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The Seven Elements RP

By Sunnylove
Backup thread

A Long time ago the Seven Elements were actually Spirits that possessed great powers.


The seven elements are Nature,Water,Fire,Earth,Light,darkness and spirits (undead spirits).


When the seven  elements came to earth they wanted a certain human to rule earth. Light and Darkness(the Queen and king of the elements) decided they would split earth into seven parts. 


The seven parts of earth became kingdoms. The fire kingdom was ruled by ------. The Earth kingdom was ruled by--------. The water kingdom was ruled by------. The nature kingdom was ruled by-------. The sprit kingdom was ruled by--------. The light kingdom was  ruled by---------. The dark kingdom was ruled by Queen Scarlet and Her heir is  Princess Victoria.



Now every king and queen has an heir and the most powerful heir is Victoria the daughter of the dark queen/king. 


The kingdoms came together to make a academy so their children and others could learn to control their powers


( If you don’t want to be a ruler or their heir you can be a student or a teacher)


Fire Queen/King:

Fire prince/princess:

People from the fire kingdom:


Earth Queen/King:

Earth prince/princess:

People from the earth kingdom:


Water Queen/King:

Water prince/princess: Prince Moray

People from the Water kingdom:


Nature Queen/King:

Nature prince/princess:

People from the Nature kingdom:


Sprit Queen/King:

Sprit prince/princess:

People from the Sprit kingdom:


 Light Queen/King:

Light prince/princess: 

People from the Light kingdom:


Dark Queen/King: Queen Scarlet 

Dark prince/princess: Princess Victoria (Sunnylove)

People from the Dark kingdom:







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