but he was never one to force himself on someone. Even if you were his chosen mate. Akira let out a heavy breath as he step away from you. Such an odd encounter, it  left you guessing. You were trying to figure out what the hell just happen. All that could come of it was some strange man sniffed you. They didn't cause you any harm despite their deceiving word and the teeth at was behind the smile. 



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