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InkiInki   5d ago


Hello Lovelies, I am looking for a few partners to role-play with.

What I like~

  • Anime or illustrated pictures only!
  • Someone who can write 1500+ Characters 
  • 1x1
  • Romance (romance is required at least a little) 
  • Drama
  • Horror / Thriller
  • Violence 
  • Werewolf / Vampire ? Dhampir 
  • Vampire or Werewolf x Dhampir 
  • Vampire x Neko or Werecat (or any were-creature for that matter) 
  • Furries
  • Paranormal / Supernatural 
  • MxM / FxF / MxF
  • (Please note I will not role-play with Minors) 


What I dislike ~

  • One liners 
  • Real Photos 
  • Zombies or Apocalyptic themes
  • Large Groups (small groups might be okay) 
  • Pregnancy of any type 


If you are interested want to role-play with me please pm me! 

Thank you for reading~


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