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🌙Awake at Midnight🌙

By Canadian_Beaver
Backup thread

// Open at 9pm - 7am //


  • Blood/fighting
  • handholding/Cuddles
  • Mild cursing
  • Mild Chaos (Please keep it calm for the most part)
  • Other language's 
  • Jokes

No aloud:

  • OOC fighting.
  • A lot of cursing
  • detailed gore
  • kissing/other things
  • fighting over Religion or Lgbtq+ (Please avoid mentioning it)
  • No offensive jokes
  • No ships (Unless canon)
  • Overpowered characters
  • Not allowed to hurt other people characters without consent 

Banned Fandoms (Do to reasons):

  • Afton Family
  • Little Nightmare
  • MHA
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Canadian_BeaverSiren   22d ago


I am tired but also bored so I don't want to sleep

Canadian_BeaverSiren   22d ago


I love this photo he is so cool Siren is hot from the tcfsv But he is mine now and Is not like the story because I like the photo and took me a while to find him :>

Canadian_BeaverSiren   21d ago


Time to break my own rules and talk during chat closed times because I am bored hehehe


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