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Begin Again (closed!)

By MourningGlory
Backup thread

What if you could do it all again? Tell the boy or girl you loved that you love them. Go to a different college and take a different major? Live the life you thought you always wanted? Would you take that chance to rewrite your story to see a different ending?

Muse A and Muse B are both dead. They know their lives had not been what they had wanted. Always had they been friends, but always had secretly been in love. Sure their lives had not been terrible but there had always been what ifs.

Well God gives them a second chance to do it again. The catch, no memories of each other. Can they find their way back and have what they always dreamed of? Or will their second chance be a disaster?

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MourningGloryBlaise Rios   34d ago
Lady of the Night

Blaise Rios

'You have one more chance. Use it well. You will not remember the life that you led before. That means the woman you married, the children you had, the job you loved, and that one person who meant everything to you. This life will all be brand new. It will be a blank slate and like starting over from scratch. Do you understand?' Came the words from two pairs of voices. One seemed like it was on his left and the other on his right. Both voices said the same words as if in perfect synchronization that it seemed more like a buzz within his ears than anything else. 'Blaise, do you understand what we are telling you?' The voices spoke once more. Whoops, it looked like the man old was he? had taken too long and those speaking to him were not at all pleased that a response had not been given as of yet. "Yes, I understand what I am being told...but I don't understand why this chance is being given." Came soft words as a hand moved over his eyes as he was TRYING to see past the two lights on either side of him to see the faces of the seemingly bodiless voices. But it was to no avail. Because after the man had spoken his words, everything faded into a white mist of sorts and he felt as though he were sliding down a HUGE slide…

“Goddamn it…That dream is getting to be old. Every damned night and still NO fucking  idea what it even means. I thought my sleeping pills were meant to help…not give me riddles for dreams.” Blaise grumbled as brown eyes peeked up at the darkness that seemed to be still coating the ceiling above his bed. For the moment, the man of twenty-seven was avoiding those glaring red numbers on the alarm clock on the nightstand to the left of his bed. He did NOT want to know what unholy hour he had woken at this time. But before he could even turn over and figuratively face the music, “Eye of the Tiger” began to blare, causing him to groan loudly and cover his face with his pillow. Looked like it had only been minutes before the damn alarm was supposed to wake his ass up anyway.

“Well…looks like time to get up and face the day…” The man muttered as he pushed his pillow off his face and let his hand flop around until it found the off button and all bit slammed down on the thing to shut off the alarm. Once it was off, Blaise rubbed the sleep (or as much of the sleep) from his eyes before he got up and made his way to the bathroom, looking into the mirror and rubbing the stubble on his chin. It had looked better and it had looked worse, so the man merely shrugged and got into the shower. Ten minutes later, he was done and throwing on his clothes that he had left on the computer chair at his desk the night before, running his fingers through his hair, grabbing his backpack, keys, wallet, and books and racing out the door to grab a quick breakfast at the small coffee shop across from the college.

Since it was still early, the twenty-seven year old had decided a nice walk would be good for him. Maybe he would be able to forget his damn dream and gain some focus for the day. But that didn't seem to happen because as he walked, the words played over and over again like some sort of broken record. Had it been minutes or an hour when he reached the coffee shop? Hell if he knew, but he was surprised to see a young woman there he was sure he would have remembered seeing before. For a moment he did seem frozen to the spot and just stared at her. She seemed…familiar…but yet he knew that he had never seen her before. Without really thinking anything through, Blaise made his way over.

“Hey there…I was wondering if you're new here? By the way, I'm Blaise and was also wondering if you wanted to get a coffee with me?” Awkward…He had been awkward as hell but he had NEVER been good with first encounters. Plus, the woman being as beautiful and mystifying as she seemed to him had been of no help either. So now after making a complete fool of himself, the ball was in her court. Blaise just hoped she wouldn't shoot him down.


-BeautyFromPain-Holland   32d ago


‘This is your final chance. You have one chance to get everything that you wanted. The one downfall - you don’t remember who your husband was, what your life was like… You are completely starting over.' The brunette blinked and then chewed on her lip. She didn't want a second chance. She ended up falling in love and marrying the most handsome man in the world. And then things went all south when they both ended up dying. She thought maybe that he would get the same chance and that she would fall in love with the same man again. She pursed her lips as she pondered the idea. “But, why is this happening?” She didn't even know who she was talking too. “Do you agree or do you disagree, Sloane?”  Sloane realized that she hasn't answered these voices that were speaking to her. “Yes, I agree.” That was all what was said until everything went dark. 

Beep Beep Beep… 

The brunette groaned as she heard her alarm going off. She blinked her eyes open a few times and then her brown eyes scan the area. Did she really have that same nightmare again? Sloane sighed as she pushed her fingers through her hair. She was tired having the same nightmare over each night. Makes for a very long night with little to no sleep. She decided that she needed to get up and get ready for the day. She definitely was going to need coffee today. She walked into the bathroom and looked at her reflection. What is going on with me? She splashed some cold water on her face and then sighed deeply. She didn't even want to shower or anything. She grabbed a ponytail and threw her hair into a messy bun. She applied very little makeup, so she can hide the bags under her eyes. She grabbed the remainder of her stuff, and then decided to head to the coffee shop across from the college. She didn't have time to make her own coffee. 

It took her about 10 minutes to drive there. She parked and inhaled deeply. She walked in and ordered her coffee and then also ordered a muffin. She needed this coffee to not screw up her belly. Sloane's mind was completely on last night nightmare or dream. Whatever we are calling it. It just kept repeating in her head like it was a song on repeat. She moved to the side once she paid for her coffee and muffin and just waited. She looked at her phone, and realized she had plenty of time before she had to get to her first class. If she could even make it through the first class without falling asleep. 

Sloane froze in place as she heard a voice behind her. She thought the voice sounded familiar. She turned around and looked at the male that was in front of her. Her eyes were scanning him all over. She seemed to form no words. It was a good 5 minutes before she realized that she hasn't said anything at all. “Do I know you?” Those were the only words that she could seem to form. 

She shook her head and then smiled at him. “Sorry, I thought I knew you from somewhere. I'm Sloane. Nice to meet you. And sure I can get a coffee with you. I already ordered, I'm just waiting for it.” She smiled and then realized her name was being called for her to grab her coffee and muffin. Once she grabbed it, she sat down at a table. “I have time before I have to go to class, if you want to sit.”

MourningGloryBlaise Rios   28d ago
Lady of the Night

Blaise Rios

Flashes. There were flashes before the man's eyes as the young woman stood before him. Though he tried to focus on what he was seeing, there was no way in hell he could make them out. His mind was too foggy for it AND the flashes seemed as if they were playing too quickly on an overly bright computer screen. ‘Fuck me. She seems familiar somehow. And yet trying to think of from where it’s like I just can't. What the hell…' 

Was is seconds or was it minutes that the silence hung between the two of them? He honestly had lost track of the time (which seemed to be becoming more and more of a thing as of late). It wasn't until the beauty before him, Sloane as she introduced herself as spoke was he able to FINALLY get his head out of the clouds and give a small and timid smile.

I had been thinking the same thing. But it's nice to meet you…Also would love the company. Eating and drinking alone can get boring and lonely.” Fuck that seemed completely lame of him to have even said. But currently it seemed that Blaise had little to no filter and what was on his mind seemed to be slipping out of his mouth. Which was funny in a completely ironic sense as he was generally more careful in his thoughts and what he actually shared.

“Let me order and I'll take a seat with you.” And after he said the words, Blaise was ordering an black coffee and a blueberry bagel. It didn't take too long and the place wasn't THAT busy yet. So his order was done quickly and as he had said, Blaise rejoined Sloane and tooke the seat across from her at the table.

Dark eyes were on the woman he sat across from as he took her in again. It bugged him how familiar she seemed and how he could NOT place her. But he was quick this time to sweep those thoughts under the rug so to speak. “So…I forgot to ask what classes you're taking. For me it's law and some others.” Lame of him again. But he figured if he wanted to know some about her then he would have give some as well. Or that was the sense he got. Blaise knew he didn't like to have things asked of him without anything given in return.

“I mean if you don't mind me asking. Like I said before ordering and getting my stuff.. Don't exactly get out much or talk to others much. And this just seemed like a good topic since we both seem to have classes today…”


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