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By WhisperRose-
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Welcome to the dark chapters of Twisted Fairy Tales, a collection of three stories turned very different from those you knew as a child. Sleeping Beauty, and Red Riding Hood have all been corrupted over the years and this is how their stories end up. You will be choosing the story you would like to write and then the other two will be placed on a back burner unless you'd like to write out all three. Just let me know inside of a Private Message on what you would like to do.

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The Thorned Rose -Closed- 
Aurora's older now. She ended up breaking Maleficent's curse when she had been sixteen years old. She's now in the running to get the kingdom and become queen. Little did she know that Maleficent had a son named Your Name Here. When Aurora and Your Name Here first met, they didn't know about one another. They had started talking and getting to know one another, and some feelings started to rise between them both. Aurora was betrothed to marry Phillip and they were supposed to become King and Queen together. Aurora didn't want that. She wanted to be with Your Name Here and she wanted to make a life with him. That's when she decided that they both have to try and win her hand in marriage. She secretly wanted Your Name Here the whole time. What'll happen when Phillip and Aurora get married? Will Your Name Here be a part of the picture? Or is there something darker that Aurora's planning?

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The cast of The Thorned Rose.

Aurora; Taken

Male; Taken

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The sunlight streaming in through the window made the blonde woman groan. That's when she heard the sound of fluttering wings. The blonde peeked out from under the pile of blankets and she spotted the three Faries she had grown up with hovering over her bed. Flora was looking at the princess with a stern look on her face. “Why are you not fully up and ready to go Princess Aurora? You have your lessons to attend to this morning” the fairy tsked. Aurora rolled her eyes as she slipped out of the pile of blankets. “I know Flora.. I know. I was just hoping for a chance to sleep in this morning is all”

“Is that really too much to ask for?” the princess whined. Flora shook her head and was about to speak once more when Merryweather came forward. “You know that Flora has your best interest at heart princess. We don't want you falling behind is all. Let's get you ready to go” the other fairy spoke up. Fauna clicked her tongue and looked at the other two fairies with her. “Maybe we should let her make her own choices from now on. If she doesn't want to study, we shouldn't make her” the other said.

The two Faires looked at Fauna with a strange look and both were about to speak, when Aurora chimed in. “Yes! I agree! Let me make my choices. I would like to take the day off honestly. I've been doing my studies fully the last couple of months, can't I please catch a small break at least for the day?” she asked, her eyes pleading with Flora. Flora was the one that was always on top of making sure the Princess did everything she was supposed to do. She always made sure she was on top of her studies.

Merryweather and Fauna were both right there with Aurora the whole time. Merryweather would love to tag along with Aurora wherever she went on her daily adventures. Flora crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. “I'm going to give you this one day Princess. One day only. Monday you will need to go back to your studies.” the fairy said. Aurora's eyes lit up and she broke out into a huge grin. “Thank you so much Flora! You really are a gem! I promise, Monday morning I'll be right there with my nose in my studies” she said clapping her hands together.

The three faires all left the Princess alone to get ready for the day. As she was about to get dressed Merryweather poked her head back into the room before entering. “Princess, I really do hope you keep your promise. Because it will sadden Flora to the core. So please for the love of all that is good, keep to your promise” the motherly fairy said. Aurora looked towards the fairy and nodded. “I will Merryweather. I promise you that. Thank you” she said. Merryweather nodded as she dipped her head down and slipped back out of the room.

Aurora was finally alone and she changed out of her sleeping gown. She got dressed in one of her favorite dresses. When she was finally dressed she piled her hair up on top of her head. She made sure she had comforatble shoes on her feet. She was going to go out into the fields behind the castle and just enjoy her day. When she was done she made her way to the dining room to see her parents for a little while before she left. She walked into the room and her parents looked up at her and smiled slightly.

“Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather just told us you were taking a day for yourself. Is this true darling?” her mother asked. Aurora nodded lightly as she sat down in her chair. “Yes mother it is. I'm going to enjoy the weather while I can. I'll be back to my normal studies on Monday morning” she said as she picked up her fork and took a bite of the eggs on her plate. Her parents shook their heads before her father spoke. “I hope you enjoy your day Aurora.” was all he said. Aurora knew he was upset.

She didn't say anything more as she finished her breakfast. When she was done she slipped away from the table and headed to the doors. She walked out into the cool morning air and made her way to the fields. She broke out into a run her feet hitting the pavement, before being silence washed over her as she ran into the grass. She was finally free! At least for the time being. She ran into the forest and let out a small scream of pleasure. The woman had lived through the worst part of her life and she was going to live her life the way she wanted.

When she was in the trees she slowed to a walk and paused for a moment. She knew where she was, and her heart skipped a beat. She was getting close to Malficient's cottege. She was still slightly scared of the woman for the curse she had been under. She was glad it was broken though, but she had to look over her shoulder to make sure the dark woman wasn't behind her. That's when she heard voices. She paused and listened. She didn't know if it was wise to move forward.

When she stopped she heard Malficent's voice and a male's voice. She was slightly confused but she was also curious. She bit her lip lightly as she moved behind a tree, and listened to what the two were talking about.


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