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Soris Ithillos [MoonFlower]

Astral Elf



A young detective that looks into all kinds of cases. He works for his own agency… Out of his own home. He doesn’t work alone though. A young tabaxi girl he picked up a long time ago helps him out.


She is the more investigative type where he is able to pick up lies. He is also the more aggressive one. He is quick to start a fight if he needs to.

He used to work for a larger company, but he left when he felt like they couldn’t get results fast enough.


He doesn’t normally have a lot of money. As most people like to go to the actual police department.

When a vigil came to him about a portal that could possibly lead somewhere dangerous he decided to take a look and boy was it something dangerous.





Jade Mask

Tabaxi [Wolf]

Artificer [Battle Smith]


A scruffy tabaxi girl that had grown up on the streets She had tried to pickpocket Soris and when he caught her instead of arresting her he decided that she could serve her time in community service. Which meant helping him with everything he needed help with. She became a small detective with him. He had taken her in. fed her and clothed her.


She didn’t trust him at first, but he treated her like a child. It wasn’t long before she started viewing him as more than just a commanding officer, but almost like an elder brother. He wasn’t very good at investigating things, but she was. At first she hated this job, but now she works alongside him rather happily. Though she would never tell him that. She likes giving him a hard time.


She had thought going into a portal would be dangerous without knowing its origins, but was given no choice when Soris insisted that they had to go.













Aasimar [Radiant Soul]

Paladin [Oath of ???] [God]


A young woman that works for the hellriders. She has been with them since she was young. A young aasimar that doesn’t remember much about her origins, but doesn’t seem to care. She believes that what she is doing is the right thing.


The fall of the city she had lived within had been an awful blow. A terrifying thing. Yet she refused to let this just be the end of things. She wanted to rescue the very place that had taken her in.






























Percival [Percy] Rainthorn


Ranger [Horizon Walker]



A young vigil who didn’t know his ward. A young man that has traveled through many portals. He has a hatred for anything that usually comes from those portals. He doesn’t remember much about his family or anything. He only has the burning desire to kill demons. He looked into a lot of books on the multiverse. Things written by Mordenkainen. The different things he has written has made finding portals and hunting demons much easier for him.


He has become quite his fan. Usually portals are easy for him, but when he feels one is too dangerous he will sometimes look for capable people that may be able to fight alongside him. That’s what he did with the most recent portal he found. It felt so dangerous. So vile. He knew he was going to need help, so he got help from a detective and his partner. What he didn’t expect was when they went through the portal… It closed.


Though he is a vigil he doesn’t know who his ward is. Because he has traveled and been to many places he hasn’t felt the pull or the emotions of the person he is supposed to be watching over. Therefore he doesn't understand his purpose.

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Fairy Prince

Zepher Cynfael

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DM Player Story Notes




And Angel roots.

Hmm.. could maybe do something with that. Maybe she tied the blade down instead of Yael? 

Bahamut Paladin



Find out his father was an archmage. Though he keeps his identity hidden. The Astral scholar's aid in times of need and Slvarius would like his aid once more. Than and only than she may share whom his father is. (Gotta figure that out.) 

But they would offer him a place in the Candle Keep as a scholar.


Jade Mask

Can keep her origins of launching herself into a portal with Soris. However was thinking of Soris being recruited also involving her as well.



A vigil tied to the detective twins.

Can think of ward and celestial bonds as the story progresses.




Paladin of Dragons (Bahamut but is directly underneath Burney)

Warlock Patron

Zariel (Just see's a beautiful angel and is slowly craving and being seduced without realizing it)


Zepher Cynfael

Damh is his true name, son of Titania and Oberrion prince of fairies. However Avernus had stolen his domain and with it.. His Archfey abilities. Obberon had talked with Slyvarius in keeping his guise. He going to restore the fey.

He is the Fairy Prince


Paladin Oath of Ancient

(Oath to mother Titania)


Archfey Patron (Father Obberion)

However his powers derive from his old Archfey form.


Sakomoto Sato

Was in the agency and had heard of Jade and Soris. He was stalking them one day, (A slow fan of Jade) upon entering the portal he has well entered.

He will lie at Candle Keep and say he was sent from the interdimensoal force.

Already leading and solving the case of the Vanthapurs. He had found a blade of lightning (Taking hidden lords place) that he will entust to Jade and her brother to earn their trust. Despite becoming a well know detective and leading a small force to stop the vanthapur's and the dead three he still admire's Jade.

He's been looking to find a doctor as he suffers from extreme paranoia and his prescriptions are running out it would seem causing old thoughts to slip through. He see's the vanthapur's and the dead three are the beginning of a case much larger than himself.





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