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cloaĸed ιn red

By WhisperRose-
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Welcome to the dark chapters of Twisted Fairy Tales, a collection of three stories turned very different from those you knew as a child. Sleeping BeautyRed Riding Hood, and Peter Pan have all been corrupted over the years and this is how their stories end up. You will be choosing the story you would like to write and then the other two will be placed on a back burner unless you'd like to write out all three. Just let me know inside of a Private Message on what you would like to do.

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Cloaked in Red -Closed- 
Red is not a female, as a matter of fact they are male. There's a curse upon the town and there's lots of killings happening. There's a hunter in town named Lola and she's been cursed to turn into a werewolf each full moon. Before then, she has to hunt down the killer in town. She's too trusting, but her father taught her to keep her guard up and see people for who they really are. For a good couple of months, the killing had stopped, and Lola thought it was all over and done with. That was until the next full moon rolled around and she ended up changing back into a wolf. Rumores had it, that the wolves were the ones killing off the towns people, when in reality it wasn't. The Sanders family had been cursed to turn into wolved. When the real killer was found and killed, was when the curse would be lifted. What'll happen when Lola and Red end up getting to know each other. and a relationship starts to form? Will Lola be able to kill the one person she's falling for? Or will she forever be cursed as a wolf?

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The cast of Cloaked in Red.

Lola Sanders; Taken

Red Riding Hood; Taken

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We know the rules of the site. If you aren't either YEWAN or myself then kindly fuck off. You are more than welcome to read along, just not allowed to post. Thank you.

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WhisperRose-cloaĸed   12d ago


“Lola, are you awake my darling?” came the sound of the red headed woman's father. Lola looked towards the closed door and moved away from the window. She had just gotten back in from her last shift and her body was really sore and all she wanted to do was sleep. She paused at the door before she reached out and opened it slowly. A small smile passed over her lips as her father locked eyes with her. “You look like total shit” he said as he crossed his arms over his chest. The woman shrugged lightly as she opened the door wider and stepped aside.

“I just got in honestly. Last night wasn't the best night of my life. I'm sore as can be, and all I want to do is sleep”

“I know sweetheart, but there's something you and I need to talk about”

“I knew that was coming.. Can I at least take a shower first and get comfortable, or is this something that can't wait?”

“It's something we need to talk about now, sadly it can't wait” the older male said. Lola nodded as her heart dropped into her stomach. She knew what was going on, yet she didn't want to believe it.

The two walked into the bedroom and Lola sat on the edge of her bed. She rested her hands on her knees as she waited for her father to speak. The male pulled her desk chair out and sat down on it. It was going to be a huge change for the both of them. “You know that the hunters blood runs through our veins. But it's time you become a hunter as well. This is something that can't be prevented. I know you shifted last night and you have about a month or two before the next shift”

“So within that time frame we need to move. I know the perfect place as well. I have bought the cabin already, we just need to pack everything up and leave. You have until tomorrow evening to rest up. After that you need to get a move on. I know you normally need longer than that, but right now Lola we really need to get settled into the new place before your next shift” the male said. Lola nodded lightly as she listened to her father's words. She knew what he was talking about. She wasn't about to deny him that fact.

At least she had some time to rest up. She didn't say anything more as she watched her father stand. He walked over and pressed his lips to her forehead. She closed her eyes and let his scent fill her nose. The scent of home. She was safe here. No one knew about her curse. No one knew that her and her father were hunters. She hoped that the new town they moved too, was the same. If not they would be in a world of hurt for sure. She opened her eyes slowly when the male left the room.

She stood and grabbed some clothes and carried them into the bathroom. She had a lot to think about before tomorrow evening. She undressed, climbed into the shower and let the hot water help relax her. The move was happening in two days time and she couldn't do anything to stop it…

One Week Later.

It's been a week since they moved to the new town. The cabin was the perfect size for herself and her father. The towns people were very welcoming and so far they didn't ask a lot of questions. That was something she was thankful for. A small sigh passed her lips as the two entered the heart of the little town of Meadow Creek. The towns people smiled warmly towards them both, as they made their way to one of the small shops. “I'm going to stay out here daddy. I want to people watch for a little bit” she said lightly. The older male knew that that meant, and he nodded kissing her forehead.

The male walked into the small shop leaving the woman alone. She walked across the street to another part and found a bench to sit down and watch everyone around her. Her fahter had mentioned there was a male in town that wasn't much older than she was and he wanted her to meet him, keep an eye on him and see what he really was about. She chewed the inside of her cheek lightly as she sat down, put her hands in her lap, her eyes scanning the people around her. She felt out of place, but at the same time she felt like she was home. She sat there for a while enjoying the people watching, the different scents filling her nose.

She didn't know what this man's name was. What he really looked like, but her father told her that she would know him as soon as she saw him. She hoped that was the case. She shifted a little and pulled one of her legs up under her, as her eyes moved to a small family outside of a toy shop. A small smile passed over her lips watching as the father got done on the son's level and spoke to him about not getting what he wanted. Soon they were on their merry way. Lola went back to letting her eyes wander, enjoying the sun on her skin.


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