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By Fruity_gal0231
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Sometimes I like to make creepy stories, so this one is (kind of) scary! You get a few choices. 1. You are a robot who escaped from a facility! You can disguise as a human and can teleport. When you see the news, everyone thinks you are evil. You try to make friends and live a ?normal? human life. 2. You move into a new house, and all your new friends say it's haunted. You're not one to believe in ghosts, so you ignore them. Until you notice strange things going on…(this is the only one that might be scary) 3. You are a spy from a different galaxy. Your planet is filled with technology better than anyone else, and some people are lucky enough to even have powers! You are trained to fight, and disguise yourself. You have potions that let you look like a human, but they come off by water. So you have to be VERY careful. You are meant to collect intel on this planet, but your leader hasn't told you why yet. No one is allowed to know you are an alien. You will stay for two years, and then you will come back. (Weird logic) You are enrolled in a school but still need a place to live. That's all! Also, () means out of role-play, ** means action, (Ex. *I sit down on my chair*) and nothing means diolauge! Cursing is allowed, but PLEASE don't be gross and flirty. I'm literally BEGGING on my knees! Just state your name (your real name if you want) and what you look like in the role-play. Have fun! And be appropriate.

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