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NightMare   17d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...


Kumori sighed softly as he closed his copper colored eyes. Today seemed like just another normal day off. His brother was away at school, so he had the house to himself. It was lonely some of the times. His mind would often wonder back to when he was in high school. Back when he first met you. Mavu Kasukedo was your name. A name that Kumori just couldn't forget. Kumori really did like you, from the moment he first saw you. His heart began flutter, it was a strange feeling too have after a first meeting. As time went on the two of you became close. At times Kumori seemed like he was hiding things from you. What was he hiding? Perhaps something important whenever you would try to approach him and ask about the situation. He would quickly brush it off leaving you with more questions. Questions that often lead you becoming more and more frustrated with the man. 

Things started to get more and more complicated when you met Kumori younger brother Ame. The two of you began fighting more and with your temper. It seem to make things at least thousand times worst. Kumori was heart broken when you told him so callously that you no longer wished to be his friend nor did he want to see your face again. That seemed to break the young vampires heart. Kumori did as you asked, he stay away from you not daring to glance your direction or look up when he heard your name being called. 

Kumori let out a soft sigh as broke his train of thought as he heard a knocking on the door. The knock was soft it soon got heavier. Kumori stood up from the chair he was sitting in. He walked silently to the door and open it wide. His eyes widen when he seen you standing there. It had to been at least four… no six years since you last spoke to each other. Kumori stood there silently his eyes lapping you up, as he looked you up and down. “ W-What are you doing here….” he said dryly. His hand still holding the door knob tightly. As he thought about closing it. 

Kumori looked just about the same as he did back then. He stood about 5 foot and 6 inch tall. His hair was still that deep ebony color that was kept about mid-length. His skin was fair, you always remember him being so pale. His eyes were a mixture of  copper and crimson. Kumori felt a shiver crawl down his spine. Before you could get a word out he slammed the door shut. He quickly locked it and backed away from the door. He covered his mouth with his sleeve hiding the fact that his fangs had just suddenly appear. It was a surprise to even him considering he had just drank blood not too long ago. Why? Why did this always seem to happen when you were near? 

Perhaps it was because of a forgotten memory, that seem to replay in his mind every time he saw you. Kumori remember long time ago when you were both in high school, that you two shared a rather special moment. Special to Kumori anyway, of course Kumori had erase this memory from your mind. Kumori remember how it felt to be in your arms, as you carried him to the nurse office. He was feeling rather sick that day he should of stay home but he didn't because he wanted to see you. You two shared most of you classes together and by the time gym class come around and started Kumori had collapse. You being as strong as you are effortlessly carried Kumori to the Nurse's office. She wasn't there at the time. You carefully laid Kumori down in one of the small bed and covered him with the thin sheet. You were the only two in the room, as you turned to leave you felt a small tug on you shirt.  “Please don't go…” he said softly.

You decided to stay with Kumori since he asked you. After all the two of you seemed to have gotten rather close. Kumori grabbed your hand and pressed it against his cheek. His cheeks were flush, and felt warm to the touch. You softly stroked Kumori hair causing him to close his eyes as he blushed more. When he open his eyes again you notice they seemed different. Suddenly you felt small male pull you down on top of him. He seemed a lot stronger than before. Of course you asked what he was doing rather loudly until you were cut off by a kiss. You let out a soft gasp as you felt Kumori tongue enter your mouth. As you broke the kiss you were about to say something with you suddenly felt a sharp yet pleasureful pain in your neck. You let out a soft moan, felt yourself get weaker and weaker as you try to pry Kumori off your neck. You couldn't, Kumori pulled away a few moments later. You looked up at him, you were confused on why he was suddenly crying. You weakly try to reach up with your finger and wiped away some tears. 

“Don't worry… You will forget…” he said in a faltering voice. He said as he held your hand to his cheek. You skin was so warm even when being stained with tears. Of course you were confused on why Kumori was crying. What did he mean that you would forget? Before you could say anything in protest. Kumori has kissed you once more but this time everything went black. An alter memory now plagued your mind. The two of you seemed to get into a fight in gym class, despite being much stronger than Kumori. Somehow he got the upper hand. From that day on the two of you never really spoke unless it was out of anger. You couldn't remember the reason for your fight that is probably what frustrated you the most. Now here you were today at Kumori ‘s house. You of course weren't looking for him but for his brother Ame. Kumori didn’t know when or how the two of your became friends. Yet here you are.


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