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By Canadian_Beaver
Backup thread

Sans AU rp


  • Killer Sans (Me)
  • Horror Sans (Me)
  • Dust/Murder Sans (Me)
  • Nightmare (flippyflipqy)
  • Error Sans (flippyflipqy)
  • Classic Sans (flippyflipqy)
  • Core Frisk (flippyflipqy)


  • Blood/fighting
  • handholding/Cuddles
  • Mild cursing
  • Alternative Sans AU (Empireverse, DreamSwap, DreamReset, X Event & Etc)
  • Own Fanon AUs
  • Ship Children
  • Mild Chaos (Please keep it calm for the most part)
  • Other language's 
  • Only 4 Sans's for each person

No aloud:

  • Ships 💚
  • OOC fighting.
  • A lot of cursing
  • detailed gore
  • kissing/other things
  • Overpowered Sans (King Multiverse, Error404, Alpha Sans, Biotale Sans, Alpha God, Bill sans, Etc)
  • Saying your Fanon is Canon
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Canadian_BeaverKiller sans   24d ago

Killer sans

Sits down in the snow as he swings his knife around in his hand

Canadian_BeaverHorror sans   23d ago

Horror sans

He looks over at Killer before looking up at the sky as snow fell he held his axe in his hand, then walks away going through the foest they where in waiting for a order

flippyflipqyCore frisk   22d ago

Core frisk

no expression is shown as she stands in the middle of no where

Canadian_BeaverMurder sans   22d ago

Murder sans

Dust teleports next to Horror wondering on what mission they are even doing since the Timeline/AU they where in was empty

flippyflipqyCore frisk   22d ago

Core frisk

she just looks around her seeing trees, then she sits down in the snow

Canadian_BeaverMurder sans   22d ago

Murder sans

Dust and Horror walk through the trees both silent neither of them not being people who talk a lot especially with each other since they know a lot about each other and been working with each a while under Nightmare. Dust notices Core Frisk and ignore her since he has ran into her many times and she wasn't a target he was looking fore even though he didn't even know what his target even was neither did killer or horror.

flippyflipqynightmare sans   22d ago

nightmare sans

Nightmare stared at dust

ᴱᴿᴿᴼᴿ ˢᴬᴺˢ

error was just walking around


Canadian_BeaverMurder sans   22d ago

Murder sans

Dust looked at Nightmare questioning on what Nightmare wanted, Horror looked between the two crossing his arms as he held his axe in hand


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