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✧ "Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream..." ✦


A mysterious letter appeared in your rooms. Of course all of you have no idea who each other are yet. The letter is written beautiful hand writing, with script that flow so beautifully and delicately across the paper. The paper was the finest stock, even the embossing on the letter seemed fancy. There was a one thing odd about the letter, it had a strange but pleasant scent to it. Other than the fact it had shown up in your guys bedrooms mysteriously. There was no return address, only your name was on the envelope. As you open it you decided to read through the fancy script. The letter reads: You are formally invited to the castle of Stormholme. I required your assistants you see. The town and townsmen have been attacked by wolves. These wolves are no ordinary wolves, they each hold a sacred powers. There are four wolves that are known to have this special gift. I will explain more when enter my castle walls. I heed you, do not speak of this to anyone. It must remain our little secret. Please come to my kingdom at once. The letter I sent you will show the way. If you decided not to come burn this letter at once.   Thank you  __ Your King 

At the Castle

All of you came, following the golden paper instructions closely. It led you to a carriage, that was lead by four black horses. The driver of the carriage was buried under a thick heavy coat a worn top hat. It was hard to see the man's face. As you enter the carriage you are  met by three unfamiliar faces. The carriage pulled you through the town that was named Stormview. As you looked out the carriage windows you notice the town seemed almost abandon. There were many home a small shops bored up. Even the sky seemed grey and gloomy. It seemed they were planning for another attack or some sort? As you continue towards the castle it comes into view. It is dark and dreary looking. Almost looks haunted. The large gates open letting the carriage in. The carriage stops at the large oak doors. The doors open revealing a small tabaxi. She is dressed in cream and gold colors. It seem she a knight of some sort judging by her gold hilted sword. Her long black hair simmer in the dull light as she silently lead to the king. She doesn't say anything to you but she leads you down a dimly lit hall that your could barely see own hand in front of your face. You all enter a dimly lit room. 

“ last we meet” a dark voice says. You can tell the voice is coming almost from above. The room you are led to is very large. It was hard to see clearly. Sitting ever so slight above you was the King. The ruler of Stormholme. “I am grateful that you all have made it here safely.” he said in low voice. It was clear he didn't want you to see his face with how dark the room was. All you could see was a gleam coming from his crown and the chair he sat on."I have call you all here one reason and one reason a lone. I need you to get me something… I seems I have lost something precious to me… As you can see the town is  bare and withered. I need you three to bring me the Wolves of four seasons. In order to return life back to this town those beasts must be contain here in this castle. I know the task at hand seem difficult but if you do this for me you will be reward handsomely." he said with a smile. Lou snapped his slender fingers, and candle light chandelier lit up in dim light. 

It reveal a little more about the room. Shortly after the chandelier lit up In the dim light you could see a slender young man who was barely dressed. As he step into the light you could see he was draped in silk and gold. Along with some beautiful gems. It also was clear the man had two golden colored snakes slithering around him.  

 “I will send my gem Yami with you, he will help you find the wolves I seek! He will also show you to the room you will be staying in for the night.” he said softy. The sounds of wolves and other creature could now be heard. The howling of wolf was near by. “As you can hear it far too dangerous to leave the castle at night, I advice you all stay in your rooms until morning.” he said with soft sigh. The pink hair boy lead you down a dimly lit hallway. Each of your had your own room. They were all different, but all lavishing. Rooms each contained a large comfy bed, a desk and an oil lamp, a fire place and even a closet to sore you things. There was a letter in each of your room. “I thank thee again. I am glad you are here. Tomorrow you will set out but before you go you are invited to have breakfast with the king.” the writing and paper are not like before.  A hot meal didn't sounds that bad now did?


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