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RP For Me & InsomniaAddict 💀👍

By MoonTheWolf_Gaming
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InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   27d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

(tHeRe We Go)

MoonTheWolf_GamingShiro   27d ago
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InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   27d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

(Mkay, you start)

MoonTheWolf_GamingShiro   27d ago
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Alright, uh…))

MoonTheWolf_GamingShiro   27d ago
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(hopefully you can work with this)

As the rays of golden sun filtered through the dense foliage, casting a warm glow upon the forest floor, I stood at the edge of the clearing, my ears pricked upward, capturing the faint sounds of laughter and playful yips. With a swift grace, I made my way towards them, my paws effortlessly gliding over the soft earth.

As I approached, the pups caught sight of me, their eyes widening with excitement. Their energy was infectious, and with a playful twinkle in my eyes, I lowered myself onto my forelegs, my tail wagging gently in anticipation.

The pups, their fur a medley of colors, bounded towards me, their tiny paws kicking up dirt and leaves as they closed the distance. Their youthful exuberance was evident in every leap and bound, their tails wagging furiously in delight. Their eyes sparkled with anticipation as they circled around me with boundless energy. Despite this, something felt…


InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   27d ago
BoReDoM :>

Shadow (wolf)

Shadow was in the forest, watching Shiro play with the pups. Although she was somewhat obsessed with him, she didn't get too close. She didn't want him to know she was there. Now, while she watched, a pup ran into the back of her. He then apologized and she let him with the other pups.


She walked a little closer, still watching. She was hoping he wouldn't notice. She finally laid down and fell half asleep. She had stayed up all night and was tracking him down. She had found him that morning, but didn't approach him.


Finally, she fell completely asleep, really tired,,,

MoonTheWolf_GamingShiro   27d ago
Your Local Idiot


Amidst the joyous chaos, something felt amiss. It was as if something lurked, casting a subtle veil of unease upon the vibrant scene. I couldn't quite put my paw on it, but the hairs on my back stood on end, a silent warning echoing through my instincts.

And then, without warning, a pup collided with something behind me. Startled, the little one quickly apologized before rejoining his playful companions. Curiosity piqued, I turned my head ever so slightly, catching a glimpse of a figure amidst the foliage. It was a presence I had sensed but hadn't quite anticipated, and it appeared that this wolf had found solace in the comfort of the forest floor, succumbing to the exhaustion that seemed to had weighed heavily on her weary frame. The sunlight cast a gentle glow upon her slumbering form, her breathing slow and steady. 


With a swift shake of my head, I snapped back to reality, my senses sharpening once again. The pups, sensing my momentary distraction, looked up at me with their innocent eyes, questioning my sudden change in demeanor. I couldn't let them feel my inner turmoil, my wariness towards the stranger in our midst.

Summoning a warm smile, I gently nudged the closest pup with my nose, silently reassuring them that everything was alright. And as their boundless energy continued, I guided the pups away from the woodline. 

It’d be best to report this to the alphas…

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   27d ago
BoReDoM :>

Shadow (wolf)

About an hour later, Shadow woke up and then stood up. She looked around, seeing Shiro wasn't there, so she walked up and started walking deeper into the forest. Knowing that she didn't know where he was made her slightly mad. 

A lost pup walked up to her and asked if she could help him so she helped him back to his pack, which happened to be Shiro's pack. She took the pup to the alpha, even though she kept getting growled at, and then left.

She went and laid in the forest and did nothing… for now

MoonTheWolf_GamingShiro   26d ago
Your Local Idiot


(I’m so incredibly sorry that I couldn’t reply sooner- I had an orthodontist-related appointment today and we also went to the store so it’s been a fairly busy day)

I led the pups back to their parents, the encounter lingering in the back of my mind. As I approached the alphas, I carefully chose my words, wanting to convey the seriousness of the situation without causing unnecessary panic.

“Mamoru, Hinata,” I began, my voice steady but tinged with concern, ”I must report a sighting of a stranger wolf amongst the tree line. I stumbled upon her while watching over the pups. She seemed exhausted, seeking refuge within the embrace of the forest.”

The alphas' eyes narrowed, their expressions becoming guarded. They exchanged a brief glance before the male alpha, Mamoru, his voice deep and authoritative, responded, ”Did you speak to her, Shiro? Assess her intentions?”

I lowered my gaze respectfully, feeling a twinge of guilt for not engaging the stranger in conversation. ”No, alpha. I did not want to alarm the pups or risk any confrontation. But her presence, it felt… off. As if there was more to her story than what meets the eye.”

The female alpha, Hinata, her eyes filled with concern, stepped forward and placed a reassuring paw on my shoulder. ”Shiro, you did well in bringing this to our attention. We will investigate further and take the necessary precautions. Thank you.”

Relief washed over me as the alphas acknowledged my report. I knew they would handle the situation with their wisdom and experience, but a part of me couldn't help but wonder about the lone wolf's story. What had brought her to our territory? Was she a threat, or merely seeking solace in the wilderness?

As I turned to leave, my mind filled with images of the mysterious wolf, curled up amidst the forest's embrace. I couldn't shake the feeling that our paths would cross again, and when they did, maybe I could unravel what about her made her presence feel so off.

I set off, only a few of the pups trailing behind me, their innocent laughter echoing through the trees. Little did they know of the ripple that would disrupt our peaceful existence. Little did they know of the fate that awaited us all.

The forest held its breath, and so did I.

Minutes turned into hours, and the alphas took swift action to address the situation. They confronted the loner, emphasizing the boundaries of our territory and the consequences of trespassing. With firm but fair words, they convinced her to leave, ensuring that she understood the gravity of the situation.

And as the loner disappeared into the horizon, I couldn't help but feel a mix of relief and sadness. Relief that our pack was once again secure, but sadness for the loner who now wandered alone. I hoped she would find her place in the world, far away from our pack's domain.

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   26d ago
BoReDoM :>

Shadow (wolf)

(its fine, don't worry)

Shadow listened to the alphas and left their territory, still thinking about Shiro. She wanted to kill one of the alphas but she didn't, knowing something bad would happen. She went to the edge of the forest where a human saw her…

All of a sudden, a shot rang out, close to Shiro's pack territory but no one in the pack was hurt… Shadow was. She was at the edge of the territory line when she was shot. 

Although shot in the leg, she attacked the person and limped off, soon fainting. 

Soon enough, she could have blood loss, and die…

MoonTheWolf_GamingShiro   26d ago
Your Local Idiot


Time skip to a few hours after Shadow left 


Mamoru's recent command echoed in my mind, urging me to lead a hunting party alongside a select few packmates. I gathered the chosen wolves, each one a unique presence in their own right. First, there was Fedelis, a sleek black wolf with piercing amber eyes that held a hint of mischief behind her curious nature. Her lithe form moved with grace, her every step filled with purpose. Next was Kage, a massive brute of a wolf, his fur a deep charcoal shade that seemed to absorb the light. His amber eyes, like molten gold, burned with an intensity that matched the fire within his soul. Lastly, there was Kohana, a beautiful cream-colored she-wolf, her eyes as blue as the sky on a clear summer day. Her gentle demeanor masked a fierce determination that could rival any alpha.

Together, we set out into the ever-changing canvas of the forest, our senses heightened, and our instincts honed. The air was thick with the scent of pine and earth, and the packmates and I ventured deeper into the wilderness. Our senses attuned to the slightest rustle of leaves or snap of a twig. The rhythm of our footsteps echoed in perfect synchrony, our paws gliding effortlessly over the terrain. The forest hummed with life, its inhabitants going about their daily routines, oblivious to our presence.

As we trotted through the dense forest, the dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves above, I engaged in a conversation with my packmates. 

Kage spoke up first. “Shiro, have you noticed how the prey seems to be more elusive lately? The rabbits are swift, and the elk are more alert than ever before.”

I nodded, my ears perking up at Kage's observation. “Yes, I have noticed that, too. Perhaps the recent disturbances have made them more cautious. I overheard Torrent speaking about how we might need to adjust our hunting strategies to adapt.”

Kohana added her thoughts. “I’ve been patrolling the borders, and there’s been an increase in scent markings from neighboring packs. It seems like tensions are rising in the forest.”

Fedelis, always the curious one, asked, “Speaking of tensions, have any of you noticed the increasing tension between the neighboring packs excluding the increased scent markings? It feels as if the forest is on edge.”

Kohana nodded, her ears perked forward. “Yes, Fedelis, I have, and the alphas too have been made aware of this. There have been rumors of scarce prey and territorial disputes. It seems like the balance of nature is shifting, and it concerns me no more than it does the higher ranks.”

My ears perked up as a distant sound broke the tranquility of the forest. It was a sharp crack, followed by an eerie silence that startled me and my hunting party. Instinctively, I turned my head towards the direction of the noise, a tingling sensation creeping up my spine. Something was wrong.

“C’mon.” Without hesitation, I signaled to my hunting party, my body tense with anticipation. We moved swiftly through the dense undergrowth, our senses heightened, searching for the source of the disturbance. The scent of unfamiliar blood hung in the air, mingling with the earthy aroma of the forest.

As we ventured further, our eyes fell upon a scene that sent shivers down our spines. There, at our territory’s borderline, lay the loner, her fur matted with crimson, a trail of blood leading away from her injured leg. She was barely conscious, her breath shallow and weak.

Fear and compassion surged within me as I approached her cautiously, my packmates following closely behind. The tension between us dissipated, replaced by a shared understanding. We couldn't leave her to suffer alone, but whether or not we’d be putting our pack’s overall well-being on the line was what I was unsure of and left me in a state of hesitation.

Kohana gingerly approached the unconscious loner and gently nudged her with her nose, only to watch her head lift an inch then limply descend back onto the grass. “She’s completely out of it…” Kohana uttered, her voice holding a tinge of sympathy. 

“Do we help her?” Fedelis whispered, her voice filled with uncertainty.

Kage’s gaze hardened, his voice laced with skepticism. “We have no obligation to save this loner. She trespassed onto our territory, and look at what happened. She got herself injured. It’s her own fault.”

I glanced around at the faces of Fedelis and Kohana, seeing the conflict in their expressions. I know I couldn't abandon this wolf in her time of need. We had the power to make a difference.

“We can’t let her die here. Not when we have the means to save her.” I declared firmly, my voice resonating with conviction. 

Kage’s gaze hardened, his words dripping with defiance. “You’re making a mistake, Shiro. But I won’t stand in your way. If you choose to help her, you do so alone.”

“How about we let the alphas decide…?”

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   26d ago
BoReDoM :>

Shadow (wolf)

Shadow was still able to hear them, although she laid there almost life-less. She twitched a little and the others saw. She still was bleeding, badly. She had attacked the person who was dead just a few yards away from her, gun still in his hand. She didn't know what to do. 

She regained consciousness a few minutes later and said in a quiet, but desperate, whisper “H-hello…” She looked at them, still laying on the ground. She tried getting up but fell back down, then passed back out. Although meeting Shiro up close made her happy, she was dying… she couldn't do anything about it.

She wanted to live… but she was hurt, badly

MoonTheWolf_GamingShiro   25d ago
Your Local Idiot


“We can’t wait for the alphas,” I said firmly. “We need to do what we can to save her, because surely she won’t withstand the walk back to camp in her condition. The very least we can do is stop the bleeding and get any other potential injuries evaluated.”

Fedelis and Kohana exchanged glances, their expressions reflecting their uncertainty. But something in my unwavering gaze seemed to ignite a spark of compassion within them. They understood that this was a crucial moment, one that would define our pack's character.

With a shared understanding, we sprang into action. Fedelis, with her nimble movements, darted into the forest, her keen senses guiding her towards medicinal herbs and moss. Kohana, with her gentle nature, carefully examined the loner's wounds, assessing the severity and formulating a plan of action. Kage, with his strength and resilience, stood guard, ensuring our safety amidst the uncertainty of the forest.

Time seemed to blur as we rushed to stop the bleeding, our actions driven by a fierce determination to save a life. My paws moved with precision, my teeth gently gripping bandages made from moss and leaves. I applied pressure to the loner's wounds, my touch both soothing and urgent. The scent of blood mingled with the forest air, a stark reminder of the fragile balance between life and death.

Kage remained steadfast in his skepticism, standing a few paces away. “You’re risking everything for a loner,” he grumbled, his voice filled with frustration. “What if she’s a spy? What if helping her leads to more trouble for our pack?”

My eyes never wavered as I addressed Kage, my voice steady and resolute. “We can’t let fear dictate our actions. We have the opportunity to show compassion and kindness, to be the pack that stands up for those in need. If we turn our backs on her, what does that say about us?”

Kohana, her eyes shimmering with empathy, stepped forward. “Shiro is right,” she said softly, her voice carrying a sense of understanding. “As wolves, we are bound by loyalty and unity. We can’t abandon our principles when they’re put to the test.”

Fedelis, her tail swaying with uncertainty, finally spoke up. “I don’t know if it’s the right decision,” she admitted, her voice tinged with doubt. “But I trust Shiro’s judgment. And if there’s a chance we can save a life, I wanna take it.”

As the loner's breathing steadied and the flow of blood was staunched, with the help of Fedelis and Kohana, I carefully lifted the loner onto my back, supporting her injury as we prepared to make our way back to the pack. Each step was cautious, our senses heightened as we navigated the forest, concealing the loner's presence from potential prying eyes.

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   25d ago
BoReDoM :>

Shadow (wolf)

Shadow was still unconscious at the time, but she could still feel what was going on. She laid on his back but was a bit better. As they got to the pack, an elder wolf walked up and said she recognized Shadow. Although she had changed, she was a former member of the pack. She had run off when she was just a pup. She was then taken by a loner wolf and raised as a loner.

As the party brought her back, the alphas approached with a very stern look… one that didn't look good…

MoonTheWolf_GamingShiro   25d ago
Your Local Idiot


The alphas' stern expressions sent a chill down my spine, threatening to freeze the hope that had blossomed within me. I carefully lowered Shadow to the ground, her weight pressing against my muscles. The pack gathered around us, their eyes filled with curiosity and apprehension.

Hinata, her fiery gaze piercing through the silence, spoke first. “All of you, explain yourselves,” she demanded, her voice tinged with a mixture of anger and concern. “Why have you brought a stranger wolf into our territory without consulting the rest of the pack?” 

I took a step forward, my heart pounding in my chest. “Hinata, please hear me out,” I implored, my voice steady but laced with urgency. “This loner was in dire need of help. She was injured and on the brink of death. We couldn't turn our backs on her. We had to do what we believed was right.”

Mamoru, his gaze as piercing as a bolt of lightning, remained silent, his expression unreadable. The weight of his scrutiny made me feel small, but I refused to back down. I had made a decision, and I was prepared to face the consequences.

Finally, Mamoru spoke, his voice carrying the weight of authority. “Your actions were reckless,” he declared, his tone firm but tinged with a hint of understanding. “But I sense the strength of your conviction. You saw an opportunity to show compassion, and you seized it, even at the risk of our pack's safety.”

Hinata's gaze softened, a glimmer of understanding shining in her eyes. “We are a pack built on unity and loyalty,” she said, her voice filled with a mixture of sternness and tenderness. “But your actions must always take into account the safety and well-being of our pack. We cannot jeopardize what we have worked so hard to build.”

Once it appeared the alphas had finished speaking, that same elder, her eyes filled with a mix of surprise and recognition, stepped forward, her aged frame moving with a grace that belied her years, each step calculated and deliberate. Her fur, a mix of silver and grey, held the wisdom of countless seasons, and her eyes, a piercing shade, seemed to hold the weight of the past. Particularly this stranger's. 

“Yes, I remember her," she said, her voice laced with nostalgia. “Shadow was always spirited and headstrong, even as a pup. It seems fate has brought her back to us.”

“But why?”

The alphas exchanged a glance, their features softening slightly. They understood the significance of this moment, the opportunity to embrace compassion and forgiveness. But their duty as leaders demanded caution and deliberation.

“We will convene a meeting to discuss this matter,” Mamoru finally spoke, his voice firm but tinged with a hint of curiosity. “In the meantime, tend to her wounds and make her comfortable. We will determine her place after we have gathered all the facts.”

Before I could continue tending to Shadow, or so the elder claimed to have been the loner's name, I noticed in the corner of my eye that Fedelis appeared to be lost in thought. “Something wrong?”

Fedelis blinked herself back to reality before turning, her gaze adorned with lost sort of look. “Oh! No, I'm fine. Just… confused…”

“Well, we can talk about that later, Fedelis. Right now, you have a wolf to fix.”

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   25d ago
BoReDoM :>

Shadow (wolf)

As Shadow was healing, she finally regained consciousness. Looking around, she stood up, very slowly and then sat down. No one was around so she sniffed the air and recognized where she was. A couple of pups walked in and asked how she was doing. She replied “I'm fine, I guess” Worried, she laid down, wincing in pain as she did so.

Although brought back, she wondered if her parents, Jasper (a pitch-black wolf with deep green eyes) and Willow (A light grey she-wolf with blue eyes) were still alive after looking for her. She finally just relaxed, waiting for someone to come to her…

MoonTheWolf_GamingKohana   24d ago
Your Local Idiot


I sat on the edge of the river, the sound of rushing water providing a soothing backdrop to my thoughts. The events of the past few days had been overwhelming, and my mind was still trying to make sense of it all. The arrival of the lone wolf, Shadow, had stirred something within me, a mix of curiosity and concern.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn't notice Fedelis approaching until she cleared her throat, jolting me out of my reverie. I turned to face her, my eyes meeting hers. Fedelis had always been the more carefree and adventurous one of us, her spirit untamed like the wind.

“Hey, Kohana.” she greeted me, a mischievous smile playing on her lips. “What's got you so deep in thought?”

I sighed, trying to gather my scattered thoughts. “It's Shadow. There's something about her that intrigues me. I can't help but wonder what she's been through.”

Fedelis plopped herself down next to me, her eyes filled with curiosity. “Well, she's definitely been through a lot. I mean, just look at her injuries. But there's something else, isn't there? Something that's bothering you?”

I hesitated for a moment, unsure if I should share my suspicions with Fedelis. But she was my closest friend, and I knew I could trust her with anything. Taking a deep breath, I decided to confide in her.

“I can't shake this feeling that there's more to Shadow's story than meets the eye," I admitted, my voice barely above a whisper. “It's like she's carrying a secret, a weight that she can't bear alone. Maybe I'm just being overdramatic.”

Fedelis leaned closer; her eyes filled with concern. “Do you think she's hiding something from us?”

I nodded slowly, my mind racing with possibilities. “I don't know for sure, but there's something in the way she looks at us, as if she's searching for something or someone.”

“I'd spoken to Shiro earlier and it appears that he feels the exact same way you do,” Fedelis admitted.


Suddenly, a playful glint appeared in Fedelis' eyes, and she pounced towards me, her paw landing softly on my shoulder. I laughed, not expecting the sudden playfulness.

“You think you can take me on?” I teased, a mischievous grin spreading across my face.

Fedelis smirked, her tail wagging in anticipation. “Oh, you're on!”

We engaged in a brief play fight, rolling around in the grass, each of us trying to outmaneuver the other. It was a lighthearted moment, a much-needed break from the seriousness of the situation.

After a few minutes, we stopped, both of us panting and laughing. I could see that Shadow was watching us, her eyes filled with a spark of curiosity.

“Alright, enough fooling around,” I said, getting up and shaking the dirt off my fur. “Let's go check up on the newcomer.”

With newfound confidence, I made my way towards the den, my paws sinking into the soft earth beneath me. As I entered, the scent of herbs and healing filled the air.

Shadow looked up as I approached, her eyes filled with a mix of wariness and curiosity. I offered her a warm smile, trying to convey a sense of trust. “Hello! Shadow, right? How are you feeling?”

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   24d ago
BoReDoM :>

Shadow (wolf)

Shadow watched as they fooled around. Then the approached her and then asked how she was feeling. She then replied “I'm fine, I guess. Just tired, really tired” She gave a slight, quiet laugh. Then she spoke, sounding very… Sincere “You came to ask something else though, didn't you?” 

Although, knowing the two wolves were curious about her personal life, and her past, she didn't mind. She knew most of the wolves, although most forgot about her, and she was partially glad she was back. She smiled and sat, waiting, wondering their answer.

MoonTheWolf_GamingKohana   24d ago
Your Local Idiot


I approached Shadow cautiously, my heart pounding in my chest. I had been curious about her past ever since she arrived, but I didn't want to pry or make her uncomfortable. However, the curiosity was eating away at me, and I couldn't stay silent any longer.

With a hesitant smile, I sat down beside her, struggling to find the right words. “Shadow, I hope you don't mind me asking, but… I've been wondering about your past. If you're comfortable sharing, I'd love to hear your story.”

Perhaps it was Shiro's curiosity that ignited mine. He'd shared his concerns about Shadow with the alphas earlier, and I'd lent an ear to all of them. He'd never known I was right there listening, and I wasn't expecting to have been so… intrigued. I had just happened to be right next to the alphas' den right as the conversation had begun. 

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   24d ago
BoReDoM :>

Shadow (wolf)

“You want to know?” She asked, intriguingly. She knew they were gonna ask so she went ahead and told them “Well, as a pup, I was… bullied. And it got harsh enough that I was forced to leave, well, run away. Then I met another lone wolf, who felt bad for me, so she took me with her and raised me as her own. She was sweet but then was killed by hunters. I had hated the hunters ever since. Then when you found me shot, it was the same hunter that shot me. As you saw, he was dead. I fought back, even though it hurt. Anyways, that's my story. 

She smiled but then looked around ”Do you know if a couple of wolves named Jasper and Willow are still alive" She sounded worried but eager. She wanted to know if her parents were alive. She didn't know if they were, especially after the war the pack had with another pack. 


MoonTheWolf_GamingKohana   24d ago
Your Local Idiot


I listened intently to Shadow's story, my heart aching with every word. The pain and hardship she had endured were unimaginable, yet she had managed to endure and find strength in her journey. The image of a young pup being bullied, forced to leave her pack, and finding solace with another lone wolf tugged at my heartstrings.

Her voice quivered with a mix of sadness and anger as she spoke about the loss of the wolf who had taken her in as her own. The kariudos (The pack’s terminology for “hunters”), the very beings who had taken away her surrogate mother, had become her sworn enemies. I couldn't help but feel faint admiration for Shadow's resilience, her unwavering determination to fight back against the very beings who had caused her so much pain.

As she finished her story, a bittersweet smile adorned her face, betraying the mix of emotions she must have been feeling. But then, her expression shifted, and I could see the worry and eagerness in her eyes. She asked about Jasper and Willow, her parents, her voice filled with hope and uncertainty. The war between packs had left a trail of uncertainty and loss, and I could see how Shadow longed for any sign of her parents' survival.

I paused for a moment, my mind racing to recall any information I had about Jasper and Willow. The memories of the war were still fresh in my mind, the battles, the losses. And as I tried to piece together the fragments of information, a glimmer of hope emerged. ”Shadow, I remember hearing whispers amongst the pack. There were rumors that some wolves managed to escape the war. While the details are scarce, there is a possibility that they might still be alive.”

I went silent for a moment, my ears falling flat. Fedelis noticed this and spoke for me. “Though, Skathi is ruthless… Both he and his Blackfurs. Any wolf that was able to survive their onslaught and live long enough to tell the tale are lucky beyond words.”

The Blackfurs. That name alone had ignited a tension visible in my packmate’s tone and a sorrow in my expression. Why? Let me tell you.


They are the embodiment of darkness, a pack so sinister and malevolent that their very presence sends shivers down the spines of even the bravest wolves. Their fur is as black as night, their eyes devoid of any flicker of humanity. They are ruthless, merciless, and their hunger for power knows no bounds.

I remember that fateful night in that moonlit clearing, I could almost see them, their sleek figures melding with the shadows. They moved with a predatory grace, their every step calculated and precise. Their howls echoed through the forest, a haunting melody that struck fear into the hearts of all who heard it.

Their leader, a monstrous wolf known as Skathi, towered over his pack. His fur is an inky black, shimmering under the moon's ethereal glow. His eyes burn with a malevolence that could pierce through the darkness itself. He commands respect and fear in equal measure, his presence suffocating even the bravest of souls.

The Blackfurs' reign of terror is marked by bloodshed and destruction. They raid other packs out of their insatiable hunger for power, leaving devastation in their wake. The carnage they cause was unimaginable, a chilling reminder of the depths of their depravity. They revel in the suffering they inflicted, feeding on the fear and pain of their victims like crows to a carcass.

I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be transported back to that fateful day. The onslaught of the Blackfurs, their malevolent presence sweeping through the pack like a tempest of darkness. I could hear the thunderous clash of fangs and claws, the anguished cries of those who fought valiantly, and the mournful howls that echoed through the night.

The images of the battle played like a reel in my mind, each scene etched in vivid detail. The Blackfurs, their coal-black fur shimmering with a sinister gleam, moved with calculated precision, leaving destruction in their wake. My pack, valiant and fierce, fought tooth and nail to defend our territory, their loyalty to one another unyielding.

But the battle was not without sacrifice. I could see the fallen, their lifeless bodies scattered across the crimson-stained earth, a testament to the price paid for freedom. It was a symphony of chaos and bravery, where the line between victory and defeat blurred with every heartbeat.

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   24d ago
BoReDoM :>

Shadow (wolf)

As Kohana told her that her parents might still be alive, her eyes lit up but she was still worried. Although the war was tough, she didn't say that she was the one who made the blackfurs leave. She never figured out how she did, but she got them to leave, for now. She then spoke “So, do you know where they might be? If they are still in the pack? I'd like to know” She then thought that they didn't know, hoping that she was wrong. She sat and waited, still worried, still curious.

Then a couple of pups approached and brought food, a small doe, with them and set it down in front of Shadow “This is for you” One of the pups said as they both left. She then pushed the food aside, saving it for later. She smailed at the pups as they left. Then she laid down, still curious about things… multiple things

MoonTheWolf_GamingKohana   24d ago
Your Local Idiot


I watched as Shadow's eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope, but her worry still lingered in the depths of her gaze. Her question hung in the air, and a part of me wished I had the answers she longed for. I wanted to give her reassurance, to tell her that her parents were safe and waiting for her. But the truth was, I didn't know. The war had scattered the wolves, leaving a trail of uncertainty in its wake.

I glanced around, my gaze falling upon the tranquil scene of the pups offering a small doe as a gesture of kindness. A bittersweet smile tugged at the corners of my mouth, grateful for that simple act of compassion that reminded me of the goodness that still existed in the world.

“I wish I had more information, Shadow,” I replied, my voice laced with sincerity. “But the whispers I heard were vague, and the whereabouts of your parents remain unknown.”

“Wolves are resilient creatures. They always find a way to adapt. If her parents escaped the territory rather than just the camp, then surely, they survived the Blackfurs' attack.”

I and Fedelis flinched, turning our gazes to the familiar voice behind us. It was Shiro.

“Why do you say that?" I inquired, curious of Shiro's opinion.

“There's a secret exit hidden amongst the southeast border only us Downrivers are made aware of which means that, surprisingly enough, the Blackfurs don't know about it,” Shiro began. “The Blackfurs are east of us. If Shadow's parents used this secret escape route, then they would've easily wound up in the Oakfalls' territory who we already have an alliance with, so if they still recognize the Downrivers' scent, most likely they let them in without too much grief.”

“So, what's stopping the Blackfurs from tracking anybody who uses this exit?” Fedelis questioned.

“Well, you see,” he started, “the exit is not as simple as it seems. It's not just a hidden path through the woods. It's a complex nework of underground tunnels, cleverly concealed beneath the forest floor.”

He paused for a moment, as if gathering his thoughts. “These tunnels were built centuries ago when the Redwoods and Upwinds temporarily allied with us, the Downrivers. Of course, the Oakfalls chipped in, too. These tunnels were meant as a mean of escape during times of war. They were designed to confuse and deter any would-be purusers,” Shiro explained.

“They are filled with false trails, dead ends, and even traps to throw off anyone trying to track the scent of those who use the exit. It was the Oakfalls' idea to mask the scent of the Downrivers with various herbs and natural elements, making it nearly impossible for the Blackfurs or any other enemy to follow. It's a meticulously crafted system that has remained a well-kept secret among our kind for generations.”

Fedelis nodded, understanding the significance of Shiro's words. “So, it's like a natural defense mechanism, designed to protect the Downrivers and anyone seeking refuge?”

“Exactly,” Shiro confirmed. “It acts as a barrier, deterring the Blackfurs from pursuing those who manage to escape through it. The path is lined with various natural deterrents, such as thorny bushes, hidden traps, and even a river with a strong current. In a way, it's a test of resilience and determination, separating those who are truly desperate to survive from those who are not.”

Shiro could see the skepticism in my eyes as my tail curled over my forepaws. “But wouldn't the Blackfurs eventually figure out the secret exit? It seems risky to rely on something like that.”

Shiro nodded, acknowledging my concern. “You're right, it is risky. That's why we only use this escape route sparingly under extreme circumstances. We can't afford to have the Blackfurs discover it. And even if they do,” Shiro paused for a moment, chuckling lightly to himself. “It would take them a long time to learn the intricacies of the path, giving us a crucial head start.”

I couldn't help but feel a glimmer of hope. “If Shadow's parents managed to find this secret exit and navigate through it, then there's a good chance they made it to safety,” I said, trying to offer reassurance to Shadow.

Shiro nodded, his eyes filled with empathy. “Indeed, if they reached the Oakfalls' territory, they would have found refuge with our allies. The Oakfalls are strong and honorable, and they would've extended their protection to our packmates without hesitation.”

I could sense the tension in the air as we weighed Shiro's words. It was a risky theory, but it offered a glimmer of hope. If Shadow's parents had indeed used the secret exit, there was a chance they had survived and found refuge in the Oakfalls' territory.

“So, what do we do next?” I asked, breaking the silence. “How can we find out if they made it to the Oakfalls?” 

“It's the alphas' job to decide that, but I have my suspicions that they will send a search party to the Oakfalls and inquire about her parents' presence there.”

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   24d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

She listened as she smiled. After they finished talking, she asked “So, do you think we can get the alpha's to conduct a search party?” She was optimistic about what they said happened. So she sat up and her tail wagged a little. She really wanted to tell her parents she was alive.

As she finished speaking, the alphas walked in and one asked “Get the alphas to conduct a search party for who?" Mamoru spoke, sounding intrigued. Shadow looked at them and smiled “For my parents, Jasper and Willow” She said curious if they would

MoonTheWolf_GamingMamoru   24d ago
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As I observed the hopeful expression on her face, I glanced at Hinata, who stood behind me, exchanging a brief glance that conveyed both uncertainty and determination. The weight of the decision fell upon us, the alphas of the pack. It was our responsibility to make the call, to determine whether a search party would be sent out to find Shadow's lost parents.

I met Shadow's gaze, studying the earnestness in her eyes. There was a part of me that wanted to give her the answer she so desperately sought, to promise her that we would do everything in our power to find her parents. But as the alpha, I had to consider the bigger picture, the safety and well-being of the entire pack.

“Shadow,” I began, my voice calm and measured. “We understand how important this is to you. The possibility of reuniting with your parents is something we take seriously. However, we must also consider the risks involved in sending out a search party.”

I could see her smile falter for a moment, her eyes flickering with disappointment. Kohana sat beside her, nodding subtly whilst trying to nudge her comfortingly.

“Jasper and Willow are not just your parents, Shadow,” I continued, my voice softening with empathy. "They are part of our pack, part of our family. We will do everything we can to ensure their safety and well-being. But we must also consider the safety of the pack as a whole.

I paused, allowing my words to sink in. 

“However,” I said, my voice taking on a more decisive tone. "I will personally speak to the alphas of the Oakfalls. I will inquire about the presence of Jasper and Willow in their territory. If they have indeed found refuge there, I will do everything in my power to ensure their safety and bring them back to you."

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   24d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

As she listened, she showed mixed emotions. She wanted to see her parents again, but she understood pack's safety, “Alright, I understand.” As she lay down, disappointed, she looked at the small doe the pups had brought to her. She was hungry, but she then looked away and soon fell asleep. She was saddened by the fact that she might not see her parents again but she was still hopefull.

MoonTheWolf_GamingAudax   24d ago
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As I made my way through the dense underbrush, the earthy scent of the forest enveloped me, filling my nose with a sense of familiarity and belonging. The sun's rays filtered through the canopy above, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor. It was in this tranquil setting that I sought out Audax, the beta male of our pack.

I spotted him perched on a moss-covered rock. Audax was a formidable presence, his slender frame exuding strength and confidence. His golden eyes were sharp and focused, and intricate patterns adorned his fur, resembling a delicate brush strokes of sunlit shadows. Each strand seemed to hold a story of its own, whispering battles fought and territories claimed, and his fur altogether, a rich blend of midnight black and silver that shimmered under the sunlight, accentuated the curiosity in his eyes.

“Good day, Mamoru,” Audax greeted me, his voice resonating with a deep, resonant timbre. “I trust you have made a decision regarding the newcomers’ parents? Hinata informed me of the situation. A delicate matter indeed.”

I nodded in affirmation, my eyes scanning the surrounding landscape, as if mapping out my journey in my mind. “Yes. I’ve spoken to Shadow, and while we couldn’t send out a search party, I made a promise to her. I will personally speak to the alphas of the Oakfalls to inquire about her parents.”

Audax's ears perked up, his interest piqued. “That’s a bold move, Mamoru. The Oakfalls are known for their strict territorial boundaries.”

I smiled, a mixture of determination and confidence spreading across my face. “I know the risks, Audax. But if there’s a chance that Jasper and Willow are there, we can’t afford to ignore it.”

“And what if the Oakfalls refuse to cooperate?” he asked, his voice laced with skepticism.

A determined glint sparked in my eyes as I replied, “Then I will negotiate. I will appeal to their sense of unity, their understanding of the importance of family. I will remind them that our packs have coexisted peacefully for generations, and that it is in everyone’s best interest to work together. Stubborn allies they can be, so I’m hoping that will persuade them.”

“But what if negotiations fail?” Audax pressed, his voice tinged with worry.

I met his gaze squarely, my voice steady and resolute. “If negotiations fail, then I will explore every option available to me. I will not rest until Shadow’s parents are found and brought back to her. The bond between a wolf and their family is sacred, and I will not let it be broken.”

Audax nodded, a newfound respect in his eyes. “Very well, alpha. May the spirits guide your steps and grant you success. 

I dipped my head in gratitude, acknowledging Audax's words. “I trust that you will look over the pack well in my absence, correct?”

“Have I ever not?”

I chuckled slightly. “I suppose not, but I will be the first to be made aware upon my arrival if your leadership is not seen as fit.”

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   24d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

Shadow was still asleep, ears flat and filled with sadness. Although the alphas were going to do everything they could, she wondered if her parents were alive. She still had hope, but she was still worried. She had hoped to see her parents again, but she knew the war was tough and she couldn't return. She wanted her parents to know she was okay. But were they alive? She had to find out

MoonTheWolf_Gaming     23d ago
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Just as the gentle breeze rustled the leaves overhead, a familiar scent drifted towards me. Hinata approached with our two playful pups in tow. Isamu, the firstborn, was a bundle of energy, his fur reminiscent of winter's shadows. His eyes, as bright as embers, sparkled with mischief as he bounced around, his paws leaving small imprints in the mossy ground.

Beside him trotted Inari, our little princess, with fur as pure and white as freshly fallen snow. Her eyes shimmered like moonlit pearls, and there was a gracefulness to her every movement. Inari possessed a quiet wisdom beyond her tender age, a trait that often left me taken aback.

Hinata's gentle eyes held a mixture of concern and understanding, mirroring my own emotions. She knew the risks involved, but she also knew the importance of family and the bond that held our pack together. Isamu and Inari, their fur still fluffy and their eyes wide with innocence, bounded towards me, tails wagging eagerly.

“Daddy, are you really leaving?” Isamu asked, his voice tinged with a hint of sadness.

I knelt down, meeting his gaze and gently nuzzling his soft fur. “Yes, love, I must do this to find Shadow's parents. It's important to help those in need.”

Inari, her eyes glistening with unshed tears, pressed herself against my side. “But what if something happens to you, Papa? What if you don't come back?”

I enveloped her in a warm embrace. “I promise you, Inari, I will do everything in my power to return safely. You and Isamu mean the world to me. Besides, the Oakfalls are our friends.”

Hinata, her voice filled with a quiet strength, spoke up. “We understand, love. But before you leave, our little ones have something they'd like to say.”

With a nod, I watched as Isamu and Inari stepped forward. In unison & with wagging tails, the two yipped out, “Goodbye!”

Once our pups were settled at a safe distance, Hinata turned her attention to me, her eyes filled with a mixture of love and concern. I could sense the apprehension in her voice as she spoke, her words laced with the fear of the unknown.

“Mamoru, are you sure Audax is ready for this responsibility? He's a strong wolf but… but his temperament worries me.”

I stepped closer to her, the warmth of her presence soothing the doubts that gnawed at my resolve. I gently pressed my muzzle against hers, a silent reassurance of my unwavering belief in Audax's capabilities.

“Hinata, my love, Audax has proven himself time and time again. He possesses a strength and wisdom that will guide our pack in my absence. I have full faith in his leadership, as do I in you and our pups one day when they're old enough.”

Hinata had always stressed whenever I left Audax in charge. Almost every other time when I had to go absent and thus leaving Audax to temporarily take over my role, she freaked… I've tried asking her why, but she dismisses the question.

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   23d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

Shadow had woken up before the pups came in. She listened to the pups talk to their father. She wanted to help them make sure her father was okay. She knew there were more hunters (kariudos) than ever. She wanted to let the pups know their father was going to be okay. She then got up and walked past the pups and went to the alpha, Mamoru.

She looked at him and with a sincere voice, spoke “Mamoru, I noticed your pups were worried about you leaving” She then paused for a moment and looked around then back at him “So I was wondering if I could go with you, as protection. I know my way around and there have been more kariudos than ever. I know very well how to deal with them” She looked at his pups and smiled “I want to reassure your pups you will be fine” She looked back at him “May I go with you, sir?”

MoonTheWolf_GamingMamoru   23d ago
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Her offer caught me off guard, but I couldn't deny the logic behind her words. With the increasing threat of the kariudos, having an extra pair of eyes and a skilled wolf such as Shadow by my side could provide the reassurance my pups needed.

I looked at her, gratitude and admiration swelling within me. “Shadow, your bravery knows no bounds and it is truly remarkable,” I said, my voice filled with genuine admiration. “But I cannot allow you to put yourself in harm's way. Your place is here for the moment. I understand that you may feel fine, but taking into consideration just how recent and how lethal the injuries you were brought in with were, I can't allow it. I'm sorry.”

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   23d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

She looked at him and spoke "I understand, but it's happened to me before, I've dealt with the pain. I know how. Sir, I can be a bit stubborn but right now, I'm not taking no for an answer. I know you're the alpha, but you can't be out there by yourself. I know places you don't. The kariudos don't know some of the places I do. Please sir, let me go with you. I promise I'll be fine. She looked at the pups and Hinata then looked back at him, waiting for an answer

MoonTheWolf_GamingMamoru   23d ago
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I paused for a moment, considering Shadow's plea. Her determination and unwavering belief in her abilities were admirable, but I couldn't let her endanger herself further. As the alpha, it was my responsibility to prioritize the safety of my pack.

“Shadow, I understand your willingness to help, and I appreciate your bravery,” I replied, my tone firm yet understanding. “But I cannot risk your safety. Your injuries are still healing, and I cannot bear the thought of anything happening to you considering your recent state of health. It's my duty to help and protect our pack. I promise to do everything in my power to ensure my and your parents' safe return.”

I turned to face Hinata, searching for support in her gaze. Her expression mirrored my concern, but there was also a glimmer of understanding. “Hinata, love, what do you think?” I asked, hoping she would see reason in my decision.

Hinata's gaze shifted between Shadow, the pups, and me. After a moment, she spoke, her voice soft but resolute. “I understand your concern for Shadow's well-being, but we must also consider the risks of facing the forest alone. Shadow has shown great resilience, and her knowledge of the territory could prove invaluable. If she is determined to come then perhaps, we can find a compromise, ensuring her safety while still benefitting from her skills." She paused for a moment. "However, her injuries were severe, and we still don't know the full extent of her recovery.”

I turned my attention to our pups, Isamu and Inari, who had been watching the conversation with wide eyes. “What do you two think?” I asked, my voice gentle but curious.

Isamu spoke up first, his voice filled with a mix of excitement and concern. “I think it would be cool to have Shadow with you, Daddy! She looks strong and she knows things we don't. But I also don't want her to get hurt.”

Inari merely shrugged. “I dunno," she added in, her voice soft.

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   22d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

Shadow looked at the pups “I promise I won't get hurt, I know my way around” She looked back at Mamoru. “Sir, I just don't want you to get hurt. I especially don't want to see fatherless pups, not after what I experienced as a pup.” She looked down in sadness then looked back at him. “Please sir, let me go with you. I've had experience with kariudos. I know how most of them act and where they go to hunt. I know places they don't. Please sir, if I get hurt, it'll be my fault. I don't want to see your pups go without a father. You need protection” She looked at Hinata, then the pups then back at him “I also don't want to see Hinata lead by herself. Please sir, just this once?”

MoonTheWolf_GamingMamoru   22d ago
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I listened to Shadow's heartfelt plea, her determination shining through her eyes. Her concern for my safety and the well-being of our pups tugged at my heartstrings. She had experienced the pain of losing a parent as a pup, and she didn't want our children to go through the same.

I took a deep breath, torn between my duty as an alpha and my desire to protect my loved ones. After a moment of contemplation, I nodded, a hint of a smile forming on my lips. “Very well, Shadow,” I said, my voice filled with a mix of gratitude and caution. “If you truly believe you can handle it and if Hinata agrees, then I will allow you to join me just this once."

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   22d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

“I understand sir. Thank you.” She looked at the pups and smiled then looked at Hinata. She didn't want anyone to be left without Mamoru. Then she spoke “As long as it's okay with you, we will head off” Shadow spoke confidently and sat down in front of Hinata. Although she was a bit scared, being back outside of the pack, she still wanted to protect all she could. So she waited

MoonTheWolf_GamingMamoru   20d ago
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“May the moon guide your steps and keep you both safe,” my mate whispered, her voice filled with a mix of hope and apprehension.

I walked over to her who looked at me with understanding, her eyes filled with a mixture of love and concern. I nuzzled against her, taking in her familiar scent, and whispered softly, “Take care of the pups, my love. Keep them safe in my absence.”

Hinata nodded, her voice filled with love and support. “I will. We will be waiting for your safe return.”

I turned my attention to our precious pups. They looked up at me with wide eyes, their innocence and curiosity shining through. I knelt down, giving each of them a gentle lick on their heads. “You two take care of your mother and listen to her. Don’t give her too much trouble. Be strong and brave, just like your mother and I. I’ll be back before you know it.”

Isamu's tail wagged excitedly as he nodded, his eyes filled with a mix of excitement and sadness. “We’ll take good care of her, Daddy. And we’ll be waiting right here for you to come back!

Inari remained silent, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. I could sense her worry and fear, but I knew she would find her strength in due time. I gave her a reassuring nudge with my nose, letting her know that everything would be alright.

I took a final look at my family before turning to Shadow. “Alright, let’s go. We mustn’t keep your parents waiting.”

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Shadow (wolf)

Shadow watched as they said goodbye to each other then as Mamoru said they were able to go, Shadow spoke “Alright, let's get going” As they started walking out of the territory, Shadow pressed a stone and a small hole opened up “It's daylight out, so it's best to go this way to avoid kariudos” Shadow started going down the small hole and it soon opened up to a tunnel underground “I stumbled upon this place as I was running from a kariudo” She turned to see Mamoru looking around and he looked a bit confused “Are you okay?”

MoonTheWolf_GamingMamoru   18d ago
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As we descended deeper into the tunnel, a slight unease settled over me. I thought I heard a faint rustling, a sound that seemed out of place in this quiet underground sactuary. I paused for a moment, my ears pricked, and turned to Shadow, a furrow formed on my brow. “I thought I heard something,” I admitted, my voice low and cautious. “But it could just be the echoes of our footsteps… Let's proceed with caution.”

We continued our journey through the underground passage, the darkness enveloping us. The sound of our paws against the ground echoed, creating an eerie ambiance. I couldn't help but feel a sense of unease, my instincts on high alert.

As we walked further, the tunnel began to slope upwards, gradually leading us back to the surface. I could sense the change in the air, a faint scent of pine and the distant sound of birdsong. We were nearing the forest.

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   17d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

Shadow pressed a small stone in the ground and she stepped out into the forest then turned around to Mamoru and looked at him “Alright, you begin to lead the way, I'll be on the lookout” Shadow got behind him and looked around, soon seeing a Blackfur. She ran towards him and attacked him. He fought back, losing the fight. She came back and was a little scratched up. She then spoke “It was the Blackfur's alpha… I'm not surprised honestly… He had a contract out for me… though he lost and died, he deserved it.” Then she looked around again and spoke again “We should keep moving”

MoonTheWolf_GamingMamoru   17d ago
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As Shadow recounted the encounter she just had with the Blackfur and revealed the alpha's demise, a shiver ran down my spine. The Blackfurs were known for their pack mentality, never traveling alone. The fact that one of their kind had attacked her meant that there could be more lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

I turned to Shadow, my gaze stern. “You fought bravely,” I praised her, though my voice withheld a serious tone. “But be catious. Blackfurs never travel alone, so we cannot afford any missteps. Trust your instincts, for they may be the only thing that can keep us safe right now.”

With every step we took, my senses were on high alert, scanning the surrounding forest for any signs of danger. The wind whispered through the trees, carrying with it the scent of danger and the distant howls of the many packs that lived within the forest's cover. I could feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders, knowing that not only my life but also Shadow's depended on my decisions.

(I have a plan for later on so try to not kill anymore Blackfurs for now-))

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   17d ago
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Shadow (wolf)


Shadow carried on, keeping a steady movement behind Mamoru. She had come in contact with the Blackfurs many times. As they continued on, they soon got to where they were going and she looked around curiously. She had never been to this territory before, so she cautiously approached. As they went up to the alpha, she waited outside. She didn't know what was going to happen, but she was excited

MoonTheWolf_GamingMamoru   17d ago
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As we ventured further into the territory, the air grew heavy with anticipation. The scent of unfamiliar pheromones mingled with the earthy aroma of the forest, creating an ambience of mystery and intrigue. The territory itself was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

The land stretched out before us, a picturesque landscape painted in hues of green and gold. Towering trees, their branches intertwined like a tapestry, formed a natural canopy overhead, casting dappled shadows on the ground below. The forest floor was carpeted with vibrant moss and delicate wildflowers, adding a touch of color to the otherwise serene surroundings.

In the heart of the territory, nestled within the embrace of the forest, stood the concealed lair of the pack. It emerged before our eyes like a hidden gem, a testament to the wolves' ingenuity and resourcefulness. The structure, crafted from the very earth itself, was an intricate design that blended seamlessly with the natural landscape. The soil walls were adorned with intricate carvings, depicting the pack's history and legends, their significance known only to those who called this place home.

A network of prickly bushes encircled the lair, serving as a formidable barrier against intruders. Their thorny branches intertwined, forming a protective shield that warned of the pack's territorial nature. As we approached the entrance, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and respect for the wolves who had created such a sanctuary.

As if sensing our arrival, a platoon of wolves emerged from the depths of the caverns, their eyes fixed upon us with a mix of caution and curiosity. Their sleek coats glistened in the sunlight, ranging in shades from pure white to deep ebony, each displaying their own unique markings and patterns. Their demeanor was neither welcoming nor hostile, but a palpable tension hung in the air, a reminder that we were entering their domain.

They formed a semi-circle, their bodies tense but their expressions open, as if waiting for us to make the first move. It was a delicate dance of trust and caution, a testament to the delicate balance that existed within the pack.

Taking a deep breath, I called out to the pack's alpha, Hayate, my voice carrying through the stillness of the surroundings. The anticipation hung in the air as I awaited his arrival.

And then, he appeared.

He strode forward with an effortless grace. His sand-hued coat gleamed under the dappled sunlight that filtered through the canopy above, each strand of fur seeming to hold the secrets of the forest. His eyes, a mesmerizing shade of green, held a depth that spoke of wisdom and experience beyond his years. The scars that adorned his body and chest were a testament to the battles he had fought, the sacrifices he had made for his pack.

With an air of authority, Hayate approached, his gaze piercing yet welcoming. His presence commanded respect, and it was impossible to deny the aura of power that emanated from him. He was the embodiment of strength and leadership, a true alpha in every sense.

As Hayate turned his attention to me, his voice carried a melodic quality, tinged with a hint of curiosity. “Mamoru? What brings you to the Oakfalls?” he inquired, his voice resonating with a deep timbre that demanded attention.

I took a moment to gather my thoughts before responding, my gaze shifting to Shadow, the young wolf by my side. “This young wolf," I began, gesturing towards the red-splotched ebony she-wolf with my tail, "has lost her parents, Jasper & Willow, in the war that ravaged our lands. I believe they sought refuge here, within the Oakfalls pack, in the midst of it all.”

As the words left my lips, Hayate turned his gaze towards me. His eyes seemed to hold a hidden wisdom, as if he could see into the depths of my soul. His expression softened, a faint smile forming on his muzzle, as if he had been expecting my arrival.

A flicker of understanding passed through Hayate's eyes as he absorbed the weight of my words. “I understand the pain of loss,” he spoke, his voice tinged with empathy. “Jasper and Willow did indeed seek refuge within our pack. Their expressions were filled with terror and desperation when they arrived. They were welcomed with open paws, but alas, Jasper succumbed to the ravages of old age a few moons back.”

My heart sank at the news of Jasper's passing, but I held onto hope for Willow. “And Willow?” I asked, a note of urgency in my voice.

Hayate's expression turned somber as he delivered the news. “Willow chose a different path. She switched her loyalty to the Upwind pack, drawn to their way of life and seeking companionship within their ranks. She lives on, but she is no longer a part of the Oakfalls.”

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   17d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

Shadow was listening to their conversations and was waiting patiently. Although she was curious, she couldn't hear much. She wanted to come in and listen but she didn't, she just waited. As Mamoru finished talking, she stood up and spoke “So, how are they?” She had a bit of doubt in her voice as she looked around again “I don't see them around, so are they somewhere else” She sensed a bit of sadness in Mamoru, so she knew something happened. She wanted to know but waited for him to tell her. She had missed them badly, but she had dealt with loss before, so she knew the feeling she didn't want to feel again

MoonTheWolf_GamingMamoru   16d ago
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I took a deep breath, my gaze meeting Shadow's concerned eyes. I could sense her longing and curiosity, her eagerness to know the fate of her parents. With a heavy heart, I began to speak, my voice filled with a mixture of sorrow and empathy.

“Shadow,” I said gently, “Hayate informed me that they did indeed seek refuge here in the Oakfalls. However, Jasper, unfortunately, passed from old age.”

I continued, my voice soft and comforting, “As for your mother, Willow, she… chose a different path. She switched her loyalty to the Upwind pack, attracted to their lifestyle and seeking companionship amongst their numbers.”

Hayate, who stood at a safe distance, watched our conversation with a keen interest. His eyes held a mixture of empathy and wisdom, as if he understood the pain we both felt. However, before I could respond, a figure emerged from the outskirts of the pack.

Torrent, the pack beta, approached with a sense of urgency in his step. His fur, of moderate length, boasted of strength and sturdiness, serving as a testament to his position of power in his pack. Most notably, his pelt exhibited a striking shade of dark blue, almost resembling the depth of midnight in certain illuminations. The fur on his chest was lighter, reminiscent of the hue of icy snow, creating a sharp contrast with the rest of his coat. His dorsal fur appeared more lengthy and fluffy, conveying a sense of seniority and maturity.

He stopped beside Hayate, his gaze flickering towards me and Shadow before addressing the alpha.

“Hayate,” Torrent began, his voice filled with urgency, “Lupi kua ogi tralum tashi on vikir ("It appears we might have a trespasser on territory"). Kojies krom ogi thalum gesa nortalis kounis ("The kojies caught their scent near the northern border")."

As Torrent spoke, his voice held a noticeable accent which was marked by a melodic and rhythmic quality. His intonation and pronunciation had a musical quality, with a slight emphasis on the consonants and a smooth flow of the vowels. 

Hayate's gaze shifted towards Torrent, and for a moment, I could see the alpha's attention divided between the conversation at hand and his beta's report. With a nod, Hayate acknowledged Torrent before turning his gaze back towards me and Shadow.

“There is more to discuss, but for now, Torrent and I must attend to this matter,” Hayate spoke, his voice carrying a sense of authority and determination. “Alpha, Shadow, I will meet you in the council clearing once we have dealt with this trespasser.”

InsomniaAddictShadow (wolf)   16d ago
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Shadow (wolf)

“Oh…” She spoke softly, ears going flat “So can we still see my mother?” As she asked, she saw Torrent walk past her and listened to their conversation. She looked around and noticed a group of wolves getting together and as Hayate walked past her to address the situation, she watched as wolf pups went and hid. She wanted to help, but it wasn't her pack or her problem to deal with. So she turned back to Mamoru and sighed “I guess we'll have to wait”

MoonTheWolf_GamingMamoru   16d ago
Your Local Idiot


I watched as Hayate and Torrent turned away, their focus shifting towards the pressing matter of the trespasser. As they disappeared into the depths of the pack, I turned my attention back to Shadow, determined to offer her the reassurance she sought.

I took a step closer to her, my gaze meeting hers. “If reuniting with your mother is what you desire, I will do everything in my power to help you find her. Hayate said that she joined the Upwinds. If we can find a way to reach out to her, perhaps we can arrange a meeting. The bonds of family are strong, and sometimes, even when separated, they can find a way to mend."

With that said, I continued. "Now, let us make our way to the clearing and wait for Hayate. We have much to discuss, and perhaps, a plan to reunite with your mother.

Hayate's POV

My gaze flickered towards my beta as I absorbed the urgency in his voice. The scent of concern hung in the air as we exchanged a few quick words in our native language, Vylthar. 

“Dra'thul, Torrent. Kojies from ogi thalum gesa nortalis kounis? (”Are you certain, Torrent? The kojies caught their scent near the northern border?")" I asked, my voice laced with concern.

Torrent nodded, his gaze fixed on Hayate. “Aye, Alpha. The scent was distinct, unmistakable. It was a foreign presence, and the kojies detected an air of hostility,” he replied, his voice carrying a sense of urgency.

Torrent walked beside me as we traversed the forest, his steps matching mine with a synchronicity born out of years of working together. His report had caught my attention, and I knew that we had to address this matter swiftly and decisively.

We arrived at the northern border, where the scent of the trespasser still lingered in the air. Torrent, with his acute senses, had detected their presence, and it was my duty to confront them and protect our pack.

I took a deep breath, my gaze scanning the surroundings for any signs of movement. The forest seemed to hold its breath, the ancient trees whispering secrets to the wind, as if in anticipation of the impending confrontation.

With a flick of my tail, I signaled for Torrent to flank me, and as we ventured deeper into the territory, the scent of the trespasser grew stronger, mingling with the earthy aroma of the forest. I could feel the tension in the air, a palpable energy that crackled with anticipation.

And then, we saw them.

A lone figure emerged from the shadows, their presence betraying a mix of fear and uncertainty. It was a young wolf, their coat a patchwork of browns and grays, blending seamlessly with the forest backdrop. Their eyes, wide with trepidation, met mine, and I could see the flicker of vulnerability within their gaze.

I approached cautiously, my voice carrying a blend of authority and empathy. “State your name and purpose on our territory,” I demanded, my tone firm yet not without understanding.

The young wolf stood before me, their gaze fixed upon mine, but no words escaped their lips. They remained silent, their expression guarded and unreadable. I felt a flicker of unease, a sense that something was amiss.

I decided to give them another chance, hoping they would break their silence and reveal their intentions. “I ask again,” I said, my voice steady but tinged with a hint of caution. “State your name and purpose on our territory.”

But still, the wolf remained silent, their eyes narrowing with a sudden intensity. Without warning, a growl escaped their throat, low and menacing. Their body tensed, muscles coiling with a surge of aggression. In an instant, all semblance of vulnerability evaporated, replaced by a primal instinct to defend themselves.

Before I could react, the wolf lunged at me, teeth bared and claws extended. Instinct took over, and I swiftly dodged their attack, my own body moving with a grace honed by years of experience. Torrent, always at my side, sprang into action, intercepting the wolf's assault with a well-timed swipe of his paw.

The forest echoed with the sound of snarls and growls as the confrontation escalated. Teeth clashed, fur flew, and the air crackled with the raw energy of a battle for dominance. In the midst of the chaos, I focused on protecting my pack, ensuring that none of my wolves were caught in the crossfire.

Torrent fought with a ferocity that matched his namesake, his movements precise and calculated. Together, we worked in harmony, our actions fluid and seamless. But the wolf was relentless, their attacks fueled by a mysterious rage, their eyes burning with a fury I couldn't comprehend.

As the battle raged on, the surrounding forest seemed to hold its breath, the ancient trees bearing witness to the clash of wills. Each strike, each dodge, was a testament to the strength and determination of both the intruder and the defenders.

Finally, with a well-placed blow, Torrent managed to disarm the wolf, his claws leaving deep gashes across their flank. The intruder stumbled backward, a mix of pain and anger etched upon their face. It was then that I saw a glimmer of recognition in their eyes, a flicker of realization that they had underestimated the strength of our pack.

Breathing heavily, I stepped forward. As the dust settled from the fierce battle between the intruder and our pack, a hushed silence fell over the forest. The scent of tension lingered in the air, a palpable reminder of the recent clash. But before I could gather my thoughts and address the defeated intruder, a low growl emanated from the bushes.

I turned my gaze towards the source of the sound and froze in place as a whole pack of wolves emerged from the shadows, surrounding me and Torrent. Their eyes burned with an intensity that sent a chill down my spine, and their expressions held a mix of malice and cunning.

The Blackfurs…

At the forefront stood Malum, the pack beta, a wolf whose reputation for treachery and darkness preceded him. His coal-black fur seemed to absorb the light around him, creating an aura of menace that was impossible to ignore. His eyes, a piercing shade of crimson, held a malevolence that sent shivers down my spine.

Malum's voice cut through the silence, dripping with venom and pure evil. “Hayate,” he sneered, his tone laced with contempt, “you and your pathetic pack have meddled in our affairs for far too long. We will not stand for your interference any longer.”

I felt the weight of his words, the gravity of the situation sinking in. This was not a random attack; it was a calculated move by a rival pack, driven by a deep-rooted hatred and a thirst for power. But why now? What had spurred this aggression?

I took a step forward, my voice steady despite the unease that gnawed at me. “Malum,” I addressed him, my tone calm yet firm, “what could have led your pack to attack us so mercilessly? We have done nothing to provoke such hostility.”

A twisted smile twisted across Malum's muzzle, revealing a row of sharp, glistening teeth. “Oh, Hayate,” he chuckled darkly, “you underestimate the depths of our hatred. You and your pack have always been an obstacle in our parh, a thorn in our side. But now, the time for games is over. Give us the pups and the Downrivers will live.”

My confusion deepened at his demand. Pups? What did he mean? I searched my memories, but no recent events pointed to such a volatile situation. The Blackfurs' sudden aggression seemed to have no basis in reality.

Before I could respond, another wolf from the Blackfurs, a hulking figure with a jet-black coat and fiery amber eyes, stepped forward. He carried an air of authority, his voice resonating with power as he recited a prophecy that sent a chill down my spine.

"In the land of packs, two destined kin of fur, Foretold to stir, their legacy secure; One shall lead, the other aid with pride, together, they'll see packs' fate concide.

For Downriver pack to gain alpha's grace, These two must weave a path to embrace; A future of greatness, courage in sight, Guided by destiny's brightest light.

So heed these words and let them be known, The fate of all rests on their throne; Two wolves set on a course divine, the prophecy's words, forever enshrined."

The realization hit me like a tidal wave, crashing over me with a force I couldn't comprehend. The Blackfurs, driven by a twisted sense of destiny, sought to eliminate his pups, to prevent the prophecy from coming to fruition. It explained their relentless aggression, their unwavering determination to eradicate any threat to their power.

The words hung in the air, a chilling reminder of the stakes at hand. The destiny of Mamoru's pack, the lives of the pups, and the very fabric of his pack's existence were intertwined in a web of prophecy and danger. 

But why was this prophecy so significant? What was it about his pups that posed such a threat to the Blackfurs? I couldn't make sense of it all, the pieces of the puzzle scattered before me, waiting to be assembled.

Confusion turned to anger as I stood my ground. “The pups are innocent,” I replied, my voice filled with resolve. “We will not hand them over to you, nor will we let the Downriver pack suffer at your paws.”

Malum's smile widened, his eyes glinting with malice. “Very well, Hayate,”  he said, his tone dripping with menace. “You have made your choice. But remember, the consequences will be dire.”

With those words, the Blackfurs disappeared into the shadows, leaving Torrent and me standing amidst the aftermath of the battle. The weight of the situation settled upon us, the gravity of the threat we now faced. The safety of our ally's pack and the fate of the pups rested on our shoulders.

I had to alert Mamoru.

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Shadow (wolf)

As we made our way to the clearing, Shadow heard the growling and snarls of the wolves and her ears perked up. She looked around and then continued on. As they got to the clearing, the wolves came back, scratched up and bleeding. As Hayate approached, she sensed the urgency in his eyes. She knew something had happened, something that had to do with the pack. She sat and watched as he and Mamoru spoke. She was worried something would happen. She wanted to reunite with her mother, but she knew her pack came first. She knew she had to set aside the things she wanted and help with what is needed. 

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As I waited in the clearing, my anxiety grew with each passing moment. Hayate and Torrent had been gone for what felt like an eternity, and the growls and snarls that reached my ears only heightened my unease. Something had gone terribly wrong, and I feared for their safety.

And then, they appeared, their fur matted with blood and scratches marking their bodies. My heart skipped a beat as I rushed forward, my eyes searching their faces for any sign of reassurance. But what I saw in their eyes sent a chill down my spine.

Hayate spoke first, his voice tinged with urgency. “Mamoru, we encountered the Blackfurs. They attacked us, and… and they mentioned the pups. They know about the prophecy.”

My breath caught in my throat, my mind struggling to process the words that spilled from Hayate's mouth. The pups... Isamu and Inari. The very thought sent a surge of panic through my veins. How had the Blackfurs learned about them? What did they plan to do?

Torrent's voice joined the chorus of concern, his words adding fuel to the fire of my fear. “Mamoru, they're after your pups. They believe that the prophecy foretells their downfall, and they won't stop until they eliminate the threat.”

My mind raced, trying to piece together the fragments of information, to make sense of the danger that loomed over us. The prophecy, the pups, the Blackfurs' relentless aggression... it all fell into place in a terrifying revelation.

“They want Isamu and Inari,” I whispered, the weight of the situation crashing down upon me. “They believe that my pups pose a trheat to their power… They seek to eliminate them, to prevent the prophecy from… coming true…” 

Hayate nodded, his expression grim. 'It seems that way, Mamoru. The Blackfurs are willing to do anything to prevent that prophecy from coming into fruitation. They see the pups as a threat to their power and dominance."

A surge of panic coursed through my veins, my mind racing to comprehend the danger that lurked just beyond their borders. As a father, the fear for my offspring consumed me, threatening to drown me in a sea of desperation. 

“N- No… no…” I whispered, my voice filled purely with a father's panic. “We can't… let them get to them. We.. We CAN'T!”

Hayate, his voice filled with a mix of concern and determination, stepped forward, attempting to offer reassurance. ‘Mamoru, we will do everything in our power to keep them safe We won’t let the Blackfurs harm a single hair on their heads. Our alligence, our family, will stand together and face this threat head-on."

But my panic had reached a point where no words could console me. I felt a surge of panic rise within me, threatening to consume my thoughts. Images of my innocent pups being harmed flashed before my eyes, and I struggled to maintain my composure. The instinct to protect them, to shield them from harm, overwhelmed me, and I fought to keep my emotions in check.

Suddenly, I felt a surge of determination coursing through my veins. I couldn't stay idle while my pups were in danger. I had to act, and I had to act now. Torrent's voice cut through my frantic thoughts, his words tinged with concern. “Mamoru, can you even make it on time? It's a long journey, and we don't even know how much of a head-start the Blackfurs have.”

Torrent's words fell on deaf ears as I turned to sprint back to my pack, my heart pounding in my chest. The world blurred around me as I ran, my paws pounding against the forest floor. Every fiber of my being screamed for me to save my family, to fight against the impending threat.

But before I could reach the edge of the clearing, Torrent intercepted me, his voice filled with concern. "Mamoru, think about this."  he pleaded, his voice laced with urgency. “Will you be able to make it back in time? We need a plan, a strategy.”

But my panic clouded my judgment, and I snapped at him, my voice laced with desperation. “STEP ASIDE, TORRENT!” I growled, my eyes blazing with a fire fueled by a father's love. “I don't have time for this…”

Torrent recoiled slightly, taken aback by my outburst. But his loyalty remained unwavering, and he stepped forward once again, his voice filled with determination. “Mamoru, we need a plan,” he said, his tone firm. “We need to think this through, to assess the situation.”

Torrent stood his ground, his expression filled with determination. He knew the weight of my words, the desperation that fueled my every move. But he also understood the importance of keeping a level head in times of crisis.

With a sudden burst of speed, I lunged at Torrent, tackling him to the ground. It was a desperate act, fueled by fear and the need to protect my pack. The impact sent shockwaves through my body, but I ignored the pain, my focus solely on reaching my pups.

Torrent, ever loyal, stood back up and blocked my path once again. His expression was resolute, his gaze unwavering. He knew I needed him to let me through, but he also knew the importance of reason and caution.

“Mamoru, listen to me,” he said, his voice calm but firm. “I understand your fear, but we need to think this through. We can't rush blindly into danger. We have to come up with a plan.”

But I couldn't be reasoned with. The fear for my pups clouded my judgment, and I lunged at Torrent, desperation fueling my every move. I fought with all my strength, my mind consumed by a single purpose - to break free and reach my pack.

Torrent, however, matched my ferocity, his years of training and loyalty to his pack evident in his every move. We clashed, our bodies colliding in a flurry of fur and teeth, as the tension between us escalated.

Finally, with a well-placed strike, I managed to break free from Torrent's hold. Discomfort waved through my body, but I paid no mind to the pain. My only focus was on reaching my pack, on protecting my pups at all costs.

I didn't have time for apologies or explanations. I had to protect my pack, my pups. With a final glance back at Hayate and Torrent, I sprinted off into the forest, my paws pounding against the earth, my heart racing with a mix of fear and determination.

As I sprinted into the forest, my heart pounding in my chest, I could hear Torrent's voice fading into the distance. “Mamoru, be careful! We'll catch up with you. Don't do anything rash!”

The scene behind me was filled with tension and sadness, a palpable reminder of the toll this desperate situation had taken on all of us. Torrent's voice, filled with compassion, reached my ears, but it felt distant, muffled. I couldn't let their words penetrate the fog of worry that consumed my mind.

As I ran, the world around me blurred into a whirlwind of colors and sounds. My thoughts raced ahead, envisioning the dangers that awaited me, the obstacles I had to overcome. But through the chaos, one thing remained clear: I had to reach my pack, my precious pups, before it was too late.

And so, with every ounce of strength and determination I could muster, I pushed myself forward, my focus fixed on the safety of my family, my pack.

Hayate turned to Shadow, his eyes betraying a hint of worry. “I offer you my deepest apologies for these events… I did not intend for this to happen…” His voice held genuine sorry.

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Shadow (wolf)

She listened as they fought, frightened for the pups. She wanted to help, but she knew the Blackfurs, she knew what they would do. As Hayate approached her and apologized she smiled with worry “It's alright, I'm going to have to catch up with him though, I'm going to protect his pups.” Shadow then ran off, finding a shortcut back to the pack

As she got back, she noticed she got there before the Blackfurs ever did. She immediately ran up to Hinata and the pups and spoke to Hinata “Alpha, the Blackfurs are after the pups. Mamoru had already disappeared before I got here. We need to hide the pups. Otherwise, we will have another war, and I don't want that.” She looked worried, knowing that the Blackfurs wouldn't stop until they got what they wanted. “I know the Blackfurs, I know what they would do…” She paused for a moment “They have a contract out for me… I killed one of their best warrior wolves” She looked as a howl rang out… It was the Blackfurs, they were here. She looked around and looked back at Hinata “We're too late…”


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