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bitter.nymeria.   18d ago

A relatively small group of men, who has been sent out to search for the last Changeling to exist. Believing that the Astaroth family had been dead for almost 20 years now, which spark a large war on their behalf. The Astaroth House had been the Northern protectors, protecting the Ulsa Realm from the mythical and terrifying beasts that laid claim to the rough, snowy terrain beyond the Realm. But, the King hated strange things, especially people with strange powers and had the Astaroth family killed in their own castle in the dead of night. Nymeria was the only one who managed to escape with the help of her father's guard, Aster Belldom. He was a kind, older man that held much respect for the family. He managed to save the youngest daughter and get her overseas, where no one could touch her. He handed her a pouch of gold and told her to never come back to Ulsa. Of course, the Changeling Princess would have to come back eventually, being older and ready to take on what threats would come to her. She was done living in hiding across the black sea. 20 years later and the girl was coming to take her revenge and her claim back on her Northern Kingdom. 

A set of yellow eyes watched from the bushes at the group of men hooted and hollered about how the Changeling had been seen in the Western Kingdoms and that they were going to take her head straight to the King to get the large box of gold and the castle that would be promised to whomever got a hold of the female Changeling. The Southern King knew the threats that were posed by Nymeria and the fact that one or more of the Kingdoms would rise up against them if they caught wind that the Changeling was definitely back. 

Carefully, Nymeria slinked out of the bushes before walking straight up behind the largest man of the group. Her piercing yellow eyes stared down through the helmet upon the man before her before she drove her dagger into his back, ripping it from his body before pushing him over into the fire that they sat at. The other two men scrambled to get up, basically pissing themselves. They both were mumbling about its her, a ghost, before holding up swords against her. 

“Two against one, especially a lady. That's not particularly fair,” Nymeria dodged the first attack before she unsheathed her sword. It was a long, board sword with a skull of a wolf on the hilt, which was also made out of leather and moonstone. The sword, itself, was made from dragon glass, a type of material only found across the black sea where dragons still existed and weren't hunted for sports. She swung her sword, cutting one of the men in half before she turned on the last one. “I'm only allowing you to live to go tell your masters that I am still alive and I will be coming for his head,” Nymeria sheathed her sword before watching the blood splattered man scurry away. She knew now that there would be even more people on her trail, so moving North or East would be in her best interest. Finding a town or even a small village that would protect her for a short while. 

For now, Nymeria rolled the large man would of the fire to enjoy the little bit of warmth that it provided for a short rest as she cleaned the blood from her long sword. She rested it against her leg that was crossed in front of her. Using a soft, stained rag, she wiped the blood clean from her blade once more, as if it was an act of love. It was a soothing moment for her as the fire crackled. Her sharp yellow eyes softened for a moment, looking at the moon in the reflecting of the blade. For a moment, she found herself in deep thought of whether it was worth it for her to come back to a place that had probably long forgotten the importance of the Astaroth family.  She could turn back, go back to a simple life. Good food, better win, and silk beds. War did not exist, like it did in Ulsa. Hate was a powerful thing and being different never went well in the long run. 

After sitting for a short while and feeling rested, Nymeria sheathed her sword once more and began on her way. She was headed towards a small fishing village right off the river and eventually, she was going to follow the river to the Western wetlands to speak with her family's previous bannerman, hoping that the loyalty may remain. 



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