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Broken Promises

By AmberArcher
Backup thread

Amber and Y/C were friends since birth. Joint at the hip, hands held and one never seen without the other. Everything was perfect. The two of them were happy together. And they promised each other that no matter what happened, the would be together. Until they weren’t.

The government was controlling. Those without money or importance weren’t given the protection and rights that, those who did, get. And unfortunately Amber’s family wasn’t so well off and Y/C’s was. My family was moved to a higher level of living, in a whole different part of the continent [Think Attack on Titans.]

Amber’s family was turned away by the government. Ending up with them getting killed and Amber being orphaned. She was saved by a rebellion group who had been gaining mass. She was taught to fight there, and train for a revolution.

Years pass, and the rebellion wages war on the government. What Amber wasn’t expecting to see was her old friend, Y/C, Fighting on the side of the Government. A changed man from who she used too know.



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