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Dustus     20d ago
Mischievous Tellings or Devious Deeds?


DustusSalus   19d ago
Mischievous Tellings or Devious Deeds?


fuckin' stubbed my toe

DustusAces 'Eden' Rehn   14d ago
Mischievous Tellings or Devious Deeds?

Aces 'Eden' Rehn

“I don't know Deus…”

Eden rubs his arm as Deus smiles at his shy brother.

“Ah come on Eden! It's not gonna be THAT bad.”

“That means it's bad!”

“Uh… No?”

Eden looks away. Deus wraps his arm around his neck.

“Please? For your big bro?”

“… Fine.”

“See? Now let's get to the pool.”

Eden and Deus arrive at the public pool, get into their swim gear, and walk to the diving board. Eden clearly has second thoughts as he looks at the water.

“I-I can't! I changed my mind!”

“Too late!”

Deus charges at him and pushes him off the diving board, Eden screaming like a toddler as he falls in the pool. When he finally hits the water, Eden swims up and looks around.

“… That wasn't… Too bad.”

“Good job brother.”

Eden looks over and sees his other older brother, Tomoshi. He simply puts up a thumbs up. Deus smiles at the two. Then, as Deus steps off the diving board and grabs the towel that they brought with them. But, when Deus grabbed the towel, his hand went through it.

“Towels aren't supposed to do that…”

Deus grabs the towel again but the same thing happened. Then, darkness. Deus suddenly opens his eyes, he's in some sort of… Tube? Green liquid stings his eyes as he floats in the green… Goo? Deus acts quickly and punches the tube and breaks it, he immediately throws up the liquid and looks up, he's in some sort of laboratory. He knew he had to get out, and fast.


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