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Yewan     35d ago

It was a dark and stormy night when a little two-year-old was placed on a dimly lit doorstep, a little boney finger reached out and pushed the doorbell before disappearing into the night. A ringing rung through the house as a light flicked on in one of the upper windows, before too long a light flicked on downstairs near the door. It opened a few minutes later to see a middle height man poking his head out looking left and right before looking down, his eye widened in shock.

“Hunny, you may need to see this..” He called out as he fully opened the door to look at the little paled skin, dark haired girl sleeping on his doorstep. “What's going on dear?” A soft voice slowly came up behind him. Her eyes were partially closed as she yawned with exhaustion. “Come on…. Who is at the door so late… What did they want?” She looked up at him before following her his gaze and gasped in shock, she rushed to the small child sort of nudging her husband out of the way. “Don't just stand there like an idiot Jason help me with her!”

Jason stood in a stupor for a moment more as his wife glared at him. Regaining some control back he knelt down and picked up the little girl bring her inside the house as Claire shut the door. “She isn't even tall enough to reach the doorbell, I wonder who would leave a child like this..” His voice trailed off as she looked at the little girl in his arms. She was so frail feeling, and her lips were slightly blue from being out in the cold but she shivered even though her breathing was shallow they knew she was alive and that she would make it…

Time skip to twenty-seven years later…

A knock at the door startled Nimora awake, crawling out of bed she reached for her robe and put it on before heading out her room and down the hallway, through the Livingroom and opening her front door. Her door was barely open when a force pushed it open, knocking her to her butt, be mauled… well licked to death by a black and white speckled newfoundland. “Oops, Pepper down… sit…” A semi tall young man was trying and tugging on the leash of the beast with no prevail. “I'm sorry sis, you know she loves you more then me” He chuckled a bit, dropping the leash he helped his sister off the floor as Pepper when to explore the apartment to make sure nothing has changed. “You need to train that dog of yours better.” She tried to bush herself off, glaring at her brother but his laugh was too infectious, and she ended up laughing at well.

The visit with her brother was always a good time, he made them lunch and they chatted about work, mom and dad's retirement, visiting them together, the new girl he is dating and the fact Pepper doesn't like her very much. After a few hours of catching up, He and a very reluctant Pepper left to run a few errands. Nimora finished cleaning up after lunch and then showered and dressed. She couldn't believe she had slept in so late, though it was very understandable the project she had been working on at work just finished up but ended around midnight. After getting dressed in more decent clothing then her pajama shorts, tank and robe, she then locked up her apartment and set forth into the world on such a beautiful overcast Saturday.

She hopped in her little bug of a car that was parked at the curb almost in front of her apartment. She thought for a moment and decided to walk, she grabbed her bag from the passenger seat and made sure to grab her compacts umbrella before locking the car and setting off. Her first stop of a bookstore that was relatively close to wear she lived. 

The little bell rang out then she walked through the door and was greeted by a smiling clerk. Nimora smiled in return before roaming around, going up and down each isle. She picked up a couple of new Mangas that they got in to complete her collection at home. She also grabbed a couple of fantasy type books before going to pay for everything and leaving. She carried a paper bag wrapped in a plastic one down the street to her next destination.

After being out for several more hours she returned with like twenty bags on each arm, she practically acted like she was a she-hulk until she made it into her apartment and placed all the bags on the floor. Her arms were like Jello as she inspected the indents that the bags made all over her arms. With a sigh she began unloading all that she bought. First was groceries, some milk, eggs, bread, etc. Next was her books since her kitchen and Livingroom are connected, she placed all the books on the shelf in order. Last was a few garments of clothing, there were two oversized black hoodies that just looked really comfortable.

It was almost nine 'o' clock at night when she was done putting thing away, her stomach rumbled very unlady-like might I add. She walked to the kitchen and took a few ingredients out for a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich. After eating she curled up with one of her books on the couch and must have dozed off while reading.

It was a round midnight as her sleeping figure was tossing and turning like she was having a nightmare. That wasn't the only thing, when she started to levitate the whole street began shaking, car alarms were going off, winds had picked up severely, people were panicking, all the while a soft reddish glow surrounded our sleeping beauty. She woke with a thud on the floor and covered in sweat and the natural like disaster stirring up outside stopped when she woke, even the car alarms stopped as well. It was all too strange. Still being rather groggy, she got up off the floor and went to her room to flop across her bed and fall back asleep rather instantly and nothing strange happened for the rest of the night.

Do Do Do….. Ting Ting…. Do Do Do…. Ting Ting…

Her alarm went of the next morning, her eyes fluttered open as she rolled onto her back with a major headache and still rather exhausted. Reaching for her phone, she silenced the alarm and got up going to the bathroom. Once the morning routine was done, she was in the kitchen eating breakfast when she noticed a letter that was slipped under her front door. It was strange because she had a mailbox so why was there a dark navy blue envelope with a goldish wax seal under as door.

Opening the letter exposed of flash of really right light and it was over in an instant. The force of magic used for teleportation can be very overwhelming for those not in practice of magic. The letter transports people that get them to the front of Sommerset Academy for learning magic. Being ripped into the magical realm caused Minora to lose consciousness and she laid in the grass in front of this very large academy, little did she know she wasn't going to be alone.

Yewan     35d ago

Cin was a pretty average teenage girl, being the middle child of the family sucked and she was looked over accidentally of course. She new her Parent's loved her and both of her eldest siblings were off at college. She turn 16 just before her first days at high School where to begin.

Her family has lived in this town all her life, her two eldest siblings went to the same high School when they were her age and she believes the house they live in is actually grandmother's house on her dad's side. Now that she thinks about it she thinks one portion of her family has always been here.

Sin always hoped that she wouldn't be stuck in the small town of Beaumont. It was one of those everybody knew everybody towns because of how small it was. The elementary school was combined with the Middle School and the high school was separate. There wasn't really a college so any college one went to was town which was such a heavenly thought.

Just because we were in a small town high school was high School you had your cliques and the bullies. Her twin siblings were at the top of the food chain in high school. They were of the popular people, the twins had brown hair and of course everybody in her family has blue eyes, but being identical had its advantages until her sister got boobs. But in general they were really pretty people.

It was the first day of school and thank goodness it was homeroom. What the purpose of homeroom is, not 100% sure. I believe homeroom is a type of class to help you catch up on homework if you forgot to do it or maybe get in a little extra studying if you got tests and what not.

The bell rang which signified next class. With it being the first day it was all about introductions and getting a jiff of each class. After about three Classes then Lunch and after Lunch then three more classes. All the repetitiveness was getting rather annoying. After school a few mishaps happened but she was sure it was pure coincidental. 

Only homework Cin was given was some weird Penpal Program assignment. Her English teacher Mr. Shmitt  explained to the class that their school was a participant in The Penpal Program and all students are to participate. She read over the worksheet he handed out earlier that day. She sat at her desk, holding her pencil between her lip and nose.

Tilting back in her chair she, thinking about what seems like a stupid assignment. Tilting too far back she was too slow to catch herself and hit the floor with a loud and painful thud. “Frickel frack , stupid Chair…” Cin said rolling off the chair on to her hands and knees. She stood and picked her chair up before sitting down and starting this letter.


Dear Penpal,

     I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Hyacinth but you can just call me Cin. I am sure your school is also making you participates in this program too. I am 16 and I go got Beaumont High. It's not a very big school, but neither is the town. 

Don't get me wrong, my family had been in the town for generations, I don't dislike it but I am getting tired of this everyone knows everyone type of area. We are practically in the middle of know where. We do have the ocean about thirty minutes away to the west of us, the north there is a city about five hours by car, it's ever longer going south, and I am not even sure about the east.

What about you? Do you live in a city or a town? 

Only large thing in my life is my family. We have my mom who is an interior designer, my dad who is an ophthalmologist which is an eye doctor. Then there are the twins, my oldest siblings they are both currently in college, then there is little ol' me, after me there is my younger brother who is in middle school, and last is my little sister, She is in her final year of elementary.

Literally being the middle child sucks hard core, I am loved but I do tend to get overlooked from time to time. I know they don't mean to, but it happens. Do you have a big family or a small one? Oh, do you have any pets? I always wanted a pet but after what happen to the elementary class bunny… Let's just say we are banned from owning one but it's like come on it was over ten years ago.

Do you have a Favorite color? I love Black as a main with cool color accents like blue, teal, and purple. I do like some warm colors too, but I am pretty fair skinned so not all colors looks great on me but I can't even wear what I want unless it's holiday or the weekend. Our stupid school has a uniform code.

I do hope to hear from whoever this letter may get assigned to. 



Cin :p

Tearing the letter out of her notebook, she folded it and put it in a blank envelope. She looked at the time and it was getting rather late. Shoving all her stuff in her backpack she then got up and laid in her bed. It didn't take long before sleep found her and she was off to dream land.

The next morning Cin was awoken with her alarm per usual. Her routine consisted or stretching, checking her phone, getting up to go to the bathroom, brushing her teeth, taking a shower, combing her hair, doing her make-up, going back to her room to get dressed, grabbing her backpack, and then going downstairs for breakfast. All in that order. 

After putting her shoes on she grabbed her bike and went to school. She often rode her bike to school, it was great exercise. She was planning to tryout for track and maybe an art program. When she got to school and locked up bike she turned and ran right into someone, Jason Barkley was staring down at her and glared before walking off. With a sigh she went on with her day. 

When English class rolled around, she and everyone else handed in their envelopes. Only thing written on them was the students names in the top corner. The teacher went through and stamped them with the school address, right under the student's names. From there someone came to collect them and they were sent out.

Yewan     35d ago

It had been a few days since Cin's and everyone else's letters were sent off. With in those few days Cin went through the motions of school. Her and her best friends didn't have one class in common which sucked, but they did have lunch so they would catch up then.

“Toni, Tina…. Why was school have to suck so much. There is this girl in like four of my classes that is such a B-I-T-C-H.” Cin said as she spelled the cuss word out and then covered her mouth and looked around as she sat at the lunch table where her two best friends sat. Toni and Tina Benson were identical twins. The had brown eyes and almost Platinum blonde hair. They got it from their mother, she was the one with the Platinum blonde but, their eyes came from their father. Cin had known the Tina and Toni since Elementary school. 

They looked at her and burst out laughing at the innocence of their friend. “Gurl, you still won't cuss? What are you, five?” Tina said. “Yeah, five…” Toni chimed but was smacked on the arm by Tina and began laughing even more. Cin glared at them both as she picked at her food. The school was serving some sort of meat, kind of looked like meatloaf and mash potatoes. The food didn't look appetizing, so she stuck with her milk and fruit side salad.

“You know why I don't cuss. I swear everything I do ends up back to my mom and dad, while my dad may not actually punish me. You guys know the lectures my mom gives and if I go down, I will take the two of you with me.” Cin smirked as their faces fell. Janice Micheals could lecture for hours without getting tired or running out of breath. The twins put their hands up in unison as a surrender type gesture.

“So, what's the girl's name that you don't like?" Tina said hoping to get the conversation back to before the mention of Mrs. Micheals. “Brittany Hill.” She said her name through gritted teeth. Toni gasped. “It's only been a week since school started and she was chosen as head cheerleader. I think it's because her sister was head cheerleader for the four years she was here.” Cin looked in disgust, Brittany's sister was friends with her older siblings, and she always seemed nice, but Brittany was definitely a bitch. 

“Anywho, how were your guys first Penpal letters?” Toni and Tina Looked at each other and grimaced. “That bad?” Cin tilted her head just enough that her dirty blonde hair barely shifted. “Where do I even begin, I got some snooty girl that wrote a whole letter about herself.” Tina rolled her eyes. “At least yours talks about a human, mine droned on about dinosaurs.” He shook his head in disbelief.

Cin couldn't help but giggle. “That sounds pretty bad. I hope mine is nice. Maybe more on the normal side, but I am sure who ever I get will be an experience to remember I hope...” The twins glared at her. “Must be nice to have hope of a normal Penpal.”

Diiiiiing Dooooong ……. Diiiiiiiing Dooooooong!

The bell rang signifying lunch to be over and for the next class. Cin and her friends said their farewell before heading off to different classes. It just so happens that English was next for her. This school was trying something new out. It's called rotating classes. The only class that doesn't rotate is homeroom. But the other subjects do. So, if Cin had P.E. on Tuesday for fourth period, Wednesday it would be a different period. It was rather annoying but thankfully the school wasn't large.

She walked into class and was handed her penpal letter. Everyone that entered got their letter, she sat at her desk and placed the letter in her bag. As she was trying to focus on the class someone behind her kept kicking at the back of her chair. From the snickering at each kick, it wasn't hard to tell who it was. Brittany. With a sigh she just ignored the childishness and took what note she needed as the teacher spoke. 

When class was over and Cin had exited, of course she gets shoulder bumped in the hallway. Brittany was getting more and more bolder with her bullying. It baffled her that she was disliked like that, but it always seemed like Brittany had it out for her even back when they attended the same daycare, Elementary school, Middle school, and now High school.

When school was over, she couldn't be gladder, unlocking her bike and peddling home was the best feeling. The ride from school to home wasn't bad. There weren't any hills, and it was only about two miles. When she got to her house, she parked her bike on the side and came back around to the front, walking up the four porch steps. Pulling out her set of keys and unlocking the door she stepped in.

Once she securely closed and locked it behind her she went to the kitchen and washed her hands. It was rather eerie like quiet in the house. “They must still be out….” Cin thought as she grabbed a Capri Sun and a strawberry uncrustable from the fridge as a snack. Going to her room with her snack, she began on her homework.

After a couple of hours of doing homework, she was done with everything but her letter. At some point she had put her headphones on to listen to music while doing her homework. With a stretch, she took a deep breath and was overcome with a grumbling stomach. She knew her mother was home and cooking dinner because the air smelled simply delicious.

Cin got up and left her room, when she reached the bottom of the stairs her mother spoke while her back was to her. “Hey Honey, I called out when we got home but you didn't answer so I went to check on you and you seemed so focus I didn't want to bother you. How was school? Did you get a response for that Penpal thing.” “Yes Mom, and I am sorry I didn't hear you guys come in. I just got my response; I haven't opened it yet though. I was going to read and reply after dinner. Speaking of dinner, what are we having tonight?" Cin said as she made her way to the dining table where her two younger siblings were already scarfing their faces with food. There was a place set for her, and her plate had some spaghetti on it that was untouched thank goodness.

She sat and began eating. Her younger siblings droned on about school and their friends, she was glad that they took up most of the attention. She didn't want to talk about school. She was the last to finish eating and thus had to do the dishes. She didn't mind though, she liked playing the soapy water. I know childish. 

Once everything was washed, dried, and put up she went back to her room after saying goodnight to her parents and siblings. She sat back at her desk and opened the envelope from her Penpal. She read it through and smiled slightly as she read his letter. She found herself giggling at some parts and felt sorry when she read, he had lost his father. Pulling out a piece of paper she began her response:

Dear Maverick,

    I am glad my letter found you pretty well as you stated lol. I like your name, it's different I will say you are the first Maverick I have met, so that's cool. In your letter you said you don't think you have ever been to the beach. I will say depending on where you are the beach can look a little different but it's so wonderful. The sand is so soft under your feet. Gotta make sure you have some sort of mesh bag to get the sand off everything. Sand is like water it gets on and in everything lol.

Your cussing doesn't bother me. My friends do it. I am too scared too. I don't want to sit through one of my mom's disappointing lectures. Like she can talk for hours, and she doesn't even have to yell, and by the end of it you will feel so bad. It's awful. Any who, I am sorry to hear about you dad. I couldn't imagine losing someone like that.

Look at that we have stuff in common already. We both live in really small towns, where everyone knows everyone. We are both sixteen and we both like that color Blue. I think seeing your sketches would be awesome.

One to your questions, here are my answers lol;

  1. I am sixteen as well.
  2. Favorite subject, I would have to say Science.
  3. Skipping? Oh no, I would be disowned probably…
  4. The crescent moon would have to be my favorite shape, if that is a shape lol.

So far, my life is okay, I have a slight little issue but it's nothing I can't handle. I do hope to hear back from you, and I am sure that we will probably be the best of friends someday xD


Cin <3

Once she packed up the letter in an envelope and put it in her bag. Her first penpal letter was very cool, she took it, and hole punched it before putting it in a binder and on to the bookshelf it went. Cin eventually settled down and put on some pajamas before going to bed.

A loud chirping sound woke her the next morning, It was pretty early but only like fifteen minutes before her alarm. She got up and was the first to the bathroom. She took a shower, brushed her teeth and hair, then put on her uniform. 

She arrived at school a bit early and dropped her letter in the penpal mailbox that the teachers set up. before she sat in the school library until it was time for homeroom. She really hoped she could get a break from Brittany today. 

Yewan     35d ago

“My Darling little boy, who is the most handsome of them all? Don't tell Daddy but you are.” She softly giggled as she tossed a young Caspian in the air. He was laughing when she caught him and cooed at his face. He would tangle his little cubby fingers in her long black hair that draped forward when she looked down at him in her arms. Her soft blue eyes, her button like nose, the softness of her hair was like clouds in his hands. He loved her just like he was her whole world….

Bang!…. Bam!….. Thud!

Caspian was awoken by a few loud noises. Sitting up in bed he could see the red digits of the digital clock/radio on his desk. 5:00 AM, it read, with a sigh, he raked a hand through his hair as his bang fell back into place in his face. A cold chill ran up his spine as he heard a creaking noise that stopped just outside his bedroom door.

The turn of his door handle made him catch his breath and hold it. When the door didn't open and then the creaking moved away only to hear a door down the hall close. Only then he releases the breath he forgot he had been holding. His heart was hammering in his chest when he got out the bed. 

He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of black jeans that had a few rips but weren't too badly damaged. Next was a plain black t-shirt and his gray and black hoodie that had some skateboarding logo on the back. He dressed but as he did, he caught notice of the bruises that were still fresh looking on his side. He grimaced and turned away from his reflection of the crack mirror on his dresser. Once finished he brushed his hair and put on an eye patch for his blackened eye. The bruise has almost faded, and he had been getting away with telling the school that he had medicine drops in his eye. 

His pale skin makes it hard to hide bruises and he had to get super creative in hiding them from people. Luckily for him people thought he was clumsy, so a split lip very often wasn't a surprise. Once he was done, he grabbed his backpack and then left his room. He was as quiet as could be as he tip-toed downstairs. Putting on his shoes as he got to the door, he grabbed his skateboard and phone from near the front door and left. Making sure to close the door super quietly. 

He rode his skateboard to a small bakery and stopped to get him a coffee and perhaps a Danish. The sun was just starting to rise, and he sat at the bakery sipping his coffee and taking small bites of the cheese Danish he bought. He has sat at the bakery for about an hour watching everything waking up as the sun rose. His phone buzzed, picking it up a smile spread across his face when he read the name that appeared on his phone. 

He opened the text and it read: Good morning! I hope you are doing amazing this fine weekend morning. I'm just getting ready for cheer and then spending the rest of the day with momma. We should try and figure out a time to hang out and just talk. I miss you. I'll talk to you soon. -Rem

He read it a few times before replying. Yeah, Morning little robin. It's same old same old type day. lol. You know I am always free to hang with my best friend. Name a time and place, my treat. But yeah talk lates. -Cas

He grabbed his board and went on his way to this little part time job he had before art club was to meet up. He did a bunch of odd jobs to earn money. It's not like his dad provided for him. He spent the next few hours working in a medium class type Neiborhood mowing lawns, cleaning yards, and walking dogs. With in those few hours, he made almost four hundred dollars. He stopped by the bank first before having to get to the school for art club. 

He showered in the boys Gym room before meeting a few friends and the art teach in the art room. Today they were going to do photography, so they got loner cameras. He was looking forward to it.

Yewan     35d ago

Before she knew it, it was the weekend. She figured she wasn't going to see her penpal response till Monday. Brittany was seriously getting on her nerves. She couldn't understand. Her older siblings were best friends, she thought maybe she was jealous and wanted to get on top before Cin had a chance too but, in all honesty, Cin didn't want to be in cheerleading or be top dog. She did though try out for track and was accepted. 

Her parents were proud of her and when her siblings skyped in from college Friday night, her sister was the only one that was a little disappointed only because she was head cheerleader. She always thought Cin would follow in her footsteps. It's true, Cin loved her big sister and wanted to be just like her in every way when she was little. That's thing about growing up, people tend to spout off and start liking other things but that didn't mean she loved her sister any less. 

Her brother on the other hand was ecstatic. He ran track and her sister was still proud of her none the less. Cin also mentions that her Penpal was relatively normal, and how Toni and Tina got weird ones. Everyone was laughing. Cin was eventually ushered away as everyone else wanted to talk to them too. It wasn't only normal. We all missed Bryce and Bree. They were away in college studying, Bryce was looking into Law and Bree was studying business management.

Cin went to her room and laid on her bed. She looked at her cieling thinking about Brittany, she contemplated if she should tell Bree seeing they were friend's with Brittany's sister. Would that be tattle telling and would that make things worse for her? So many thoughts swam through her head that she was too distracted.

Bzzzt …. Bzzzt…

Her cell phone buzzed in alert to a text message coming through. The vibrations scared that crap out of her that she jumped a little and fell off the bed. With a huff she got up and snatched her phone of the bed with slight annoyance. The text was from the goup she was in with Tina and Toni. 

“Guuuuuurl!!! We say you with that hottie Jacob, what did he want to talk with you about?”

“Yeah what did he want to say…? Ouch, Tell Tina to stop hitting me ;(”

“How about you stop intervening in the group message with repeating me..”

“It's a GROUP message I can speak too, it doesn't mean you have to leave your room and barge into mine to hit me and then go back to your room.”

“You guys stop fighting it's fine, he just wanted to see if I wanted to go out with him. That's all.”



“What did you say?”

“Please for the love of god you said yes. He is sooooo sexy. Those chocolate brown eye…”

“And he is the quarter back too.”

“Yes, I said yes.”



“You gonna let him pop your cherry?”

“I am now done talking to you guys good night.”

Her phone kept going off with text from them, but she ignored it. She put her phone on the charger as she thought about Jacob. He was cute, had a bit of boyish charm to him. He was also the football quarterback. It was a surprised when he confessed and asked her out. She blurted out yes without really thinking about it. He had planned to pick her up tomorrow for a movie and some lunch.

When dinner rolled around, she let her parents know about her date. Her mother thought it was a nice concept, but her dad didn't approve. He spouted stuff like she was too young and that she couldn't date till she was thirty and stuff like that. Her mother just glared at him and said if he continued, he would be sleeping on the couch. It was typical of her dad to act like that though. He was like that with Bree and is even like that with Starling. Though he is much worst with her since she is the baby.

After her nightly routine and a good night's rest it was finally the next day. Sunday. The day of her big date. Waking up was nerve-wracking. Cin had never dated. Was never really interesting in that sort of thing. She was so nervous that she could eat breakfast. She could really sit still either. She paced her room and stared at her closet. As noon approached her mother came into her room and opened the laptop that sat on the desk. Opening skype, Bree was calling. Her mom and Bree helped her pick out an outfit. 

When Jacob arrived, he sat in the Livingroom with her father asking fifty bazillion question and making the poor boy uncomfortable. After her quick shower, she dressed in black leggings, denim shorts, a black tant top, and a denim vest. Her mother did her hair in loose waves down her back and a slight touch of make-up.

Their date went really well, and Jacob was a gentleman. She had a great time. The ate lunch first at a Pizza parlor called Gio's Pizza. Then they went to see some action movie. It was full of explosions and cars and kidnapping. It was all a good time. They even got to know a little more about each other. 

Before long it was finally Monday and back to school it was. Homeroom was good. Cin just realized as she was going through the classes, Jacob was in most of her classes, and he made it a purpose to get his seat next to hers. It was a cute notion. He even sat this her and her friends at lunch. He was being really sweet. 

This time English was her last class of the day. The Teacher let everyone know that Penpal Letters were now going to be delivered to home addresses after today. The teacher passed out the penpal letter and went about teaching. She didn't recall them doing this in the past but shrugged it off. She normally didn't look at her letter till she was home anyway. 

She was glad to have school over with. It was so nice to finally have some peace and quiet when she got home and was safe in her room. She did her homework like normal and then got to the letter. She read it over and was happy to get a few pieces of his artwork like he said he would send her. She hole punched the art and put them in the binder that she started for her Penpal stuff. She stuck his address in the front pouch and then began her reply. She first put her name and address in the upper left corner, before writing his name and address in the middle.

Dear Maverick,

    Your friend sounds really smart. I think when you skip it also goes on your permanent record or something… You are very good, your soft lines could probably use some work, but I really enjoyed your art. I doubt you will fail you have great potential and talent. I was taught to never put all your eggs in one basket. Art may be a passion but maybe look at a secondary until you primary can support you, you know… 

I hope that wasn't incredibly rude of me to say. I wouldn't mind keeping in touch after this whole penpal assignment was over, I think it would be wonderful to keep in touch. You like a genuinely cool person. I think my dad still keep in contact with his Penpal from when he went to school here. They skype from time to time. He lives in Asia somewhere… Well not lives he is in the army or something and is stationed in Asia somewhere.

As far as my issue, I was debating on telling Bree, that's my oldest sister, about Brittany. She has been a bit rude and I don't understand what her problem is. Her sister is best friends with both Bree and Bryce. They are even at the same college right now, so I don't understand why she seems to dislike me so much when she barely knows me. 

Oh but I did have a boy ask me out, he is the quarterback at my school, and we had our first date on Sunday. He was really sweet the entire time. We got lunch and saw an action movie. I did join the track team. I am the end or tail runner. I am so excited. I bike to school so my legs are in great shape. Wait no that sounds weird… eh I'm sorry. Okay I feel awkward now, I hope to hear from you. Till your next letter.


Cin <3

With that she put the letter in the envelope and ran downstairs, out the door, just to put it in the mailbox and put the red flag up to indicate that there was mail in the box to be taken. She returned to inside and went back to her room. She was super excited to get her next letter from Maverick. It was never an issue to get sleep for Cin and like any other time she was off to dream land in a heartbeat.

Yewan     35d ago

Caspian was halfway to the school when his phone buzzed in his back pocket. He slowed to a stop on his skateboard and took his phone out to read the text that came in. I'm always down to hang with you as well. I know it's been busy with cheer and the boyfriend and I'm sorry I haven't made time for you. What if we meet up later tonight? Watch some movies, order pizza, and maybe see if momma will let us have some of her booze? What do you say? 

It was odd he couldn't help but smile when he reads her texts. They had been through so much together, she was his best friend. Not only, but best. She was the most kind hearted person he knew. How she was able to accept Tobias was beyond him. Dude was a piece of work. He thought for a moment before replying.

You had me at booze… Kidding it was the pizza that had me lol. I would so be down for that. Now I got something to look forward too after Art club. Just let me know if I need to bring anything… Like your favorite candy, maybe xD just let me know, see you later. -Cas

He slipped his phone back into his back pocket and continued on his way. Once he got to the school, he noticed a few cars in the parking lot. The majority was from cheer and football practice that was going on. He got off his skateboard and put it in his backpack before going through the school gate. He stopped by his locker then went to the art room.

Mr. Cyrus was the teacher for art and he had his back to Cas as he walked into the classroom. “Damn bro, I thought that eyepatch was supposed to come off by now?” Sam said. Sam was a friend and classmate. He wasn't as tall at Cas but he was bulkier. Sam sung an arm around Cas' neck in a playful manner. Cas laughed. “And is that another split lip? Dude you seriously need to just not walk no more.” Sam let out a roaring laugh and a few others in the room joined in. 

“Yeah, they said a few more days and then I can take it off. But uh…. as for the lip I just accidentally reopened the one that was healing. Well my dad did with the help of a door…” Caspian laughed as Sam let him go. He was so lucky everyone bought his clumsiness as an excuse. “Okay class settle down, today we are going to use these cameras and do photography, exciting yes? We are going to go out and around the school and shoot a few pictures. The other club teachers already gave permission to let us photograph their class if we want. So let do this. Everyone come and get a camera, and set forth. When you are done with your roll come back and we will develop them ourselves. I will stay behind and turn this classroom into a dark room.” Mr. Cyrus said pulling a container of older model cameras that if broken would still cost a pretty penny to replace. 

Once Caspian got a camera, he left the class. He wandered around the school taking a few pictures here and there. The first was of the tree in the courtyard. Well to be more precise it was of the leaves. He zoomed in on the camera and captured part of the sky with the leaves framing in. The second picture a zoom in on a ladybug on the outer metal fence that surrounded the football field. 

He did stop a little to watch the football playing doing exercise. He quickly took a zoom in on the Coach yelling. It was a side profile shot. He was hoping that all you would see was his mouth open. He chuckled to himself at the thought before continuing on.

He wandered around the school taking a few more pictures. They were all angled in some shape or form. He was having a blast when he wound up back at the football field. This time in the bleachers though. He aimed his camera at a butterfly fluttering around. It took him a moment following the movement of the butterfly before taking the picture. He stumbled a bit and almost fell but caught himself and sat down take catch his breath.

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“Ginevia! Wake up you wretched little girl and get to cleaning.” The head maid said barging into the small room that Ginny had been allowed to stay in since she was accepted in the Laven Paw Pack. She was pretty sure she the head maid had it out for her but was unsure of the reason why. She always did as she was told and was never late. Like now the sun wasn't even up and as Ginny looked at the small alarm clock it read 4:30 am. The time was way earlier then her normal wake up time. 

With a long sigh as the older woman left her room she sat up, stretching her arms over head in a stretch. She yawned and rubbed her eyes, swinging her legs over the bed, she stood. She removed her tattered gown that was given to her and replaced it with her maids uniform. The uniform consisted of a pair of loose black slacks, a white button up, and black flats. She tied her hair in a loose messy bun as she left the room. 

Abruptly a list was shoved in her face as she entered the hallway. She grabbed the list and pulled it from her face and the old hag was gone. “That woman and her Houdini acts.” She spoke to herself as she looked at the list. She was expected to clean the kitchen from top to bottom before making breakfast, Then all the bathroom in the Pack house, the Library, the Alpha and Luna's room and the two living areas. This list was her practically cleaning more than half the pack house. 

She was expected to get it done since all the single male and female wolves were given permission and expected to attend this Gala at the Grandest Pack in all Were-history. Checking the list one more time she folded it up and shoved it in her pocket before heading to the kitchen. As she approached she looked at the treacherous state of the kitchen. “That bitch.” A voice said inside her head. Not just any voice it was Naya her wolf. “Now now last night was probably very busy and tiring, if I remember correctly, they hosted a few neighboring Alphas. She probably didn't have time to clean up.” She got to work as her wolf huffly retreated to the back of her mind.

It took two hours to get the kitchen spotless. Once done she began on breakfast, making large amounts of bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns, toast. It took her an hour and a half to make everything thing but it's not like the food just sat there and got cold. As she was busy cooking the Alpha and Luna had awoken and were sitting at the table eating. In no time flat the Beta woke, and he came down to eat as well. Various others came to eat too and when they were done, they would bring their dirty dish to the kitchen and thank you for the delicious breakfast.

Everyone was cordial and nice to her except the head maid. The Beta was kind of flirty, but she just figured that was just his personality. His name was Jason and he was not only the Beta but Alpha Bryce's best friend, from what she heard they grew up together and their fathers were also Alpha and Beta together as well. Long years of friendship between the two lineages. Luna Caire was a really sweet person. She was tall and blonde. She fit Alpha Bryce so well but that was to be expected for Mates. 

Ginny was an Omega, some packs treated Omegas like trash because they were considered the weakest, Ginny on the other hand was an omega because she was taken in after her pack was destroyed by a group of rouges. Her pack wasn't big and was easily taken over. The ones that survived were split up and taken in by different packs all over the country. When she arrived, she was sixteen and didn't have her wolf yet. Now she is twenty-one and has her wolf, Naya. That spunky attitude is so opposite of her. 

After Breakfast she cleaned up the kitchen once again before getting to her other chores. She didn't finish that list till about three o'clock in the afternoon. To her satisfaction it was all clean and sparkly. With that done she went to her room within the pack house and found it a mess. With a sigh she knew who did it. Other than the head maid there was one other person that didn't like her and sadly she knew this girl back from her pack. Her name was Jessica. She would take credit for her work which the head maid would believe her instantly. 

Her mattress was ripped, and her pillow was in shreds. Some of the very few nice clothes she had left were torn and on the ground. “I'm going to kill her.” Naya growled in the back of her mind. “We can't it's against pack law, and there is no proof she did it.” Ginny responded. “Fuck. Pack. Law.” She sighed as she forced Naya even further to the back of her mind. Naya would get them thrown out but surprisingly she had great control over her wolf.

She cleaned up her small space and took out a sewing kit to fix her pillow and mattress. A knock at her door pulled her attention. “Come in..?” Her soft response was heard as Jason the Beta opened and walked in. “Hey, it's time to go, The Gala is to start the day…. What happened in here?” Jason looked around the room there were still feathers from her pillow laying on the ground and foam from her mattress as well. She looked down and grabbed her backpack. “It's nothing…” She was cut off. “Don't tell me it's nothing. Your bed is torn, and I doubt the pillow you are working on is salvageable and your waste bin is full of torn fabric. So, what happened?” He was getting a little angry as he crossed his arms. “It's fine. Probably a prank gone wrong is all…” She trained off as she got up with her backpack. “I am rea…” She was cut off again by a shriek as she witnessed Jessica grabbed Jason's arm, holding it between her semi-large breast. 

“Like come on slowpokes we are going to be late.” Jessica flirted with Jason and side-glared at Ginny. Jason rolled his eyes and let Jessica pull him away, Ginny just closed her door behind her as she followed the two out. Once outside there were three vans packed with single pack members. Unfortunately, there was no more room on the vans and Ginny was going to be forced to right with Jason and even worse so was Jessica. 

Jessica called shotgun and hopped in the blue Honda cr-v. The suv was a bit roomier with the back seat all to herself and she was able to keep her backpack with her and Jason loaded his bag and Jessica's three suitcases in the trunk. This was going to be a very long three day trip. 

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As Caspian sat on the bleachers, resting his foot, he saw the cheerleaders come out to the field. He supposed they were going to practice. Though he thought they were staying in the gym. He made careful note not to go near the gym so he would not interrupt their practice. His teacher gave notice that they would have permission and taking pictures of people is different than what he would normally do. 

He went to step down on the seat below him, instantly a sharp pain ran up his leg. He froze cursing under his breathe. “Shit, that hurt." He Moved to sit down again, gently placing his camera on the metal bleacher seat next to him and pulled his foot up onto his other knee. He saw a thin cut near his ankle and was already starting to bruise around it. “I love you mom but curse our pale skin.” With a sigh he put his foot down. 

He eventually made his way down the metal bleachers and leaned against the gate that led to the track course. Beyond the track was another gate and pass that was where the cheerleaders practiced and beyond then was the football field. Like most schools Sports were favored among any other extracurriculars. He wasn't much of a football fan, but he could appreciate the hard work they did.

He looked through the lens of his camera at all the football players. He tried to take a shot of a player fumbling the ball, a player catching a ball, a player getting tackled, and the ball in the air. He hoped his shots would come out how he liked. once he developed them. He took a couple shots of the cheerleaders in action. Let's just say the majority of them had all sorts of hair flying every which direction.

A hand touched his shoulder which made him jump a little. He grasped his camera and glared at whoever was behind him. It was the one and only Sam. “Dude, what if I dropped my camera just now, not cool.” He said turning to lean his back against the fence. Sam put his hands up and chuckled. “But you should have seen your face. It was hilarious.” Sam kept laughing. Cas rolled his eyes.

“Did you get any good shots? I hope mine develop right.” He looked down at the old camera. “I have had a great time with this free roam.” He smiled. Sam shrugged. Photography wasn't really his thing. Charcoal was though. Sam could get so deep in it, it was insane. “I'm sure got some great shot, you gotta believe in yourself more is all.” Cas tried to inflate his egotistical friend some more. It was odd when Sam was sad or unwell.

“I heard that once we develop them the teacher is going to take three from each student and submit them to line the halls. Cool thing about that is they will be anonymous.” Sam stated. “Thank God, what if they aren't good, I definitely wouldn't want to be openly mocked about my photos. Kids these days are just cruel.” He said looking at Sam a bit worried. Only because he didn't know the teacher would be submitting them. “Like you have anything to worry about Caspian.”

“Come on, let's get back to class so we can develop these.” Sam started walking off. “Hey! wait for me.” Caspian shouted a little as he used the gate he was leaning against as a springboard to help him get momentum to chase after his friend. Sam only broke into a run when he got close, making Cas run all the way to the classroom. 

He was huffing and puffing trying to catch his breathe. “Damnit Sam.” Sam just laughed. When they stepped into the classroom it was all dark with red lights everywhere the windows were boarded up as to not let any light in. The tables were arranged in rows with containers and different fluid in each one. Once everyone got back the teacher explained the steps of developing the film. 

Everyone had their photos done and hanging up to dry in about an hour and a half. The classroom closet was set up for the drying because they can't be exposed to light and light would surely ruin them when they went to leave the classroom. Everyone did about twenty pictures each so there were roughly one hundred pictures in that closet right now.

Sam and Caspian hung out in the parking lot with the other art clubbers and discussed the pictures they took. Cas had his skateboard out of his backpack and under his arm. His phone buzzed and he took it out to see it was his dad asking about something stupid like where was his car keys. He responded before listening back on his friends.

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When they arrived at the Dark Wook Pack, Ginny was exhausted. She wasn't able to sleep those three days but luckily the Dark Wood Pack had set up temporary housing for each pack that appeared. Pack from across the continent came to this Gala. They were all chauffeured by an unmated Alpha, Beta, or Gamma. Someone of high ranking that would keep their members civil while away from home. Last thing anyone needed was a war over something stupid. 

Everyone was able to finally rest, the next day started with Breakfast at the Pack house. More like Palace, the place was huge. She saw it before she had retired last night. She didn't join her pack for breakfast. She wasn't much of an eater. She wasn't able to eat much because of Jessica always doing something to her food when she got the chance. 

Instead, she looked around the territory until she was able to ask someone if there was an affordable shop that she could buy a dress for the nights Gala. She was point towards a quaint little shop owned by an older she-wolf. The woman had grey hair and wrinkly skin. The rounded spectacles that adorned her face kept slipping down her nose. 

“Hi, I am looking for a dress for tonight, I seemed to have forgotten to pack one.” The older lady's eyes seem to sparkle as she was being looked over by her. “Aren't you just precious my dear, come thing way. I have a small selection over here. I don't have anything fancy or super expensive, but I hope you are able to find one you like.” The lady said pointing towards a rack that about ten to twelve dresses on it. “Thank you." She smiled and nodded. She walked over to the rack and looked through the small assortment. The lady said they weren't fancy, but they still looked rather nice in Ginny's eyes. 

She settled for a black cocktail dress. It was simple, had a diamond cut out on the back and looked like it would go about down to her knees. It was more than enough; she grabbed it and went to check out. “This is going to look absolutely beautiful on you. I hope you have a wonderful time at the Gala dear.” The lady said accepting the twenty-dollar bill from Ginny for the dress. 

She walked around the territory some more and met other people from the Dark Wood Pack along with other Packs that were mingling as well. When lunch time came around, she skipped it to start getting ready for the Gala. While everyone went to eat lunch, she stayed in the temporary housing and took a long bath. She made sure to wash her hair and everything. It was a much-needed bath. 

She started with her hair, combing it and brushing it. She applied some cream to keep her curls from getting frizzy, then put it in a braid. The braid was tied off with a black bow. Her hair was quite long that it reaches her lower back. She then went onto her make-up. As she started, she could hear all the unmated she-wolves coming back to prepare that belonged to her pack. She went pretty light with the make-up. A gloss for her lips, a little blush to put some color to her pale completion, a little wing and mascara to make her green eyes pop even just a little. 

Once the Gala started, she never really left the Beta Jason's side. He kept her close since Jessica wouldn't get off him to even try to mingle and find her mate. Jessica was in a skintight hot pink mini dress. If she bent over, you could probably see her ass. Jason had given Ginny a plate of cheese and fruit knowing she hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch. At one point a smell hit her nose. It was so delectable, like the forest when it rains and Pine. Everything about the scent was calming but it stirred her wolf. She tried to follow it but would get distracted by other. Some complimented her dress or how long her hair was. Some even thought she seemed adorable. She lost the scent and found her way back to Jason.

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Ginny stood off to the side of Beta Jason not really conversing with anyone. She leaned against a wall; well it was more like a pillar of some sort. It was more than enough to hold her weight without toppling over. She swirled the drink she had in her hand. It was some alcoholic concoction; it was apparent that vodka was used as the base for it. The overpowering smell of disinfectant took over whatever soda that was used to be the mix.

She was more of a fruity person, at least that what she liked the smell of. She had never really drunk before, well maybe once or twice on her birthdays. If the omegas were ever gathered for an event that old hag of a head maid never invited her. She knew all the other probably thought she was stuck up, though that was the farthest from the truth.

She played with the end of her braid in the other hand, trying to keep her nerves at bay. Normally she wasn't a nervous person, but her wolf was on edge and was just pacing in her mind. “What is wrong with you?” She tried to communicate with Naya. “I don't know, I am really jittery and want to get out of here. I think it was that scent from earlier. I want to find it. Like really find it.” Naya responded. “I get that so do I, but we can't just go wandering around a strange pack at night.” As she got was a huff in response.

She was distracted long enough that she didn't notice the two tall men in guard uniforms standing in front of her. “Miss Ginevia, I am going to need you to come with us. Our Alpha wishes to have words with you.” Her eyes widened. “H-have I…” She was cut off by a nosey Jessica. “Looks like someone is in trouble. We are here two day and you pissed off the Alpha. I knew you should have come along.” She snickered with her hand over her mouth. Jason was too far away talking with some other Betas about what she could only assume was Beta stuff. 

Was she really in trouble? The thought shook her too the core. She didn't believe she did anything to warrant trouble. Her small frame trembled as she was escorted by the two guards. They lead her through the pack palace as her fear began to escalate. Down some corridors, up a flight of stairs, down a few more hallways before they all stopped at a door. It was a massive dark oak door. Heavy too. 

They pushed it open to reveal a very large office. Nudging her inside they then closed the door behind her before leaving. She ran to the door in a panic and tried to pull it open, but it was too heavy for her to pull. She began to hyperventilate and that's when it hit her. The scent from earlier. The room was bathed in it. She took deep breaths as it was beginning to calm her. She looked around the grand office, noticing all the books that lined the walls, The massive desk that sat in front of a floor to ceiling window. The curtain was drawn open and she could see the moon and stars even with the room being lit with candles. The room had the softest area rug ever, at least that is what she thought.

She moved to the couch that could probably fit like five of her on it. She sat and grabbed the throw pillow and held onto it. The same scent radiated off the pillow, she put her nose to it and inhaled deeply. It was so heavenly, and her wolf was howling in her mind with agreement. She leaned back into the plush couch, hugging the pillow. The scent was so intoxicating that she dosed off thinking about what the Alpha must be like. She was so relaxed for once in a very long time.

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It had been a few months since school and this whole penpal has started. Cin had been dating the quarter back for a few months now and the Jerk was being what a jerk does best. He was the perfect gentleman on their first date but that was the first and last time he was like that. He was cute and all but she didn't allow herself to have her heart broken by some football jerk. Lately she had been catching him with Brittany.

Ther first time it happened she was kissing him in the girl's locker room. She needed to go to her gym locker to get an extra shoelace because hers had snapped, and that was when she caught them making out. Of course, He was all apologetic and said it would never happen again but from that point she stopped caring. 

Cin told Maverick about it in one of her letters. He was sympathetic towards her. He would occasionally send updates on how his drawing skills were improving. He told her about his date with one of his best friends. She was happy for him. It was always nice taking a chance on something you care about, and it working out.

With half the school year done she was moving up in track and even joined another after school club. It was called Scribes, it was about writing, well creative writing. The best thing is it didn't interfere with Track. It was just another day in school, midweek actually. She was heading to her locker to put her books in her locker to get ready for lunch. She was standing in the lunch line for what seemed to be an eternity. 

When she was able to sit down with her lunch, her two best friends sat on each side of her. They were giving her a worried look and she was confused. “You guys okay?” 

They looked at each other and then towards the entrance to the cafeteria. She followed their gazes. There she spotted Brittany clinging to Jacob's arm as her fingers are linked with his. They were laughing and she had leaned in to kiss him and he just let her. Cin stood, not really storming over but briskly walked and stopped in front of them. 

“I am done with you Jacob. If you want her so bad, then you can have her.” Cin said placing her hands on her hips. “Unlike you I'm not a pru…" She cut Brittany off. “If you want to be a whore that sleeps, around go ahead.” Brittany's face turned red as she raised her hand and slapped Cin. 

She grabbed her cheek as her friends came to her side. “You didn't have to slap her because you are a boyfriend stealer and you, Jacob, you pathetic cheating bastard.” Tina grabbed Cin and escorted her out of the cafeteria. Tony was left behind and looked at the two losers. “I can't believe you could be such a cunt. I knew you were a bully, but I thought you at least had some standards.” He shook his head. “And Jacob… Tsk… tsk….tsk, You two losers belong with each other.”

With that he left to follow Cin and Tina. The whole cafeteria was silent until the three left and then they were in an uproar with whispers talking about how much of a skank Brittany is and how much a playboy Jacob is. Everyone knew Cin and like the rest of her Family she was the Perfect student. Got good grades, never said nothing bad about anyone and was in general a nice person. Being a Track star added onto her fame.

The rest of the day was spent hearing hushed whispers about her, mostly pity. As soon as school was over, she was so quick to go home. Her bike ride was spent in tears. Not so much heart broken, her cheek stung, and her mind was at war. She was really happy that when she got home, and no one was there. 

She grabbed an ice pack from the freezer and went up to her room. She held the ice pack on and off her cheek every ten to fifteen minutes. She started on her letter first.

Dear Maverick,

    Hey, so I finally did it. I dumped him. This time he made it public in the cafeteria no less. Of course, you can imagine how Tina and Tony reacted to Brittany slapping me. I am thinking about calling my sister to let her know what happened. I know she will have some helpful advice. To be honest I am not at all sad to lose Jacob. He was kind of a jerk any way.

How has your time been since last week? I feel like school is settling into a nice rhythm. Track is also going really smooth too. We have out third meet next week. I am really excited about it. Oh, I also joined another after school club called scribes. It's for creative writing. I like it and it doesn't interfere with Track at all. 

I am working on one story that's about werewolves. It's going but after an idea I end up with writer's block. I know I could probably never be an actual writer, but it is a nice little hobby that keeps my imagination alive.

My letter won't be too long, I am not really feeling good. Might be coming down with a cold or something. I hope all is well and can't wait for your letter. Write to you later xD


Cin <3

She put the letter in the envelope and set it aside to complete her homework. She laid down right after as she was feeling a bit dizzy. It wasn't long for her to fall asleep per the norm. When everyone got home her mother came to check on her. She let her sleep. The next day she woke feeling really warm and just pushed it off. She was ready for school moments later and on her way, she dropped the letter at the mailbox. 

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Ginny would occasionally whimper in her sleep. She often dreamt of the pack she was born into. She could never remember who they were once she woke up. She knew it was trauma from watching her pack die. The screaming and the bonds that were breaking. She didn't have her wolf yet. Her bonds were the strongest with her Mother, Father, and Older Brother.

They were out for a stroll to both patrol and take a family outing. It was an overcast day, looked to start raining any moment. Ginevia loved when it rained. She wondered if it was because she was born on a rainy day. The pack wolves were putting on some sort of festivities. There were stalls of food and merchandise. It was so amazing. They had planned some games and activities. She wondered off to a bench doing arts and crafts. 

By the time the alarm rang out it was too late. An awful smell filled her nose as rogues were tearing through the festival. They were killing innocent wolves and soldiers alike. One was barreling at her when her brother had shifted and knocked the wolf into a tent to the left. Gin was standing frozen in fear as she was a rogue slightly bigger than her brother come up and crushed his windpipe with fangs. She watched in terror as she brother died. 

Tears streamed down her face when her mother told her to run. The horror of witnessing her mother die because she faltered in the order she was given. Her Mother died protecting her and when she could move that is what she did. She ran with all her might. She could feel when her Father's life was taken. It was only a matter of time before she thought she would be next. She did all she could to mask her scent. Mud, Herbs, sleeping in trees. 

With a jolt she sat up in a big plush bed. Her hair was stuck and slicked with sweat. It had been a month since she had a nightmare about her pack. She used to have them really often when Laven Paw took her in. Her shaken frame trembled as she looked around the strange surroundings. The scent hit her instantly as she was slowly starting to calm down. 

Her eyes wandered around till they laid on a male sitting in a chair. “I'm sorry… to have caused you trouble Alpha King Sir…” Her voice trailed off as she looked down at the sheet pooling at her waist. She opened her mouth to say something but closed it. “That's him! That's our MATE!” Naya was howling in her head. “No, Are you sure? I… We can't possibly be mated to the Alpha King.” Naya huffed. “And why can't we? Get over it he is our mate and look at that hunk of a man.” She was practically purring. Gin rolled her eyes at Naya.

Yewan     35d ago

Ginny watched at the Alpha king was being so gentle and attentive towards her, rushing to the bathroom to get a damp cloth for her sweaty mess of a face. She blushed a little a his caring. She could help but look into his eyes. Surely, she was being rude, but she couldn't help it. He was so beautiful to her. 

When he spoke, his words were like velvet to her ears and when he reached out to tuck some hair behind her ear, the sparks she felt confirmed even more that he was her mate. At last, she had found her mate. Unconsciously she leaned into his touch. Realizing the action, she blushed a bit more and moved to place her feet on the floor. 

She stood when he stood and was a bit relieved that she still had her dress on. Mate or not she wouldn't want a stranger unclothing her while she was passed out. She could only nod as he said he would post a guard outside her door for protection. He didn't seem like the type to imprison someone without a reason and as far as she knew she hadn't done anything wrong. 

There were a few knocks on the door as Adrian was about to open the door. A she-wolf and male came forth as a few maids rushed by with a dresser on wheels. The maids were here and gone rather quickly without a single word. She made a mental note to maybe get to know them later. 

She listened as the she-wolf introduced herself as Lexi and then introduced her mate as Gabe. She gave a slight bow to them both. They looked shocked and taken a back. Lexi told her they that they should be the ones bowing not her. “I'm sorry… I'm Ginevia, but I hope you will call me Ginny.” They looked between each other, and Lexi spoke up about her not needing to apologize. Lexi was very outgoing and chatty. It was kind of nice.

Gabe seemed kind of serious and broody, she hoped they could get along. When they retreated and Adrian left to shower, she walked over to the tray of tea and things that Lexi brought in. She took a sip of the hot liquid, it was delicious. She searched around the rather large room. It was very clean. It had two large windows that were covered with drapes, but she could tell the sun wasn't up yet. 

She opened a door that was on the wall close to the room door, it was the bathroom. It was pretty spacious. It had on large mirror on the wall that was above two sinks. There was a cabinet over the toilet that housed toiletries. There was a rack hanging from the wall across from the toilet that had some fresh towels and wash cloths. 

The bathtub was separate from the shower. She reached in and turned the water to the shower on, letting it warm up. She stripped from the dress letting it pool on the floor. She unbraided her hair and hopped in the shower with a clean cloth waiting for her. She looked at the four scented body washed that were already in the shower and chose the peppermint and aloe. The hot water felt so good on her skin and the tingles from the peppermint was just heavenly.

Once the was done she turned the shower off and stepped out wrapping a fluffy towel around herself. It was like the towel was made out of clouds. She stepped out of the bathroom with the towel, she walked over her backpack that was all that she had brought with her on this trip and opened it to discovered that Jessica had gotten to her stuff once again. Practically everything was shredded. With a sigh she looked at the dresser on wheels. 

She wondered if it would be alright to get something from there. “Gin just grab something they brought it for you to use. I doubt they would care.” Naya said in a matter of factly type voice. “I know but what if they think I am being greed by using what they bought me first.” Naya huffed. “Are you being serious right now? Just pick something, though I wouldn't mind our mate catching us in this towel…” She purred and Ginny gasped in horror at her humiliation if that were to happen as she blushed profusely. Naya had such a dirty mind sometimes.

She quickly searched the dresser and grabbed a pair of cotton undies, dark blue jean shorts, and the largest shirt she could find. After getting dressed she felt little comfortable. She grabbed her dirty clothes from the bathroom and placed them in hamper that was just outside the bathroom when she turned around Adrian was just coming into the room. 

“The chance to shower was amazing, and very refreshing. Thank you.” She stated in a soft tone. She was listening very attentively as he explained what a Lycan was and how she would turn into one and the process of it all. It was a bit to take in at once, but she tried to process it. He talked about her abuse. “I wouldn't really call it abuse… Maybe jokes that have gone too far mixed with me being the clumsiest werewolf to be born.” She half chuckled. She didn't want to talk about Jessica, let alone have someone hurt or killed for her sake. 

When he asked about her past, she was pretty open about most of it. “As you may know I am from the Laven Paw Pack. I came to them when I was about sixteen. I don't remember much about my original Pack. I have nightmares about them sometimes, but I can't seem to remember what they are about.” She looked down at her bare feet and watched herself wiggle her toes not really wishing to talk about her home pack. 

“Well I do have one question, um… why is no one allowed to call you by your name? Adrian is a very lovely name." She was a bit curious. “Also, how long have you known Lexi and Gabe?” She could tell they were close. It must be really nice to form a connection like that. She didn't really have friends. “With me being your mate and all… what is expected of me?”

Breakfast was still underway, but she could smell it and her tummy grumbled with anticipation. She let her nose lead with an Adrian following behind her, finding her actions amusing. She didn't know where she was going but she eventually found the kitchen. The kitchen was huge. There was at least twenty staff preparing breakfast. She had almost forgot that the other packs were still here which is why the portions were enormous. Her tummy grumbled a bit louder this time as she stared in amazement at everyone working hard.

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Caspian walked home after his friends were don't talking his ear off. When he got there, he was very thankful that his father wasn't home. He could not deal with him right now. He was in a rather good mood since he was going to see Rem in a little bit. It really had been a while since they last hung out. He understood that she was busy. Cheer and Tobias took up a lot of her time. Cheer he understood but Tobias, he wasn't sure what Tobias' problem was. He was like most Jocks, cocky as hell and thought he ruled the school. 

Cas had actually stopped Tobias from bullying some that were weaker than him. He also noticed that Toby didn't like any male near Rem. It was ridiculous at how he tried to control her. With a sigh, Cas finished his five-minute shower and got dressed in some clean dark gray sweats with a plain navy-blue t-shirt. He tried to let his hair air dry as he rode his skateboard to the convenient store. He picked up couple of energy drinks, soda pops, and an assortment of chocolaty sweets for Rem. 

It took a few moments to get to Rem's house. When he arrived, he propped his skateboard against the banister and grabbed the hidden key. He did a strange rhythmic knock before unlocking the door and stepping in. It was something he always did so she would know it was him. He took his vans off at the front door after he closed it behind him. His hair was still a bit damp as he walked past the living room and headed for the kitchen with the abundance of snacks and a few drinks in the bags he brought in, placing them on the counter he yelled for his best friend. 

“Little Robin I brought snacks to go with the pizza!” He stated taking the assortment of chocolatey goods, chips, sparkling water, sodas, and energy drinks out of the bags and displaying them on the counter. Tossing the bags in the recycle he placed his hands on his hips in accomplishment. “So, do we know what movie we are going to watch? You usually have the better taste in them than I do.” He said coming into the living room and looking around to spot not one person. 

“Okay I was talking to myself… and I am still doing it…” He stopped and shook his head before going to the bottom of the stairs. “Rem? You up there?” An older voice responded moments later. “Hey Caspian, dear, Remmy just got out the shower moments ago, I am sure she will be down shortly, make yourself at home.” He hears a door close and that was most likely Rem's Mother closing her door to watch her stories. It was like she had an addiction to soaps.

He made himself comfy on the couch in the living room as he uses the remote to flip through the Netflix accounts, he started with Rem's to see what she had been watching lately. It didn't look like she touched any of her shows they were all near season one and twos, probably because she's been really busy with cheerleading practice and maybe Tobias didn't like some of the show she watched. Then he switched over to her mother's account. There was a bunch of half watched movies and probably every soap opera Netflix had to offer all well within like five and six seasons in.

There was a knock on the door, so like any person he got up and went to the door looked through the people and saw it was Tobias. He opened the door. “Hey Tobias. I didn't know you were joining us for movie night..” he could barely get the rest of his sentence out as Tobias shoved past him. “And why wouldn't I be she's my girlfriend” hehe said putting emphasis on my. “Wasn't saying anything against it more the merrier.” Caspian just shrugged off his rudeness and stepped around Tobias to go back to the living room. “I think remedy should be down in a few minutes she had taken a shower.” Tobias was fuming, that comment did not settle with him. Like why should Caspian know his girlfriend had taken a shower. And he noticed caspian's appearance, the semi disheveled comfortable clothing and damp hair. Tobias was cooking up something in his head that didn't even happen.

This time the doorbell rang, Caspian got back up off the couch and went to answer it. It was the pizza delivery guy. “Yes, you are here thank God. I was starving” Caspian chuckled. “That will be $33.50.” Caspian handed the delivery guy forty dollars and told him to keep the change of the tip. He walked to the kitchen with three pizzas and two box of wings, he was going to be nice and full tonight. When he set the food down on the dining room table, he saw the money that was supposed to be used for the pizza he just picked up the money and put it in their little change jar. He knew if Remedy's mom came down and saw him pay for the pizza, she would try to give the money back to him and in all honesty, it was fine he didn't mind paying for it.

Caspian left the pizza on the kitchen table and went back to the living room. He went over to a bookshelf that was maybe a few feet away from where the TV was. The first two shelves had books below that was like CDs and below that one, movies. Some of the movies were still on plastic because they haven't been opened yet. He was looking at the movies wondering which one they would watch unless Remedy had plans for something else to watch for movies. He wasn't 100% sure what was taking her, but he could wait forever and be just as happy spending time.

“Dude pizzas here. There is enough for everyone.” Caspian walked past Tobias to go back into the kitchen he grabbed two slices of pepperoni and mushroom pizza and grab like five chicken wings putting them on a paper plate. He went back to the living room and decided to sit in the recliner leaving the couch for remedy and Tobias in case they wanted to snuggle, cuddle, or whatever boyfriend and girlfriends do. He truly was starving he scarfed down his food in no time. Since scarfing down his food had him extremely thirsty, he went back to the kitchen again to grab one of his energy drinks and put his plate on the counter for seconds only after everybody else had partaken in food first.

“So how long have you been cheating with my girlfriend?” The question is so quiet and out of know where it took Cas completely by surprise that as he was taking a sip of his energy drink he choked and spit it out. “Dude are you mental. I have never… she would never… we best friends.” Tobias was not satisfied with caspian's answer and pushed him into the counter causing Caspian to drop his drink. “What the fuck is wrong with you.” Caspian said as he try to reach for a paper towel to clean up the mess.

“I have seen they way you have been lusting after my girlfriend. She is MINE! You nerdy freak. I have seen the way you look at her.” Caspian turned to look at Tobias with Shock. “That's it you have certainly lost it. Remedy and I have been friends for a long time since we were in diapers. She was there with the death of my mom and her mom has reached out and been like a second mom to me so what ever delusion you are cooking up in your sick abusive head you need to get off your high horse. You are such a narcissus and a controlling abusive ass.” That comment got him a fist to his jaw. Cas fell into the counter.

The scuffle could be heard from up stairs and Remedy's Mother was the first to come down. Tobias was pulling his fist back again and again delivering a barage of punch to Cas's face, ribs, stomach, and chest. The blind anger that was over Tobias was insane. She tried to stop him and was pushed out the way. She had fallen down and that was it for Caspian, he pushed Tobi off him and punched him a couple of times before going to help Rem's mom off the floor.

“I heard that your dad was so sick of that whore of a mother of your so he found a way to get rid of her and tried to get rid of you.” Tobias said laughing. “Keep my mom and family out of your mouth.” Once he ushered Rem's mom out of the kitchen, Tobias kicked him in the back and the fight continued to the door. Cas was bleeding from his nose, mouth, eyebrow, and one of his ears. 

“Fuck you Tobias, Remedy will leave your abusive ass when she realized what type of piece of shit you are.” He walked out the door and grabbed his broken skateboard that he knew Tobias broke on purpose and walked home in the dark. It was a good solid hour with him limping home and when he got home it wasn't good either. He came in with the house pitch black. The smell of alcohol was heavy in the air. He flicked on a light to see his dad sitting in he chair with his gun in hand. “Where the fuck have you been Caspian.” He said with a cigarette in his mouth. “I was just coming back from Remedy's house. If you needed something I had my phone on me.” 

It all happened to fast. first he was walking towards him with the gun pointed. Then they were fighting for control. His dad was slurring a bunch of curses and incoherrant words. Saying it was his fault that his wife died and how Caspian should have died in stead. Then BANG! They both froze. The silence seemed to last forever until Caspian was standing their holding the gun and his father collapsed.

He shook with fear and sadness. He may have hated his father drunkenness but his dad used to be his hero. He dropped the gun and meltdown by his father's side shaking him hoping he would wake up. He didn't so much as flutter his eyes as blood was pooling around his body. He didn't realize he had been kneeling in his father's blood for about 10 to 15 minutes crying, the door burst open, and two cops walked in guns drawn. 

He was surprisingly lucky that the two cops that busted through his door happened to have been good friends of his father's when he was on the force. “Caspian what happened?” A dark skin man with hazel eyes approached putting his gun away. “I don't know… it all happened so fast he was pointing the gun at me and yelling at me and I fought for control of it because I was scared he was going to shoot me, and we were struggling and it went off….” More tears began to stream down is bruised and half bloodied face. The two cops looked at each other. They knew Mark finally lost it in a drunken stupor. The dark skin cop whose name was Kobe told the white skin cop whose name was Tyler to call it in as a burglary gone wrong. They did not want Caspian to be caught up in an accidental murder even if it was self defense the kid was too young. They taped off the house and gave Caspian a ride to Tyler's house. He was told he was going to stay with Tyler and his wife for as long as he needed.

News had spread about the death of Caspian's father as a burglary gone wrong. The school was notified that Caspian wasn't going back. Caspian made sure to leave an envelope with about four hundred dollars in Rem's mailbox with a note apologizing for any damage that was done. They were able to wrap up the investigation on Caspian's house, but it was a few months before he returned to that house and because his father was paying for his phone it was cut off and he realized that he didn't really have anybody anymore, so what use was a cellphone. He continued to stay with Captain Tyler and Nadine. She homeschooled him and he made sure to do whatever she asked. He couldn't turn to Remedy because of Tobias. He just vanished and wasn't to be seen again at least for a very long time.

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Ginevia looked to the older woman that was the named Yurie. She was a sweet older woman that Ginny surprisingly felt at ease with instantly. It was like she could tell this woman had no malice in her body whatsoever. It was a nice change of pace. She noticed Adrian just grab an apple and then kissed her forehead. “Are you not going to eat with me? I'll see you later though,… right?” She was a bit hesitant but only in hopes that she wasn't bothering him. 

She was soon ushered into the kitchen as Ms. Yurie grabber her a plate and asked what she would like. She picked out a scoop of eggs and asked for a sprinkle of cheese. There were so many options that it was a bit overwhelming, but Yurie insisted it was okay. She added three pieces of bacon, hoping that wasn't being too greedy of her. One sausage link, a big pancake with butter and syrup, a slice of toast with honey, and a bowl with fruit salad. There was so much food that was given to her, well at least for her it was a lot. Yurie gave a strange look.

“I'm sorry, did I ask for too much? I can just take the fruit salad if that is okay." Gin started fiddling her thumps and looked down. “Oh, you sweet thing if anything this is entirely too little. I have fed a lot of wolves that eat like ten times the amount. And little bunny peach you don't ever have to apologies for anything.” Yurie tapped her on the nose before grabbing her a bottle of water and a glass of cranberry juice. “Now follow me dove let's get to the surprise that was built just for you.”

They walked to a bit of a secluded area, there were guards posted everywhere but they came to a balcony with a swing bed doohickie. The complete shock on her face was priceless. “Is this really for me?” She was at a loss for words at the sight of it. She walked over and reached out her hand to touch it. The cushions felt so soft. Yurie giggled at the queen to be. She was so innocent that it was adorable. 

“When you're done just let one of the guards know I got to get back to the kitchen.” With that she left after putting her tray down on the swing. Gin hoped up on the swing and froze when it moved but even though it moved her food didn't, she let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. She started on the bacon and was in complete bliss. It was so good that all the guards could her was her chewing and moaning about how delicious the food was. 

She finished her bacon and eggs, she ate a third of the fruit salad and a third of the pancake, and finally she had two small bites of toast. She was completely and overly full now. She couldn't eat another bit. She was sipping on the juice as she looked at the shy. This was the most peaceful she had ever felt.

When she was starting to feel a little drowsy, she grabbed her tray and walked back to the kitchen. She didn't really want to bother the guards with her mess. Once she got to the kitchen, they were just finishing the cleaning up from preparing the big portions. Yurie wasn't there, she wondered if she had gone to eat or was off doing other duties. She walked over to someone.. “I'm sorry to bother you but is there perhaps a container or a ziploc back I can have for my leftovers.” The two people in the kitchen weren't there and hadn't heard about the new soon to be queen so they ignored the girl that was interrupting them and finished what they were doing before leaving. With a soft sigh after being left alone she looked around the very large kitchen in search of a bag or container.

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“Honey how many times must I say Cerberus is not a pet. He is supposed to be guarding.” Persephone couldn't help but chuckle at her daughter as Cerberus was play fetch. The three headed beast was fighting over a rope that Melinoe had thrown. “Don't blame me they came to me with the rope.” They both watched Cerberus for a few more minutes before Persephone sent them back.

It was just another day in the life of a god, well in Melinoe case, Goddess. She was kind hearted, She got a lot of gifts from her mother. Sadly she had her Father's temper. Their combined powers are conflicting but with her it made her who she is. WithWith her mother being the goddess of fertility she was able to make people plants either grow or help them with reproducing. Her brother was always better with plants than animals and people she on the other hand her plant growing skills were probably average on best they were nothing compared to her brother.

Now her animal skills were phenomenal she could probably surpass her mom with the right education. Animals just flocked to her whether she wanted them to or not. So she was always around the hellhounds and everything she knew the inner workings of the underworld and how souls went through stages before waiting to their afterlife. She was proud of the work her father did he controlled a whole domain by himself. Just like Poseidon he to control the whole domain by himself but Zeus was never by himself in Olympus he had practically every God up there and let's not forget about the goddesses.

Mel 's appearance was pretty dark and gloomy but it's not like you can wear certain colors in the underworld it just clashes with the environment. But whenever she needed to go up to Olympia she dressed and lighter colors no neons or bright pinks but a splash of purple or red her normal splash was blue. Every now and again Persephone would teach at Olympia her dad Hades would teach at Olympia but because he was part of the underworld he was like a fill ins or substitute.

Persephone on the other hand was a teacher at Olympia she worked with plants and animals. She taught the basics of growth and the way of life. Her co-teacher was Aphrodite and they would also delve into health class from time to time too. It took Persephone a lot of convincing to let their daughter finally go to school.

Melinoë had only ever lived in the underworld. Her father Hades didn't want to lose her or want her to go off on her own like her older brother did. She was a little excited to be starting school it was going to be different Persephone was actually taking a few people up there, something about carpooling. Whatever that meant. She did know she was going to get to see you on teetee Aphrodite. She used to come down to the underworld to visit Persephone, but she hadn't been down for a while.

Just before her Mother and her left for Olympus, she hugged her father and thanked him. She was always curious because her mother talked about Olympia quite often. She would bring up Gammie Demeter. Her brother would have loved Demeter, she wondered if that was where he was. He would often cross her mind. She wondered what he looked like and how he was. She only found out about her brother one night when she was younger and had a strange nightmare about one specific haunted soul. It woke her up and sounded really creepy, so she pattered down to sleep with her mother and father, and he was mumbling about a son. 

The portal to go to Olympia was like a ring of blue flames mixed with some smokey iridescent coloring. Walking through it was odd, the portal was really cold. Coming through to the other side was so different that she could have imagined. The colors and sounds. It was a lot to take in, but it was all so wonderful. She walked right next to her mom with her head held high. 

She felt as if someone was looking at her but then again, a lot of people were, they have never seen anyone like her, but a few others were mostly greeting her mother. She was looking around when she caught sight of a boy with pink hair. He ran away so abruptly at the sight of her she wondered just how weird she must have looked to everyone here.


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Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. More like the very pure desire of one's soul. She is the epitome of sex. Her powers of control are out of this world and most god feared her for her power. Her appearance can change like a sort of shapeshifting, but of the mind. No one but the gods know what she looks like but even some of the gods and goddesses alike are under her spell. Her hair is a translucent silver that reflects colors easily which is why no one know what she really looks like. 

Her eyes are just as translucent but are powered by her mood. At times a pinkish hue can be seen when she is her normally bubbly self. When angered they have a blackish hue. When envious they look almost green and so on and so forth. She doesn't have many friends but only one that is true and dear and that would be, Persephone. She never had to per sway Sephie to be her friend and the goddess was always kind and it was easy for people to take advantage of her kindness. Sephie was the total opposite of Aphrodite. She felt like a protector to Sephie sometimes and loved her friend with all her heart.

Aphrodite has been teaching at Olympia for a while now, it was Sephie that was new. She was usually used as a substitute but now she was official. She could wait to teach alongside her bestie. Only downfall to Sephie was that no good, temperamental, fiery haired husband of her. Hades. Sephie would write letter about him and then about her daughter. Sadly, she stopped going to the underworld for a while and it was a complete accident. 

It wasn't the first day but like always Olympia was bright and shiny, not to mention loud with all the bustling students. Young God and Goddess learning to hone their gifts in hopes to be great like their so-called great parents. She too herself had children. Thales is her beloved son. He probably takes more after her than his Father. Hephaestus was okay, a devoted husband but he was just so… Blah looking. He was not cute whatsoever. So glad Thales took more after her.

She was setting up class as kids roamed in and out. She wanted to make sure everything was perfect for Sephie. After a little Thales came running up to her talking about Sephie and seeing a girl next to her she had to think about it. Placing a delicately manicured finger in her chin she pursed her lips in thought. “Persephone did mention I think having a daughter at one point… Hrm, but what was her name..?” She loved watching Thales squirm even if just a little bit. He was so adorable. 

“Oh yes that's right I believe who you saw was Melinoe. Isn't she a doll.” She loved that the little Sephie was rather pretty. She loved Pretty things. It sucked that Hades was rather handsome. He just had a piss poor attitude. 


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“I am from New York. I know my way around a concert, a Broadway play here and there. But a fair or county fair, not so much. It's not so bad, and as far as sweets go, I've had a few but they tend to be too sweet. Overly sugary sweets tend to affect my stomach, but that funnel cake was pretty mild and pleasant to eat.”

He looked around at the fair then back at Bekah. “So why are you here by yourself? The majority of people that are here are with other people and you seem like that type to have plenty of friends. Not trying to assume.”  He shoved his hands in his pockets.

“I think I might want to try my hands at one of these win a prize games. Did you just say you are scared of the Ferris wheel? Is it heights in general or just the Ferris wheel?” He said leaning towards her in a teasing gesture.

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Seeing and meeting other gods and goddesses was beyond exciting for Mel. Just because she was the daughter of the god of the underworld didn't mean she had free reign in the underworld. FromFrom the time she knew how to crawl we were areas in the underworld she was not allowed to go as she got older the area is expanded bit by bit but not by much. She wasn't allowed to be near the pool of souls. And Hades was very meticulous they were different pools of souls depending on how their life was led when they were alive.

There were many beings that visited the underworld, like the Fates. She always made sure to stay out of their way when they came to visit. They weren't bad or mean they were actually very nice but it was still creepy how they shared an eyeball one of the Fate sisters spun and wove the thread of life which was really cool. The underworld was like their office they came to work and they would leave. They always drug dad around to meetings and nagged his ear off as he would say. She just couldn't get over the eyeball that rolled around everywhere. Just thinking about it sent a shiver down her spine.

Zeus and Poseidon did check up with Hades from time to time but only through messages it was like they had an aversion to the underworld or something not that they couldn't come. I think Zeus had visited her dad at least six times since she was born from what she could remember and she believes it was about the same for Poseidon. Poseidon always smoke like salt and water but never like fish which was odd since his whole domain was water. It was different he had one time brought her a present it was a seashell. It stays in her room on a shelf along with the one gift Zeus had given her as well.

She didn't really know about any of the other gods aside from Aphrodite because her mom talked about her constantly and her dad despised her. She knew Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus. Dad often sent him commission work for certain weapons or upholstery or stuff like that. The only other God she knew of was Hermes. She never saw him she just heard a lot about him and she wasn't sure whether it was good or bad it was always indifferent.

Olympia was so much different than she had pictured the classrooms were oddly set up. Some classrooms were enclosed like an actual room but parts of Olympia were open like very gardening or open space with pillars and walls but no roof. Oddly enough it was a lot of white marble everywhere for school it was very fancy. She knew Zeus created Olympia so she figured he must really like white marble.

When she entered the open classroom seats were filling up with gods and goddesses there seem to be more goddesses than God's in this particular class. When she saw an open seat she briskly walked over and sat in it. As she was studying the semi desk she was sitting at never actually have sat in one before. She could feel like somebody was watching her, she side glanced to the right of her and noticed the boy that she had seen looking at her when she exited the portal.

This time being close up was very different his hair was so pink it was actually a really pretty shade of pink. She gave a slight smile and he just turned away from her. She wondered if perhaps she just looked really different compared to what people were used to. Her smile faded as she went to look back at the front of the class. 

It was amazing to watch her mom and Aunt Aphie seeming so at peace. It was a bit saddening that her mom wasn't entirely happy in the underworld. She loved her dad and mom and loved the underworld. She was a bit lost in thought when a smell caught her attention. It was coming from next to her. When she looked at the pink haired boy he seemed really dazed and beyond the smell she wondered if he was alright. She noticed all the other students acting a bit weird. 

She watched a cat brought him too and hissed at her in the process. She slowly turned away and looked back to the teachers. It was only but a short moment when there was a rumbling. It only grew intense before a very large three headed guardian hellhound. “Cerby!” She abruptly stood as the hellhound was leaving destruction in his wake as he galloped towards her. After a few moments he shrunk. He jumped into her arms and licked her. “Stop it Cerby.” She giggled at the hellpooch as he plopped himself on her head. She rolled her eyes  when she caught sight of her dad. 

She grabbed Cerby and held him in her arms as she walked over to him and handed Cerby Over. “I am sorry, I forgot to close the portal I think, there was so much to see…. I'm sorry.” She gave her dad a hug before going to sit back down.

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Aphie adored the way Thales was experiencing a type of reaction to the young goddess. “Quite odd for the child of love to be experiencing love himself. He will be truly a wonder once her can master control.” She inner monologued as she often does. His embrace was very meaningful to her. She truly did treasure Tales.

When she could see Sephie walking to the outdoor type of classroom, she couldn't help but run over to her and practically jump on her. With Aphie being short and Sephie being practically all legs, they were quite the pairing. “I am excited to see you Sephie! How are you? I have missed you dearly. You stopped writing.” She feigned hurt as she batted her large eyes. Sephie just rolled her eyes and laughed.

“Missed you too. I am sorry I haven't written lately. Let's just say Cerby keeps checking the mail lately and not all the mail gets delivered, heh.” She gave an apologetic smile. Aphie got down and gave her an it's okay type smile.

They were still waiting as the young ones were still coming in. While they waited, she searched for her son among everyone. She finally found him in the far back and who would end up sitting near him, Mel. She truly was a beauty, even more then Sephie and perhaps even more than Hades. The young goddess had practically pitch-black hair, though from where she stood, she could swear she was seeing hints of blue.

Once class was able to start. they explain the first assignment. It was pretty basic that everyone should have a problem. They had everyone pair in two. As her and Sephie took turns talking about the assignment. and the properties of magical plants.  

A sudden stir caused both of them to look. It would seem that her son Thales was the cause. Sephie leaned over to her ear. “He is going to be a wonderful god once he can control that.” She was right and of course Aphie knew it. It seemed like almost everyone was caught up in his spell except her, Sephie and surprisingly Mel.

Once he came to attention thanks to Eros the ground began to tremble. It was unusual. At first it was light and then it grew volatile. A three headed very large beast bound over and crashed through the wall. Sephie flushed with embarrassment. Cerberus somehow found a way through a portal and came chasing after Mel. 

His tail alone was throwing gods and goddess around as he was wagging it. All three heads were whining and whimpering like the guardian of the underworld was a pup. Sephie made quick action to shrink him so he would stop destroying things.

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He raised an eyebrow in amusement. “Mr. Stuffies? That's what your going with? How original…” He laughed teasingly at her choice of names. It was a nice notion of getting to meet people. He wasn't introverted just maybe unapproachable maybe. He was about five foot eleven, muscular but not overly buff and when not in his professor attire, his arm tattoos were in full display. He was the type to go for morning runs sometimes worked out at the gym but wasn't like a super health freak he just had a really good metabolism which caused him to not gain weight only thing that varied was muscle mass.

He looked very approachable if he smiled but who smiles for 24/7 there are moments when he looks serious and at times I could be a little intimidating. Ammon is normally very friendly once he is approached. As they were walking over to the ferris wheel his phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw the caller ID was his mother.

“I need to take this if you would give me but a moment." He answered the phone. “Hey Mom.” She was already bombarding him with questions. “What are you talking about? I sent you a text when I arrived in town.” All that was heard from his side was incoherent mumbling. “Oh yes how could I forget about your not so tech savvy ways. It's pretty loud here I'm going to call you later I'm at a county Fair. Love you.” With that he hung up his phone and turned his attention back to Bekah.

“Sorry about that, that was my mom. She claimed I never let her know I arrived here safely. If she would have looked at her text messages then she would have known. Now where were we?”

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Ginny didn't realize when she had fallen asleep. She remembers watching Ms. Yurie picking up a few things Adrian had laying around. She also remembers how she wasn't allowed to help. The thought made her chuckle. She sat up and could smell the aroma of the food that was prepared. It was all mouthwatering. 

“I didn't know when I fell asleep, can I say your bed is really comfortable.” 

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She was on the verge of tears as she went on and on about the anxiety of the Ferris wheel and how she shouldn't have gotten on. He was beginning to feel bad. He didn't realize the extent of her fear. “It's okay…” He shushed her gently. When they began to move, she really went off. Sobbing uncontrollably, he tried to use his hands to wipe her tears.

As the slow ride creeped its way to the top she was visibly shaken. She gave her a hug, rubbing her back in his embrace. It seems like nothing he did calmed her. He pulled away and cupped her head in his hands. He drew his face down to hers and placed his lips upon hers in a gentle kiss. Her lips were soft against his though they tasted like salt from her crying.

He took quite the moment before he pulled away, he pulled her back into a hug and rested his chin a top of her head. “Sorry if I invaded your space. I was running out of things to do to calm you down.” Once he was done trying to console her, he leaned back scratching the back of his head. They were about halfway through the Ferris wheel ride; he was getting a bit peckish as he began looking out. When the ride was over, he helped her off the ride as they walked in silence. 

“I had a pretty great time Beckah, hope if you don't completely hate me now, we might be able to actual have a planned outing.” He nervously chuckled before waving goodbye and walking back to the parking lot getting into his truck and leaving. It was getting pretty late, and he had to prep for his job in the next couple of days.


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