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MourningGloryRandy   16d ago
Lady of the Night


To one Randal Carter it was just another night, well actually another show. It wasn't like he truly hated it or anything like that, but it was just he was more or less going through the motions. It was like something in him had died somewhere along the way and he just couldn't let the people down. The man couldn't bring himself to quit what he had been doing with his life for only God knew how long now. Or that was what Randy chose to tell himself. The truth though… Randy was a damned coward and had that not been the case he would have ended it all a long time ago.

A sharp slap on the shoulder got his attention as his bandmate hit him. Apparently he was supposed to be at an after party and making nice with the people there. He was not supposed to be stuck in his head the way he had been. “Joey, what the fuck?” "Carter" muttered as he looked to the man at his side who had already turned his gaze away and seemed to be eyeing a beautiful brunette who was in the room. “Dare you to go talk to her. She's been turning everyone away and want to see if the 'master' can catch her attention.” Joey said with a smirk as he looked back at Randy. “Unless you're tok chicken and have no game left. If that's the case, then I'll go and talk to her myself.” 

Randy knew damn well that he was being baited by Joey. But the man fell into the trap anyway and finally removed then sunglasses that he had been wearing and gave his bandmate a glare. “Know damn well I'm not a chicken. Should have proven that enough over the years. Thing is just not a damned pig like the rest of y'all seem to be.”  Randy muttered as he put the sunglasses into the pocket of the black button up shirt that he had changed into after the show that night. “For the record, gonna go and talk to her because it's what I want to do. Not because of some fucked up dare.”

With those being his last words, Randy moved through the crowd on the floor and even had to dodge the dancers as some of them tried to catch him. When he got to the woman that Joey had pointed out to him (the one he had been keeping an eye on without anyone knowing it) , a faint smile came to his lips. “Been enjoying the party so far?” Randy asked softly, making a motion with his hand. Though trying to act like how most expected him to act…or rather trying to play nice, something gave away the fact that he would rather be anywhere else but at the party they were at. Now that he had spoken to the most beautiful woman in the room, the ball was now in her court, and the man only hoped she would give him at LEAST a minute of her time.


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