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College; Fake Lovers

By Simply_Random
Backup thread


He never met someone so determined to mess up her life. Jasmine Nieves is one step away from disaster, and he can’t stop trying to save her. But maybe she can help save him. A couple of weeks posing as his girlfriend would go a long way toward fixing his battered reputation. As long as he doesn’t break his oldest rule—never get emotionally involved.


She never met someone so determined to piss her off. thinks he’s her personal hero because he has something she needs, but he can’t solve all her problems with a wicked smile and a spacious second bedroom. Not until she gets past his football star façade and realizes he sees her, really sees her. She doesn’t need saving—but maybe she needs him.

Rule one: we can’t tell anyone this is fake.

Rule two: either of us can call it off at any time.

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Simply_Random     25d ago

Vi is a college student over at University of Georgia home of the Bulldogs. There’s nothing like being in college away from home. Her family is torn with the decisions.  Not that she cares much about. She’s all about being independent. Trying to make a name for herself. For her future.

It’s been a while since she had the night off. She normally works at much as she can to get by. It’s either a perk or a curse, but she doesn’t want her family to help her out. This is her journey. One she needs to do on her own. Plus she’s not big on asking for help anyways.

Madalyn, her college best friend, invited her over. It’s was nice to spent time with someone. Even if they were just watching movies and about to other take out. That was until Madalyn’s friend Lizzy came over talking about a party. What seemed to get the girls was the fact the football players will be there. They had some tonight’s game by a hair. Vi wasn’t sure about going. Lizzy convinced Maddy who ended up convincing Vi to go.


Vi agreed to going. What are charm can come from going? Plus there will be free booze! Vi had on dark high waisted jeans on with a crop top. Luckily she already has some light makeup one she she didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Madalyn and Lizzy on the other hand were those type of girls who were always ready. Hair, makeup, and the outfit.

Madalyn parked he car a few blocks away from the frat house. Things always gets crazy so to make sure nothing happens to her car she parked far away. About an hour or so into being at the Kapa house Maddy and the girls were locked in a room on the second floor. She called for verlo while Vi comforted Lizzy who was vomiting her life away. Vi sighs. Men are pigs. This is why she avoids big parties. Poor Lizzy was almost taken advantage of and she helped her not. Roughly. Now they're hiding. The question now is who the hell did Maddy call?

BooBear96     25d ago

Jacob Saylor was a Junior at The University of Georgia. Something his family was thrilled with, as they had their hearts set on something closer to home, in Tennessee. Even if it was still only a four hour drive. While they had their hearts set on Vanderbilt in Nashville, he had his set on college football and then the pros. Though they wanted him to take over the family business, Saylor Industries. Football wasn’t the high means of life they so desperately wanted for him.

He was thriving in Georgia. While he had a small group of great friends, his focus was on football. It has been since he started college. His parents leased a two bedroom apartment on the swankier side of campus so he would focus. Football had all his focus.

It was a Saturday night, and he had spent the entire day working out, practicing and studying. It felt like he had just laid down in the king bed when his phone rang. Maddie’s face appearing on his screen. He groaned. Maddie was his friend friend, Danny, girlfriend. Danny was visiting his family this weekend and Maddie apparently couldn’t attend because of classes. “What did you do?” He growled when he answered the phone. He was quickly awake, every sense and nerve in his body pissed off. “Oh my way.”  He dressed in sweatpants and his University of Georgia football hoodie.

“Where are you?” He texted the girl after he had parked his truck outside the Delta house. It was known for parties. Loud, rowdy and slightly dangerous parties. Most of the football team avoided this house.

He spotted some players crowding the wanna be star, who was cradling his hand.

He followed the girl’s instructions, walking upstairs undetected. “Danny is going to flip when he finds finds out that you came to Delta. What the hell happened?” His eyes scanned the room. Maddie was with two other girls. Lizzy, he had seen before flirting with Danny’s roommate, Parker. She looked rough, definitely wasted. The girl next to her was one he hadn’t seen before, but she sure was something. Slightly wasted as well it seemed.

Simply_RandomTiana   25d ago


Maddy lay on the bed. She made three phone calls. They all sounded the same. She was trying to help them all out. Just as long as she doesn't smell Lizzy’s vomit. Or else it'll make her vomit.

“I regret suggesting going out to a party.

“Tee I'm sorry for dragging you…I’ll get you out of here. Don't worry.”

“It's fine. She said no several times. He's not a man. He's a child” Tiana says angrily.

“That child is well connected. He will ruin you…” Lizzy managed to say after throwing up some more.

This is why she keeps to herself. She doesn't regret helping out a girl in need. Whenever there was a knock on the door Maddy would shout for them to fuck off. Yet each time her heart would palate from hear. There is no way this dude has that much power. Her family can't find out about any of this. Especially her brothers.

Lizzy chugs a random water bottle when found. It made Maddy and her look at each other with disgust. Where did Liszy even find it?

Then there was a knock and a make came in. Tee holds on to Lizzy, glaring at the guy. She can't ready for a other altercation but she will protect her friends.

“Long story short I need you to escort my friend out of here. Undetected. I already have someone else coming for Lizzy and I.”

“He is your grand plan?” Maddy nods

“I trust him… Ben won't touch you if he sees you with Jacob but if he sees you then that means Jacob failed to sneak you out.” Maddy ends up looking at her male friend with pleading eyes. Maddy knows her friend. He is obviously not in the mood but she will thank him for doing this once when it's done. Maddy told him everything from the T. What her original plan was for the night to how they ended here.

“He can help with Izzy. I can sneak out. I'll be fine. I promise.” she says not wanting the help.

BooBear96Matthew.   24d ago


"Damn it, Madalyn. I'm guessing this is why Ben is downstairs cradling his right hand, on the verge of setting off world war three." He groaned. Ben Stiller a sophomore, he was trying to take his spot in the startling team. Ben was the town's football star in High School, his family has connections everywhere. Ben could literally ruin this girl with the snap of his finger. "Yeah. You might've managed to 'handle' him from whatever, but he is on a war path now and will stop at nothing until he gets to you. You won't be walking out of here alone."

He turned to look at Madalyn. "Get Lizzie outside to your car. And then you leave, and you're going to call me the minute you get into your dorm, with the door locked. Hear me?"

Turning to look at Tianna, he sighed. "Put this on, hood up." he said, shrugging off his hoodie in the process. "You're going to stay on my ass and keep your head down." 

He made sure to wait a few minutes after Madalyn left with a drunk Lizzie. “Do I even want to know what happened?” he questioned, glancing back to make sure the girl had put his hoodie on.  “Come on.” He took her hand, grasping it in his own before opening the door and leading her down the staircase.

“Fuck. Stop.” he whispered. Ben and his “crew” were rounding the staircase as they reached the second section. “Don't move.” his hands found her waist, pressing her gently up against the wall, pressing himself against her. “They are right behind me. Head down.” his lips were so close to her neck, he could smell the coconut shampoo. 

Simply_RandomTiana   24d ago


Oh course she will get herself into some serious trouble. It's like the universe loves making sure she has more than enough shit to worry about. Now to have three people warning her about Ben something, ugh. Just the cherry on top of the other shit she needs to worry about. She was better off staying with him fighting her nightmares.

“I handled him once before. I can do it again,” she replied rubbing Lizzy’s back who was not vomiting again.

Did he even listen to anything Maddy told him? Plus she doesn't like the way he's barking orders. How can Maddy trust this guy? Maddy must've seen the look in Ti’s eyes. Before she left she whispered that if she didn't listen she would call her brother and tell him everything. Fuck.

Tiana watched them leave. She stands up crossing her arms. Pouting. “Like Maddy said he thought he’d take advantage of Lizzy here despite her telling him to back off multiple times.” Tiana tells him putting on his hoodie. This will definitely hide her. It felt like she was five and pretending to be a ghost with her parent's blanket. It's huge! It ended with more thighs and she had to pull her arms free from his sleeves.

“For the record, I’m still not convinced any of this is necessary,” she said as he grabbed her hand to lead the way.

Tiana pulled the hoodie on as th exited the room. Everything felt real again when she was able to hear the music and smell booze and weed. Her head clulsnr process everything. Not when her hand tingled and felt warm within his hands. Then all of a sudden she was pressed against the wall. One of his hands found her waist and he was inches away from her. Tiana sucked in a quick breath. “Trying to cope a field? Maddy will have you…” She stops hearing Ben ask people do they have seen her. He used her full name and decided on her red wavy hair as Matthew told her he was behind them. Him to exact.

“People tend to avoid people making it. It disturbs them. This is only to survive.” she whispers before getting on her toes to kiss him. Ugh, he smells so good. And this kiss was doing something to her. Part is she is happy he isn't wearing any Axe spray. It smells terrible. There is no telling if he had someone on or of it's his natural scent but it was good and relaxing.

When Ben yelled he sounded further away. Her chest was moving unevenly. The urge to keep kissing him and see where things would go was strong, but she pulled away looking into his eyes. “Go… we need to go now.” she data linking their hands and pushing him the best she could so he could lead the way.

Tiana released the sir she held on for so long when they reached his car. She instantly took off his sweater. “Thanks. I can take it from here.” she says relinquishing the hoodie back to its owner. Then again… the walk home is long… ugh. She caves and gets in his car. “Try anything and I will fight you. I couldn't break his wrist. I won't hesitate again…” she warms him.

BooBear96Matthew.   24d ago


"If I was trying to touch you like that, I promise you would know, Ti." he breathed against her neck.

He blinked a few times after he realized that she had pressed her lips to his. "If you wanted a kiss, you just had to ask." he mumbled before pulling her closer, his hands cupping her face. He sighed as the kiss abruptly ended. "Come on." he said, pulling her closly behind him.

The cool air was cold as they walked outside, after they were standing in front of his truck, he turned around to see she was already pulling his hoodie off. "You realize that its cold out here and that dress you have on, doesn't cover a lot." He smirked as she climbed into. "Tianna. I don't know what kind of men you're used to hanging out with, or what kind you man you think I am. But I'm going to tell you one more damn time. You don't know. Stop acting like I'm going to climb across this cab and have my way with you. I'm here, helping you out of a pretty messy night. I think that says enough for itself." He shifted the truck in park and began driving back toward his aparment. "You aren't going home tonight. It's the first place Cole will look. I have a plan that will help us both, but I need some fucking sleep first."

Simply_RandomTiana   23d ago

Fuck Madalyn, this was her idea. She was wearing jeans before all of this. He was right. It was cold. She still didn't put on the hoodie though. Instead, she uses it to cover her legs when she got in the car. This is way she doesn't go to parties and prefers to stay home by herself. She was only out because she promised Maddy that they would hang out soon. She's been picking up extra shifts. Plus the second she gets home she would pass out. Her job requires a lot from her. Physically.

“And I don't know what kind of bimbos you attract but I'm not one of them. There will be no kissing or sex. Ever.” Tiana says looking out the window.

They reached the other side of campus. The fancier side. She looks at him confused. She is obviously not heading home. This isn't anywhere near her apartment. “Don't think I'm making breakfast and we aren't sharing a bed,” she says climbing out of his car before following him inside. She played with the strings dangling from his hoodie that she we still carrying.

When they got inside she looked around. How simple and basic it looked. Straight of a magazine. “Should you warn your roommate?” T asks running her hand along the couch. She sits on the armrest to take off her heels. Freedom. 

Tiana was surprised to hear he had no roommates and a second bedroom. She mumbled her thanks before going to his spare room. The bed was heavenly. It made her pass out within minutes after removing her dress and getting under the blanket. 

BooBear96Matthew.   23d ago


"Tiana, once again." he muttered. "I don't think you're a bimbo. Besides, I don't date."

"I don't have a roomate. This is my apartment." He led her inside, locking the door behind him. "Guest bedroom is down the hall on the right. I'll leave sweatpants and a shirt for you in the bathroom across the hall, so you can have fresh clothes in the morning. Don't want you to have to do the walk of shame in that dress."

He watched as she sat down and pulled her heels off. His entire body was aware of this new woman in his presence. What was happening to him? "Goodnight."

He headed into the master bedroom and quickly crawled back into bed once more. He drifted off to sleep moments after taking care of himself. 

The next morning he woke up to the sun shining through his windows. He checked his phone, it was mid morning. He didn't hear stirring around the apartment so Ti must still be asleep. He laid her clothes in the guest bathroom before heading into the kitchen to start on pancakes and bacon.

Simply_RandomTiana   23d ago


Ti didn't know why but her nightmares started again. At some point she had to turn on the bathroom light and leave the door cracked open. It was how she always slept. A night light didn't illuminate the room as much. Eventually, her body caved and burned itself out. She slept for a solid three hours before the smell of bacon and coffee woke her up. 

The girl scrambles to look for the phone. When she did find it, it was dead. Of course. Just her luck. Ti went to the bathroom to freshen up. His pants were ridiculously long. She settled for his shirt. “Wow, you can cook  what is this for?” She asks sitting down stealing a piece of bacon. Tiana watches him. He seems different. It’s hard to explain how. Tiana gets up to fix her coffee. She likes it with milk. That's why lattes are her go-to. More milk than coffee. Unless she needs the caffeine then it'll be an American. 

Ti listened to his crazy proposal. She snorts. “Sounds like a terrible idea. Us dating? That would make me a bigger target.” she says eating her breakfast like a taco. 


BooBear96Matthew.   23d ago


“I actually do quite well in the kitchen, thank you. I don’t like eating fast food a lot during season so I had to teach myself.” He explained, seeing her and then doing a double take when he realized she was only in his shirt. Damn this woman.

“I think we should date.” He started, explaining his entire idea. “Ben won’t dare to even look at you if you’re with me, and it would help get my parents off my back so I don’t get cut off. I only need this to work until I can enter the draft.”

He cocked his head as she rolled her pancake up and he grinned. “That’s an interesting way to eat it.”

“In all seriousness though, I think this is a great option. Of course we can set ground rules.”

Simply_RandomTiana   23d ago


Tiana chuckles. “I refuse. It will make me a bigger target. Ya have a thing going on and I messed with his throwing wrist. He will think I tried sabotaging him… plus your fans won't like me.” Most females on campus throw themselves at athletes. She doesn't understand why. There's no guarantee they will become professionals or if they want to continue after they graduate or water.

“The pancake is a little dry. Melt some butter and add it to the batter,” she says winking at him before chugging her coffee.

Ti places the mug in the sink. “I need to go. Thanks for everything. Let Maddy know I'm alive. My phone is dead. I have work.” she says disappearing to the room to put on her dress. She's okay with the walk of shame. She knewThey didn't do anything. 

Did he Really suggest dating? Ha. She stops at the door debating finding out more about this arrangement but she needs to be at work soon. She holds up his sweater and shirt. “I'll return these once I clean them. I don't steal hoodies,” she tells him before leaving. 

It took longer than usual to get home. She showered and got things ready for work and class. She was out all day. It was such a busy schedule. When she got home there was an eviction notice. That didn't sit well with her. She went to the office to ask why but he didn't give her a straight answer which made her more mad.

She went back to her apartment. She was freaking out. They're giving her 48 hours to move out. She tried to sleep but couldn't. The apartment search didn't ease her mind or make her tired enough to crash. Then Matthew popped into her head and his offer. He does have an extra room… fuck.  Around midnight, she calls an Uber to his place. She refuses to go home and Maddy doesn't have room for her. 

She knocks on his door playing with the hood of his hoodie. “It's washed…” she says handing him the hoodie back and squeezing inside his apartment. “I’ll pretend to be your girlfriend… But I need to stay here… I can pay… I'm being evicted… but we need ground rules.” she says leaning against the couch. She is going to regret this. “This isn't a booty call and it won't ever be,” she adds. 

BooBear96Matthew.   23d ago


Text her and let her know you make it home, please. I’d hate to have to come track you down for her.” He said, watching her walk out of his apartment.

His day was just like yesterday, he had practiced, then worked out and finally studied and cooked dinner after he had gotten home. He glanced at the clock when he heard a knock on the door. It was after midnight.

“What’s wrong?” He asked quickly when he opened the door and seen Ti standing there. “Did Ben try anything?” He watched as she squeezed past him and into his apartment, he shut and locked the door behind her.

Sighing as he listened to her explain how she was getting evicted. “See what I was talking about? Ben can fuck with you.” He explained. “I don’t need your money. You can stay here for free. You’re helping me out more than you know. Just don’t trash my apartment please.” He said.

He nodded, hearing her comment about a booty call. “Understood.”

The next day was Monday, which meant classes again. “‘Meet me for lunch. I’ll be waiting outside for you.” He texted her about an hour before lunch. “Madalyn will be there, along with the jocks. Perfect time to start this act.”

Simply_RandomTiana   23d ago

“I won't ever leave me room. No worries.” she says.

Tiana mentally sighs. Her ass is covered. She isn't homeless. Now she has 48 hours to pack. She left him and went home. It was a long night. Another restless night. Work owner her ass. An hour before her lunch break she received a message from him. He's already making her start pretending to be his girl. Fuck. Why now? She needs to worry about packing. 

She didn't reply. She simply showed up after a quick shower. She had someone comfortable on and sneakers Before going to the building he told her where to meet. It made her nervous. Can they pull this off? She sends him a quick text to let him know she was there. Her stomach grumbles protesting to this meeting. She needs to eat. “I need food…” she mumbles following him inside. 

BooBear96Matthew.   23d ago


Jake grinned seeing Ti walk up, his arm snaked around her shoulder and pulled her close. “Smile on, pretty girl. What do you want for lunch?” He questioned. “Oh. By the way. I’ll be at your apartment after practice to help you pack. We can put whatever you need in my-our apartment.” He explained, leading her inside.

He heard a squeal as soon as they walked through the double doors, Madalyn no doubt. He smirked before leaning down to kiss her cheek. “I’m going to go snag some pizza really quick, and then I’m be right back. You good?” He whispered before disappearing into the crowd. He knew she had heard Madalyn so he wasn’t concerned with her not being able to find their table. He grabbed an extra slice or two, not that he wouldn’t be able to eat it all by himself, but in case she wanted anything. He also got a side salad.

“Here, babygirl.” He said, pulling a chair out for her with his open hand, once she was settled, he sat right beside her. He could feel everyone’s eyes on them, but he would wait until someone else brought it up.

Simply_RandomTiana   23d ago


Tiana pokes his side. She will smile when it is time to smile. He's just making her nervous. But his scent was calming her down. She wraps an hour around him as far as it can go to make it look real. 

“What are my options?” she asks. It was a little hard to hear what he said after because of Madalyn. The shrieking squeal gave her a headache. He left her like he knew she would be running to her. Maddy jumps on her. Ti instantly caught her but lord her abs were on fire doing so. When Maddy got on her feet she hit Ti. “Why didn't you tell me you were seeing him?”

Ti rubs her arm, “We wanted to test the water out before telling people…” Crap they never made up a story about them dating. 

Maddy was so cheery. It made sense that she was a cheerleader. She introduced her to everyone. By the time she was done naming everyone, Matthew was next to her pulling a seat out for her. Her stomach rumbles smelling and seeing the pizza. The guy next to her, Mac, leaned forward to grab slice. She smacks his hand away.

“Hey, these are for you. Last I checked I was the one dating Matt and he's feeding us. Me and him. Not you.” she says grabbing a slice. 

Then the questions came in. Why is he dating now? He was strictly all about football. 

BooBear96Matthew.   23d ago


Jake smirked as Ti went after Danny who had tried to take their pizza. "My girl is fiesty and I love it." he said, resting his hand on her leg, squeezing slightly.

He knew the questions would come in as soon as they made their first appereance. Madalyn especailly was all about the questions. "Well. After I had to come rescue you both at Delta, Ti came home with me and we talked... And just connected, I guess. Everything worked out as it was supposed to."

"Come to the restroom with me, T!" Madalyn said, standing up and taking the girls hand.

Jake watched as they walked away, making it past the doors with no issue. "If anyone sees Ben fucking with Ti, you stop it right then and there. He's the reason I had to go pick Ti, Maddie and Lizzie up from Delta the other night."

Simply_RandomTiana   23d ago


Okay, so he told them they just started dating. Good. She was ready to say they met at the mall a few weeks back or some shit. 

Tiana gave Matt a kiss on the cheek before following Maddy who pulled her. Maddy was more abusive. She wanted all the details and credit of course. Tiana told her nothing. All she said was that she doesn't kiss and tell. That should be them some privacy for now. 

Ten minutes after chatting and then actually using the bathroom they exited the bathroom. Maddy pulled Tiana back seeing Ben and his goodies. Tiana kept her head held high, wrapped her arms around Maddy and went around him. Maddy told her how Matt was storming their way. T had to jog to him to stop him. She placed both her hands on his chest. “Nothing happened. It's okay.” she says looking over her shoulder. Ben was watching them. She placed a hand on his face. “He's not worth it… Give me a ride back to work?”

BooBear96Matthew.   23d ago


"Danny." Jake stood up so fast his chair fell to the ground as he seen Ti and Maddie walking, and Ben and his friends were also walking toward them.

He was going straight for Ben, until he felt soft hands on his chest. "Ti. Move." he muttered, staring at Ben.

"Oh. So she's yours? That explains it. You send her to break my hand?" Ben questioned.

"Looks like that hand is fine with me... Considering how well you're gripping that fist." Jake replied instantly. "Do yourself a favor. Stay away from Ti, Madalyn and Lizzie. I don't care if either one of our seasons get ruined. Don't mess with my girls." He took a deep breath before looking down at Ti, who was doing her very best to push at his chest. “Let's go.” he muttered before kissing her forehead. He interlaced his hand with hers and led her outside.

Simply_RandomTiana   22d ago


Tiana didn't know what to do. She doesn't know him like that. He is visibly angry. Murderous angry. She can't even push him if she tried. It didn't help that half the team had his back and were ready to fight. Then there's the fact that People are staring at them and recording. This isn't how their fake relationship news had to come out.

She follows him outside to his truck. Mak care of damage control. Soon enough #Jacana ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠became a thing and it was terrible!

“Are you okay?” she asks him when they got in his truck. 

BooBear96Matthew.   21d ago


Jake looked at Tianna and nodded softly. "I'm sorry." he whispered, opening the passenger door for her. "I seen you and Madalyn walk out of the bathroom, and then Ben was right there and I just- I seen red.." he explained. "I'm sorry if I scared you, I promise that wasn't my intent. I just didn't want him to try anthing with you or Maddie."

He started the truck before turning to look at her again. "Let's get you back to work." he said softly, before driving to the gym.

Simply_RandomTiana   20d ago


Tiana didn't like the extra attention. Especially if it was because of a possible mob fight. The concern in his eyes made her heart skip a beat. Yet she knows better than to believe this arrangement is anything more. 

“No worries. Plus you know I could've handled him. This time I would've broken his wrist for real.” she says beaming her best smile at him. A technique she learned from her brothers.

Tiana told him where she worked. Right now she's praying that she doesn't return late. When they got to the center Regina was outside. Her eye lite up seeing Jake. She made sure her wipes swayed more than usual. “Well, looks who's here. Hi, my Jacob. Do you need some personal training? Because I'm available to help with whatever you need.” she says, emphasizing on anything and need.

Tiana rolls her eyes. “Thank you for the ride babe,” she says removing her seatbelt to move closer to him and giving him a long steam kiss. “Would I be seeing you later? Perhaps back your place?” she asks using her seductive voice keeping her eyes locked on his. Regina stared in disbelief.

“You're five minutes late and you have a class. Go. Leave.”

BooBear96Matthew.   20d ago


His eyes practically rolled in the back of his head when he seen Regina standing outfront, waiting for Tianna.

"No thanks. I'm just dropping Ti off." he sternly said. "I'm sure if I ever needed personal training, my girlfriend would handle it."

His hand cupped Tianna'a face as she kissed him, obviously for show, but it was some kiss. "Have a good shift baby. I'll pick you up for date night, just let me know what time you get off." he explained. "Our place." he corrected, handing her a copy of his apartment key.  

"Bye Regina." he spat before put the truck in drive and headed to practice.

Simply_RandomTiana   20d ago

Right, right, how did she forget they're living together? Ugh. If her head wasn't attached to her body she would have lost it. She gives him a quick kiss before taking the keys. She grabs her bag and gets out. 

Regina was a pain. Plus she's always taking a guy to the office for a very private one on one. Tiana apologized for being late to her class before starting. She did forget to test Jake. Although she is sure that Maddy would tell Jake her schedule. She’s been wanting them to have a double date now that she knows Jake and her are dating.

Regina tried asking questions about them. She doesn't believe it's legit. Tiana easily ignored her worrying about moving her things tonight and into his place. Their place. They need to set ground rules now. What would they even be? No bringing anyone back? Not telling anyone this is fake? Is there a minimum or maximum amount of them PDA’ing? Time flew by thinking about them. Their fake relationship and now she magically got evicted. T always paid her rent on time or early. She never complained about anything. She would fix her own apartment issues. 

After work, she helped clean up after she showered and changed back into the clothes she had on for lunch. She grabs a water bottle and walls out locking up the place. Something Regina should be doing but she left a few minutes early because she got a date. 

Tiana was going to finally text but there he was. “Sorry, work was hectic. I had extra classes because someone called out. So is this date real or are we just going home?” she asks picking up her small duffle bag from the floor. “Either way I need food in my belly. I didn't even finish that slice because of the mishap with Ben.”

BooBear96Matthew.   20d ago


He hadn’t gotten a text from Ti, so he texted Madalyn for her schedule, just so he would know when to be at the gym to pick her up-flowers in had of course.


He spent his afternoon at practice, then went home to shower and work on a little homework before it was time to go pick Ti up from the gym.


He whistled as she walked outside. “There’s my girl.” He said softly, holding out the flowers. “Don’t apologize. I’m sure that she devil didn’t make it easy on you. I texted Maddie and got your schedule, I didn’t want you to have to wait on me.” He explained. “We actually do have a date. A double date, with Madalyn and Danny actually. We’re going out to eat and then to the movies. Do we need to go home first?”

Simply_RandomTiana   20d ago

How did she miss the flowers? He got her flowers. That did something to her heart. This is fake. It’s all for show. Too bad Regina isn’t here to see it. It’ll have her rolling her eyes so hard that it make come out of her ass.

“Regina was relentless. She doesn’t believe we’re dating.” Regina isn’t stupid. Except she knows better than to confirm it. “And of course she told you… you’re going to regret agreeing to it..” she warns him accepting the flowers. “And yes I would to go home and properly dress for this double date. Can’t go out looking like I’m trying to get a hunk at the gym.” T says chuckling before tossing the bag in the back and getting in.

When she was alone, Tiana sighs watching him walk around to get in. Is it too soon to feel weird and guilty to be pretending? Everything he’s doing so far is a girls dream. She needs to step it up and be the best fake girlfriend.

“Doesn’t matter how I dress for this date?” On que Maddy texts her asking her what is she wearing. T was honest and told her she has no clue. Maddy didn’t spill on what they’re doing but Maddy is going to wear a casual dress. Is it safe to say nothing fancy then?

T deicded on something cute but casual. Plus she wasn’t in the mood to wear heels so sneakers it was. With another quick shower and putting in scented lotion and matching perfume; Love Spell, she adds some light curls to her hair before leaving. No make-up today. 
“Ready. So Where are we going?” She asks making sure she got the things she needs in a small bag she has hanging on her shoulder. “How how much is too much PDA? I don’t want over do it but I also don’t want people questioning if this is real or not. Even though we know the truth.”

BooBear96Matthew.   18d ago


"I'm never going to regret anything with you." He said before she walked into her room. "I don't regret anything, Ti."

Jake sat in the kitchen studying lightly, while he waited on her to shower and get ready. He was excited for tonight... a double date with their best friends, except it was fake. He shouldn't be that excited.

He looked up when she walked back out into the lviing space and grinned. "That's.... hot." he whispered. This girl was going to be the death of him. "We're going out to eat and then to the movies." He looked at her once again, smirking. "We can go as far as you like. I personally will not complain about kissing or holding you."

Simply_RandomTiana   18d ago


Madalyn can be sneaky. Watch her add something else for them to do like karaoke or going shopping. Plus this is just opening up the door to having double date nights every week or so. The girl is bananas that way. 
Ti rolls her eyes. “I’ll make sure to eat something with garlic then.” She says jokingly. The way he replied and looked at her made heart flutter! He said he wouldn’t mind holding or kissing her. He is too smooth for his own good. 
Since they were home there wasn’t any need to being doing any of PDA-ing. Even though with the way he stared at her she wanted to jump into his arms and do things that will make this whole thing complicated. Ti was silent during the ride. She was nervous. Afraid that she may get attached. Nervous of how tonight will go. It looked like they got there in time because she sees Maddy and her man walking to the movie theater. See, she coordinated all of this. 
“Let’s go lover boy.” She says adding a bit more lipstick and lip balm. She just wanted a small tint of color but for her lips to feel smooth. 
After smoothing out her skirt and held out her hand for him to hold. Let the party begin! Maddy wanted to watch a horror movie. Something that didn't make sense because she's easily scared. T agreed to it. She made a joke about how she’ll simply hold on to her strong Viking kike boyfriend as she wraps her arms around him giving his cheek a kiss. Maddy was loving it. 

There were a few times T would ready for his hand or jump and bury her face in his shoulder. Why did they agree to see the Nun?!

BooBear96Matthew.   18d ago


Jake was so confused as to why Madalyn picked this Movie. While he and Danny had talked about wanting to go see it, he never thought that this would be the movie they seen on their date. He assumed they would watch Barbie or something like that, not that he minded. It was whatever Ti and Madalyn wanted to do.

"We don't have to see this if you dont want too. I can go buy other tickets." he whispered, holding onto Ti's waist as she kissed his cheek.

The movie was pretty good, he was more worried about his girl though. Not that he would complain every time her face buried into his shoulder, he just got to hold her more. 

After the movie, they headed to a steakhouse that was just down the shopping center. He had called ahead for reservations with his last name so hopefully they wouldn't have to wait.

Simply_RandomTiana   18d ago

Madelyn isn't allowed to pick out the movies anymore. She should have accepted Jake’s offer to see something else. She is going to have nightmares and may end him in is bed for protection or not dying alone. 

After the movie, they headed down to the shopping center. It was when they reached a restaurant that she knew where they were going. If she had known there would be steak involved she would have put something else on. Jake gave his name but they were ready for them. Not for another ten minutes or so. 

That Maddy got excited. It would give them a reason to do window shopping. They were given a device that would flash when a table was ready. “Regret it now?” she asks pressing her body against his whispering in his ear. Maddy pulls her away from him making T run to Zara. Maddy was in heaven looking at the dresses and lingerie. T began to blush when Maddy held one up to her and asked Jake if he would like this on her. T whispered to Maddy that she didn't know what she was doing. Maddy replied that she was helping her get ‘some’ tonight. 

Just then the device began to flash. Tiana puts the one piece back on the rack while Maddy runs to pay for the three items she gathered. “Don’t. Say. Anything.” she whispered to Jake as she followed him to secure the table. 

Maddy is giddy when they found Jake and Tiana waiting. Her blush was a different shade of red which meant they whispered sweet nothings about how tonight would go and Maddy was ready. 

“I ordered appetizers for us.” T says drinking her beer. 

Dinner was good. It was nice to have this memory. Even if it was a lie it felt like a real double date. She was oh so slightly tipsy at the end. She had them play rock paper scissors and who ever loses pays. Tiana is good and can read Maddy. Jake and Tiana didn't have to pay but that just made opan the next double date. 

“You are welcome,” she says leaning on him as they walk to the car. “I am so happy I opted out on wearing heels.” she mumbles removing herself from him to tie up her hair.

BooBear96Matthew.   18d ago


Jake smirked as Madalyn showed him wat was in her bag. "Get out of here. I don't even know if she likes that stuff." he whispered before pulling Tianna closer to him as he walked up to her.

The dinner was really good, that steakhouse always was. Everyone seemed to have a good time, but as soon as dinner was over they decided to go there seperate ways. Maddy was in a hurry to get Danny back to their apartment, one could only wonder why.

"You look absolouty gorgoues tonight, regardless of what you wear. You're beautfiuil." he told the woman as he led her back to his truck. "You know Madalyn is watching us as we speak?" he whispered as his hands held her waist, backing her against the truck. "I think it's only appripaote that we give them a show, yes?" he mumbled before his lips met her neck, sucking an biting ever so softly. “What do you think about this, Ti?”

Simply_RandomTiana   18d ago


Tiana gasps when he had her against his car. It was impossible to look over his shoulder to see if he was telling the truth. She was hesitant when he kissed her but the neck action had beer spirits long. She is instantly regretting have three beers. Her body reacted on its own. After a quick moan escaped her she cups his face to kiss him as she grinds her hips to his. She would take him right there if he didn’t stop this. It’s been so long… it would be the an amazing way to end the night. 
A car pulls up and honked. “Go home and fuck. Not in the parking lot!” Maddy shouts laughing before taking off.

Ti pulls back. She didn’t dare to look into his eyes. “We should go.” She tells him “And that was breaking of one of our rules.” She finally tells him catching her breath as she got in. 

BooBear96Matthew.   18d ago


The kissing didn't stop. He didn't want it to stop. This could continue for as long as she wanted, as far as he was concerned.

He laughed as he heard Madalyn scream out of the car window, and then Danny was honking. "Damn it, yall. Get the hell outta here!" he yelled, resting his head against Tianna's shoulder. His breathing was heavy. "I don't care about the damn rules right now." he whispered. "That was amazing, Ti. You can't tell me you didn't feel it too."

He held open the passenger door for her as she climbed inside. He smiled softly before shutting the door behind her and jogging around to the other side of the car. "Lets go home." he mumbled before driving to their apartment. 

Simply_RandomTiana   18d ago


Tiana can easily blame the beers she had. The girl is tipsy. But fuck she didn’t want it to end either. Can she pretend to have tipsy sex and get mad in the morning? Ugh!

The drive home seemed faster or was she just wanting it to be fast so she can have his body pressed against hers? “Don’t think we’re going to continue what happened at the parking lot…” she mumbles before getting out the parked car. She hates herself. Why would she say the opposite of what she really wants? “We also need to costumes. Any ideas of what you want to dress up as?” She asks following him to the apartment. Clenching to her bag for dear life to calm her nerves. Well her hormones.  If he was to kiss her again she won’t push him away. Not this time around. 
Ti let’s her hair down before when they got in. She takes off her shoes putting them next to the couch before going to grab another beer. “I don’t think we need to practice anymore. I’m sure the world believes it now.” She leans against the fridge drinking her beer. T can’t look at him. Not when she’s trying to not jump his bones. 

BooBear96Matthew.   17d ago


Jake looked at Tianna as she stated that nothing more was going to happen. "I didn't expect it too... I told her once. I will never push you to do anything that you don't want to do, Tianna." he said softly.

"Um. My parents halloween party isn't really costumes. It's more formal... But Maddy is throwing some halloween party I think the day after my parents. So we'll just drive straight back... is that ok?" he questioned.

"Um. A hunter and a deer, Fred and... wilma? Jesse and Woody?" he rambled off ideas. "I'm sure I can come out with more."

He followed her inside and sat on the couch. "What's going on in that pretty head of yours?"

Simply_RandomTiana   17d ago


Oh, nothing. By nothing she means wanting him to roam and treat her body like a princess and full of and pleasure. “It was about the Halloween party but now it’s your parents Halloween thingy. This is actually happening. How bad can it be?” Tiana walks over to sit on the couch with him. This is going to get real. What if they don’t like her? Are they going to argue because he’s bringing someone? Ugh.

“What should I be expecting? And will there food?” She asks smiling finishing her beer. 

BooBear96Matthew.   17d ago


"We can still do both, I promise we'll make it back for Madalyn's party." he said, feeling bad that she was going to be stuck with him on Halloween at his Parents dinner. He never understand why they did anything for Halloween anyway, when they were kids, they were rarely allowed to dress up in Costumes.

"I feel like I'll be the pinpoint of ther antics, having just been introduced to you. They'll probably question you on how me meet, school and just things like that... There will be a four course meal so please come hungry."

He turned to look at her with a soft smile. “I have a surprise for you, for the game tomorrow.”

Simply_RandomTiana   17d ago


Tiana sticks out her finger. “Pinky promise? And may I remind you how serious pinky promises are,” she warns him wiggling her finger. 

Jake looked off. Whatever he was thinking about was bothering him. She gets up sighing. “It will be fine and don't worry about the costumes. I'll take care of it.” she finishes her beer. 

Her free hand was placed on her hip hearing him talk. “Don’t worry I'm a parents worst nightmare. We got this and don’t worry. I’m always hungry…” Tiana couldn’t help but th check him out. She bites down on her bottom lip trying to stay in control but her body began to heat up thinking about the kiss earlier. Ti had to clear her throat and wish him a good night.

T spent the last few days avoiding him the best she could. It was hard when he kept offering to take her to work or pick her up. She needed space to compose herself. To not risk it all every time they had to touch I order to portray their relationship.

It was now time to meet his parents. Maddy and her went shopping for todays outfit and for their very late costumes. She had their things in a duffel bag as she walks out her bedroom ready to eat at his parents. Well and chit chat but she’s excited for the food!

“Is this okay? I do have another dress if this doesn’t look right.” She asks setting the duffel bag on the couch. During their girls wuick mall trip she had her makeup done and they put on fake lashes. It felt weird! She tucks on of her beach wave curl behind her ear. 

BooBear96Matthew.   17d ago


Jake had his first football game of the season the next day. Tianna played her part with the other football girlfriends, sitting on the 50 yard line, wearing their guys numbers on their back. They won.

He hadn't seen much of her during the course of the next few days. Almost like she was hiding from him. Though, she did let him pick her up from her late shifts once or twice.

He looked up from the couch as she walked out in her dress. "You look beautiful." he whispered, visiably stunned by her. "Wow.. I can't wait to see what you look like for my sisters birthday ball." he whispered.

"What did you decide for our costumes for Maddies party?" he asked, taking the duffle bag from her. "Change of clothes for the drive home?" he asked. "Are you wanting to spend the night there tonight? I was planning on driving back but if you think it'll be too late...."

Simply_RandomTiana   17d ago

Tiana looks down blushing. “Wait, what? What the hell is a birthday ball?” She asks confused following him out. 
She couldn’t help but to chuckle when he asked about their Halloween costume. She wanted something simple but Maddy had a big part to her finally decision. “Well Maddy said our fans wanted to see us more out there so… because you have the muscles and hair we deicded on drago and khaleesi.” She says reciting some of the lines and then talking about that infamous sex scene. She shivers at the thought of it  the thought of Jake doing something similar… “But I did get a backup  costumes. We'll be the flintstones “

“Yes I did pack some clothes just in case. But when you say stay over do you mean at Maddy’s or your parent’s?” she asks curiously locking the door behind them and following him to his car. Tiana carefully gets in the car preventing the dress from riding up. She is nervous but she can eat. That is why she’s excited for this.

When they got to the estate it was a big private gated community. “Did we take a wrong turn?” She asks removing her seatbelt to looking around. Now she wants to vomit. This isn't what she signed up for. This explains why Maddy left her expensive pumps for her to us.

“This isn't going to be one of those horror movies where i’ll disappear because your parents don't approve of me and they have the money to cover up my disappearance.?” 

BooBear96Matthew.   17d ago


"Wel.. It's like a birthday party, but its an excuse to throw this big elaborate ball. So my parents, well my mother throws a birthday ball." he said.

"What the hell is a drago and khaleesi?" he questioned. "I'm fine with whatever. I know you'll look amazing." he said as he googled this drago and khaleesi. He actually loved this idea. "I think drago and khaleesi is the winner." he said.  "Well my parents live three hours away... So I figured we would drive start back so we could go to Madalyn's party tomorrow night."

He instantly stiffened as he drove through the gate to his parents property. "We didn't take a wrong turn. This is my parents home... I grew up here." he muttered as he parked the car in the circle driveway. "You're going to be fine. Just act normal. Be yourslef." he said as he took her hand in his to help her out of the truck.

Simply_RandomTiana   17d ago


“So we're staying here tonight…? Because I would've borough with my nun outfit and used it as pajamas if I knew we were staying the night here…” she whispers angrily. 

Ti rested her fingers on his forearm as he escorted her inside. “This whole situation is ridiculous. Not only are you a grown ass man but you're smart, talented, and responsible. What did you do that they can't see that?” she asks as they slowly made their way inside 

BooBear96Matthew.   17d ago


Jake shrugged. "I don't really want to stay here tonight, but I have my bedroom still here. So if something happens and we decide to stay we're good. I promise I will have us back in time for Maddie's party though."

He knew he was asking a lot of her. This was a lot for anyone. Even him, and he grew up in this world.  "They don't think football is a career. They want to mold me into the perfect son who will take over the family business." he explained as they entered the house. "This should just be family, so hopefully it won't be horrible. My aunt, uncle and cousins are nothing like my parents."

Simply_RandomTiana   17d ago


With some effort, Ti managed not to stare with her mouth wide open. Luckily, no one else had noticed us. Two staircases soared to the second floor in lazy curves. There is a balcony overlooking the space. Gauzy black material studded with crystals draped dramatically across the railing and trailed down. “How rich are you?” Ti whispers. 

Jake kept walking as if they place held magic and got bigger the further you went in. No one noticed then entered, for which she was grateful. “I don't think I fit in…” she says crossing her toner legs and holding on to the end of her dress. 

 Standing by the piano in the corner there was a guy with a grey suit talking to the woman in the bright pink dress. The guy in the business suit looked like a Viking and the beautiful middle-aged woman had striking features that looked like Jake. “Those people staring… are they your parents?” she asks feeling a bit intimidated. They began to head their way. 

“Jake dear, seems like you caused a bit of an embarrassment by not telling us about her… Savanna is supposed to be your date for tonight.”

BooBear96Matthew.   16d ago


Jake looked at Tianna. He could tell that she was overthinking everything. His family, his parents house, everything. “Stop.” He whispered suddenly. His hands held her waist as he looked into her eyes.


“You belong here. With me. I don’t fit in with my family, this money, the titles, it means nothing to me.” He explained “I might’ve been born into this… but you see the real me. You understand who I am. And do you know what that means to me?” He leaned down and softly kissed her lips, no one was looking. This was personal. This was the real him. “That means that you belong right beside me.. You’re keeping me sane.” He said softly, tucking the strand of hair behind her ear.


His body stiffened when he heard his parents voice approaching them. “I told you that I was bringing my Girlfriend.” He said, straightening and turning to face them. “I told you last week.”

Simply_RandomTiana   16d ago


Tiana was weak on the knees. She let a few things slide as her mind processed what Jake just said to her. He shouldn't be saying things like that. He is making this feel real. Too real. 
“Pleasure to meet you both. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.” The look she got from his mother. That would’ve been a trigger to start a fight. 
“It’s no trouble at all. Tiana, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?”

“Well I’m a senior majoring in kinesiology and sports medicine.” His mom snorted. A few people glanced their way. 
“How do you plan to use your degree in the future?” 
“I plan to work as an athletic trainer, most likely with a professional sports team.” 
Oh the stare she got from his mother gave her the chills. “I suppose attaching yourself to a well-off football player would be helpful for your goals.” 
Ti took a step closer to size up his freakishly tall as mother, “I’m not interested in your son’s money or his affiliation with the team. I’m interested in the smart, kind, generous man that you raised. It’s rude to judge a person before getting to know them. Especially by implying that I’d be here for any other reason.”

His father as to wrap an arm around his wife. His laugh was awkward and loud. “This isn’t the time for this... Please enjoy the party, and we hope to see you for family dinner in the next few weeks.”

To slowly exhales. “Shit… I blew it… I’m so sorry Jay…” she turns to face him, “She is definitely something.”

BooBear96Matthew.   16d ago


Jake glared at his Mother as she began questioning Tianna, his hand tightened around her small one slightly.

"Mom. That's enough. Tianna is completely indifferent on the fact that I play football." he said. "If anything, she is helping me. I've never been in better shape."

He could not believe this. He watched as his girl stepped closer to his mother and he gulped. It was like they were having a stare down. "Tianna." he said softly. His arm snaked around his waist as he pulled her into his side. "Mom. You crossed a line. We'll see you at the family dinner." he muttered before leading Tianna outside.

"Do not apolgize. You did nothing wrong. Matter of fact, I'm completely impressed." His hand cupped her face as he smirked. “You just stood up to my Mother.”

Simply_RandomTiana   16d ago


Her chest felt heavy. Things for crazy. Her family was right when they told her, her mouth and attitude will get her in trouble. His action surprised her. She stares into his eyes. He looks happy. He must be crazy. 
“I think our relationship would have ended if I accidentally hit her gigantic ass… out of curiosity how much did you weigh as a baby? Your entire family is huge! I feel like a fly on a wall.” She smiles putting her hands on top of his to remove it from her face. Only because she wanted to pull him into a kiss and close the space between them. “Why did your mother provide you with a date? What’s wrong with being single?”

BooBear96Matthew.   16d ago


Jake couldn't help but laugh when Tianna called his Mother out about her ass. "It's fake." he said softly, trying not to laugh anymore. "But I was a ten pounder."

He was honestly surprised when she initated a kiss. No one was around, so this one seemed to be for his comfort only. "My parents want me to settle into the business world and become the next them... They think in order to do that, I need to date my Father's business partners daughter, Savanna. And I want nothing to do with her, Ti." he whispered. "You're all I want..."

Simply_RandomTiana   15d ago


Tiana felt stupid. She kissed him bit it didn't faze him. She lets go of him and takes a step back to look around as he speaks. Tiana chuckles. It's stupid for them to think it's okay to set up what sounds like a business-arranged marriage. Times have changed. That's illegal… she thinks. 

Her smile fades upon hearing what he said next. She's all he wants… “Shut up… no one is around. You can cut the act.” She claps her hands together behind her and crosses her legs, still looking away from him. “Also, i's getting cold…” she mumbles 

BooBear96Matthew.   15d ago


“I-I don’t think I’m acting anymore, Tianna.” He told the girl. “This was a business agreement that would benefit us both… But over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to know you. Really know you. And I want you, Ti. I want every part of you. I’m not trying to scare you away, but I want you to know how I feel. I can’t pretend like this is just an act anymore, because for me, it’s not.”

He pulled her close to him, letting his own body heat morph with hers. “You’re my girl, Ti.”


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