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BooBear96Bekah   25d ago


It had been two months to the day since she signed the divorce papers. Divorced at twenty six. Had she really turned into her parents? The last two months had been the most lifting and free, everything she never knew she needed. She had thrown herself in work, into writing and touring since that day. Her new EP album was almost finished, and she was starting another leg of tour soon. She hadn't spoken to Luke since the day she told him she was leaving.

She had given all of herself to that marriage, years of marriage counseling, seperations. Nothing made it better, niether one of them were happy anymore. Honestly, she had greived their relationship long before talk of divorce ever surfaced.  Luke of course also threw himself into writing and released a song only weeks after the filing... using her career and name to get ahead once again.

All of her friends were telling her it was time to put herself out there again. Even her manager was saying the same. She knew that it was getting closer to time, she grieved him during the marriage, so she knew the time frames of 'readiness' would be vastly different. One man in particular kept getting brought up. _________. An up and coming country music singer... who was just completely handsome, but also a few years younger than her.

Bekah had been creeping his instagram for the last few days. "I'm going to put my big girl pants on and do it." she muttered, to no one in particular. She glanced down at her Golden Retriver, Dixie, who seemed to be barking in agreeance. "Hi @________" she squealed as she quickly hit send without even thinking.

FROSTBITE4395[Restart]   19d ago
Colder Than Hell and Worse Than Death


It had been a month to the dot since Chandler had released his debut album “Colored Roses.” And had been almost a month and a half since he had cut all ties with his so-called “Family” who were really just a bunch of assholes that abused him his entire life. In track four of “Colored Roses” labeled “My Last Day”, which was a mix of alternative rock and country, it told the story of his father's abuse during one day when he was five, with the details in the song, just one day was hell in his household. Somehow his album had become a smash hit, with twenty tracks to choose from eleven of them started playing on the radio, three of which were on the stations that typically only played pop like Taylor Swift or that one girl.. Dua Lupa? Something like that. Chandler would have never expected it, but what he wouldn’t have expected even more were the amount of famous artists that were reaching out to him, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Carrie Underwood, Trace Adkins, and many more. It seemed unnatural that this was happening, after everything that he had been through, it was just unreal.

Sitting at his dorm-room desk Chandler mumbled lyrics to himself whilst holding a pen's endpoint onto a notepad, each lyric held its own meaning, its own story. The dim light of the desk lamp was the only thing separating him from the pitch-black void of darkness that surrounded the small essence of light. His eyes carefully reading over the different lines, he smiled, the lyrics appeared perfect, they were in a sense, of course, he would need to re-read and check all of them again and again before he could even think about going into the studio and draft a recording.

Chandler woke up to the greeting of the sun's warm gleam coming through the window of his dormitory, the dust particles reflecting its beautiful glare. It felt just like a country song- and the only thing that could have made that song better was a verse about a Nice.. Cold.. Beer..


‘Bzzz Bzzz’


The noise came from Chandler's nightstand, his phone insisting that he check it every five seconds for what seemed like three minutes, but it was enough time for him to come to his senses and look at the notifications on his phone, one coming from a very.. Very important lady. A country star that is. One that he had had a crush on since he had learned about her, apparently she was only eighteen at that time, he had basically grown up listening to her. And now that she was messaging him he didn’t know what to do, he just sat there, his brain empty for, at the very least, ten minutes. Finally Chandler came to, he quickly liked the womans message and wrote out a response;

“Howdy there @Bekah.______, I must say, I’m flabbergasted you’re talking to me, as much of an honor as it is.”


Withe the press of a button his response was sent, from then on he was off to a cold shower and a day of boring classes, lectures, and pop quizzes. “FUCK YES!!!” Chandler yelled.

BooBear96Bekah   18d ago


Her heart felt like it was pounding out of her chest. According to instagram, Chandler had read her message... but he wasn't typing. Ouch. The one time she was willing to put herself out there, she was going to get nothing in return. Glancing down at Dixie, she smiled slighty. "We tried, huh?"

Her phone next to her on the couch, she went back to staring at her notebook. She couldn't her this song right and her label wanted to hear some of the tracks from the EP on Monday- four days from now. Her phone chimed. Within seconds it was in her hand and her eyes were scanning the message. Her face instantly heated. He thought it was an hour talking to her?! She was nothing special.

“Haha! I promise I'm nothing special... But that's super sweet! 😊 I heard your single on the Radio a few days ago.. And If I'm being completely honest, my girlfriends have been coercing me into messaging you. Completely unrelated. I know you're in school and I'm sure you're super busy. But my label wants to hear the tracks from my EP on Monday, and I cannot get these lyrics right. Would you be free tomorrow? I can send you the address and we can write at my house or we can meet at the studio.” 

She sent, but then she felt like she needed to be honest.

“While I am completely 1000% interested in writing with you… I'm almost certain that you're single. I'm single…So.”

There. She had laid everything out in the open, and she could only hope it went her way.  She was so rusty in the dating world, she hadn't been on a real date in four years so this was proving to be harder than she thought.


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